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Taking a five minute breather because if I don't I may PASS out. That and I've been DYING to find time to sit down and update this journal.

Gotten a new job. Interviewed for it right before I went home to visit my family for Easter. Found out I landed the job while I was still away. First day was the 13th. At first this job seemed great and wonderful. That was until the boss finally came after being away my first week. Is he ANNOYING. He keeps telling me to do one thing, then changing his mind without saying anything, so then gets mad when I don't automatically know he changed his mind. Oh, and he'll say he never said for me to do the original instructions even though I would have never done ANY of it without being asked to first. Just ugh. Found out quickly that my one other co-worker can't stand him either. That she's thought of leaving the project multiple times because of him.

He also likes to over-work people I was warned. Glad I was. He's tried to get me to work every weekend. At first I didn't mind, needed some money but now it's getting stupid Told him no this weekend and good thing I did. I had plans to watch Titanic 3D and it was a lot of fun! The 3D was actually more distracting then awesome, but it was just fun to watch it in theaters again. The boom of the speakers and the fact that I didn't have to get up half way through the movie to switch VHS tapes. XD The one part at the beginning going through the ship wreckage WAS pretty cool in 3D, but otherwise it was just distracting. Painfully obvious this was not made to be in 3D.

My birthday is Tue and I'll be 26. Usually I'm freaking out by now, but I've been so busy it hasn't really sunk in. Even with that sentence. My dad is coming up to visit on Wen. I have Thr off from work so we can still go to the Marvel movie marathon still. Then I'll be at work Fri while he's here and then we have all of Sat together and then he leaves Sunday. @.@ My head is spinning. Between work, his visit, and my birthday I've just... ugh.

And I still have a bathroom, dishes, and my room to clean, wash, and sweep before I pass out in bed to work tomorrow. Wish me luck all.
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Today isn't such a good day. Started off bad last night. I've been sleeping more than I think is healthy, and it's been making me a little nervous. So last night I decided I'd try going to bed early and forcing myself up early. That was the plan until my back pain came back with a vengeance last night. I have a small curve in my spine and while normally the pain is annoying, but manageable, last night and this morning it was not. I was up every thirty to forty minutes to toss and turn for awhile before trying to fall back to sleep.

It didn't really help that I kept having dreams last night. Some where good, while others left me feeling confused and unsettled. Like people asking me questions I couldn't understand. Not knowing if I was awake or asleep. Not knowing where I was. I had one that woke me up in terror, utterly sure I was falling out of bed. That one left me clutching at my bed for awhile, trying to convince my over active brain that I was NOT falling out of bed.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. So when I woke up at 9am - the latest I wanted to sleep to, I said fuck it and rolled back over.

When I finally did get myself out of bed and checked my emails I saw that a job I applied to yesterday left an email asking me to call. So call I did and was finding myself in a phone interview. At first I felt like I was doing pretty good, then it all went south. He asked me to rate how well i know FCP on a scale of 1-10. I've been told that I belittle myself too much. So I was thinking a 5.5 but said 7. Then he started to ask me about the integral workings of FCP and I totally boomed that. Then he started to ask me about my low GPA. Then of course I sound like I'm getting defensive when I say it had nothing to do with my communication courses, that I just didn't do well in science. I had to take those courses. He said he had more people to talk to and he'd get back to me.

It's what I wanted. I wanted a job, but now I'm sitting here wishing I don't get this job. Granted, it's just an internship. It's not a REAL job, not what I really wanted, but it would make me feel less useless around here. Yet here I am, scared to death to get what I've been trying for. It leaves me wondering if I can really do this. Or maybe I've just wasted my life trying to do something I can never succeeded in when I'm just so... mediocre.
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Wow, I'm really trying to fake it hard. I'm actually a little surprise by how I'm managing to fake it. I got lucky and scored a really cheap, pretty much, brand new 2010 13inch Macbook Pro on ebay. I uh... *cough* found a copy of FCP to put on it too. So now next job I can have my own computer and won't have to run into that: There aren't enough free computer for you to work issue I sometimes ran into.

I also went and got a web page for myself. It's not that impressive. Mostly just my resume and how to contact me, but I think it makes me LOOK like I'm trying. Then I went and slapped together a free Business card. So once I get them in I can start leaving them places and handing them out. Again, not sure if it will really help, but they were free (minus shipping) and it sure won't hurt.

So here's hoping I nail a paying job soon.

