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Today kinda sucked. Started up early in the morning and I was having this fun dream. Casey and I were running around in this city, dodging government official types because we had discovered some information that would CHANGE THE WORLD! And we had just found some jet packs. Jet. Packs. When I woke myself up. I was trying to go back to sleep, but there was something in my mind telling me I HAD to get up and do something.

That's when I heard the water splashing into my wide open window. Yeah. The gutter is oh-so lovelingly placed right under my window. So even when it rains just a little, the water splashes from that happen to bounce just perfectly to get my window sill and my floor gets soaking wet. So I got up and moved my newly sprouted little flower buds and yanked my screen out so I could slam my window shut before falling back to bed. Disappointed I couldn't managed to get back to the jet packs.

In the morning I woke up and was amused to find my little sprouts had already turned nearly 180 degrees to face the sun better. They're in this little plastic windowsill green house thing with a plastic top. So I took it off to get a closer look at this natural wonder that has always fascinated me. (Even as a little kid I was obsessed with turning plants around to watch them shift towards the sun.) I also wanted to see if they needed any water. After a bit of poking at the soil I decided they were fine and went to put the top back on.

And this is something that I hate about myself and has been bothering me so much. I'm so clumsily. So awkward. even if I try to be as careful as possible. I'm always tripping up or looking foolish. This was one of those times. I don't know how I fucked it up, but the plastic slid a little and I ended up pushing it down slightly on the two sprouts that had peeked through the soil first. It was for less than a second, but the damage is done. They've been crushed. I can see clear bends in their stem. They're so dead. Well, not dead yet, but I don't think they're going to make it. And yes, I've had these tiny little green things for all of five days, but I still feel horribly crushed by this. They were the first ones. The strongest looking ones. They were so fragile and depending on me for life. And I crushed them.

Blah, so that sucked. Then as I was getting ready to go do laundry? OH HI AUNT INVASION. For serious. Why won't they leave me alone? Bastards. I'm not sure how they even got into that bag of peeps. What a waste of peeps.

Parent's anniversary was today. Forgot to send a card, but at least remembered to call. Omg, my dad can talk about nothing FOREVER sometimes. For while there he was just laughing at some birds in the yard telling me over and over that they're trying to eat a worm. The other sucky part is he tends to mumble a lot when talking on a phone so half the time I could hardly hear what he was saying. I'm a little afraid we're going to have nothing to talk about now that Buttons is gone. It's sad, but the most important thing he did was take care of her for me in his retirement. He now officially has no goals now. Except to occasionally drink and gamble. May I never have that.

A Quest for a Roleplay Canon Review Gone Wrong )
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Spent pretty much all day at the computer caching up with the RP-ing that's been neglected nearly all week. This included tags, finishing up my CR requests, and getting my thread log list nearly re-compleated. That and there was this little war going on Vash is involved with and I might have been tagging that like a crazy lady.

So I guess I shouldn't be so surprised that my dream focused around Vash and Bil now should I?

Not all about Vash and Bil, but it gets there )
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Woke up this morning to a strange email. I could not figure it out right way with my brain being so dead and sleepy. At first I thought it was trying to tell me LJ was charging me 16 dollars for some reason. I was all ready to go: GRRR! At the support team when I woke up a bit more and realized what was REALLY happening.

The next time my paid time came up they'd charge me 16 dollars instead of the 20 because someone had given me two months pay time and extended my extra userpics by a month!


It really makes me feel specail when I get something like this. Someone likes my Vash so much they were willing to spend real money on me. Not to mention I had to run out today and spend money to buy a new battery for my car and buy groceries. It's kinda nice knowing someone else is easing my wallet this way!

Just... D'AWWWW! If it was anyone on my F-list I thank, thank, THANK YOU! It really made my day, my week, my month. I haven't had many really good days lately as I've been getting depressed over the fact that I haven't heard anything from any of the applications I send out daily. This really brightened my day. THANK YOU! I hope I continue to do a good job and make whoever out there that wanted to help me happy!

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Yesterday my sister and I did what we do most nights she's home. Fire up the Wii and play some Mario Kart. We love the online battle play. We play it for HOURS, but what I do is answer tags during the times where we're just sitting there waiting for rounds to start. We learned quickly that we both want a little something to do during that bit or we get bored faster.

During one of these times I got a little LJ alert in my inbox letting me know that Vash's paid time is almost up. After the inital - darn. Now I'm going to have to get out my card and finally register it for the auto payments (I am NOT going back to 15 icons - NEVA!) - I realized something and that's just how long I've been RP-ing.

It didn't really hit me for some reason when Vash's 1 year came up in [livejournal.com profile] luceti, but I think that's because it was a little different. It hit me with this payment reminder because it reminded me (not to pay my bill), but all the love I've recieved so far for RP-ing in general. I remember when I first joined how I was going around with 15 icons and being secertly jelous of other people's icon count because I couldn't afford it at the time. (Okay, probably not THAT secert.) So [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi was awesome and bought me a year of paid time. I still really appericate that start KJ! Thank you! Then as I quickly filling those icon spots [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta  was also awesome and bought me some extra icon space! I thank her again for that too! It was awesome having all that extra room!

