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I honestly think I had probably the best interview of my life yesterday. Just too bad it was for a Macy's sales associate job and not something cool. For once I didn't have long awkward pauses as I tried to get my mouth to say what the messages my brain was trying to send without getting things mixed up in between. I said what I meant and what I wanted with only one point where I started to stutter, but even that I managed to come back quickly from. I actually sounded confidant. I was ready. I had the best answers.

No, really. The woman actually told me I gave her the best definition of teamwork she's ever heard.

Some of the confidence I think came from the fact that right before the interview I was trying to give a girl who was beyond nervous a pep talk. Reminding her that these types of jobs are always opening up. If we don't get it, it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean we're bad, it's just bad luck and we'll ALWAYS have a chance to try again. So I walked in with this thought more fresh in my mind than it has been in awhile.

I also, sadly, don't really care about this job. I WANT a job. I want to make money. I want to be secure in my finances, but for Macy's? Meh, I could go anywhere and not be in love with my job at this point. I have the start to my dream job already, it just doesn't pay. Anything else is just second rate.

So I walked in there with the mindset of being 100% of having nothing to lose and everything to gain. So what did it matter if I fucked up? And I didn't. I was a little nervous at first just because how bored and busy the woman looked at the start. Like she really should be working on other things, but the way her eyes kept lighting up at the answers to her questions she gave me. The way she began to smile and nod as I was speaking. I just know I nailed it.

Not to mention the part where she nearly begged me to keep in contact and she'd DEFINITALLY be thinking of me when a position opened up.

Yeahhhhhhhhh, that kinda sucked a little. Realizing that there isn't actually a position opened just yet, but if it's like any other retail job I've had/heard about. That will change sooner rather than later.

I'm so glad it went so fricken well, as the time before that kinda sucked. Had to go out early to Staples to get a copy of my resume printed. Sometimes they ask you for a copy at these things. (She didn't, but I feel so much better knowing I had it.) Then I went from Staples to Macy's because I knew I had no time to do things at home. But I still was about 35mins early. So I went and got a sunday at McDonalds. Ugh, hate that they're not 1.00 in NYC. Ate that and it helped with how hot I was feeling. Yucky, muggy and hot weather that day. Went to the interview place to be told the woman had left for a meeting. Could I be back in an hour.

Ugh. It takes around 25 mins to get from Macy's to my place. So again, no time to go home and chill. So instead I took a quick trip out to the Salvation army. Annoyed that it looks like they don't have a plus section. So I'll have to go through all the clothes now. Also they didn't have a printer for me to buy. Although they had a complete collection of the TMNT DVD movies for sale. WAAAANT! But that whole - no job, feel bad about spending money on things that are not food/rent. Plus I already have the first movie and new one on DVD. So that was like an extra 8 bucks I would have been throwing away. But still... I love my VHS tapes of them all, BUT I NEED DVDS COPIES NOW!

Didn't have long to look really. As it took a lot of time to get to the Salvation Army. Will have to double check that lack of plus section again sometime. Either way, I had to run back to Macy's, just to sit around until about 4:20 until I finally got to see someone. But meh, for the best interview of my life? Totally worth the wait.
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Today was the aniversery sale at the Salvation Army. Everything in the store was 50% off and in the morning it was a mad house. I was lucky to get a parking spot as people were being nuts and just parking anywhere. At first I had a nice job - showing people things inside the displaycase. All I had to do was stand there and chat and look friendly really. Then my manager ask me to do that and when I didn't have anyone there to clear off the fitting room rack. That's cool - I could do that, accept then suddenly I saw they put another employee there and that they just had to do the counter. They could stand around doing nothing while waiting for people to show up. I had to admit I was very jelous - but granted it was an older employee who was only just hired. She wouldn't really know how to put the clothes away well so I guess it makes since but still - I wanted the easy job.

Because today was an eight hour day of cleaning up the store. So. Very. Boring. I had one lady stop me all upset because she had lost her keys. She set them down on one of the couches for sale and had walked off for just a second. My inital thought was: WHY YOU FOOL!? Do you SEE the mobhouse this is?! Luckily someone had turned them in thinking someone had lost them and I was able to return them. But later that same lady stopped me with an arm load of clothes asking if I could watch her cart for her while she ran out to her car for a bit. WTF - do you see the five pounds of clothes in my hands? I told her sorry but no.

