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*dusts off my poor misused journal* I need to figure out a way to set more time aside for this. During the weekdays I do pretty much just wake up, shower, eat, answer tags, go to work, work, come home, and sleep. So there's not really a lot of time for making journal entries, but god, I really should have been better about it this weekend. I wasn't busy at all, just lazy and slept/read most of the weekend away.

So a brief update on random things in my life first. So yesterday I pretty much slept, finished reading the book Mossflower, cuddled with the kitty, watched Legend of Korra (which by the way I feel is a bit too rushed in just about everything so I'm enjoying it, but not LOVING it.) and went to church.

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Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:25 am
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So I said I would and I finally got off my lazy butt and fired up the crappy scanner so here you are! My gifts from [livejournal.com profile] kittanylilac! Enjoy!

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Today was much better. Woke up feeling so much less ragey. I could still tell I had a short fuse so I stayed in my room most of the day. I didn't want to snap at the wrong person. Then later on mom came home with the mail and I got my Christmas card from [livejournal.com profile] kittanylilac! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish I had done something as awesome with yours! I love the pictures you drew for me of Vash! Sorry his coat is so hard to draw, but d'aw! He does look great in normal clothes! Btw. He has sparkles all over him from the card. SPARKLES EVERYWHERE! 8D

One good thing though, mom watched me open it and took one of the pictures as I took the other. Hehehe... luckily I got the one with Yuber and uh *cough* hid it. XD I didn't feel I had enough energy to explain that one to mom, but I couldn't stop giggling. Mom thought Vash looked very cute and happy! "Look at all those donuts he has!" If it's alright with you I'd love to scan and throw them up on the LJ~

Then later I took the dog for a walk. It was finally decent enough weather that the two of us didn't want to go running back into the house as soon as her business was done. Lately I've been trying to do silly things with the snow each time we go out. I've drawn a smiley face, hi, and a few other messages in the snow, but the hi and smiley haven't been covered up yet so there was no more room to draw. As I walked the feild with the dog I realized the snow was the perfect packing kind. So I started to make a snowman.

I was wait out in the back of the feild. So I made a small one and used grass and stuff to give it a face and carted it back to the house. I propped it up by dad's birdfeed. Then I made another one and put that on mom's van so she'd see it the next time she went to work. Only she spotted it early - which was good because it ended up falling over and gettng splatted.

The one out back actually fell too, but I put him back together and is currently still standing!

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Guess who has a new icon?

Guess who made this icon for their roleplaying journal?

Guess... who got to use this icon IN CHARACTER on their roleplaying journal?

[livejournal.com profile] luceti , I really do love you sometimes - even if you've totally eaten so much of my free time.


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