Then Vash's time was just about up as Nov rolled around. This time I was ready and could afford to pay to continue it, but before my alert even came up I got an annoynomos gift that extended both Vash's icons and journal time for two months. I still can hardly believe it. That someone must like my playing enough to give me money for doing it. I'm still deeply touched by this and just wish I knew who to thank! If you're the one and reading my private journal - thank you so much! That act literally brought tears to my eyes that someone cared enough about what I was doing and must be enjoying it themselves enough to spend money on me. Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!

It's been a great ride and I cannot believe all the friends I've made since being shown the world of LJRP thanks to KJ. I never would have imagined people spending money on me. More so people who don't know me in RL! Even if you haven't spent any money on me or anything - that doesn't matter that much to me. You have no idea the joy you guys bring me by just listening and putting up with me. So - thank-you! Thank-you THANK YOU! For just reading this journal. Caring about my day to day life. Having fun playing with me and just chatting with me. Thank you so-so mcuh. I've NEVER been good about spending money on myself, but I think this time - with the memory of all the nice things people have done for me - I think it will be pretty easy.

Hehe... who knew getting a bill could make me so happy?
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Okay, you've know you've been playing too much LJRP when you DREAM in tags. I.... wish I was joking. Not last night I dreamed I was some dude in a murder plot where I was trying to kill some guy so he wouldn't kill my father the king who was some sort of ruler over a group of people so I attempted to make it look like an accident, but my simple younger brother who couldn't act was giving me away. I was suppose to be kneeling over my sick and dying father praying for his recovery as some sort of aliby and say he had appointed me leader during his last moment of clarity but as I sat there pretending to pray I saw what was going on with my brother in LJRP style tags.

He had an icon of shock and next to that was text (with a voice over of him talking XD) next to it. He said that the guy we had killed had died!
Another guy who had actually sent the assasin had a shocked/angry icon and then said how could that be?
Brother had a look of all and said that I had saved him. That there was a demon four legged creature had take over the guy's soul.
Bad dude and a couple other people had: -_-;;; You're stupid icons.
Brother had a: NO REALLY icon and tried to explain how I had killed the guy to save his life.

I uh... sat in the room and even had an icon of me face palming realizing this wasn't going to work.

I didn't get too much farther into the dream as the dog suddenly started whinning at 7am to be let outside. Considering I had gone to bed at 3:30am - this didn't please me much. More so that she didn't even go outside in the end.

And yesterday. UGheahgiahefe YESTERDAY. What an annoying day. Got out fairly early to pick up the dog's perscription as in the end when I told the vet I had seen the worm they decided I didn't have to bring her in. It cost just over 9 dollars FOR ONE PILL. Well over the phone I had mis-heard them and thought it might have been 40 so really... 8D I'm happy to pay 9 for one and not 40. Then I went to PetCo to pick up some more joint medicine for her. I was shocked to find a bottle of Cosquine for 38 dollars. Wow.... that stuff usually sells for at LEAST 80-90 dollars and I've heard nothing but amazing things about it. Only when I went to check out it rang up at 70 dollars. Um... no. Excuse me. Can't afford that. So I mentioned this to the chasier that it was labled wrong. She went back to look and saw - it was labled wrong. She got a manager to sell it to me at the price it had been labled as. 8D YAY!

Then I went to Wal*Mart. What a stupid move. Going to Wal*Mart at the beginning of a month more so when it's right before Christmas. It was stupidly busy and I couldn't get down hardly any isles. There was a bart purposly running around slamming his cart into people. Screaming childern running amock - which to be honest don't usually bother me that much. They're kids. I remember being so bored when my mom had to take me places. So when they're looking over the boxes or crying a little I don't mind. It's when they're TOTALLY RUNNING AMOCK with no attempt at control from their parents at all that does make me twitch a bit. Then there was a group of like... six or seven kids who were actually VERY WELL BEHAVED. Standing quietly next to their parents. The problem? The parents. The mom was in an electric cart and her husband was standing with a full cart of food by her side - AND NEITHER WOULD MOVE. THey just took up the whole isle AND I KEPT RUNNING INTO THEM.

Yeah - by the end. I was ready to kill someone. At least I got a deal on my dog medicine?
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So there's a love meme going around [livejournal.com profile] luceti  and poor Vash got tagged by Legato and sadly... rolled a five. But yes - Vash has fallen head over heels in love with Legato and... Legato just doesn't get it. So in a chat joking over it with Legato's mun lead to this awesomeness.

