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Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Just when I get caught up with homework there's always more right behind it. Yay!

...one day I'll post something with substance.

Here we go! Gaming!
So gaming was about the only time this weekend I WASN'T doing homework. I started a new character Vic. My first cross gender character - but people kept forgetting that I was playing a cross gender. Which made things amusing at times.

ANYWAY! Vic was a human. He is a freelance poperizi (damn my spelling) and got information that tabloids would pay big bucks for this guy who only comes out at night and has never gotten his photo taken before. He plays vampires in a movie and people were willing to pay big bucks just for any kind of photo of him. So off Vic went to get the guy's picture. He snuck over the fence and made his way towards the house.

Meanwhile an Assimate (so didn't spell that right. Think of ninja vampire) was sent to kill the guy I was going to try to get a picture for. He was sent to kill him because he had been told to get out of the movies because he was around too long and people were starting to wonder why he looked so young even over 40 years later. He had been threatened with death if he didn't. He didn't so an assain was sent.

Anyway! Mr. Vampire jumped over the fence and over my head with such ease! I was jelous and annoyed - was another paperizzi getting the photo before me? I followed quietly and watched silently as he unlocked the door and snuck in. Follow! I got upstairs and found the actor and the sneaky guy necking. So I thought: Secert gay lovers! Pictures galor! MONIES!

As I'm taking pictures I notice that the actor is... um... becoming a mummy? That's when the other one noticed me. I screamed: OH FUCK! And ran but as I turned to ran BOOM! I ran into Mr. Sneaky! Mr. Sneaky grabbed me and started to suck my blood - but didn't kill me. He let me live because no one has ever been able to sneak up on an assimaite before, take pictures, and not be spotted once. He felt I would be a good 'addition.'

Of course as Ian was explaining this I was thinking (out of character) YES! I'M A VAMPIRE NINJA OR A INSANE VAMPIRE! My two characters ROCK!

Anywhoo! My camera falls and Mr. Sneaky sneaks off with me and throws me in a room as he tries to explain himself to the prince.

Anyway - the prince isn't too happy. He calls all vampires in the area as Mr. Sneaky comes back to check on me. I was just waking up and started to say that Mr. Sneaky could have my cammera if he wouldn't kill me - but he had a specail power that takes away the sound in an area and that freaked my poor dude out more so he started screaming more.

While screaming a bunch of vampires came in and staked Mr. Sneaky and myself. So there my poor guy was - unable to move or speak but could see everything was going on. That and I had a huge piece of wood in my chest AND I'M NOT DEAD! Freaked me out more.

The prince had Mr. Sneaky killed for making a new vampire without his permission and not getting rid of the body and my camera. He allowed me to live as long as I cleaned up Mr. Sneaky's mess. He called in another assimate to be my tutor. He said to my tutor: I want you to clean up this mess. So Mr. Tutor pulled out his sword and advanced on me grinning. ^^;; So I ran off screaming till the prince dragged me back and yelled at the guy that he didn't mean it like that.

So off we went. He explained the basic ropes on the way to the police station. We had some friends come and I was given the job to pull the fuse on the fuse box, but one of our friends found it first. Er... he was bored so he took out his shotgun and shot it til the power ran out. Mr. Tutor came back with the body and my camera and we left. So I got to live YAY!

Ew... back to homework.
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This is part of that big post I was talking about earlier. This is the fun time that I had gaming. Now not much happened in the game - but it was fun for at lest those who were there.

It started out with my character Xzana (who is a Malk - know for insanity) surfing the internet when I found an artical about a game. It looked like a fun game. I wanted to play it but found out it's realese had been deyaled for 'research' purposes. As I was crying about how it was Twightlight Princess all over again I found the name of the games creator and knew it to be another Malk. A Malk that was a friend of my friend Budrow who is also... a Malk.

