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Been a crazy few days. I'm back at my parents again for a follow up appointment for the anti-depressants I was put on, and so far I feel the drugs are doing wonders for me. I never thought they'd change my outlook on life so much, but they have for the good. I haven't been around on the internet a lot lately and have even been slack about answering my tags. Usually I answer them as soon as they come in, but sometimes I'll wait hours as I'm too busy either cleaning, out running errands, or working on something to try to find me a job.

I'm really kind of proud of how productive I've been these past few weeks of being on the pill. I'm doing things instead of just talking about them. Yeah, i still get depressed when I look at my bank account and hear my roommates leaving for work, but these pills aren't suppose to be a cure all, just a small pick-me-up to get through the rough patches. Although that is the reason I haven't been posting or checking my journal as much as I usually do. Too busy being on the go-go-go!

Which I've missed posting about stuff I've really wanted to jot down like how I had a foot come crashing through the ceiling in my roommate's room and then a whole man two days after that a few days ago!

It started off over a week ago. I was just coming home from running around NYC taking care of some bills and grocery shopping. Had just sat down and was starting to eat some food when I heard a big bang. At first I didn't think much of it, as my landlord has been renovating the apartment upstairs and he and his worker have been banging around up there a lot. Didn't think much of course... until my roommate texted me saying our landlord just called her saying his worker put his FOOT though our third roommate's ceiling. So I peeked my head in and yup, there was a hole in the ceiling and a knock on the door of them asking to come in and fix it.

After a few hours that hole was fixed and my landlord came the next day to start putting a layer of paint on it. A few days later I was working on my demo reel when I heard another huge BANG. Only this bang was followed by a slew of: Oh God. Oh God no. Oh please, God, no. Oh no, God! Please God, no! Oh God. Oh God no!

I peeked open my roommate's room again to see a foot sliding up the ceiling and a huge hole in it's place. He had fallen almost all the way through again. I quickly threw on some clothes, as I had gotten straight to work on my demo reel that morning and was still in my PJs, and was just finishing brushing my hair when they knocked. Poor guy is now banned from working in any rooms that has the floor torn out until the floors have been replaced, so here's hoping there's no more holes in our ceiling anymore.
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So the last couple weeks I've been in a bit of a panic. My unemployment had run out and I kept getting delayed answers if I qualified for the new extension Obama just okayed. Holidays and what not. Then I checked my information again today and finally, FINALLY it was shown as going through. Then right in the middle of my happy shouting and attempt to text mom at work to let her know I could pay my own rent this month I got a phone call.

It was a job interview for Payless shoes who I just sent in my application in yesterday. Really? After all the past job applications I put in the last few months with NO response suddenly I get a 24 hour turn around?

I'm speechless and not sure how to feel right now. A job. A job will help me not feel like a bum. But I JUST got this unemployment back. So all that stress and worry thinking I wasn't going to get it back was all pointless now? If I get a job that's more than on-call I'll be losing that. But then again, I so would rather work for my money. It's just UGH! All that heartache!? Really?

Then the job is also not at the location I requested. Not the one that's a nice 30minute ride away. No, it's one that is going to be close to an hour to get there. Ugh. Annoying.

But the thing that hurts most of all is now I have to rush back to NYC. Dad is upset, he was hoping I'd be staying a few more weeks. I was hoping to stay a few more weeks. Mom is sad because she was thinking of maybe coming back with me at the end of the month to visit me for a few days. Now I have to ride the bus back on my own instead of with Autumn. I'm also going to miss my dad's side of the family Christmas party that was going to be this weekend.

But, it's a job. I just can't turn a blind eye on the opportunity. As much as it sucks that my vacation has been cut short I'm sure if I like the job in a few weeks I'll be happy I took this chance.

I just... have no idea how I should feel right now. One moment I'm bouncing around super excited at possibly having work again, the next I want to sit in a corner and cancel the interview so I can stay with my family a little longer.
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This weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday I was suppose to go to Habana Tapas, one of the restaurants from the show I helped make, with some people from work. However, due to the snow that got canceled. Oh well, it gave me more time to do some cleaning around the apartment.