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So the last couple weeks I've been in a bit of a panic. My unemployment had run out and I kept getting delayed answers if I qualified for the new extension Obama just okayed. Holidays and what not. Then I checked my information again today and finally, FINALLY it was shown as going through. Then right in the middle of my happy shouting and attempt to text mom at work to let her know I could pay my own rent this month I got a phone call.

It was a job interview for Payless shoes who I just sent in my application in yesterday. Really? After all the past job applications I put in the last few months with NO response suddenly I get a 24 hour turn around?

I'm speechless and not sure how to feel right now. A job. A job will help me not feel like a bum. But I JUST got this unemployment back. So all that stress and worry thinking I wasn't going to get it back was all pointless now? If I get a job that's more than on-call I'll be losing that. But then again, I so would rather work for my money. It's just UGH! All that heartache!? Really?

Then the job is also not at the location I requested. Not the one that's a nice 30minute ride away. No, it's one that is going to be close to an hour to get there. Ugh. Annoying.

But the thing that hurts most of all is now I have to rush back to NYC. Dad is upset, he was hoping I'd be staying a few more weeks. I was hoping to stay a few more weeks. Mom is sad because she was thinking of maybe coming back with me at the end of the month to visit me for a few days. Now I have to ride the bus back on my own instead of with Autumn. I'm also going to miss my dad's side of the family Christmas party that was going to be this weekend.

But, it's a job. I just can't turn a blind eye on the opportunity. As much as it sucks that my vacation has been cut short I'm sure if I like the job in a few weeks I'll be happy I took this chance.

I just... have no idea how I should feel right now. One moment I'm bouncing around super excited at possibly having work again, the next I want to sit in a corner and cancel the interview so I can stay with my family a little longer.
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Ugh! Been so busy and I've kept wanting to update this, but just haven't had the chance - but it's been a good busy. Well, mostly. Two of those days I worked for Macy's and they failed to pay me AGAIN, but other than that it's been good.

Coney Island - Night of Horrors )

Money woes )
Sarah Visits! )
Mission Menu Permire night )
And then tomorrow I have a Halloween party to go to at Autumn's. I also might be going to one of the restaurants from the show with some of my coworkers just to see the place and meet the people because they seem so nice! I hope this week keeps being AWESOME.


Oct. 12th, 2011 02:11 pm
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My boss has finally let me in on something and it's so good I almost don't want to hope for it in fear that it won't be true. They've gotten a new show to produce and Post Production work is to start sometime in January, and this show has a bigger budget. Bigger budget means they could POSSIBLY hire more people. If that possibility happens and if I can prove myself worthy she wants to tell Bray - the owner of our company - to choose me.

...I could be getting paid for editing... come January.

8D I could be getting paid... for what I went for school for.


If this really happens it's going to make every bad thing that's happen this year okay I think. It's going to make those months of my life I wasted with Wendy okay because it got me to come to NYC where this new job is. It's going to make it okay that I wasn't around when Egor and Buttons passed away because I was down here working for nothing. It's going to make it okay all the stress and tears Macy's has been making me shed for a part time seasonal job right now because it just needs to keep me afloat for a couple more months.

It's all going to be okay, because each of those things has just led me to finding a job I can actually be happy doing. It's going to lead me to making me more creditable when I send out my resumes to companies in Australia. All those bad things were just tiny steps to this point and my god... I really hope I get this thing, because if I don't, I'm afraid it might just finally break me.


Sep. 26th, 2011 10:41 pm
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I'M FINALLY GOING TO WORK AT MACY'S! It's about damn time. I was getting ready to call Better Business Bureu or SOMEONE. Because I had to go in a SECOND time to re-do paperwork they had lost. I basically refused to leave until I had hours or at least knew who my manager was.

And what am I doing? Putting together christmas trees. Joy...
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I honestly think I had probably the best interview of my life yesterday. Just too bad it was for a Macy's sales associate job and not something cool. For once I didn't have long awkward pauses as I tried to get my mouth to say what the messages my brain was trying to send without getting things mixed up in between. I said what I meant and what I wanted with only one point where I started to stutter, but even that I managed to come back quickly from. I actually sounded confidant. I was ready. I had the best answers.

No, really. The woman actually told me I gave her the best definition of teamwork she's ever heard.

