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So the last couple weeks I've been in a bit of a panic. My unemployment had run out and I kept getting delayed answers if I qualified for the new extension Obama just okayed. Holidays and what not. Then I checked my information again today and finally, FINALLY it was shown as going through. Then right in the middle of my happy shouting and attempt to text mom at work to let her know I could pay my own rent this month I got a phone call.

It was a job interview for Payless shoes who I just sent in my application in yesterday. Really? After all the past job applications I put in the last few months with NO response suddenly I get a 24 hour turn around?

I'm speechless and not sure how to feel right now. A job. A job will help me not feel like a bum. But I JUST got this unemployment back. So all that stress and worry thinking I wasn't going to get it back was all pointless now? If I get a job that's more than on-call I'll be losing that. But then again, I so would rather work for my money. It's just UGH! All that heartache!? Really?

Then the job is also not at the location I requested. Not the one that's a nice 30minute ride away. No, it's one that is going to be close to an hour to get there. Ugh. Annoying.

But the thing that hurts most of all is now I have to rush back to NYC. Dad is upset, he was hoping I'd be staying a few more weeks. I was hoping to stay a few more weeks. Mom is sad because she was thinking of maybe coming back with me at the end of the month to visit me for a few days. Now I have to ride the bus back on my own instead of with Autumn. I'm also going to miss my dad's side of the family Christmas party that was going to be this weekend.

But, it's a job. I just can't turn a blind eye on the opportunity. As much as it sucks that my vacation has been cut short I'm sure if I like the job in a few weeks I'll be happy I took this chance.

I just... have no idea how I should feel right now. One moment I'm bouncing around super excited at possibly having work again, the next I want to sit in a corner and cancel the interview so I can stay with my family a little longer.
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Yeah, decided I'm really just not going to be getting any apps done today. Shocked myself into sleeping past 12:30pm today and today just feels like a wasted day. SO besides cleaning the bathroom and kitchen let's do something I've been wanting to do lately! UPDATED THIS SUCKER!

So went home last weekend and it was fun. It was the start of Pirate's Week in A-Bay. Where the town hires actors to come to the town to walk around acting like priates. There's Jolly Rogers all over the place and many people dress like pirates. There's games and activities for the kids and mostly for adults? |D It's an excuse to get drunk pretty much every night. Autumn and I went out to browse the shops and just enjoy the atompshere. It was a lot of fun.

I went looking for fun pirate gear because you never know what you might want to dress up for for Halloween! My goal was to buy a cheat pirate hat if I could find one for under ten dollars. We ended up finding this place that had a huge selection of funny and silly hats. I was tempted to buy one of a McCaw because it was so stupid looking and kept making me giggle, but settled for a tiny top hat. Autumn and I both got one. OH! Maybe if I get a suit and an aphfro I could be Brook for Halloween *starts peeling skin off*

Shopping trip! )

That was about the extent of my trip home last week. I spent a lot of time just hanging out with people, laying in the sun, and walking around. It was nice and peaceful. :) Perfect summer day!
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Just got back from camping today. Will be headed back to the apartment tomorrow. Stealing mom's computer for now! ----- Or more like a couple days ago. Half of this was written when I first got home... then LJ ate it and I JUST recovered it from Vash's journal when I went to make a post. Weird... but I can finish now! ----  I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. Came home with just one scrap, a mild sunburn, and oh.... about 40 fish. Nummies~~

Well, also caught a head cold, but I had that before we left for camping. So let me start at the beginning.

The camping trip )


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So another four day weekend for me! Mom thought about coming up here, but we decided quiet literally last minute that I'll go home instead and we'll all go camping.

8D YAY! Camping!

I'm heading straight to the bus stop after work tomorrow! We go out camping Thr and return evening Sat! I leave back for NYC POSSIBLY on Sunday. I say POSSIBLY because I've gotten the last two Fridays off. There's a VERY small chance I'll get an early in the week day off... possibly monday? If I do I'll be postponing going back one more day. BUT! I won't know that until they email me my schedaul next week.

I'm also not bringing my computer. What little internet access I do have will be coming from family memebers so I won't be around much.

I must also admit that I'm a little terrified at the thought of going home knowing there is now no cat or dog awaiting there for me. I'm scared to face the truth. I know I'm not going to be able to stop looking at the spots Buttons always slept, just like I haven't stopped looking in the yard for Egor when I pull into that driveway. Knowing she'd always be there, only getting up because I was home and yay! It meant belly rub time!