Then I went to church before grabbing my stuff and running off to Autumn's place. Mo, Sam, and I dressed ourselves up in costume, but poor Autumn. She tried so very hard to stay awake, but she kept passing out no matter what she did so she eventually went off to bed. Mo, Sam, and I stayed up until about 2am watching scary movies and enjoying our costumes.

In the morning we had some serious talks about life and stuff. It was nice to just chat. Then Sam and I played some Magic. He says I'm getting a whole lot better! I even beat his mulling deck that has so far been next to impossible to beat. Granted I still need some coaching as I play, but it's getting more towards - I am following the rules, right then THIS is the better move, right? I think I'm really growing found of the red and black decks. @_@ The blues seem like too much work. Then again, I'm always borrowing pre-made decks as I have no cards of my own. Maybe I wouldn't be such a quick learner at it if I had to make my own. XD

I then talked with Autumn about life and stuff for a long time before leaving around 5pm to head home. I had to stop at Target to pick up a couple things which was fun, as I was wearing my bloody T-shirt and tiny hat. People like my tiny hat. I've gotten so many compliments for it.

Then yesterday I wore it to work just for fun. Everyone at work loved it too. The best part of the day though? Was when my back payments from unemployment finally came in. I was so happy I nearly cried because I was starting to think I didn't qualify for the extension like the woman on the phone said I did. I was getting really nervous about how I was going to make it through Dec. In celebration I bought some kettle corn and soda for the movie night I was planning to have.

And movie night was a lot of fun. I put on my cloak just for the fun of wearing my cloak. I light a couple pumpkin smelling candles, made the popcorn, poured myself a soda and popped in New Nightmare. I watched Nightmare on Elm Street movies with the cat until 3am when I finally fell into bed. I was a little bummed that I couldn't watch horror movies with my dad, but it was still a lot of fun!

The costumes!
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Ugh! Been so busy and I've kept wanting to update this, but just haven't had the chance - but it's been a good busy. Well, mostly. Two of those days I worked for Macy's and they failed to pay me AGAIN, but other than that it's been good.

Coney Island - Night of Horrors )

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And then tomorrow I have a Halloween party to go to at Autumn's. I also might be going to one of the restaurants from the show with some of my coworkers just to see the place and meet the people because they seem so nice! I hope this week keeps being AWESOME.


Oct. 12th, 2011 02:11 pm
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My boss has finally let me in on something and it's so good I almost don't want to hope for it in fear that it won't be true. They've gotten a new show to produce and Post Production work is to start sometime in January, and this show has a bigger budget. Bigger budget means they could POSSIBLY hire more people. If that possibility happens and if I can prove myself worthy she wants to tell Bray - the owner of our company - to choose me.

...I could be getting paid for editing... come January.

8D I could be getting paid... for what I went for school for.


If this really happens it's going to make every bad thing that's happen this year okay I think. It's going to make those months of my life I wasted with Wendy okay because it got me to come to NYC where this new job is. It's going to make it okay that I wasn't around when Egor and Buttons passed away because I was down here working for nothing. It's going to make it okay all the stress and tears Macy's has been making me shed for a part time seasonal job right now because it just needs to keep me afloat for a couple more months.

It's all going to be okay, because each of those things has just led me to finding a job I can actually be happy doing. It's going to lead me to making me more creditable when I send out my resumes to companies in Australia. All those bad things were just tiny steps to this point and my god... I really hope I get this thing, because if I don't, I'm afraid it might just finally break me.
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Sometimes I wish it didn't make the world go around as much as it did. These past couple weeks it's just been hitting more than normal. @_@ Been a big spender recently. I bought chicken. CHICKEN! Joking aside I'm really shocked by how much I'll be spending/have spent these past two weeks. Probably (not counting Christmas) will be the most I've spent all year.
Lots of whinning under the cut )

But yes, just a lot of stress right now. Maybe I should start playing the lotto.
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Huh, never thought I'd be the type of girl who can't stop thinking about a guy. Granted if I'm honest with myself it's more how the chance meeting went than anything else. Here I thought today was going to be any other day - except really, really hot outside. So I was annoyed when I missed the earlier train by a minute and had to stand around in the sweltering subway for and extra ten minutes waiting for the next one.

