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So didn't do much for my birthday, and I'm happy with that. I don't need a big party. They're fun and nice, but I really enjoyed the day I had today.

First off like I said, I got some pretty flowers from my mom. They smell great and I'm going to love them until they sadly die. Pictures under the cut! Large photos as I was too lazy to edit them.
Purdy Flowers! )

Autumn and I just kinda chilled and hung out together. We were going to move furniture out of an apartment, but Autumn managed to get ahold of the girl that was going to move out and she's decided last minute to pay for May's rent, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Canel Street in China town to attempt to find a game store we had found once before and neither of us remembered where it was.

We managed to find it!! Not only that we found this one store that sell figure and OMG they had a Black Coat Vash figure for 25 dollars! Totally going back for that when I get a steady income again!

...you know if I can find the store again.

There was also a game I kinda wanted to buy at the game store, but I uh... kinda got a LITTLE too addicted to ebay and... kinda bought some stuff by mistake. Ahhhhhahaha... yeah. There might have been a couple figures listed that I had seen going for around 25-30 bucks and I threw up a bid while they were at 5 and 15 dollars just because I couldn't help myself and figured I'd get outbid on them anyway.

Um.... nope. Won them both. Whoops! So yeah, really didn't feel right after that splurging on another 25 dollar toy when I already had a couple things coming in the mail for me.

Autumn and I also went into this store we like that just seems to sell a little bit of everything. They have a bunch of chopstick and Autumn bought me one for my birthday! And one for herself so we match! Little bunny chopsticks! SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!
Bunny! )
We went and looked at some bra's at Burlington because Autumn wanted to buy me a new one for my birthday. Only couldn't find one that fit. Damn my crazy mis-shapened breats! I really need to win the lottery or something so I can afford to get a brest reduction. Then we went to 42nd street for a bit to see that store that sells Japanese books.

After that we were pretty tired. So we went to the Atlantic ave mall and I got sized at Victora Secert. Autumn thought maybe it would help me find a bra that fits, but sadly, no. I do have my size right. My "girls" are just losers. So no new bra for me today. (Why do people call them girls? Can't they be WOMANS!? XD)

After that bit of disapointment we got those ice cream cupcakes at Coldstones. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn't realize it, but the 'wrapper' that cupcakes come in, these weren't paper. They were dark chocolate shells! Made it so much cooler. They were VERY yummy, but nothing I'd get again, unless someone was splitting with me or specail occation.

The last thing Autumn and I did together was to get subs from Subway. Then we spilt up as she had work to get done and I needed some grociers. So I made a quick trip to Target to get some bread and milk - so glad I did. Some of my favorite TV dinners were on sale but not only that... BACON WAS ON CLEARANCE! I totally picked some up and had the great idea to cook it up and put it in my subway sandwhich. DELICIOUS.

When I got home I finally opened my Kuroneko bobble head. OMG it's bigger than I thought it was! But it's cute and I so love it. So does my cat. Who when I sat it down for a moment to clear a good spot for a picture it stared and slowly reached out a paw and bopped it's head over and over again. Of course, as soon as I turned around to get a picture of this Sandman (my new cat's name) was more interested in getting pets then posing. Oh well. So here's a shot of all my gifts this year!

The loot! )

And just because I could here are some pictures of what I have now dubed my "Wall of Geek" even though it's not really a wall so much of a shelf... WHATEVERS!

It's a little diseveled right now as it also has the box my mom sent me for easter there. But it has that Easter Grass in it and the cat WILL attempt to eat it. Just waiting for Garbage day to get rid of it - as kitty can't reach it up
Close up and geeking out over the figures )

And then finally, have some pictures of my new kitty Sandman! He's such a ham and a lover. I feel bad though, because I do treat him like Buttons now and then, even though I try not too. I wonder sometimes how long it will take me to change habits I use to do for her. Like making sure to place my glasses far off to the right of my night stand so she won't knock them over to get me up in the morning. Or sliding my pillow over to the edge of the bed to make room for a kitty next to my head. Buttons always favored sleeping next to my head at night. Sandman actually likes to be near my feet.