Some of the confidence I think came from the fact that right before the interview I was trying to give a girl who was beyond nervous a pep talk. Reminding her that these types of jobs are always opening up. If we don't get it, it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean we're bad, it's just bad luck and we'll ALWAYS have a chance to try again. So I walked in with this thought more fresh in my mind than it has been in awhile.

I also, sadly, don't really care about this job. I WANT a job. I want to make money. I want to be secure in my finances, but for Macy's? Meh, I could go anywhere and not be in love with my job at this point. I have the start to my dream job already, it just doesn't pay. Anything else is just second rate.

So I walked in there with the mindset of being 100% of having nothing to lose and everything to gain. So what did it matter if I fucked up? And I didn't. I was a little nervous at first just because how bored and busy the woman looked at the start. Like she really should be working on other things, but the way her eyes kept lighting up at the answers to her questions she gave me. The way she began to smile and nod as I was speaking. I just know I nailed it.

Not to mention the part where she nearly begged me to keep in contact and she'd DEFINITALLY be thinking of me when a position opened up.

Yeahhhhhhhhh, that kinda sucked a little. Realizing that there isn't actually a position opened just yet, but if it's like any other retail job I've had/heard about. That will change sooner rather than later.

I'm so glad it went so fricken well, as the time before that kinda sucked. Had to go out early to Staples to get a copy of my resume printed. Sometimes they ask you for a copy at these things. (She didn't, but I feel so much better knowing I had it.) Then I went from Staples to Macy's because I knew I had no time to do things at home. But I still was about 35mins early. So I went and got a sunday at McDonalds. Ugh, hate that they're not 1.00 in NYC. Ate that and it helped with how hot I was feeling. Yucky, muggy and hot weather that day. Went to the interview place to be told the woman had left for a meeting. Could I be back in an hour.

Ugh. It takes around 25 mins to get from Macy's to my place. So again, no time to go home and chill. So instead I took a quick trip out to the Salvation army. Annoyed that it looks like they don't have a plus section. So I'll have to go through all the clothes now. Also they didn't have a printer for me to buy. Although they had a complete collection of the TMNT DVD movies for sale. WAAAANT! But that whole - no job, feel bad about spending money on things that are not food/rent. Plus I already have the first movie and new one on DVD. So that was like an extra 8 bucks I would have been throwing away. But still... I love my VHS tapes of them all, BUT I NEED DVDS COPIES NOW!

Didn't have long to look really. As it took a lot of time to get to the Salvation Army. Will have to double check that lack of plus section again sometime. Either way, I had to run back to Macy's, just to sit around until about 4:20 until I finally got to see someone. But meh, for the best interview of my life? Totally worth the wait.
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It's with Macy's! One of the one I almost for forgot to apply to! *crosses fingers* Here's hoping the interview goes well! I must admit, I'm both excited and super depressed over this. I feel like a slob when I'm not working and all I can think about is what little money I have. BUT! I also like that I have some free time to relax now and then. If I'm working? That's going to go bye-bye.

How I wish this internship paid.

EDIT: Also, I have a plurk now. I updated it quiet a bit because I just made it, but I don't plan on keeping it updated too often. But all the cool kids are doing it so I have one now. (Really though, it's mostly because I want to stay connected to my cast at [livejournal.com profile] luceti . This LJ is still my main diary of my life. THE TRUTH SHALL COME OU HERE! All you'll get is me being a dork if you don't add it.)
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For starters I think I finally have a little bit of RP-burnout. Usually when a draft rolls around what I do is tag CR I want to keep strong/rekindle then wait a day and then go around and think of a tag for anyone who hasn't had a tag yet. If most people already have a tag then I also include people who only have on short thread. Mostly I do this because I know the horror of thinking no one is going to tag my thread that I put effort into making. With a muse like Vash who is so versitile I feel like I should do my part to make sure people don't feel that feeling of being ignored. I also blame highschool and all the times that I was left on the sidelines forgotten to be picked for a team as everyone ran off to play. No one should feel like that.

But this time, even though I honestly feel horribly guilty for not tagging around. I just... can't bring myself to. Unless I think of a tag in less than a second flat I just stare and go blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I can barely get enough brain power to answer the tags waiting in my inbox and I want to make MORE? Ughhhhhhhhh. I just don't know where my motivation has gone to. There are some threads I'm excited to be a part of, but even those I've been having trouble tagging lately. More tagging as a sense of duty than anything else.