Called up my prince Terry and asked him where Budrow was. Over the summer Terry had send Budrow and Annabella (fellow Malk!) to go bother... er... help... the prince in North Carolina. When I mentioned I wanted to talk to Budrow did he have the number to reach him Terry said he'd do me one better. He bought me a one way ticket to North Carolina. I noticed this, but didn't care. Road trip! So I left and Terry did a little victory: I got rid of all my annoying Malks dance.


Apr. 9th, 2006 12:56 pm
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Now I'll get onto talking about gaming, well, part of gaming. Basically from pervious games Jon's character Gus had been getting into trouble. Gus is a Brujah his clan is known for trouble, but our head Vampire was getting sick of Gus because he kept getting in more trouble than usual. He needed to hide Gus and as added insult he had my character, Xzana, watch over him. My character is a Malkavian, my clan is known for... insanity. Basically the insult was a guy who is suppose to be stronger and smarter than myself is being watched by me.

We were sent to help Lilly, another vampire we knew who was studying the cubacabra in Mexio. (The creature that eats goats) Recent attacks on goats had been showing up of goats ripped apart. So we spent a few days helping out, where I was always a quarter of a step behind Gus. So if he turned around he walked right into me. Which... made him hate me. A lot. I mean a LOT!

Eventually we were on a trail of some birds with glowing red eyes. Lilly turned into a bat and flew after them. Gus ran off, and I followed Gus. Before Lilly transformed she threw her jeep keys to our last member Annamarie. And this is where the trouble started...

Annamarie botched the roll to catch the keys, so she missed and lost them. She then failed at lest four more rolls trying to find the keys. Gus thought this would be a great time to finally lose me and used Celerity to move... like 20times faster than me. This worked great to lose me, but as we were in a forest he had to dodge trees while running at break neck speed and watch where the birds went. Long story short, he lost the birds, then ran into a tree, the tree exploded and a branch of the tree went through his heart, parallzed (stupid spelling...) him, it flew right through him and he was fine again. As this was happening I was trying to follow the birds because they would lead me to Gus. I actually did the best at following them, but I eventually botched a roll and got lost. I eventually found some tracks... and ended up following my own foot prints back to the start. While THIS was happening, Lilly botched her roll and lost the birds, then found a flock of regular birds and followed them instead.

Gus decided that to help himself out, he'd climb a tree to the top and see if he could find the birds again. Up he went, when he got to the top Annamarie finally found the keys and yelled out with joy... which set a million flocks of birds into the air. Which knocked Gus out of the tree when he botched a roll trying to get back down. Down he crashed... and fell on another branch of the tree he knocked down. This one went went through his chest, but didn't go out the other side again. He was parallzed. Again...

Annamarie went and tried to drive Lilly's truck as Lilly and I got more lost... only to find it was standard and she only knows how to drive automatic. She flooded the truck, screamed in frustration and then used one of her powers to read auras to try to find where we went. She found me as she tried to find the bird's auras. She said she saw an aura that looked like Gus's so I followed her and she did indeed lead me to Gus. Who keep in mind, can still see and here, and I know this.

Annamarie: GUS!
Xzana: Hahahaha! Well this makes my job easier!
Annamarie: Is he dead? (She's new)
Xzana: No, HEY! Do you have a marker?!
Annamarie: Uh... marker?
Xzana: I want to draw on his face.
Gus (thinking): I'm going to kill her.
A: So, if he's not dead why won't he get up?
X: The stick. *bends down towards him* See, this is why you shouldn't leave me. I might need to save your butt.
G: So dead.
A: So I pull this out... *rolls to see if she's strong enough to pull it out, botches, and slipps and fall*
X: Maybe you should leave it in so we can carry him.
(*pauses so everyone can laugh at the tought of two Malks carrying a Brujah around. Talk about an insult)
A: But we need to catch up with the birds!
X: But I think he'll kill us.
A: *sighs* *Tries again* *botches again* *falls*
X: Fine, fine. I'll do it. *Yanks it out*

Then Gus frenzed. Then Gus wanted to kill everything. Annamarie went invisable and Gus attacked me. I used a power called dementation and made him see his father back when he was human. Ian did this part because what the person sees is up to the story teller. So Gus saw his dad and his dad use to beat him and he turned into a sobbing mess at my feet.