I'm glad we're going camping as I'm sure for the first night home I'm going to be spending a lot of time listening to that oh so soft half purr meow Buttons did when she was wondering if I was awake at night. The way she crept around the bed until finally laying on my shoulder or next to my head.

Then of course, hearing how dad literally jumped off the couch in joy and tickled my mom's cheeks when he heard the news that his daughter was coming home to see him. That specail kind of tickling he only really does when he's so happy he just can't contain himself. That will make it all worth it. Poor guy. At first mom talked like she was going alone to visit me in NYC and he was all: oh... :( have fun.... until she made the side comment that we decided it'd just be better if I came home nad he was all 8DDDD YAYZ!

And now... time for bed. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!


Jun. 1st, 2011 08:50 am
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I'm back safe, burtually tired, but safe! It was bitter sweet to go home after all this time, but more on that when I'm not running late for work.
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With work at my new internship being slow as we're waiting for a group to come back from a shoot and we interns are aparently awesome and got everything caught up, our boss decided that I didn't need to come in until Wenesday. To enjoy a long weekend instead of coming in and doing pidly work for an hour or two and going home. I was totally cool with that. I pictured all the stuff I could get done! Finish getting all the last few posters in my room up, catch up on sleep, finally put together and play with the Trigun figures I got, laundry, look for work, catch up on sleep, make that long LJ entry I've been dying to make, it was my turn to clean the bathroom this weekend, church, maybe help Grace clean up her apartment, and catch up on sleep.

Until I texted mom joking how we were just talking about how I should find out if I have a long weekend coming up so she could come down to visit and it turned out to be the very next day. Darn she texted back. She had to work!

I even got out of work early today being that there was so little to do. I sat for a moment thinking over if I should do laundry or wait one more day. It was so hot the idea of just laying down and getting a jump start on that extra sleep thing felt SO tempting. Then I decided - no, might as well get it all done. So I went and did laundry.

Which was good just as I was setting down my new large bag of clothes mom was texting me.

"Hey, why don't you come home for your long weekend? I'll pay for you to come up! You can see Buttons!"

...why didn't I think of this?

SO YES! Now currently running around trying to get ready. Rushed out to the store to buy more TP for the apartment as it was my turn and got down on my hands and needs and just scrubed the bathroom like crazy. It was funny to me thinking about how slow and easy I was going to take getting all these chores done, now I was speeding through trying to get them ALL done in just a couple hours. So glad I did my laundry!

But yes, bathroom is clean, laundry is done, Grace never got back to any of my messages about if she needed help or not so I'm assuming she doesn't, I got one of my posters up, I'm going to church with dad and Casey tomorrow, and so now, in about six hours I'll be waking up to run and catch a bus home!

I've decided to not bring my computer. I'll be gone for four days and I'll just see how grabby I can be with my mom's and sister's computers. It will make it easier than trying to lug it around.

So I'm running away again! Take care everyone! Talk to you more hopefully in a couple days!
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Leaving tomorrow at 5:30am to go catch the bus to Syracuse. From there I'm meeting my folks in Buffalo to see my sister graduate on Saturday! Then I'll be spending all of Sunday traveling again.

So no internet for the weekend. Take care all!

Off I go!

Jun. 1st, 2010 10:10 am
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So last night I thought I'd just chill and enjoy watching the shenianigians caused by Vash's nerf gun war over the next two days I have off from work. Make a run up to the city at one point to cash a check or two, pick up the dog's medicine refill, and other such things. Oh, and more cleaning. I'm chipping away at my life of hording and I don't want to stop the chipping now!

So when Casey asked if I wanted to play some video games last night I didn't think our marathoon of Monopoly, Super Smash Brothers, and then finally end with Sonic Shuffle would end with me agreeing to go to Buffalo for two days with her. (Holy crap. I played four different game systems last night if I count the fact that I was playing Crisis core on my PSP first. Went from PSP -- SEGA Genesis -- Wii -- SEGA Dreamcast. Go me.)

Basically she's going down to get her key for her new apartment. She's also going to take a few things there to drop off. But - ugh, four hour car ride. We're going to spend the night there and come back the next day. And I'm just going for company and that I have nothing better to do. Funny how the world works something! *gets packing*
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So I made it safe and sound... for the last time.

Wow. Such a weird sound. I can't believe the next time I go home I'll never see this school again.

But either way. I may be here, but my sanity is still missing. Time to try to get all my projects done. So I'll probably be MIA for at least this week if not next as well.


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