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Just got back from camping today. Will be headed back to the apartment tomorrow. Stealing mom's computer for now! ----- Or more like a couple days ago. Half of this was written when I first got home... then LJ ate it and I JUST recovered it from Vash's journal when I went to make a post. Weird... but I can finish now! ----  I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. Came home with just one scrap, a mild sunburn, and oh.... about 40 fish. Nummies~~

Well, also caught a head cold, but I had that before we left for camping. So let me start at the beginning.

The camping trip )


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I. Cannot. SEE. Out. My. Window. I cannot SEE past the first two steps of my front door. So in a "blizzard" where I could SEE the neighbor's house DOWN THE STREET you spend two whole days telling people to cancle everything and don't go outside and we had all of one accident and a handfull of schools closed (some which had closed the day before). BUT! The "bad snow storm" where you spend all of five minutes casually mentioning people take it easy getting to work and we have just about EVERY school in the area shutting down and last I counted SIX roads shut down due to accidents?

I have never seen three closing alert bars scrolling by at once. That was intersting. So many emergancy closings that you need THREE bars to keep up.

You. Fail. I'm so glad I don't have to go out in that crap. I send prayers and well wishes to the poor people that have to get out in that today.

-_- None for the idiots that are only tempting fate. There's ALWAYS idiots.

*stares out window*

No, them too. Besides, it's usually the idiots that hit the poor people that are out because they HAVE to be.
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Ugh, it's so cold out right now and the sun is such an evil liar. You look outside and it's bright, shinny, and happy looking. You open the door and your lungs freeze the moment you take in a breath of air.

It's currenly about -8F out (-22C) and steadily dropping. You'd think with the sun out it'd be warmer but NO! It's a lie. Last night it dropped to around -30F (-34C). Poor Egor had to go to the bathroom, but the door was frozen. I didn't blame her either for piddling on the rug by the door. Once I got the thing opened the air literally hurt when it hit me. So I also didn't feel the need to kick her out to be sure she had finished.

The cat stayed warm last night by sleeping on my shoulder all night. I remember one point in the night trying to shift oh, so slightly to crack my back without waking her. She meowed at me in a: Stop that! Trying to sleep! Sort of way. It was kinda cute. Until she started to meow for food before the sun had come out. Uh-huh. I was not getting out of my cacoon of warmpth.

It's times like this that I'm actually glad I don't have a job. Those times are rare and few these days, but I'm so, so, SO glad I don't have to go outside. Nope. For now I'm going to sit in my PJs, sweater, slipper, and sip a cup of hot cocoa. Then maybe - if I'm feeling brave enough to peel off a few layers. A hot bath. I love turning the water on so hot that it makes my toes go almost numb. :D And the water stays warmer now that Casey has run off back to college!

........haha, very funny playlist. *rocks on*
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Today it was 86F outside (30C).

Eighty. Six.

In April.

This is like our... mid June/July weather. That's our SUMMER weather. And we're what? Two weeks into spring? It really doesn't usually get that much hotter around here. People are wearing shorts. IN APRIL!

Dude, we sometimes get snow in May.

Anyway someday - probably Sunday - I'm going to make a big post because there are things I've wanted to jot down, but I'm just way too tired to try to sit upright long enough to do so. I just still can't get over that.

Eighty. Fucking. Six. In April.
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 This message brought to you by my laptop battery.

So, out of the past three days where I've felt like I'm dying from heat praying for even a small storm so that we'd be forced to just hang out quietly somewhere dry and away from too much metal it decides to pour and thunder on my day off. Fuck. And apparently the weather man is having fun inturpting our regular schedual programing to let us know we should be watching for tornados. Pffsh. Like that will ever happen. We may lose power from sever thunder storms but a tornado? Ha. Fat chance.

Then again.... global warming. It was snowing in one place that is normally always hot and we've having a major heat wave. So maybe there is a chance. Still not worried. I'll start freaking out when the TV goes: HOLY FUCK GET IN YOUR BASEMENTS NOW RETARDS! Which means our family is screwed. Our basement being overly crowded with junk. If the junk doesn't squish us to death it would be a merical. Dad and I were giggling about how if one does hit at least our house would finally be cleaned. We could just stick a sign that says yard sale for everything would be out already!

Anyway. I shall save my battery power now for if we do lose power - although I'll probably lose internet connection if that's the case at least I'll be able to work on my new AMV.


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