The other thing I forget is that if I twitched in the morning, Buttons would take that as a sign for me to get up and feed her, where Sandman is usually in my roommate room by the time I wake up. Or if he is still in my room, he does start purring when he thinks I'm awake, but keeps laying there and lets me fall back alseep if I want to. So I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to roll over. Also I could never pick Buttons up. She had bad hips and so picking her up could hurt her. So I never did it, but I forget sometimes I can pick Sandman up when I need to. But I'm learning what a nifty thing this picking cats up and out of my chair is! It's nice!

I miss Buttons. We share this month for our Birthdays. We don't remember exactly what day she was born, but she's now 21 years old! Dad says she's doing great. I'm glad and I hope I get to see her again soon. Sandman's wonderful and I'm so glad to have a kitty again, but he doesn't feel like MY cat just yet. He's still my roommate's cat who is just ALWAYS in my room.

But just look how cute he is!

Whoa, this post got a little off topic... BUT OH WELL! It's still my birthday for a few more hours. I'M ALLOWED TO GET OFF TOPIC IF I WANT TO!

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Last night I had a nightmare about a vacuum cleaner. A. Vacuum. Cleaner. Do you hear me? I tried to have a nightmare ABOUT A STUPID VACUUM CLEANER.

Either way, started off as an exciting dream. I had been visiting whiteadelphi for some reason... then I was suddenly home trying to unpack from my trip when dad suddenly came outside to my car saying that a huge storm was on the way. We needed to get into the basement and watch it.

Then I ran to a... snack bar that we apparently owned. Dad kept yelling what I was doing and I told him grabbing some snacks to eat and batting down the hatches to be sure we had something to snack on while we watched the storm. Then I sort of teleported back to my car and I yelled that one of my windows was rolled down, but my car was under a roof cover (that we don't really have) so dad convinced me that it would be alright and we needed to get into the basement.

I stopped to throw a bit of food down the cellar steps to get Egor to go down the stairs, which she did then I did... something else before dad and I finally went down to the cellar. Dad and had just gotten into the cellar when the storm hit bad. Now up until this point there was never the feeling of danger, just excitment. Then suddenly things became instantly foroding when suddenly above us came the sound of a vacuum cleaner turning on. Dad said something about forgetting to do something upstairs with a look of pure horror on his face. He said we had to go back up and take care of it.

He started to push me back upstairs. Forcing me to go first and all I knew was if we went up there, something would kill us. Something was poscessed up there, dad knew it, was making me go up first, and we were going to die. It was probably the vacuum cleaner who kept getting noiser every step I was forced to take.

Then I woke up, the usual feeling that comes when I have a nightmare. Every nerve end on edge, a thudding druming noise in my ears (when I was a kid I thought it was some kind of drum from hell, but of course now I know it's just blood pounding.), and my heart pounding.

I was annoyed. Knowing I wasn't going to be able to fall asleep until my body caught up with my mind that the dream had been a STUPID one, but it wasn't all bad. I got to wake up to my kitty. Which I gently rested my hand on her to make sure I could feel her breathing as I couldn't see with my glasses off in the dark. She was. Everyone needs a kitty to cuddle up to after a night of silly, non-scary, vacuum cleaner, dreams.
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Stayed up way too late last night chatting with people and just derping about, enjoyng being home, but figured - that's okay! I'll sleep in. I did not take into account just how much the cat had aparently missed me while I was gone.

I was having some epic dreams too. Like, there was some magical item called the light and it could do whatever the weilder wanted. So I had to hide it from some bad guys, but they found me and my family. I tried to act dumb like I didn't know what they were talking about, but they demanded I give them the CD with the light on it. So I gave them a CD with an AMV I made with the word light in the title... they didn't find it funny and still didn't believe I didn't know what they were talking about. So they started to trash my place and I was hoping they wouldn't find the real CD with the real light on it that I had taped to the back of a mirror.

I did manage to sneak my family out before they found it and I was surprised it didn't work, then they figured out that the light wasn't ON the CD. We just thought it was because it worked everytime I tried to use it. Whoooops, guess who was the light? So yeah, they hired some muscles to beat out how this light stuff worked when they again didn't believe that I didn't know. Even though I kept shouting - No really! I really thought it was the CD! And they hired Aoshi who through my glass figure collection at me to get me to talk when-

The cat started to meow.