When Mikel came down I didn't really give him a second look. He was just another guy waiting for the train with me. Then he asked if I lived in the city. I told him that I haven't lived here too long, but where was he going? I could try to help. He was going to a DMV at Atlantic Ave, no clue where it was. I told him I was sorry, but didn't know anything about the DMV in this area.

Then we got talking about where I was from orginally if I hadn't lived here long and if I liked it much. It took a little time to explain what the 1000 Island region is like. Then next thing I know he was asking me what I did on the weekends and if I had a cell phone. At first I was ready to give him a fake number. We had talked so little about him. He knew what train stop I take. Knew I haven't been in the city for more than a year.

And then I remember that he's cute, I'm kinda lonely down here, and if he turns out to be too big of a stalker I'll just block him from my number. So we swapped phone numbers and he said that he'd call later and maybe we could hang out on the weekend. This is how friendships started before the internet, right? Chance encounters.

If you would have told me this time last night that I'd be spending the next day at work wondering if some guy would call me back, I would have laughed. That I would have spent hours thinking about public places I could suggest we meet up at if he did? I would have rolled my eyes.

It's not that I'm against the idea of having a boyfriend. It's just I never expected one to really pop up. I'm not ugly, but I'm not exactly pretty. I'm just plain and I'm too lazy to doll myself up more to be pretty. I'm overweight, so I always figured if I was going to get a man I'd have to be rather active to get one. Right now, my life is so up in the air that I'm happy with my "me" time and knowing I can move without crying over moving away from THE ONE at any moment's notice. That's why as we sat together on the subway chit-chatting it didn't even dawn on me til he was asking me what I did on the weekends that he could possibly be interested in seeing me past this little talk. I've had these talks before. Either I'm able to give the directions or not. We talk about where we're from until one of our stops come up, and then we say goodbye.

So I am a bit weary in that I really can't imagine too many people being smitten by someone like me. I'll only meet him in a public place and he won't find out where I live anytime soon. But I still really hopes he calls. If he doesn't ah, well. Part of me has thought about calling him, because I was so not expecting a number swap that I let him do most of the question asking. I'm worried that maybe I didn't seem interested enough, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure I'm too shy to do that.

So we'll just see how it goes tomorrow. If he calls me after 6:30 which is when I told him that I get out of work.
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I honestly think I had probably the best interview of my life yesterday. Just too bad it was for a Macy's sales associate job and not something cool. For once I didn't have long awkward pauses as I tried to get my mouth to say what the messages my brain was trying to send without getting things mixed up in between. I said what I meant and what I wanted with only one point where I started to stutter, but even that I managed to come back quickly from. I actually sounded confidant. I was ready. I had the best answers.

No, really. The woman actually told me I gave her the best definition of teamwork she's ever heard.

Some of the confidence I think came from the fact that right before the interview I was trying to give a girl who was beyond nervous a pep talk. Reminding her that these types of jobs are always opening up. If we don't get it, it's not the end of the world. It doesn't mean we're bad, it's just bad luck and we'll ALWAYS have a chance to try again. So I walked in with this thought more fresh in my mind than it has been in awhile.

I also, sadly, don't really care about this job. I WANT a job. I want to make money. I want to be secure in my finances, but for Macy's? Meh, I could go anywhere and not be in love with my job at this point. I have the start to my dream job already, it just doesn't pay. Anything else is just second rate.

So I walked in there with the mindset of being 100% of having nothing to lose and everything to gain. So what did it matter if I fucked up? And I didn't. I was a little nervous at first just because how bored and busy the woman looked at the start. Like she really should be working on other things, but the way her eyes kept lighting up at the answers to her questions she gave me. The way she began to smile and nod as I was speaking. I just know I nailed it.

Not to mention the part where she nearly begged me to keep in contact and she'd DEFINITALLY be thinking of me when a position opened up.

Yeahhhhhhhhh, that kinda sucked a little. Realizing that there isn't actually a position opened just yet, but if it's like any other retail job I've had/heard about. That will change sooner rather than later.