A lot of people asked me why we were so busy. Just ignore the 125378579245 fliers all over the store. Lots of people were upset at me that I had no shopping cart for them. They had trouble believing that they were all being used

Although I think it was worse when it calmed down. As then I didn't even have customers to bother me from the idle dullness of picking up the same pair of pants over and over and re-hanging them in the proper section of the store. Longest ass day of my life. I did anything I could to get to be a bagger. As the day went fast as you were alway moving and you got to chit-chat a bit with the chasier and customers. Those times were few and far between. Even clearing off the fitting room rack was something to look foward to. Which I usually hate.

Although during a trip to take something outback I saw they were getting ready to put out some SIMs 2 expansion packs. One was Night Life which I don't have yet. They grined and were awesome and made sure it was the last thing they put out - so it would spend less time on the floor and less likey to get bought before I could grab it.

Mom even ended up showing up to shop a bit and I had her grab it for me. So I have shiney new expansion now! I was so very glad to finally get out of the store and home. My feet are aching, my head has a steady pound, and I'm past tired. So I think I'll check out the expansion pack a bit (because I'm sure the Vash SIM will enjoy it - shutdup, like you never made SIMS of you favorite TV shows), watch FMA: Brotherhood, then get some sleep. Mmhmmm. Sleep.

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Walked into work this morning and the person I walked by and said hello to?

Coworker 1: "Oh thank god you're back!"
Coworker 2: "ZZ's back!?"
Coworker 3: "Am I glad to see you!"

It's nice to feel needed. XD It's the first job I've had where I know people appericate the work I do and realize just how much I actually put into doing a good job. It's the first thing I think I've ever been able to say: Yeah, I'm damn good at it.

...just WHY did it have to be for something so menial and dumb? Why couldn't I be awesome at my AMVs or fanfic writing!? No, I'm not saying I'm BAD at those, but I've never been able to go: Heck yeah. I rock. With them. I'm always just: average. Sometimes above average. Why can't I be that good at stuff I actually like doing and try really, REALLY hard to be good at? No. My peek talent is putting clothes in color order and sleeve length really, really fast.

And it's because of it being SO menial and dumb that I hate my job. Hate, hate, hate it. It's bad that the first thing I thought of when I was waiting for my bus in NYC was: ;_; Oh noes! I have to go back to work in five days!! *wibble* And thought about it at least TWICE everyday after that. It's not a BAD job. It's not a HARD job. It's just a really dull job.

Really, my summer job can't come fast enough. I have ten times more fun there and you never REALLY know what you're going to get either. One day might be weedwacking all day, the next sparying a wasp nest then running for bloody hell, or chasing a fox around with the gator because a camper was dumb and left food out all night long. Or you know... last year where we got to kick all the campers out of the park when a windstorm took out two trees and there were live power lines down. That was an intersting day.

But yeah - wistful daydreams pushed aside. I also understood why they were so happy to see me back. There should NOT have been that much work for me to do coming in today. The work that had piled up in ONE DAY - my USUAL day off was ridiculus. As every Saturday we have to clear every rack and have all day to do it - means for this week I was missing for one day and everything was a mess.

The new girl had run a rack that hadn't been priced. We don't know WHY she took it out of the other pile but she did and I kept having to yank out unpriced items from the sheleves. I managed to get a LITTLE caught up between keeping up with the usual work I have to do. I'm really worried about the new girl. Really two rack runners should be able to handle one day without getting so far behind... but she can't seem to get that it goes by color and sleeve length and I've run out of different ways to explain it to her. I really don't want to see anyone get fired, but at this point I'm not sure how much longer she'll last.

But yeah... if they couldn't handle one day without work getting backed up like crazy I wonder how last week went...
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So yes, I've gotten myself sick again. The last couple days I've spent in bed with just a head cold this time. Sore throat, runny nose, and cough. That's all, and I'm actually recovering slightly faster than I usually do with those things.

BUT! It's given me the perfect excuse to hide in my room and watch Mushishi. I'm really enjoying it and still kicking myself for not watching it earlier. As it is one of those animes I've kinda had my eye on.

And today brings an end to the hardest day of work before my vacations. Wenesdays are always a bitch at work. Three more days and then I can escape for a week. It will be so sweet. I already felt myself bubbling with glee when I saw the big VACATION letters spread out on my schedaul for next week. Vaaaaaaaaaaaaacation~! My very first PAID Vaaaaaacation~! Here I come~!