She did this all night long. Woke me up three-four different times. Either laying next to me meowing until I pet her or rubing my face with her head and meowing until I pet her. It was like she was going: Okay, you need to wake up and touch me. I need to validate again that you're really here with me. WAKE UP! But I forgive her, it's like revenge for all the time I've shaken her awake to make sure she was still alive when I get into those paranoid states.
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I'm much better this morning.

Last night was pretty rough and I ended up kinda throwing up three times in an hour. I say kinda because I didn't have anything to toss up really. But after that when I went back to bed and woke up this morning with a cat sitting on my shoulder letting me know just because I had been sick didn't mean I got out of feeding her.

My stomach still hurts a teeny tiny but it has moved up into my stomach and it rumbles and grumbles. So I'm pretttttty sure that's just hunger, but I'm just a little reluctant right now to eat.

But I think I'll give up soon and make some soup. Mmmhmm... food.

Also I think kitty knows I'm better considering how sweet she was being last night while I was sick. When I woke up the first time she was cuddled unusally close to me. Like she wanted to be so close she had attempted to wedge herself under me. Usually at night she wants to be next to me, but not quiet touching. Like she thought moving from her typical sleeping spot and moving to touch me would make me feel better.

Then she never once asked for food the three times I got out of bed. Usually when I wake up in the middle of the night she's begging for food. Nope. Not last night. Last night she was just cuddly. So perhaps she knew something when she said: Screw cuddling. Wake up nowz. Hungee. More so because she had already been FED once. That's right cat. I heard mom come in this morning to feed you. You glutton. You cute, loving, gultton of mine~!

EDIT: I ate a grilled cheesed sandwhich and it was GLOURIOUS! And still in my tummy over an hour later. I proclaimed myself healed.

...now... MORE FOOD! OH NOM NOM!
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So kitty went to the vets today for a check up. I felt horrible - she was so stressed that she started drooling porfusely and even pooped a little in her carrier. Of course once we got there we had to screw the lid off the carrier to get her to come out. A little bit of bad news is that she's lost a pound since she was last brought in a year ago. She now just weighs over six pounds. My fatty kitty isn't so fatty anymore. We talked about some options - taking bloodwork and possibly teaching me how to get her fluids everyday - but I decided against it. She's old and at this point I'm looking for quality of life not quantaty. I don't think she'd really appericate being stuck with needles everday and it would get expensive too. I feel bad taking in expensives when it comes to my cat's life, but I need to. The vets say my choice was a perfectly fine one that they think is good. We did give her fluids today just so she could have some extra - umph for at least a bit.

The vets were amused by her determination to get back in her crate though. She was pawing at it trying to open it. I'm sorry kitty but you cannot shove your way through steel.

So no real good news. Still amazing that she's made it this far and as long as she is managing to go to the bathroom, drink, and eat then we should just keep on doing what we've been doing. So now I have a very grumpy kitty hiding from me under the china cabnit. She'll get over it when she gets hungry.

In other news I think I finally killed that damn virius. Nearly 9 hours of scanning and fighting with it and tears - after a quick system recovery and another scan it was gone. I don't get virius - people suck. Stop making them!
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This morning was both really fucking awesome and a bit depressing at the same time.

Woke up at some point in the morning and rolled over to go back to sleep. The cat made a little protest of: omg... feed me - but not her usual obnioxious rub her face all over any exposed part of my body not protected by blankets. (Damn her noise is cold) Which usually means my face. WALKING all over me. Pawing at my head and then finally SITTING on my head as a final attack.

Nope. This morning she meowed a couple times, butted her head against my shoulder once then shut up. I was able to fall back to sleep right away. The dog didn't wake me up at the crack of dawn to go to the bathroom either. So I was shocked when I finally opened my eyes and put my glasses on that the time was a few minutes to 11. Wow. I haven't slept past 9:00 in awhile. I've laid in bed attempting to go back to sleep before but never managed it. It was refreshing to know for once I didn't totally screw myself over by staying up until 2am and then being woken up by 8am. I can manage on six hours of sleep - but I perfer eight when I can get it. Actually I perfer 12 XD I'll admit it. I love my bed. I love hiding under the blankets and snuggled in with the cat snoring softly next to my head. It's just so peaceful and my favorite place to day dream.