I'm so glad it went so fricken well, as the time before that kinda sucked. Had to go out early to Staples to get a copy of my resume printed. Sometimes they ask you for a copy at these things. (She didn't, but I feel so much better knowing I had it.) Then I went from Staples to Macy's because I knew I had no time to do things at home. But I still was about 35mins early. So I went and got a sunday at McDonalds. Ugh, hate that they're not 1.00 in NYC. Ate that and it helped with how hot I was feeling. Yucky, muggy and hot weather that day. Went to the interview place to be told the woman had left for a meeting. Could I be back in an hour.

Ugh. It takes around 25 mins to get from Macy's to my place. So again, no time to go home and chill. So instead I took a quick trip out to the Salvation army. Annoyed that it looks like they don't have a plus section. So I'll have to go through all the clothes now. Also they didn't have a printer for me to buy. Although they had a complete collection of the TMNT DVD movies for sale. WAAAANT! But that whole - no job, feel bad about spending money on things that are not food/rent. Plus I already have the first movie and new one on DVD. So that was like an extra 8 bucks I would have been throwing away. But still... I love my VHS tapes of them all, BUT I NEED DVDS COPIES NOW!

Didn't have long to look really. As it took a lot of time to get to the Salvation Army. Will have to double check that lack of plus section again sometime. Either way, I had to run back to Macy's, just to sit around until about 4:20 until I finally got to see someone. But meh, for the best interview of my life? Totally worth the wait.
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It's with Macy's! One of the one I almost for forgot to apply to! *crosses fingers* Here's hoping the interview goes well! I must admit, I'm both excited and super depressed over this. I feel like a slob when I'm not working and all I can think about is what little money I have. BUT! I also like that I have some free time to relax now and then. If I'm working? That's going to go bye-bye.

How I wish this internship paid.

EDIT: Also, I have a plurk now. I updated it quiet a bit because I just made it, but I don't plan on keeping it updated too often. But all the cool kids are doing it so I have one now. (Really though, it's mostly because I want to stay connected to my cast at [livejournal.com profile] luceti . This LJ is still my main diary of my life. THE TRUTH SHALL COME OU HERE! All you'll get is me being a dork if you don't add it.)
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Okay friends list. Give me a list of every retail store you can think of. GO! GO! GO! Because I've run out of ideas of where else to apply for work. Maybe I will have to crack and finally start applying for fast food places. I was really kinda hoping to avoid that.

It also probably doesn't help that I feel hot and sticky, so all I really want to do right now is cuddle with the book I've been reading and enjoy the feel of the fan on my face. BTW, I'm thinking Desperation is so far my least favorite Stephen King book. I read his stuff not only because I got a shit ton of them from yard sales (okay, so that's the biggest reason) but because I feel he makes really interesting and relateable main characters that I generally care about. I don't usually care when his stuff get's really sci-fi unless it's a slow and subtle introduction to that. Nope. Desperation tends to throw it right out there right from the beginning. I can't seem to stop groaning at it, yet at the same time... can't put it down. Huh.

Also! Have four tiny little buds that have started growning in my windowsill start up kit. I'm so glad I kept to my guns and got seeds and not just start with a pre growing flower like a lot of people suggested. I was so excited when I first saw that tiny little green speck start to peek it's way out of the ground! And they've really shot up over the night! There's two more that should be growing and I'm hoping that they're alright and I didn't over water them. Come out little friends! I want to watch you grow!

Then again I should probably leave them be and not pick them up every two seconds to see how much bigger the shoots are and if there's anything sprouting in the other dirt. Poor flowers must think an earthquake happens every half an hour. *resists urge to check them*

ALSO! I realize now I feel a little awkward having a day off in the middle of the week. My roommates have gone off to their jobs (that pay) and I've spent all day either in the kitchen making phone calls or at the computer watching videos, answering tags, or filling out applications. The house is empty and quiet and usually I LIKE to be home on my own, but for right now it seems to be shouting: YOU SCUM! YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE AND SAVINGS ACCOUNT AWAY. YOU FAIL UNLIKE THE OTHER PEOPLE WHO SLEEP HERE WHO ARE EARNING MONEY SO THEY CAN DO COOL AND FUN STUFF.

