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Sep. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
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Man, I've been wanting to update this thing for over a week now, but it's been crazy and busy. First off last week I started by doing a MAJOR overhaul of my old resume. I was feeling pretty proud of it! Just as I was signing off AVG let me know that it found a virus. I told it to delete it and went to bed, deciding I would do a system restore first thing in the morning just to be safe.

Yeah. That didn't work out. Tried the system restore and it just made everything worse and soon I was getting blue screen of death. And this was AFTER spending 12 hours to let Mallyware Bites scan for 12 hours and found nothing and AVG running another scan for 4 and also finding nothing.

So I took my computer up to geek squad. They couldn't get rid of the virus, but for a 100 bucks they would try to save all my files. I left it with them and they said they'd call me in two or three days when it was done.

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Just got back from camping today. Will be headed back to the apartment tomorrow. Stealing mom's computer for now! ----- Or more like a couple days ago. Half of this was written when I first got home... then LJ ate it and I JUST recovered it from Vash's journal when I went to make a post. Weird... but I can finish now! ----  I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. Came home with just one scrap, a mild sunburn, and oh.... about 40 fish. Nummies~~

Well, also caught a head cold, but I had that before we left for camping. So let me start at the beginning.

The camping trip )


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So another four day weekend for me! Mom thought about coming up here, but we decided quiet literally last minute that I'll go home instead and we'll all go camping.

8D YAY! Camping!

I'm heading straight to the bus stop after work tomorrow! We go out camping Thr and return evening Sat! I leave back for NYC POSSIBLY on Sunday. I say POSSIBLY because I've gotten the last two Fridays off. There's a VERY small chance I'll get an early in the week day off... possibly monday? If I do I'll be postponing going back one more day. BUT! I won't know that until they email me my schedaul next week.

I'm also not bringing my computer. What little internet access I do have will be coming from family memebers so I won't be around much.

I must also admit that I'm a little terrified at the thought of going home knowing there is now no cat or dog awaiting there for me. I'm scared to face the truth. I know I'm not going to be able to stop looking at the spots Buttons always slept, just like I haven't stopped looking in the yard for Egor when I pull into that driveway. Knowing she'd always be there, only getting up because I was home and yay! It meant belly rub time!

I'm glad we're going camping as I'm sure for the first night home I'm going to be spending a lot of time listening to that oh so soft half purr meow Buttons did when she was wondering if I was awake at night. The way she crept around the bed until finally laying on my shoulder or next to my head.

Then of course, hearing how dad literally jumped off the couch in joy and tickled my mom's cheeks when he heard the news that his daughter was coming home to see him. That specail kind of tickling he only really does when he's so happy he just can't contain himself. That will make it all worth it. Poor guy. At first mom talked like she was going alone to visit me in NYC and he was all: oh... :( have fun.... until she made the side comment that we decided it'd just be better if I came home nad he was all 8DDDD YAYZ!

And now... time for bed. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!
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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

My weekend home )

A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.

Eye r hoom

Dec. 12th, 2010 07:57 pm
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Made it home safely from my overnight trip to my old school for the APO banquet that is held at the end of every semster. I'm glad I went it was a lot of fun. Found out when I got there it was suppose to be a masquare themed banquet so it was good thing I got there a few hours early. I ran off to the Paper Factory and was hit by INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got a black plastic hat, a few noise makers, some ribbion, a glow in the dark eye mask, a wooden stick, and a few streamer poppers. I ripped apart the streamers on the noise makers and... yeah... forgot those streamer popper things are flamable. Yeahhhhhhhh. So glad I decided to fire it into the hat instead of my hand at the last second. Considering after I popped it and saw all the smoke I remembered - You're not suppose to fire those things at close rang at skin FOR A REASON.

So after NOT setting myself on fire I taped all that stuff to the rim of the hat, taped and used the string that came with the mask to tie it to the stick, and then added some of the streamers to the stick to decorate that. I took pictures! But... ugh... overloaded on soda and cheese popcorn on the ride home. That and I had a Life Water. Going on a sugar crash and I just.... yeah. *thunk* Pictures later.

The dinner had DELICIOUS food and it all was rather bitter sweet. There were a lot of new members this year which is great! I'm so glad the group is growing, but the members I was with are slowly graduating and not coming back. I miss a lot of my old friends that can't make these get togethers anymore.

Had a bad moment on my way to my car to meet people at Coldstones. Let's just say: Black Ice - 1, ZZ - 0. Fell on my ass. In front of most new people. Oh boy. At least I didn't sparn my ankle like I usually do when I slip and fall. That... and COLDSTONES! 8D Win! Then went for a few minutes to an afterparty at one of the new member's house before moving back to campus where a small handful of us had some drinks in a girl's room.