But as soon as I twitched the cat was up and crying out loudly for food. I can't believe she didn't wake me earlier really. I felt guilty so instead of toying with the idea of rolling over and going back to bed I fed her. XD

Then dad made me breakfast in bed. ;_; D'aw. French toast. My favorite breakfast food. Not that he knew that - just we had more eggs than milk for pancakes. He came in saying it's my day off. I should relax and enjoy doing nothing today. ;_; D'aw! So sweet! As annoying as my dad is at times he has a very sweet side to him. Very sugary sweet.

But alas - I have wasted hours of my dad away already adn I really should try to be productive. There are really only two MAJOR things standing in my way of me moving on with my life and getting my butt to Australia. Finding a job and place to live down there and getting my room cleaned and more of my stuff sold/given away.

I don't know why but I suddenly find myself unmotivated to do either. Cleaning my room just because a life of pack-ratery makes it so I have way too much damn stuff to want to go through. As for finding a job I start to look and then - I dunno - panic? Something. It's just easier to not get into it. There are other things I'm still not sure I'm ready to let go of. Like my cat.

I understand the very real fact that once I leave home I won't see her ever again. She's old. She is sick - even though she doesn't tend to act it. And she needs me. Mom and dad are pretty good with her - but I'm her comfort. I'm her everything. Mom and dad are good with her, but they don't love her like I do. They don't pay as good attention to her. They also don't have the time to be with her like I do. I know I left her for college - but I also know she mopped around when I left and that was before she started to get sick. With every month that passes I can't believe how close she's getting to her 20th birthday.

Which - holy shit. Means our birthdays are only two months away now. I'm going to be a 24 year old who is still living with her parents. When I was a kid I said I wouldn't be that type of person. I was going to be an amazing magication by now. XD Funny how things turn out. I wish taking that next big step wasn't so hard or so big. I love my parents. I know dad doesn't want me to leave so far away - knowing he won't see me again for a good long time when I do. Mom doesn't really want me to leave either but she also wants me to chase after my dreams and is telling me to go. It will be alright and they'll be there to catch me if I fall. She never chased her dreams and settled and she regerts it everyday so she is really pushing me to run and not be afraid to fall.

So many questions. So many that I can't answer. So much I'll miss. So much happiness and heartache to come. This is what makes life worth living isn't it? So I really should stop stalling shouldn't I?

Autumn - we totally need to make a plan for me to come visit you. Do you know when you have a three day weekend coming up? Also I'll be scanning that picture now.
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I wonder if my cat will make it through the winter this year. Considering I'm watching her yet again feel ill and unable to go to the bathroom. Everytime I question if I'm doing the right thing or not. I think I am. Her time happy is still much more than her time not; it's probably just more painful for me really that I have to sit here and watch and not be able to do anything to help her.

I was hoping to finish the AMV tonight but I doubt it now. It's been open for awhile but I can't focus on it for obvious reason. I just feel this HUGE wall of guilt slam into me that I'm trying to do something fun and enjoying  myself when my cat is upset and unhappy. But yet... all I do is sit and stare at her because there's just nothing I CAN do.

I'm really questioning the winter. It's pretty cold in my room already and we haven't even had any REAL cold days. I came home to find my cat huddled tight on top of the heater. She's cold and old and I can't do anything about that either. I hate feeling helpless.

As sad as I am to think about all these things I'm also very thankful for the time I've had with her this summer. Considering in about another month we'll hit the year mark (Dec 23rd) that I thought I'd be putting her down. A year since the vets handed me some medicine to give her that was very doubtful to do any good and enjoy a last chirstmas with her.

I never would have thought that day that I would have gotten all this time with her. I hope she gets past this small funk she's gotten herself into soon. So this is now the start of day one of kitty watch. See if she eats any tonight or tomorrow and go from there again. I think that's how I'll decided it's time. When she refuses food for two days. At least she hasn't gone into hiding yet and still wants me to pet her during her few moments when she's calm.
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...before I get to my post - wow... I just saw a commerical for a redesigned Clue game. Where you can get 'real time text messaging!' And of course standered messaging fees apply. Wow - way to suck money out of people while they play a board game. Wasn't that part of the fun of board games? To sit down with your friends and have a fun night in without spending money? Geeze. The use of cell phones sickens me a bit these days.

