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Nov. 2nd, 2010 05:21 pm
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Youtube yanked down my account. So my videos are no longer avaible there. Once I get off my lazy butt I'll put the TMNT ones up to Megaupload, but for now any anime ones you may be missing can still be found on my AMV.org account. If you're not a member yet - it's free. They'll try to hound you into a paid account, but it's completely free.

Also random - caught the cat eating out of the dog's food dish. Huh, never thought I'd see that seeing how stingy she usually is when it comes to her food being fresh and that dog food was hard food that's always out.
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Well, the last one wasn't very upbeat. So here's a YouTube Friday Thursday. We found this because at Darien Lake they have a lazer light show every year and do little clips of music. One of the songs they did this year was Party in the USA - which got horribly stuck in poor Josh's head (and by the end of that night everyone's.) So Michelle who had a phone with internet decided to look up the song to torture him, but found this gem of a parody instead.


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So wow, I'm actually home and taking a short evening shift at work tonight so I actually remembered about YouTube Friday.

This youtube Friday video is brought to you by Autumn and her horrible, horrible, evil ways.

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Hehe, while I never got really big into the Metal Gear franchise I found this tralier from 2005 for MGS4 halirous.

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Lol. I had no idea what to post for youtube friday. I thought about doing something weird like posting a Micheal Jackson video but meh... I guess I can stop wishing for a surprise come-back where he'll put out an awesome CD and do some cool dance moves again. *cough* Poor Ferra really got outstaged yesterday didn't she?

So yeah, I feel bad for Micheal and Ferra but I'm not going: OMG HORROR over it because... I don't know them. Yeah they were stars but would they have cared if I died? Oh no. Okay - kidding not that mean. But what will the tabliods do now without Micheal! Damn... John and Kate must be pissed to lose their front page satus. Heh. And I think I'll post my video now before the fruit starts flying. I guess this is just my way to say that I think people care about stars personal lives way too damn much.

XD So instead enjoy this overly cute opening to Hisho no Kirby! (Aka Kirby of the Stars) It's the Japanese opening because the American version sucks ass and isn't cute. This is just BEYOND sugary cuteness!


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