OH! Autumn if I forget to talk to you next time you're online - will I need to bring extra blanket/pillow? I'm trying to figure out if I can just shove everything into a backpack or if I should actually plan on a suitcase type thing.
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So last Wenesday I got offered forty hour next week for work. While I don't really LIKE to work my heart sang for the extra money. Skipped out of work and saw my mom shopping. (she does that sometimes because I get a killer discount but have to be the one to buy it. Basically $4 item on 50% off day = $2 then you take my 50% employee discount from that to = $1. Yeah pretty fucking sweet.) So I skipped up and went: I get 40 hours next week! BUW HA HA HA! To which she winces. And when I ask her what's wrong - what does she say?

"Next week? The week Autumn and Casey will be home?"

...well fuck me. Of COURSE I get offered 40 hours when my one friend around these parts comes home on break and my sister too. I wish I had thought of that before I accepted.

HOWEVER! Autumn! Grab me sometime when I'm online because I've had horrible memory lately. Because ALSO on that wenesday I got to pick out my very first ever week long paid vacation from work. I will have April 25- May 2 off from work. So it'd be a great time for me to come visit you in NYC!!! But I also know that it's cutting close to finals so I want to know what your class times look like and such. Also - I should try to be home by the 1st. Seeing as it will be the first time I'll be home in fives years for my birthday I'm sure my parents would like to have me around. Not to mention I'm not sure if I'll ever make it home for my birthday again. We'll have to TALLLLLLLLLK. And have you heard anything from the parks at all? I know they still have like two months to hire us back and tend to wait until the last minute but I'm starting to get antsy anyway. I want that job back. Now.


PFFFFFFFFFFT they've finally started to put things out I actually like/want. Like there was a pair of brand new Mario-Nintendo PJ pants I wanted to get - but no, they sold before I got off work. Two pair of jeans I think will look awesome on me and might fit - but I'm holding off on those. Also holding off on an awesome Ghostbuster T-Shirt because like I really need more guy T-shirts. Hoping they'll still be there in a week as I don't get my epic discount until after a week that they've been on the floor. Then I'll try them on. But the biggest tease that just came out?

Two Sais. And they're only twenty bucks. I don't have any Sai yet in my weapons collection. Uggggh. I might have drooled a bit when I saw them. Someone got rid of their own collection it seems because there were many nice daggers and a katana in there too. The daggers are forty each - a little out of my league but daaaaaaaaaamn. The katana sold before I got a good look at the price. I want those sai. Monday they'd cost me a measly ten bucks. Want. Want. WANT.

But I don't think I'll get them. I'm trying to downsize my personal items in my life right now. I doubt my shiney collection will be able to ship to Australia very nicely so I should probably start selling it off. As much as I'd hate to. Autumn you'd get first dibs. ...but not my red Katana. Yeah... no. I can't part with that. And maybe I'll keep the bo staff Master Groff gave me. I dunno, I really probbaly shouldn't hang onto it just because he gave it to me, but damn - I miss his Taekwondo classes so much. I dunno a lot to think about.

The daggers were selling fast today. Only a couple left. The sai were still there when I left but I have a feeling that temptation won't be there tomorrow. But damn it. If the people are Watertown are such fools and they're still there four Monday's from now when green tagged items go on sale for 50% off fuck yeah I'm getting them. Willpower be damned. I'm getting me some Sai if they're there for five bucks.

Random note: I ended up buying the 10 Years album. Decided it's the album I've been wanting the longest and the one I kept thinking about go with that. Yeah, of course when I got there they don't have it in stores. But while I was looking I was able to help a women who couldn't figure out how to use the computers to search for a book. Her book wasn't in stores either, but she was really excited for my help as I gave her directions to Target because she's new to the area and didn't know where it was. "You're so nice! And you don't even work here!" She made me grin. I do really like helping people when they actually appericate it I have to admit.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I go answer tags now. I felt so good last night thinking my inbox was empty. Too bad it was a lie and the notifcations were down. Damn it Vash - stop tagging everything. Just because people keep dying is no reason to get so talkative. Shut. Up.
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I wish I could figure out what's up with these random bouts of major anxity I've been getting now and then.

Today at work I got to pick out my week of paid vaction. Wow - first job that I've actually had long enough to get that in. All the other I usually had to quit to go back to school or something before I could get vacation or were under the table sort of things.

