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Got back safe. Want to make a post about my trip but, ugh... haven't gotten enough sleep since Thr. going to bed instead. *thunk*
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I. Am. Exhausted.

As bad as things will be after the camping trip I'm really looking forward to the sitting around and doing nothing. I'm going to do my damnest to not think about the issue with the dog and my unemployment problems while out there. My body is sore and my brain only seems to be working half the time right now.

And usually - this would be the start of my days off. Except I'm working the next two days because I need to take Saturday and Sunday off for the wedding - which sucks because I won't get holiday pay for working Labor Day by not working the day before, but... oh well. I decided I'd still work that last day to give Cory a hand and to get at least 8 more hours of pay. Who knows? Maybe they'll screw up and give me holiday pay anyway.

God I hate being this tired right now. It makes my spelling worse and I tend to stutter. The suttering and lisping is the worse. It's so frustrating trying to get the word I mean out more so when I do it in front of my boss, but at least I know this is mostly from me being so worn out. I'm sure I'll be able to talk longer than a minute without tripping over myself when I get a good night's rest.

Speaking of a good night's rest. I wish I could figure out why I've been having trouble sleeping. If I'm napping I'm asleep once I hit the pillow and it's a struggle to get up after an hour or two. But sleeping at night recently it takes forever and I don't usually sleep all night long. I wake up after a couple hours several times. I also have been having trouble with dreams mixing with reality - which is hard to tell if I'm dreaming or sleeping. Or well, half the time I'm dreaming, but think I'm awake - which usually when I wake up leaves me feeling even more tired. So, we shall see.
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Blah, haven't been sleeping well and topped that off with a job that requires me to be rather phyical... I'm still too tired to do more than post the song meme. Mehhhhhhhhh, probably more tomorrow. Maybe... I dunno. *thunk*

Day 01 - Your favorite song
Day 02 - Your least favorite song
Day 03 - A song that makes you happy
Day 04 - A song that makes you sad
Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone
Day 06 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere
Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

I will never forget the day when I had my car stuffed with my APO friends and Josh in the front went through my CD collection went: Awesome! You love Meatloaf! That was also when I learned at every APO function they play Paradise by the Dashboard Light. They even had a dance for it. And seeing as we were headed to a regional gathering we played the HECK out of the song. It's a day I tresure so much. Who knew driving for four hours could be so much fun?

I miss Meatloaf. No one makes epic songs like him anymore. They weren't songs... they were novels of EPICNESS!

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I'm so tired now I can feel sleep creepying up everytime I blink my eyes. And it seems that each blink is getting longer and longer. This morning sucked so hard. I know I got sleep, but how much I'm not sure. It wasn't the amount my body wanted that's for sure. I kept waking up all night long feeling anixious for no real reason. I have nothing I'm feeling overly anixious about. I wasn't dreading work. I just felt all jittery and jumpy.

Then my pets woke me up at 5:20am. Fourty minutes before my first alarm would have gone off. Got up and let the dog out to go to the bathroom and fed the cat. Who had knocked my glasses off the night stand while waiting for me to return. After finally locating them because I can never feel at ease when I don't know where my glasses are it was 5:30. I debated going back to bed, but knew by the time I got settled in and finally fell asleep it probably wouldn't be worth it. So I got my cat a second helping instead.

Regretted that decision. Because I started to feel sick not too long after and I was sure it was from being over tired. Ended up being sick. Well - kinda sick. As I had nothing to offer up from my stomach. But it reminded me how much I do like this job I have and the person I work with. As normally throwing up is when I throw in the towel and call in sick to work, but I really didn't want to to that. I knew the sickness would pass and I didn't want to leave Sarah all alone at the park.

I'm glad I went in the end. After a bit of toast and apple juice I felt a bit better and managed to get my ass to work. It was a fairly easy day as it was kinda cold out. Didn't even reach 60F (15C) and Sarah and I spent most of the day just trying to stay warm as it was also raining lightly out. So we worked a bit on the waterfront - cleaning up garabage and cleaning out the few firepits we had. Sarah had a surprised though. Some of the trash people left on their site was a Catholic newspaper. As we were thumbing through it making jokes she suddenly spotted a picture of her friend. Then when there was a bit of a break in the weather we pushed mowed three campsites before the rain came back. The grass was already wet, heavy, and way too long so we gave up on mowing and raked up the mess of grass.

The very last thing we did was spilt up. I cleaned bathrooms and she did some qucik weedeating on an incoming site. A fairly easy day and tomorrow it's suppose to rain again and as we're pretty much caught up on everything except mowing... it will probably be a slow day again.

Oh, we also fixed the seat on the gator during a down pour. It wasn't attached to anything so we found some screws and managed to fix it. Too bad it then got a flat tire. Opps.

Well, that entry ate up some time before bed. Let's see if I can focus on that AMV a bit more without passing out again.
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Ugh. I'm so tired right now it's only 8pm and I'm seriously thinking of just going to bed for the night - even though that means I'd probably be up and wide away by 5am.

Part of the problem was I slept like crap for some reason last night. I do believe I managed to bore myself awake last night with my dreams. Because one dream I was standing there going: SOMETHING happen! This is dull... and woke up. There was even one where I was throwing myself at dangerous and stupid stuff to try to get things to happen that lead to nothing. The dream that came closest to something intersting happening was one where I was on a huge ass tour bus with my mom and sister and apparently we were in Australia and I was upset that I didn't think to bring the maps I had kept as a keepsake or even the extra cash I had. Which then lead to us getting kicked off the bus lost and then... I dunno, we got wrapped up in some murder plot where people were trying to kill us for some reason but that ended up piddling out to nothing.

But I was up pretty much every hour last night. For some reason I've also been waking up wide awake just after 6am everday. Yes brain, I know it's cool that it's daylight now at that time, but when I go to bed at 4am I'd like to sleep a bit longer. After feeding the cat I eventually went back to bed but uh... annoying.

I felt like I could fall asleep on my feet at work and now that I'm home it's all I can do to keep from passing out. I've had Vegas open staring at all the little cuts in the video and just... staring. I can't get my brain to fuction. So I thought I'd play some SIMs and see how long it takes him to set the house on fire again. But... I'd have to get up to get the disk and my legs are just so dead...

Why must my bed look so comfy?
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When LJ sends me a message for constantly hitting refresh on my RP's friends page like it will magically make something happen that basically says:

Whoa - calm the fuck down girl. Take a damn breath, try again in a few minutes or we'll think you're a bot.

Yeah. As glorious as that 40minute nap felt after work I really should have known better. Able to stay up late or not due to lack of work tomorrow should not have mattered. I knew I'd be bored and it is totally pointless for me to be up this late.

Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutumn. That's the trick to keep me up late talking at night! Make me take a nap sometime after 4pm. I'll stay up all night long spouting all kinds of BS. I don't even remember.

Huh.... maybe this isn't bored. Maybe it's that kind of insanity you get when you're overtired and don't realize it.

*ahhhhhhhhh! Angelic choir!*

Well, fuck body! At least make me feel a LITTLE sleepy before jumping right to the over tired batshit insane mode.

Holy fucking hell batman. I swear a shit ton more when tired or bored. I don't even fucking know anymore except my cat just clawed me in the eye. Yeah. Okay - shut up. Feed the cat. Go to sleep. Yeah. Okay. ....BYE!

-_- I bet I get called in to work tomorrow for this.


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