I didn't know anyone in the room that well. All new members, but one was letting me stay the night with her and it was still a lot of fun! I love just sitting around swapping stories. They had some good ones too! But it just drove home how soon I probably won't be making the trip down as much.

There was a bit of an awkward moment where me and Jen tried to get to her room to go to bed... and her roommate had the: I need alone time with my vibrator up. It was only... 3am. Jen had a little talk with her and she needed ten more minutes... but we gave her fifteen.

And now, finally. I am home and ready for sleep. *thunk*
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Stayed up way too late last night chatting with people and just derping about, enjoyng being home, but figured - that's okay! I'll sleep in. I did not take into account just how much the cat had aparently missed me while I was gone.

I was having some epic dreams too. Like, there was some magical item called the light and it could do whatever the weilder wanted. So I had to hide it from some bad guys, but they found me and my family. I tried to act dumb like I didn't know what they were talking about, but they demanded I give them the CD with the light on it. So I gave them a CD with an AMV I made with the word light in the title... they didn't find it funny and still didn't believe I didn't know what they were talking about. So they started to trash my place and I was hoping they wouldn't find the real CD with the real light on it that I had taped to the back of a mirror.

I did manage to sneak my family out before they found it and I was surprised it didn't work, then they figured out that the light wasn't ON the CD. We just thought it was because it worked everytime I tried to use it. Whoooops, guess who was the light? So yeah, they hired some muscles to beat out how this light stuff worked when they again didn't believe that I didn't know. Even though I kept shouting - No really! I really thought it was the CD! And they hired Aoshi who through my glass figure collection at me to get me to talk when-

The cat started to meow.

She did this all night long. Woke me up three-four different times. Either laying next to me meowing until I pet her or rubing my face with her head and meowing until I pet her. It was like she was going: Okay, you need to wake up and touch me. I need to validate again that you're really here with me. WAKE UP! But I forgive her, it's like revenge for all the time I've shaken her awake to make sure she was still alive when I get into those paranoid states.
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I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. *thunk*

Back from my trip. Bone tired, burnt to a crisp, and so very sore, but I had a great time. Sum 41 wasn't as awesome as I had hoped. Of course... they were later in the day when we were all just about ready to fall over asleep. So instead of standing right up at the front in the crowd we hung back where there were a few seats in the shade - could see the band MUCH better back there anyway - instead of the back of someone's head. But it was so hard to hear them. Even if I knew all the words it was hard to understand what was being sung or said. Ah well, it was still awesome.

I survived the day on nothing but the free Wonka candy they were handing out too. SO MUCH SUGAR. I crashed hard later.

Also got Motion City Soundtrack to sign my warp tour ticket. Casey and Josh were super excited for that. It's one of their favorite bands.

The only real downfall is that we left a little late and missed the first bands that played - one of them being Reel Big Fish. Which Casey and Josh were also really looking forward to seeing them, but as we looked for a parking spot they could hear them playing. Then we ran for the entrance and got there in time to hear at least one and a half of a song.

Either way.... Autumn is here to hang out for a bit as we have some serious catching up to do! Laters people!
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I'm back from NYC and I had a GREAT time~! And everything went pretty smoothly!

It worked out that my aunt Varsi was up visiting from the Buffalo area and was going through Syracuse on her way back the same day I was leaving! So I was able to catch a ride with her and saved my parents a hour long drive down and back trip - not to mention the gas. Except there was a small hitch. Mom misunderstood me somehow the night before when I told her I had printed out two google-map instructions - one for me and one for whoever picked me up on Wen. To LEAVE them in there so they wouldn't lose it until then. (Family of pack rats. Lose something in this house and it's GONE!) Surprised to find she brought it with her when dropping me off with my aunt. Apparently she didn't think I had planned on SHARING the directions with my driver. Derh... moms. She was also freaking out that my aunt's truck would break down on the through way. But that's my mom, always over protected.

Day one! )
Day 2! )

Day 3! )
Day 4! )
Home coming! )
And now I think this entry is LONG enough. I'm going to end it here and seeing as it's now been five days since the new Trigun movie Badland Rumble came out I'm going to see if I can find any fan subs of it anywhere~! Er... and think about my brithday too I guess. I can't believe it's only two days away.

My parents keep asking me what I want to do, but I don't know. I don't have any friends in the areas here. Usually I like to go out with a group of friends on my brithday sooooo I'm at a loss. It's been suggested that we should go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street for my brithday but... it's not Robert England as Freddy! I love Freddy but the traliers are such a let down. I really don't think they could do a decent Freddy movie withour Robert England! The make-up isn't impressive, they totally flubbed up a classic Freddy line of: No, THIS is God! in it. And just... blah. Remakes. So sick of them.


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