So why then - when I felt like I was being clever picking a week early enough that I'll get it even if I get offered to work back at the parks again this summer and happy I now know for sure I'm getting my birthday off that it made me feel really anixious to the point of feeling ill?

Yeah, not cool.

I think I know where PART of it steamed from. My horrible insecurity that I don't do anything right. Like how I almost picked a different week and then was told which paperwork to fill out and to leave it on my boss's desk when I was done. Except when I was done my boss was in a meeting with her boss and I'm not suppose to go in when the door is shut unless it's something important. This didn't seem important, but it would only take two seconds, but I'd still be inturpting. My boss told me to put it on her desk - but that was before her boss had shown up and... I ended up just leaving it on the table outside and planned to put it in later when they were done.

I'm 90% sure where the resulting nervous attack came from. Why am I such a fail? It's not THAT big of a deal and yet there I was freaking out over it. I really wish I knew what happened to the confindince I had as a kid. I was oozing it before. Now I have none.

I do hope I get my summer job at the State Park back. I'm not as sure as I was the past couple years I worked there. I mean... they've already closed so many parks due to our cut budget. My park somehow managed to survive the cut - but will they cut anyone who works there? I mean we only had three people last summer working there and it was hell trying to keep the park upkeep done the way they wanted it. It's really more of a five-six person park. Burnham Point may only have 50 campsites but damn that's still 50 firepits that have to be cleaned, 50 campsites that need mowing and weedeating - along with the random feilds, the stupid playground needs weeding, not to mention two bathrooms that need cleaning three times a day. Or... and let's not forget just the silly things campers ask for. It's my favorite job I've had so far, but damn... I really don't know if we can do it if we lose anymore people.

Anyway, I'm just rambling I guess because I'm bored and not sure what to do with myself I guess. I know things I should be doing but ughhhh... where are you motivation? I actually got a bit done on the AMV - come back! I need to finish that thing! I know Advent Childern kills Vegas but come baaaaaaaaaaaaack! I have a book to read during the crashes!
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More stupid people at work today. So as stated - I work at the Salvation Army which is a thrift store. We sell things that people donate.

Recently donated? Some antique coins I guess. Now. We have signs plasted all over the stores saying: We cannot garentee the authis... er... truth? I can never spell authetsicyahgelahgeahga WHATEVER. *kicks word and is too lazy for a spell check* Either way - can't prove they're real. And we also have signs ALL over saying: All sales final. No refunds or exchanged.

So yeah - some guy bought the coins then came back saying they were counterfit. He demanded his money back. Our manager explained our store policy, pointed at one of the signs, and then... he said he was calling the cops. That we were breaking the law by refusing to give him his money back. So we all just went about our jobs waiting for the police to show - calling him a moron in the backroom. Dude hung out in the store for around two hours then left. Cops never showed. Probably too busy laughing at him.

Oh people at work - you make my day go by just a little faster.

In other news I do believe I am coming down with a cold. Today I suddenly got really dizzy at work. Where even the simplest movements made me feel like I was going to be sick from the way the world spun. And now my nose is all stuffed up. It would also explain why I've been so utterly wiped out the past few days. It seems like I just can't get enough sleep. Hopefully if I am it will pass soon.
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So you'd think working at the Salvation Army would be dull. With the exception of someone every so often trying to get an even better deal on an already cheap as dirt item. Or the people who every so often ask when a certain item will be in. Thrift Store people. Thriiiiiiiiiiiift Store. Donations. Not shipments.

But before I go into the meat of what this post is suppose to be about: FUCK YEAH! I finally got some reconition from my boss. Got called into the office and asked to sit down while she shut the door. Part of me was all: Well fuck... what the hell did I do? I can't believe I did something wrong. Did I fuck up the paperwork? Like signed out wrong the past few days or something insane? Honestly I wasn't TOO worried becaues I know I couldn't have done something too horrible. Nothing I was worried about getting fired over at least - just something that needed fixing. Or maybe it was the customer who was pissy at me earlier for not giving her a better price on a shirt. But turns out it was all good. My boss sat me down and went over my performance and was stunned by how well I was doing. Typically I get out +300 pieces of clothes and hour when the quota is 255.

About. Damn. Time.