Blah, I'm trying real world. Really I am. In fact. I'll stop making this entry and go do something productive. Like wash my new skirts as I've decided to hand wash them until they stop running the risk of having their colors run. Cheaper than going to the laundry mat! 8Db
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For starters I think I finally have a little bit of RP-burnout. Usually when a draft rolls around what I do is tag CR I want to keep strong/rekindle then wait a day and then go around and think of a tag for anyone who hasn't had a tag yet. If most people already have a tag then I also include people who only have on short thread. Mostly I do this because I know the horror of thinking no one is going to tag my thread that I put effort into making. With a muse like Vash who is so versitile I feel like I should do my part to make sure people don't feel that feeling of being ignored. I also blame highschool and all the times that I was left on the sidelines forgotten to be picked for a team as everyone ran off to play. No one should feel like that.

But this time, even though I honestly feel horribly guilty for not tagging around. I just... can't bring myself to. Unless I think of a tag in less than a second flat I just stare and go blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I can barely get enough brain power to answer the tags waiting in my inbox and I want to make MORE? Ughhhhhhhhh. I just don't know where my motivation has gone to. There are some threads I'm excited to be a part of, but even those I've been having trouble tagging lately. More tagging as a sense of duty than anything else.

Okay. I can guess where it went. *GLARES AT THE NEW KITTY* Oh Sandman, you're a lovable derp of a cat, but... LET ME SLEEP! Buttons use to try to wake me in the night for food, but at least she waited for me to give a sign I was half awake before batting her head against me, but YOU! Yoooooooooooou. Why must you drop heavy things that make horrible almost shattering noises from high places? I don't know HOW you slammed my door last night, but this making loud noises and scaring the crap out of me every night? Not cool. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping like crap in general anyway.

So yes, I think part of my energy and brain power for tags has probably been sucked into my lack of sleep. Also just general depression. I'm okay, but every so often I do think of Egor and get teary-eyed for a moment. Or I think about how little time Buttons has left. I'm okay. It lasts only a moment, but I'm also not numb enough to not realize it's probably nawing away somewhere in my subconscious. I remember talking once, I think it was my psychology class, when I went to Jefferson Community college we were talking about death and how people handle it in different ways that apparently experts say it takes at LEAST six months of inner grieving before a person can really move on. Of course there's always exceptions, but I think I can understand that.

Either way. I'm okay and I'll work on getting myself through this funk and then the funk that I'm sure will follow after of: OH MAN! WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS, THIS, AND TAG THAT THEN!?

In other news and the reason I first started this post before I started to ramble! I had a strange dream last night.

The first part I remember was that I was running around with [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta only her name wasn't wasurechatta or Marie. No, she was now called: Oda Hates. Go figure. And we were running around trying to find a date for Sanji because he was in a coma and only going on a date with a certain type of girl would get him out of it.

I don't know how, but at some point I lost [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta and was wandering around on my own in NYC. I think I was trying to find Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but couldn't find it so I was trying to get home. I ended up at some bank where they were giving out tours. I somehow started at the top of the bank and had to work my way down. I needed a check. Even in the dream I didn't know WHY I needed a check, just as I needed one. I kept trying to ask people where I could have this check written for me, but they kept giving me directions on how to get back with the tourist group. Finally I found the office of the woman who could write me the check, but I had forgotten the word check. So I stood there forever trying to finish my sentence.

Still late for that important date )
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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

My weekend home )

A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.
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With work at my new internship being slow as we're waiting for a group to come back from a shoot and we interns are aparently awesome and got everything caught up, our boss decided that I didn't need to come in until Wenesday. To enjoy a long weekend instead of coming in and doing pidly work for an hour or two and going home. I was totally cool with that. I pictured all the stuff I could get done! Finish getting all the last few posters in my room up, catch up on sleep, finally put together and play with the Trigun figures I got, laundry, look for work, catch up on sleep, make that long LJ entry I've been dying to make, it was my turn to clean the bathroom this weekend, church, maybe help Grace clean up her apartment, and catch up on sleep.

