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So last night I must have had ninja turtles on the brain or something. The only time I vaugly remember thinking of them lately though is whenever one of them posts in luceti and where to put my figurines in my new room. Part of me thinks this cool window sill I have, but I worry about them fading.

The Trigun/TMNT dream )
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So, yes, been having major mood swings lately. Ranging from over hyper I PACK EEEEEEEVERYTHING! To clinging to my pets and sobbing into them as I tell them how sorry I am for leaving them.

But I wanted to post something not about my move when I remembered I had been trying to get my TMNT AMVs in a place where people can watch them online again. So I uploaded them all to my metacafe site. For some reason... only one of them uploaded correctly. I'll have to try the other one later, but for now, back to the internet since Youtube killed my site: Glaxay Defender!

NOTE: OH! I almost forgot. Actually The Turtle Dip and Ring the Bells are up too. They've been there for a bit, I've been trying to get the ones that I haven't already uploaded up.
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So... the past couple weeks I've watched a couple movies while at work. The first was Georgia Rule. Then two days later... it was on HBO. Then I started just randomly grabing movies on my way out to go to work. As night shift you're stuck in the toll so you're allowed to watch movies.

The first I grabbed was Crazy in Alabama. And lo and behold. A couple days later it was on HBO. Then I grabbed the first TMNT movie. And I just started flipping channels when what do I find on TV?

The orginal TMNT movie. *blinks*

Weird. I guess next will be Ghostbusters. Then Ghostbusters 2. Then finally Click. Heh.
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 So work was... intersting. XD We watched movies. Well we did do work, but not as much as we could. We watched this one movie with Amanda Bynes. Something about a college and I think her name character's last name was White or something. But, it was her typical: Be proud of who you are movies. Which is a good moral to teach kids, this time it was being proud that you're a dork.

What was amusing is that I got nearly every dorkish joke in it. Like the one about Battlestar. But the first thing I saw was when Amanda opened a suitcase she had Usagi Yojimbo comics. XD XD XD Yeah. I'm a dork.
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Been really busy lately. Seems all I do these days is homework.

But yesterday was semi-exciting. First off got a call from potentail roommate to let me know that we can't get into the Townhouse as she isn't sure she's going to be around a full year next year and to live in a Townhouse you must have a roommate and stay for the full year. She's 90% sure she'll get into the school's Master's program - but you never know...

But that's all cool with me. Seeing as the appartments are nearly 200 dollars cheaper a month to live in. Sure they're a lot smaller than the Townhouses as well, but I've lived with someone in a room about the size of a large bedroom. I think I'll survive having my own room and sharhing a living room, bathroom, and kitchen area. XD

And I'm getting more excited about the idea of living with Debra as she seems so much fun. As she called again tonight as we're trying to get to know each other a bit. And this is how our conversation went...

Zig-zag: I have to warn you. I'm a geek. Like a big one. I have TMNT toys in my dorm right now.
Debra: OMG!! Really?! You're going to fit in with my friends so well.
Debra: What surprised?
ZZ: O_O This isn't excatly the response I tend to get when I tell people I'm a geek who plays WoW
Debra: OMG!! You play WoW!!! I love WoW!

Hehe so yeah. Really not seeing any problems living with her. XD And it makes me have a brighter look at the future. As most of my friends here are leaving so when I come back next year I figured I'd be totally alone. With just the depressing: Get up, go to the one class I have, go to work rut setting in quickly. But Debra is planning on adopting me into her group of friends as she refuses to let me be on my own. Which makes me go: SQUEE! JOY! GLEEE! On the inside. XD Hehe, I don't need to sound too needy now do I!?


So that was my excitement for the night.
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So last night I kept waking up randomly through the night. So I had quiet a few dreams, but only two really worth mentioning.


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