Okay. I can guess where it went. *GLARES AT THE NEW KITTY* Oh Sandman, you're a lovable derp of a cat, but... LET ME SLEEP! Buttons use to try to wake me in the night for food, but at least she waited for me to give a sign I was half awake before batting her head against me, but YOU! Yoooooooooooou. Why must you drop heavy things that make horrible almost shattering noises from high places? I don't know HOW you slammed my door last night, but this making loud noises and scaring the crap out of me every night? Not cool. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping like crap in general anyway.

So yes, I think part of my energy and brain power for tags has probably been sucked into my lack of sleep. Also just general depression. I'm okay, but every so often I do think of Egor and get teary-eyed for a moment. Or I think about how little time Buttons has left. I'm okay. It lasts only a moment, but I'm also not numb enough to not realize it's probably nawing away somewhere in my subconscious. I remember talking once, I think it was my psychology class, when I went to Jefferson Community college we were talking about death and how people handle it in different ways that apparently experts say it takes at LEAST six months of inner grieving before a person can really move on. Of course there's always exceptions, but I think I can understand that.

Either way. I'm okay and I'll work on getting myself through this funk and then the funk that I'm sure will follow after of: OH MAN! WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS, THIS, AND TAG THAT THEN!?

In other news and the reason I first started this post before I started to ramble! I had a strange dream last night.

The first part I remember was that I was running around with [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta only her name wasn't wasurechatta or Marie. No, she was now called: Oda Hates. Go figure. And we were running around trying to find a date for Sanji because he was in a coma and only going on a date with a certain type of girl would get him out of it.

I don't know how, but at some point I lost [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta and was wandering around on my own in NYC. I think I was trying to find Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but couldn't find it so I was trying to get home. I ended up at some bank where they were giving out tours. I somehow started at the top of the bank and had to work my way down. I needed a check. Even in the dream I didn't know WHY I needed a check, just as I needed one. I kept trying to ask people where I could have this check written for me, but they kept giving me directions on how to get back with the tourist group. Finally I found the office of the woman who could write me the check, but I had forgotten the word check. So I stood there forever trying to finish my sentence.

Still late for that important date )


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:07 pm
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Soooooooooooooo tired. This week has been nuts again. Always running around doing stuf and applying for more work. And I really should go to bed. As it's not helping me try to end this perpetural feeling of being over tired from stress/lack of sleep that just keeps building up and up.

BUT! I had to share my good news.

I think I might have landed a new internship. They seemed really excited to meet and talk to me. They asked me to give them my hours I could work and NOT a: Oh, we'll get back to you. I actually applied for a different internship position and the found out I'm more interested in post they went: OH! We JUST had a post internship open up! So I may have snagged this before anyone else got a chance to apply.

And this is for a REAL established production company. A small one, but REAL. I'm hoping to swing it that I can work part time at the one I have now and this new one for a couple weeks until this "big event" that suppose to happen is over at the old one. As I want in on it. I really hope this works out and I can finally ditch the old place.

Also I have PLANS for my birthday. Really wasn't expecting more than meeting up with Autumn for some ice cream. But now we're talking about wandering China town for a bit and visiting some game stores. It's not much, but it's going to be nice to just hang out with a friend for the day and do everything I can to not think about work except to maybe complain about it, because that is always fun.

Also... I bought the Kuroneko bobble head. I had bid and thought I was going to win a 99 cent Vash figure, but got outbid at the last second. Oh well, this will be such a cute and unique toy to add to my Trigun collection.

*cough* And there's another 99 cent Trigun figure popped up and mom's promised me 20 dollars for my brithday so I'm going to try again!

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Just... whoa.

My life right now. I've been so busy lately. Also my sister is in the city now. Staying the night at a friend's house tonight, but we're meeting up tomorrow and I think she's staying the week with me. I don't know, she keeps changing her mind. Either way - blah, not going to be around. Also, my sister's first time in the city so any suggestions on what to show her would be awesome.

I also have to move apartments sometime soonish. Ugh.

*stares at awesome Luceti events* meaheraaaaaaaaaah... why do awesome ones that require thought come at SUCH a bad time for me thinking clearly. harieahreareanare I want to devour all that delcious AU talk, but I'm just so wiped mentally right now that I... just... can't... focus.