Until I texted mom joking how we were just talking about how I should find out if I have a long weekend coming up so she could come down to visit and it turned out to be the very next day. Darn she texted back. She had to work!

I even got out of work early today being that there was so little to do. I sat for a moment thinking over if I should do laundry or wait one more day. It was so hot the idea of just laying down and getting a jump start on that extra sleep thing felt SO tempting. Then I decided - no, might as well get it all done. So I went and did laundry.

Which was good just as I was setting down my new large bag of clothes mom was texting me.

"Hey, why don't you come home for your long weekend? I'll pay for you to come up! You can see Buttons!"

...why didn't I think of this?

SO YES! Now currently running around trying to get ready. Rushed out to the store to buy more TP for the apartment as it was my turn and got down on my hands and needs and just scrubed the bathroom like crazy. It was funny to me thinking about how slow and easy I was going to take getting all these chores done, now I was speeding through trying to get them ALL done in just a couple hours. So glad I did my laundry!

But yes, bathroom is clean, laundry is done, Grace never got back to any of my messages about if she needed help or not so I'm assuming she doesn't, I got one of my posters up, I'm going to church with dad and Casey tomorrow, and so now, in about six hours I'll be waking up to run and catch a bus home!

I've decided to not bring my computer. I'll be gone for four days and I'll just see how grabby I can be with my mom's and sister's computers. It will make it easier than trying to lug it around.

So I'm running away again! Take care everyone! Talk to you more hopefully in a couple days!
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So, life has been crazy busy and I feel like I'm ALWAYS trying to recover from working over 14 hours on Monday but...

Today was my last day at my internship from hell.


I'm a little sad to be leaving the two new interns that JUST started Monday and today, but FREE! I'm free! FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Brb, have to go unlike her from my facebook account.

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So didn't do much for my birthday, and I'm happy with that. I don't need a big party. They're fun and nice, but I really enjoyed the day I had today.

First off like I said, I got some pretty flowers from my mom. They smell great and I'm going to love them until they sadly die. Pictures under the cut! Large photos as I was too lazy to edit them.
Purdy Flowers! )

Autumn and I just kinda chilled and hung out together. We were going to move furniture out of an apartment, but Autumn managed to get ahold of the girl that was going to move out and she's decided last minute to pay for May's rent, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Canel Street in China town to attempt to find a game store we had found once before and neither of us remembered where it was.

We managed to find it!! Not only that we found this one store that sell figure and OMG they had a Black Coat Vash figure for 25 dollars! Totally going back for that when I get a steady income again!

...you know if I can find the store again.

There was also a game I kinda wanted to buy at the game store, but I uh... kinda got a LITTLE too addicted to ebay and... kinda bought some stuff by mistake. Ahhhhhahaha... yeah. There might have been a couple figures listed that I had seen going for around 25-30 bucks and I threw up a bid while they were at 5 and 15 dollars just because I couldn't help myself and figured I'd get outbid on them anyway.

Um.... nope. Won them both. Whoops! So yeah, really didn't feel right after that splurging on another 25 dollar toy when I already had a couple things coming in the mail for me.

Autumn and I also went into this store we like that just seems to sell a little bit of everything. They have a bunch of chopstick and Autumn bought me one for my birthday! And one for herself so we match! Little bunny chopsticks! SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!
Bunny! )
We went and looked at some bra's at Burlington because Autumn wanted to buy me a new one for my birthday. Only couldn't find one that fit. Damn my crazy mis-shapened breats! I really need to win the lottery or something so I can afford to get a brest reduction. Then we went to 42nd street for a bit to see that store that sells Japanese books.

After that we were pretty tired. So we went to the Atlantic ave mall and I got sized at Victora Secert. Autumn thought maybe it would help me find a bra that fits, but sadly, no. I do have my size right. My "girls" are just losers. So no new bra for me today. (Why do people call them girls? Can't they be WOMANS!? XD)

After that bit of disapointment we got those ice cream cupcakes at Coldstones. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn't realize it, but the 'wrapper' that cupcakes come in, these weren't paper. They were dark chocolate shells! Made it so much cooler. They were VERY yummy, but nothing I'd get again, unless someone was splitting with me or specail occation.

