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What little ant birthday party did I ruin to have this kind of karma.

I finally found a bed I could afford. Not only that but it was the bed of my dreams. A memory foam matteris. I've always wanted one of those! I was so excited I was all ready to slap down my money and worry about how the hell I was going to drag it back later.

Only the ONLY frame I could afford to put it on is sold out.


So now... I have a choice.

- Buy the 99 dollar matteris that I don't think is going to be overly comfy just laying on the floor.
- Buy the 80 dollar double decker blow up matteris that will be easy to move if I travel again.
- Or there is a fairly cheap twin bed, box spring, and combo for 150. Only I know the matteris to be a cheap one and as this bed is going to be my new: Sleeping area, computer area, eating area, and fuck all else as it will be the only furniture in the room for awhile I'm still debating if it will last long enough.

So curious world of LJ what would you do? And because I never use this feature. Have a poll.

[Poll #1726831]

The only good news of the day? They finally finished my apartment. I can offically move in tomorrow. Without a bed. I'm so happy I could cry.......... -_-
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I swear to god if I see a: LOL! JOIN MY FARMVILLE from this I may kill a puppy.

Do you guys want me to kill a puppy?

Hm, this may not work as I think some of you WOULD like me to kill a puppy. I'm looking at you [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi!

But ew... no. I really hope they keep these game to each person's own self because I honestly do not give one ioda about your high score. This is the exact reason I could never get into facebook. Even if I could block it on facebook I swear there was a new game for me to block everyday.

But yeah, ZZ no likey. I wonder if this will make LJ more laggy now at times.

I'm going to go kill a puppy. A cute, innocent, loveable looking puppy. May he be a lesson to all!
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I... finaly... finished... Zelda... Phantom... Hour... Glass.

I FINISHED THAT GOD DAMN GAME! GueiAIOGIOuiojioghahg I could not BELIEVE I could hate a Zelda game so much. HATE HATE HATE IT! I hated the sailing in Windwaker, but the game play was super fun and I found a way to entertain myself during the sailing, but this! THISHgioahgioeAHIOHO

I DID have some fun with the game. I enjoyed the story and the characters. There were a lot of moments I was cracking up over, but UIGeaiogha THAT DAMN TEMPLE. I'd be running around, having a blast, and just a great time and then BAM! Oh! You need to go to that first temple again. LOL! HAVE FUN!

I HATE THAT STUPID TEMPLE OF TIME! Having to do the same shit over and over and over and over again IS NOT FUN. NOT FUN AT ALL. God and the phantoms. You can't beat them, so you have to fucking stand there and wait for them to move which is so BORING.


And now... Spirit Tracks. 8D
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It's rant time!

Dear campers. When I tell you something it's okay to ask me to tell you again for clarification. Heck I don't mind even saying it twice so your crushed dreams of finding a campsite can be set in stone for you. HOWEVER asking me the same damn question forty times will not get you a different answer. When I tell you - no, we are 100% booked this weekend you can't stay does not mean a magical campsite will suddenly be created just for you.

Like these people from Vermont. They had called two days earlier asking about campsites. I warned them that this was French Festival weekend. We had ONE site still left open and it was likely to be filled by the end of the day. Which is was, and not by them. So I don’t know why she was so surprised when they pulled in two days later to find out we had one site left, but it was for only one night. Oh - and it was eclectic and they didn’t want electric.

“But you said site 48 was open!”

Yes. Two days ago. I also told you it would probably be gone by the end of the day. So after over an HOUR of: Well, what else is open? What do you mean you don’t have anything else? But you USE to! (She really said that) What about that site there? Is anyone on that? Yes? Are you sure they’re coming? You really don’t have anything else? She finally settled into taking that spot.

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant (means it's long) )

And now... song meme

Day 01 - Your favorite song
Day 02 - Your least favorite song 

Honestly... it's not so much I hate this song - actually my least favorite song is probably a rap song. I really don't like newer rap, but I can't think of any. So here is one I can't stand to hear anymore and change the radio station when I hear it come on.

The rest of the list )


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