Speaking of Luceti right now and I'm going to add an extra whoa to my total. Holy crap guys. I got curious at work because I heard that rpanon thing got crazy and took a peek. Wow. Reminds me why I never go onto that thing. Are people really upset over all of this? While I think the AC rule changes are fair and a good idea, people are allowed to drop if they don't feel comfortable anymore. Yes, it wasn't good that one made mention to the entire playerbase with her's but... can't we just look the other way? Anon's man. They're MEAN. I feel that they should have given the new rule and Mod's a chance with this, but if they felt dropping was for the best, then that's what was best for them. I wouldn't want them to play if they weren't having fun anymore!

And now I will take my own advice and move on. Just it was... whoa. I don't know if things usually get that blown up on the anon thing, but just... whoa. I wasn't expecting something like THAT.

Anyway today wasn't so bad. Got let out an hour early from work. Me and two others I intern with couldn't decide if she was just sick of us or that she had something she wanted to do alone. We didn't care, we were out of there. As I was getting close to having a mental break down going over old files and trying to match photos to facebook so I could properly lable them for her.

We went to Starbucks and had a good time just hanging out together and ranting about our jobs. We've come to the conclusion that I'm currently her favorite intern. All thanks to HTML I learned thanks to rping so much on LJ. Ha! Also I know the basics of Power Point so she thinks I'm a god of Power Point. We're all in agreement that this favorite status will soon crumble when she figures out I don't REALLY know what I'm doing besides making things look colorful.

Walked a coworker to her bus then hopped onto the train to meet Autumn at the corner store. Where we bought chips and soda as we had a movie night planned. After making a quick trip back to my place to look over movies and to pick a few out when then went one block over to her new apartment to make spagetti and look through her roommates movies.

We ended up finding City of Lost Childern. We ended up watching it and I actually love it. I think it was great! It was so funny and the camera angles and settings were so interesting!

Anyway, need sleep because I've nearly passed out several times typing it up. That's the other issue I've gotten going. I can't stay asleep anymore. I've been waking up close to what feels like (it's hard to keep count sometimes) five to eight times a night. So, better get to bed. I'm sure Casey can't wait to see the city tomorrow.
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I really did need a day of no stress.

Yesterday work was almost fun. There were so many interns there and our boss was gone most of the day. So a lot of it was us getting to know each other. Also - the boss's dog we decided is evil. One minute it wants to love you, the next it's biting at you. With no warning. I also mostly finished backing up one harddrive onto another. It was slow going because the one harddrive is slightly smaller than the other. AND it had like... three copies of the same vidoe hidden in different files all over the place. So I had to go into the files one by one to find the copies to delete so I could make enough room on the harddrives to make everything fit.

Easy work. And when I got BIG files copied over I even answered a few quick and easy tags. Because I learned the hard way that if I keep looking for extra files while transfering large files the computer freaks and freezes up.

Went home and I do have one complaint from yesterday: :( To the three groceries stores I pass on my way home? Please carry skim milk. It is my life blood. There is other milk out there besides whole milk. You will have a shopper for LIFE a couple months if you did that!

Also... um... check your stock. I got super excited when I found a tiny thing of skim milk - THE LAST ONE! Until I checked the date and saw it expired on the 16th. Um... yeah...

Other than that, came home and gave out a sigh. Was a bit disapointed when I found out the TV dinner I bought was suppose to be microwave only. Well, darn. We don't have one of those. But I worked it out and got it to cook well in the oven anyway. WHO NEEDS DIRECTIONS! Apparently not me.

Then answered some of my TL;DR CR comments (I still have over ten left... *wibble*), my real tags, and then had an awesome time going on a raid with my guild in WoW. I'm going to be so sad when my time runs out soon, but I really haven't been playing it enough while in NYC to justifiy the cost of keeping it up.

When that was over, chatted with Autumn a bit before falling into bed. AND SLEEPING. Usually I don't really like sleeping past 10am. It makes me feel lazy, but it felt wonderful today. I had no work to go to. Autumn would have already left for class. So I didn't need to get up to say hi to her or anything. I just got to relax and think of my dreams. As it had one of the best and besiar dream endings EVER.


Bring your sister over here, let me dance with her just for the hell of it )

I woke up shortly after the song picked up again. Never before has a cast of my dreams broke out in song and dance.
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Woke up this morning when I heard mom and dad talking loudly to themselves. Grumpily rolled over and managed to fall asleep again after a bit. Then not too much longer later was awaken again by the dog whinning. I stumbled my way out of bed assuming today was going to be every other day. Let the dog out, let the dog in, give the dog her meds, feed the cat, get on computer, write up a post about a fun Vash/FMA dream I had last night, answer tags, look for work for a couple hours, then waste the rest of the day on WoW and more tags.