After Gus calmed down the two of us went back to the truck because he had, had enough and it's my job to watch so I go where he goes. Much to his continued annoyance. Annamaire went after the birds. We found Lilly who was REALLY lost and sent her on her way.

Eventually they found a powerful vampire that was acting as the cubracara and it fought them. Did I mention it was very powerful? After hearing Lilly's gunshoots Gus and I ran out of the car and helped fight him. Luckily Annamaire managed to use Dementation on him three times and he turned into a bunch of scorpains and ran off. We really got very lucky no one died... again. I started aruging with people that maybe we should call out boss for advise because this guy was obvious stronger that us. Finally someone listen and he told us to get the fuck out there and we ran off. The game ended there for this week.

^_^ It was so much fun!


Feb. 17th, 2006 11:02 pm
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Gaming was so much fun. Seeing how while walking the streets my character saw a message in falling snow saying: Need help NOW. Now, the clan my character is apart of is know for their insanity, so trying to get someone to help wasn't easy, espcailly when you claim that the snowflakes have spoken to you and they need help in S.C.

So four of us took off went on a road trip. On the way we ran into a Warewolf disguised as a cop. He had us get out of the car while one of our characters, in cat form, stayed behind in the cab. (We were in a big tracker trailer, because we could sleep in the back when the sun came up). The cop climbed into the back and started to look around, that's when he transformed. Well, I ran, because Warewolf + my character = dead character. I let the two strong guys take care of it. Fun stuff happened where on of the other guys decided to run and left the last guy to fight the wolf and started to drive off with the two of them fighting in the back. A few lucky rolls later our guy throw the wolf out the back and into an oncoming car.

We got to S.C. and I felt a 'pull' towards an army base, then to a holding cell. Using my insight I got us into the building claiming to be a psycatris (HAHAH! I spell good...) and lead to a paitent. Which turned out to be the character that had beat up the warewolf before.

I turned to the guy that I had beaten up the wolf and yelled imposter and said his real name over and over and over again, pointing at him. The guy in the cell said something only the people he's been around should know and Gus, one of the other characters looked at the imposter and said: "What's going on? Why does this guy in cell look just like you?"

*slaps forhead*

So after explaining to Gus that the other guy was an imposter we broke the real guy out and headed back to N.Y. On the way we heard howling and hit something furry when it darted out in front of us.

Gus: Hm. I think I'd better stop and check to see what it was.
Me and everyone else: DON'T STOP!

Managed to get back safely. All and all it was a fun game!
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Man, I didn't even get dressed today until after 12:30, I had planned on catching an early lunch after I showed. Came back squeaky clean, putting my PJs back on because it's easier to change into real clothes in the dorm then the teeny tiny shower. Opened the door and came face to face with my roommate's boyfriend. ^^;; Oppies, he was over for a visit.

He offered to stand out in the hall while I dressed, but I said no, I could wait until after he left to change. I didn't have any plans for the day.

Which I really didn't. Just maybe a nap and trying to get more done on that AMV I've been working on. Didn't feel like editing, so I chatted with him about the chronical. Not much, just if he planned on getting everything going again after break. He thinks it will still be Saturday Nights at 5 we'll meet, but he's going to check around and make sure this is still okay with everyone.

I've come to find out I really like roleplaying. I mean, I had a good feeling it would be something I enjoyed, but not this much. I still think I'm really bad at it, but I always look forward to playing, and Ian has helped me a lot, like mentioning that I should say my character was just embrassed so that way when I did something like this:

Zig-zag: Beoudxro I'm looking for Geovanie (Ack... my poor horrible, horrible spelling)
Ian (as Beouxdro): Okay, which one?
Zig-zag: I'm not sure. What is it?
Ian: Xzana, Geovanie is a clan...
Zig-zag: Oooooooooh. Well, I think one killed the guy in the room. His ghost is talking to me.

^^;; Well, I got points for staying in character. Seeing how my Xzana character has never met a Geovanie before.



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