The last thing Autumn and I did together was to get subs from Subway. Then we spilt up as she had work to get done and I needed some grociers. So I made a quick trip to Target to get some bread and milk - so glad I did. Some of my favorite TV dinners were on sale but not only that... BACON WAS ON CLEARANCE! I totally picked some up and had the great idea to cook it up and put it in my subway sandwhich. DELICIOUS.

When I got home I finally opened my Kuroneko bobble head. OMG it's bigger than I thought it was! But it's cute and I so love it. So does my cat. Who when I sat it down for a moment to clear a good spot for a picture it stared and slowly reached out a paw and bopped it's head over and over again. Of course, as soon as I turned around to get a picture of this Sandman (my new cat's name) was more interested in getting pets then posing. Oh well. So here's a shot of all my gifts this year!

The loot! )

And just because I could here are some pictures of what I have now dubed my "Wall of Geek" even though it's not really a wall so much of a shelf... WHATEVERS!

It's a little diseveled right now as it also has the box my mom sent me for easter there. But it has that Easter Grass in it and the cat WILL attempt to eat it. Just waiting for Garbage day to get rid of it - as kitty can't reach it up
Close up and geeking out over the figures )

And then finally, have some pictures of my new kitty Sandman! He's such a ham and a lover. I feel bad though, because I do treat him like Buttons now and then, even though I try not too. I wonder sometimes how long it will take me to change habits I use to do for her. Like making sure to place my glasses far off to the right of my night stand so she won't knock them over to get me up in the morning. Or sliding my pillow over to the edge of the bed to make room for a kitty next to my head. Buttons always favored sleeping next to my head at night. Sandman actually likes to be near my feet.

The other thing I forget is that if I twitched in the morning, Buttons would take that as a sign for me to get up and feed her, where Sandman is usually in my roommate room by the time I wake up. Or if he is still in my room, he does start purring when he thinks I'm awake, but keeps laying there and lets me fall back alseep if I want to. So I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to roll over. Also I could never pick Buttons up. She had bad hips and so picking her up could hurt her. So I never did it, but I forget sometimes I can pick Sandman up when I need to. But I'm learning what a nifty thing this picking cats up and out of my chair is! It's nice!

I miss Buttons. We share this month for our Birthdays. We don't remember exactly what day she was born, but she's now 21 years old! Dad says she's doing great. I'm glad and I hope I get to see her again soon. Sandman's wonderful and I'm so glad to have a kitty again, but he doesn't feel like MY cat just yet. He's still my roommate's cat who is just ALWAYS in my room.

But just look how cute he is!

Whoa, this post got a little off topic... BUT OH WELL! It's still my birthday for a few more hours. I'M ALLOWED TO GET OFF TOPIC IF I WANT TO!


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:07 pm
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Soooooooooooooo tired. This week has been nuts again. Always running around doing stuf and applying for more work. And I really should go to bed. As it's not helping me try to end this perpetural feeling of being over tired from stress/lack of sleep that just keeps building up and up.

BUT! I had to share my good news.

I think I might have landed a new internship. They seemed really excited to meet and talk to me. They asked me to give them my hours I could work and NOT a: Oh, we'll get back to you. I actually applied for a different internship position and the found out I'm more interested in post they went: OH! We JUST had a post internship open up! So I may have snagged this before anyone else got a chance to apply.

And this is for a REAL established production company. A small one, but REAL. I'm hoping to swing it that I can work part time at the one I have now and this new one for a couple weeks until this "big event" that suppose to happen is over at the old one. As I want in on it. I really hope this works out and I can finally ditch the old place.

Also I have PLANS for my birthday. Really wasn't expecting more than meeting up with Autumn for some ice cream. But now we're talking about wandering China town for a bit and visiting some game stores. It's not much, but it's going to be nice to just hang out with a friend for the day and do everything I can to not think about work except to maybe complain about it, because that is always fun.