Only when I started moving around dad told me that mom had taken off somewhere, but wanted to know if I'd like to go out for breakfast. Get out of the house? Yes please. Only when she came home she was all excited about how she had sold a few big items at the anitque store she's in, but it's closed for the season. So she ropped me into loading some items into her van before we went to breakfast as she wasn't sure when they were coming to pick the items up and the owner of the place to see what was going on. As when they sell things off season he doesn't get a cut. So she was trying to move fast so he wouldn't see.

The meh )

Was just about to lay down and take that nap when I got an email I wasn't really expecting to see. It was from the company I had an email interview with and they said they would call me soon for a phone interview. I figured I would never hear from them again. Now I was super excited thinking they were emailing to set up that phone interview at last!

Only no, all it said was: Checking in!

Uh, okay. Emailed them back that I was still avaible and ready to work if they were still intersted in taking me on. That I even had a place I could stay and could be in NYC in a few days. The email they sent back said that was great, they had an event tomorrow - could I be there!

I love it when people don't read or listen to what they're told.

The WHOA )

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First, because everyone else on my friends list was doing it:

The How's My Driving? Meme

Had a fairly good day yesterday. Although most of it was spent in a panic as I had a phone interview set up at noon. When if finally came I thought I sounded a bit like a dork and the phone disconnected once, but in the end it actually went well! I've been told I've been put on the short list.

She was concerened about the fact that I didn't live in the city so I didn't have another form of income. She honestly felt worried for me when she mentioned she'd feel responsible if I say started to starve down there. Then I explained how I had a savings ready, I was planning on getting a part-time job, and I had explained that I was currently on unemployment and could file this internship under education. So I'd still be getting that if I couldn't find a paying job. She was impressed with my planning when I explained that ever since I was little I've known I wanted to edit. I was willing to do anything I could to get a job in this field.

So I was told I was a on a short list. That I really sound like the person they have been looking for. She doesn't care how much life experience she was more intersted in the ethusasim to learn this business and really be apart of it, but also someone who understood that an internship is a starting out point. That it's not all glamor which I had shown in my interview I understood.

SO YES! I'm on a short list and she sounded very pleased to be talking to me. Also explained that I probably wouldn't hear back from her until after thanksgiving. As she has one or two more people to talk to before making her final choices and with the holidays it would be too hetic for her to get back to everyone right away. So I don't know for sure, but I sure feel hopeful!

Of course these brings the old panics back - AH! Gotta find a roommate! AH! Gotta find a decent apartment! AH! Gotta pack! AH! Gotta leave the car and pets behind! AH! Gotta mallynap Vash! AH! How am I going to get down there! AH! Am I going to have a bed!? AH! What do I take!?

Ahhh... but I guess I'll start to REALLY freak out once I know for sure if I have the job or not. First - worry about making church and affording the pizza tonight.
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JGOjdagjeaj... agheioayhbioh hgiahega GAHHH! What part of THREE MILE BAY sound even REMOTELY close to ANY city you crazy application sending out people in your offices and your desks and you computers and you abjgeabhjeoahgeajgagjeaga. DID YOU EVEN READ MY COVER LETTER!? You know... that part that talks about WILLING TO MOVE to NYC if I have to for this job!? DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A PERSON WHO CAN COME INTO AN INTERVIEW FIRST THING IN THE MORNING.


Just GAHHH! I didn't even know this one WAS in NYC when I applied. It said it was located in a place called Chelsea. Aahhaha... guess what. It's IN New York City. Wonderful. Great. Perfect.

I guess I'm just so ARRRUGGGH about this right now is I'm so tired of trying to find someplace to work. I'd be lying if part of me was kinda starting to like the idea of being around for the holidays. That and the one internship that I really wanted that said they'd call haven't called yet... and... I just.... don't know... what I want to do anymore.

Now dad is awake and he's SO annoying first thing in the morning, the cat is hungry, I got to answer this email and I don't really know what I want to say. Do I tell them I could come down at a later date? Could we do a phone interview? I don't want to mooch off Autumn anymore. NOT THAT I DON'T LIKE HANGING OUT WITH AUTUMN. I just hate being a mooch. And dad won't shut up. And I should be cleaning. And I just want to go HOME.