Legato-mun: LOL
Legato-mun: a bullet in the brain sometimes puts a damper on relationships, vash
Legato-mun: no one ever told you that?
Me: i'm a vrigin okay, I'm new at this
Legato-mun: lmao
Legato-mun: they should really include that in relationship guides
Me: lol.... wut
Legato-mun: something like
Me: there's relationship guides?!
Legato-mun: a list of tips:
Legato-mun: --make sure to communicate with your prospective lover. listening skills are important.
Legato-mun: --it's the little things that show you care. make an effort.
Me: XD Oh dear god I get it now
Legato-mun: --don't shoot your prospective lover in the head. that will most likely kill them, and they won't like you afterward.
Me: Ofjiahbeahboihargenvagea XD Pfveaobehahgahveavgea
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Guess who has a new icon?

Guess who made this icon for their roleplaying journal?

Guess... who got to use this icon IN CHARACTER on their roleplaying journal?

[livejournal.com profile] luceti , I really do love you sometimes - even if you've totally eaten so much of my free time.
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So I'm just really amused that today I not only got my Crisis Core game in the mail but I also got a nice quick comment on my Unbreakable AMV(spoliers) on AMV.org. Which is weird as my old videos don't usually get comments or when they do they're not typically that great on that site past: It was okay. But no! This one was really nice~!

"Absolutely fantastic editing! Excellent use of the beats in the song... and I love all of the overlays and transitions."

*Glee!* I really do like it when people enjoy my videos. More so when they actually like the ones I put a lot of work and effort into.

I also did a bunch of work today on my room and I'm feeling pretty damn proud by how well it looks. I dunno, just today I didn't let it get me down that even if I get my room spotless that I'd never be able to have anyone over due to the rest of the house being a mess. (House full of horders living here) nor did I let it get me down that even if I clean it because I'm moving out and I know mom's sickness will destory it while I'm going I just... didn't care and got a lot of work done.

I was on a happy - go me high today which sadly got a bit shattered on my walk with my dog. We weren't even twenty minutes into it when she fell and I had to call the walk quits. She couldn't even get up the steps until after a long, long rest. I felt so bad for her, but what can you do? My babies are old. The cat celebrated her 20th birthday this month and the dog is only about 6 years behind that. I'm going to be making a vet appointment for Egor (the dog) as soon as I figure out what my days off are going to be at the park. See if we can get her some joint meds or something. It's hard to believe that just last fall our walks could last two hours easily.

On a crackier note to leave off on. WTF Marriage meme. W.T.F. I'm all for crack but really? Vash is ALL over the place. From being emo with Sanji, to just so much wrongess and crack my brain broke with China, to epic cuteness when he found a loop hole with chibi!Katara, and I don't want to even know what's going on with Hughes and Vash's crack plant baby from hell. No seriously. Mrs. Brisby shouldn't be his most normal-ish pairing. SHE'S A MOUSE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! And I went ahead and linked everything on this page because honestly I'm just wasting time before I have to go to bed and my eyes can't stare at the PSP screen anymore.
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Just got back from day two of the Irish Festival. Well... day three - but I worked all day yesterday and couldn't go so yeah - day two for me. So much fun. Great music and succcccccch good food. Mmmhmmm. It seemed even more crowed than usual this year. The Irish dancing was a lot of fun to watch. Made me wish I hadn't had to drop out of dancing - I think I would still enjoy it if I had been able to keep up with it.

Surprised to find out mom has never had Baylies... Bailies? Uh - the yummy stuff they make Irish Cremes with. I have a feeling she has just doesn't remember.

Anyway - would go on but suddenly spiltting tired headache - but more awesome news. My aunt won four tickets to the Breaking Benjamin concert this Monday. I wasn't going to go and was disapointed about not being able to afford tickets. But free tickets? Hellz yeah! And she only needed two so me and mom are going now. I hope we have a good time - mom hasn't been to a real concert in a bit. Yeah... we'll see how it goes - she's excited for it and that's enough.

But yeah... sleep... no some tags. Then I pass out. Yes. *snore*

Oh - wait. I guess everyone else has been doing it and I feel like I owe them if you'd like a little tl;dr about Vash and a character let me know. Except it might not actually be all that tl;dr. XD If I was good at those it wouldn't be so hard to finish up his CR page. The thoughts in my head can be really hard to get into words sometimes. But yeah - I WILL AT LEAST ATTEMPT. Sorry it sucks ahead of time. I sleep now. *thunk*
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Because everyone else it doing it - why not?

Ask me a question about RPing. It can be absolutely anything (OOC thoughts, pet peeves, IC plans, characters I play) and I will tell you the honest-to-god answer. Don’t hold back. Whatever you ask, I will try my best to answer.

If you're really curious about Vash as I'm sure most of you don't know anything about my table top roleplaying adventures - but I talk a lot about him because he's fun to pick on so I'm not expecting much out of this. But who knows... someone may be curious. HI!

Omg.. this is why I love my playlist. From Linkin Park to Rascal Flatts. Oooooooh now I want to edited that Ghostbuster AMV I have in my head.


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