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Been INCREDIBLY busy and don't really have time to post anything right now, but DAMN IT, I've been wanting to update this for over a MONTH now and I'm going to take FIVE MINUTES to post something!

So my sister broke up with her boyfriend. Not wanting to come home she moved out of his place and in with me. My apartment is so crazy small and she uses my computer to look for work/an apartment so I rarely have time to spend a lot of time on the computer. One of the big reasons I just simply have not been around much.

I feel bad as she lived on my floor for a month on an air bed. Being rejected day after day for jobs.

However, now I'm visiting my parents. Mostly because of my mom's hoarding has been spinning out of control lately. Okay... it's never been IN control, but worse than normal. So we've been going crazy dragging out box after box after box out of the house and marked for a sale or garbage. I must admit, she's doing a MILLION times better tossing stuff than I thought she would. Yesterday alone we took a PACKED FULL van of garbage to the dump.

(And if I'm being honest even I had trouble throwing some of that stuff away. Like my old baby clothes, but no one would want our old clothes. They were a bit smelly and stained.) It was good to get even that much out of the house. I so wish I had more time then just these couple days to get ready for our big sale (as it's village wide that's why there's a time limit) as even though we've hauled out what I swear has been at least 100 boxes and random items and it still doesn't look like we've done much damage.

@.@ Ugh.

Anyway, mom's at work and I told her I'd dig out a few more boxes for the sale on my own of some old baby toys. Before she would have cried and hollared if I dare even THINK of selling/throwing away any of it. Now she's trusting me to mark them cheap enough so that they go or says she wants them thrown out. So maybe there is some hope for her hoarding.
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First off... I need to get over this: My pets are old. They're going to die thing. The last couple nights those little thoughts keep slipping into my dreams - but that's a sperate post I'll make later (next month at the rate I've been going). But no. Jut two seconds ago while waitng for the page to load I turned to my kitty because she's so cute and I was so sure she wasn't breathing. More sure than when I usually shake them awake. So scared I almost didn't want to touch her. But I did and she woke up... -_-;; Got to stop doing this to myself.

But no - this post is about why I miss having my own appartment. Last night I stayed up until 6am. Went to a four year aniversery for a local bar/resturant and enjoyed the music and then came home and RP-ed for way too long... about a bar scene. XD But I did this because: oh! I have tomorrow off and the business I work for is closed! No chance of being called in!

So I was a bit displeased this morning when I was yanked out of my sleep by my dad yelling as he headed to the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom door at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS. I'll get you my pretty! HAHAHAHA! Made better that my mom had apparently opened my door in this morning for some reason and didn't shut it so I got the full force of this. Then he continued to yell loudly as he talked to my mom. Oh. And did we mention this was at 10am? So... four hours of sleep?

Although I can forgive him. He didn't know I was asleep. It's very rare when I wake up after him and my door being open is usally a sign I'm awake.

Mom however coming in soon after that letting me know her computer DID come with a photo-cropping program and asking me to teach her how to use it? That made me very twitchy. I explained nicely to her that I don't do much with photos and don't know photo editing programs like... at all... DAYS ago. But I explained this again. But she said I should still come out and show her how to use it. So I told her again I don't know how to use photo editing programs. I just click around til stuff works. That she can do that herself because I know she learns better hands on. No. She still wanted me to go out to her computer and show her. The angry glare I gave her made her tack on a: At some point. To that.

God I hate it when I'm wide awake but so damn tired that all I want to do is sleep BUT I CAN'T.


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