*stares around bedroom* Awwwww crap.

EDIT: *cough* *Hack* A moment of Zen.
Player removed because it gives away the surpise ending. It's short, it has kittens. WATCH IT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McNRDGwitts
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So today I was a bit dispointed when there wasn't a single new job posting that I qualified for/what I was looking for. The job market really seems to be drying up right now for my profession.

So, I was a bit surprised today when I've gotten two emails asking to set up phone interviews.

See ZZ panic. See ZZ panic all ovvvver the place.

I'm now pacing and staring at my phone, waiting and fearing the time it will ring. One interview isn't until Friday, but the other could happen at any moment as they just asked for my number and would call me when they could.

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHDgahbeahahigoea. I want these jobs. The first one is just so perfect. It states right in the ad that even if this is entry level they expect a lot of hands on work - not a bunch of coffee runs and copying. Oh no. I'm dying to get it, but at the same time all the old fears come back.

Omg I have to move.
Omg I have to find a roommate.
Omg I have to say good bye to my animals.
Omg I have to say good bye to my car.
Omg I have to find a PAYING job
Omg. Omg. Just... O.M.G.
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Omg... I just want to tip over and not get up anymore right now. My two night stay in NYC has turned into FIVE. Poor Autumn... I'M SO SORRY! Oh uh... and thanks for your computer. *cough*

Ugh. I don't know if I'm glad I checked my email anymore or not. Yesterday before I went to the interview with Stephen Davis, Autumn let me borrow her computer to check my emails. They had told me they were going to email me directions to their place and even though I got it off their website, I wanted to see if they emailed me. If they had remembered - it was a good sign they might want and remember me.

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Today I've been thinking a lot about my lack of work and it was eating at me more today than usual. Mostly because I have a meeting tomorrow with a unemployment agent and I know they're going to pick apart my resume among other things to annoy the heck out of me.

So while I was walking out of Price Chopper with a box of cat food under my arm after a long day of taking my dad to his doctor appointment and then lots of grocery shopping that my cell went off. It was a number I didn't know. Then when I answered my heart lit up as I walked to the car when someone asked if I was Zig-zag. It wasn't a scammer. It was a job.

Okay. Not a job. It's an interview, but dad annoyed me a bit by trying to talk to me while I talked to them. He didn't get my handwaves, my SHHH motion, or the fact I said: OH! IN NEW YORK CITY that maybe he should shut up for a moment. For some reason he only got it AFTER he turned the car on and I slamed the radio off.

I was estatic. Finally! Someone who was intersted in me! Got ahold of Autumn and she said I could stay with her for a couple nights. Got home and bought bus tickets. So the day after tomorrow I'm on my way to NYC.

Although once I got home I am a little disapointed. It's not the same company I thought it was. I thought it was an unpaid internship editing for a music company, but it's actually an unpaid internship for another company. That company doesn't offer as many chances to edit as the other one, but it's still a start. I'm so nervous though. If I get this, it's going to be a big thing. A big life changing thing.

I'll have to find my own place in New York City. I'm going to have to find another part time job to afford to live there. I'm going to have to leave my babies behind and just.... psssssssssssh. Such a big step. I hope I'm ready for this. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time.
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Okay - I really, REALLY need someone to show me how to cut a chicken. I bought a chicken that was cut in half and went: How hard could it be! It's already cut in half! That's the hard part isn't it?

That poor, dead, cold, lifeless bird. It didn't know what was coming. Never stood a chance. That was a lot harder than I thought it would be to cut into pieces. Although I have a feeling that it's because we don't really have the tools here to cut say... bone. It was me. My hands. And a sorry stake knife that wishes it was in someone else's home.

Was trying the orange chicken recipie today. Which dad I came to find out isn't thrilled about. He kept suggesting that HE could cook it for me. Yeah, manage to weasle out of him that he was nervous about the oranage part.

Ended up burning it just slightly, not bad as I like my chicken crispy, but it makes it hard to taste the oranage - so dad loves it. XD

I decided to offset the burntness by having a delicious mudslide on the side. Mmmmhmmm... Kahlua.

Also - I love my geeky friends. This is Sarah, the girl I worked with this summer at Burnham. I showed her the wonders of Dr. Horrible this summer. We use to sing this duet all the time while crusing around in the gaitor. Oh, and she plays a Ukulele!


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