Also... I bought the Kuroneko bobble head. I had bid and thought I was going to win a 99 cent Vash figure, but got outbid at the last second. Oh well, this will be such a cute and unique toy to add to my Trigun collection.

*cough* And there's another 99 cent Trigun figure popped up and mom's promised me 20 dollars for my brithday so I'm going to try again!

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My room is flooded.

It is not awesome to sit on my bed looking over the side and just watching this puddle grow larger with nothing I can do about it.

My new roommate did what we could. She found an old comforter and we piled that up next to the door in my room that leads to the backyard. It has slowed the water, but it's still just: -_- Ugh.

I feel really lucky though. I only noticed the water when I stepped in the large puddle. I managed to move everything before any real damage was done. I mean REALLY lucky. I had my posters that I haven't hung up yet as I ran out of command strips leaning up againt that door. Some how the water actually went AROUND the posters so they didn't get wet at all. I would have been desvestated if they had gotten wet.

Today really has kinda sucked, but I'm going to be thankful that the water didn't damage anything. And... yeah, I'm not going to think past that because this now means the landloard will be coming into my room and I get to move all my stuff around so he can get at what he needs to get at right after I finally got things mostly how I wanted it.

Im just not going to think about it right now.
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I, ZZ, am sitting on a BED.

And not just something thrown on the floor.

Not something filled with air.

An actual BED! And one I put together 100% on my own! WITH A MEMORY FOAM MATTERIS! Went back to Ikea today to get just the matteris when I saw that the: Temorary out of stock sticker had been removed from the bed frame I could afford.

8D Dare I dream again?

I did. And it was good.

Although... I actually had a dream that my mom got eleticuted after stepping oustide because she thought she saw a down power line outside - only it had rained so the ground was all wet. And as she fried all I did was squat down with my hands over my ears to block out the terrible eletic noise that was happening and shut my eyes willing the dream to end. It had to be a dream right? Because this couldn't be real, mom was too smart for that! But... what if it wasn't a dream!? I was sitting there cowering instead of DOING something.

So I got up and ran out to the dog's old area where the breaker is (although our breaker is actually in the basement) and flipped off all the power to the house. Everything went dark and that horrible noise went away as mom managed to stumble back into the house as I screamed for Casey to call 911.

Oh wait, what were we talking about?

YES! Beeeeeeeds! We were discussing wonderful beds! A REAL bed! And it's mine! All mine! The best part was my new roommate met me there and she had rented a car so I ended up being able to buy more stuff than just the matteris part!

I ended up with:

$99 - Memory Foam Matteris
$20 - Bed Slate
$30 - Bed Frame
$40 - Computer Desk
$20 - Computer Desk Extender (The one thing I probably didn't need but I really liked it.)
$25 - Extreme Comfy leather swivel chair with ARMs (orginally marked 45 dollars)
$1 - Waste Basket
$5 - power stip
$2 - 8 Hangers
$10 - Clothes Drying Rack

All and all it came out to JUST under 300 dollars. I don't think I did too badly really.

Now if I only knew which luggage my sheets were hiding in. I think I'm going to spend my first night here in the middle of the room.
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What little ant birthday party did I ruin to have this kind of karma.

I finally found a bed I could afford. Not only that but it was the bed of my dreams. A memory foam matteris. I've always wanted one of those! I was so excited I was all ready to slap down my money and worry about how the hell I was going to drag it back later.

Only the ONLY frame I could afford to put it on is sold out.


So now... I have a choice.

- Buy the 99 dollar matteris that I don't think is going to be overly comfy just laying on the floor.
- Buy the 80 dollar double decker blow up matteris that will be easy to move if I travel again.
- Or there is a fairly cheap twin bed, box spring, and combo for 150. Only I know the matteris to be a cheap one and as this bed is going to be my new: Sleeping area, computer area, eating area, and fuck all else as it will be the only furniture in the room for awhile I'm still debating if it will last long enough.

So curious world of LJ what would you do? And because I never use this feature. Have a poll.

[Poll #1726831]

The only good news of the day? They finally finished my apartment. I can offically move in tomorrow. Without a bed. I'm so happy I could cry.......... -_-


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