Not that it's getting me anything. No extra hours, no raise, no nothing. But it sure does feel good to know that - yes - it may take them a couple months but they're noticing. Ha... I wonder how they'll take it when I quit in May for a better paying job, closer to home, that's full time. I think I don't have to worry about getting hired back though when that job ends. I'm really not the type to pat myself on the back, but I know I'm one of the best workers they got there. I can do just about any job and have filled in for 90% of the jobs there - have excelled at them - I'm always avaible for I am a money whore and know I only get money if I get hours and I do it all without complaint or much questioning besides the general questions on how to do a job when they first throw me at it. Even my fellow coworkers have mentioned how good it is to have a hard worker who isn't grumpy all the time. XD Winz! It's always nice to be able to be a good worker and not be looked at as a suck up - just a hard and dedicated worker.

Now... onto what this post was suppose to be about... the silly people who shop there.

And people are crazy... )

And those are the specail crazy people I meet at work post for the day~!


Mar. 5th, 2010 11:41 am
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I dun wanna work.

I feel off. Not sick - but not well either. I can't decide excatly what. Did I get too much sleep? I don't think I got too little. I wish I could even just explain how I was feeling so I could put words to it - then maybe I'd at least feel a little better.

I feel a bit ill and light headed when I stand. And I just... don't know. My muscles just feel weird. Like they're too heavy and light at the same time.

Of course I feel like semi-crap on my eight hour day. Not sick enough to want to call in (I basically only call in if I can't sit up without being sick), but blah enough that I so really don't want to go.

At least it will be night - hopefully not too many idiots to deal with.
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So I came so close to wanting to tackle a co-worker today and punching her into pulp.

Lovely huh?

Okay, so I'd never get violent on her, but for some reason today I was having a lot of trouble with ignoring her: POOR ME! WOE IS ME! ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION TO ME YET!? routine today.

Dear Pity Partiers I hate to tell you this? No one gives a shit. We might have given that impression in the beginning but then we learned you are a pity partier and no longer care.

Today I got into work and had the misfortune of getting cornered in the break room by her as I signed in. She wailed and complained to me about how she had to be there allllllll night today. Which in her mind was... 6pm. The store closes at 9 and closing team doesn't get out until about 10 - so that is not all night. Also - as a person who so badly wants to be full time and not part time - complaining about getting extra hours falls dead on my ears. AND THIRD! Because my bosses never FORCE you to take extra hours. If they have it they offer it but it's never mandatory. She could have totally said no if she wanted to. She also didn't have an excuse besides: I have to get back to work when I asked why she didn't.

A small note is that I am a Rack Runner (I run racks of clothes to their proper place) and she is a chasier. While I would never want to be a chasier because they have a lot of other tasks to do as well - I have a quota. I have to get 225 pieces of clothing out on the floor an hour. She does not. And lately she's gotten into this annoying habit to stalk me while I'm trying to hurry clothes out onto the floor to complain more to me. Hello. I've told you at least enough that you REMEMBER I have a quota and can't stop to chat so why do you keep doing it? This - "oh yeah - your quota" thing you do then continue to try to look at the clothes in my hand as I hang them up - not pleased.

But during this she kept complaining to me about how upset she was that she had to work. She was so tired of working. Oh how DULL it all was! Then a few hours later she was on her break and complaining to me about how she hated breaks. She'd MUCH rather stay working the whole time and not take a break. How dare our bosses force her to take a break! Ha. Then of course she then complains that her break is over too quickly.

Ugh. Just UGGGH! Even after all my hints about how I wish I could have the hours she CONTINUED to complain I started to stop respond. And she STILL complained. One day maybe she'l hopefully learn...

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Ah. Retail. Today someone asked me where our plus size clothes where. Of course no one says plus so she asked: Where are the clothes for different women? You know... slightly fuller women?

So I told her it was right after the nightgowns which which started just behind the rack we were standing next to. I even POINTED up and over the rack we were next to in order to point this out even clearer. She thanked me and walked off.

Almost twenty minutes later on the most opposite side of the store you can get she walked up to me and asked: Where are the nightgowns again.

Omg... really lady? You had to walk past them to GET to me. Gahhhhhhhh. So very tired and sore and I hate Wenesdays. Where the store goes 50% off of just about everything. And I'm assuming it's because we're a thrift store but I hate how lazy people are in it. I actually watch someone just drop something on the ground when they decided they didn't want it instead of putting it back on the rack. Really people? Really? You all suck.


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