But yes - this post was meant to be about my kitty. After not eating pretty much all day yesterday and throwing up what little food she did she finally ate today. Not nearly as much as I would like but anything is better than nothing. She's actually come up and asked for it and she's coming back looking for my attention again. That alone - her wanting to be with me again it's the most relief to me. I was so scared that maybe she was trying to be alone to die.

We'll see how she does tomorrow. Hopefully even better! *crosses fingers*

For now - one of my favorite halloween movies as a kid is on. ^_^ I shall watch, enjoy, and snuggle with my kitty.

Sick kitty

Oct. 20th, 2009 10:42 pm
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Poor kitty had a very bad day today.

First thing is I really didn't feel like getting up this morning to feed her. Was just more tired than usual. So I ignored her several times and she missed her usual breakfast time by a good hour or two. As sometimes mom will bring her food but mom forgot. Buttons only got me out of bed because on her last time that she came up to pester me.... she fell off the bed.

So I got up and gave her some food. Only she hardly touched it. I think she was hoping mom would open a fresh can for her so next thing I knew she was pawing at mom for food. *sighs* Until she got her claw stuck badly in mom's sweater and it took both of us to free her claw. To which she hid under a cuboard and gave us a angry glare. I eventually coaxed her out with some fresh food.

While she was eating though it hit me again how old she is. And how she's looking her age more and more these days. She's lost a lot of weight and you can see her hips now. And as proof to how there will never be another Buttons her hips don't line up from when she was hit by the cars. (Yes. Cars. She's been hit twice in her lifetime and never had anything done by vets to help her out. The second time it was suggested that they'd could do surgery to fix the new hip alighment problem and the one our old craptastic vets had missed but back then she had been too old for surgery and they said it wasn't going to give her much pain - just don't man handle her/pick her up unless nesscary so - no we're not torturing her. It's just how it turned out) So she looks kinda funny now that her hips are so prominate.

And today she started walking around like each step was calculated because it pained her. It probably did because she's been sick most of the day. Unable to go to the bathroom and it's left her rather upset. And I think it's worse than normal this time. As she kept trying and would get out a couple drops of diarea but couldn't do anything else and she was trying so hard. I felt so helpless because I couldn't do anything for her. Normally when she's having trouble going to the bathroom I can at least comfort her with petting and such - she'll even come looking for me for petting - but today she was so upset she just hid. Once when she came out I gave her a small pet and she just gave me one of the most pitiful meows I've ever heard her make and she moved away from me. That hurt. Although I understood - I don't like people hovering over me when I'm sick but comforting and petting her is the only thing I could give her and that wasn't helping her at all. So she hid from everyone all day. Came out and threw up what little she ate and was just miserable.

And of course it's on a day I'm working. I tried to keep it from my mind because there wasn't anything I could do for her and it was obvious she wanted to be alone. Just tired not to think about that maybe she wanted to be alone to die. It helped that I totally screwed up when I was suppose to show up for work. Last night I was told to show up at ten to three. Yeah... so I thought it meant I started at 2:50pm. *cough* They wanted me to work 10am-3pm. *Cooooooooooough* Good thing they're so in need of employers and it was an honest mistake that they didn't mind. They thought it was hilarious. They were just so thankful I didn't decided to not work at the last second.

When I got home I found that the cat had managed to do a little poop and was feeling a bit better. Wanted to pet her even. She came up and snuggled up to me even. Except she's still hasn't eaten anything and it's worring me. And now she's acting upset again and has gone off to hide. *sighs* I hope she gets past this soon.
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Today is crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Well the morning went well. It started out with the cat not waking me up all night long to be fed and then got to play some nice computer games.

And that's when I should have just gone back to bed.

As said computer games were wrapping up the cat started to get sick. (She's fine now) I'm sure I've mentioned once or twicy (or a million) that my cat is old. Well because her body is so old it doesn't work right so she has trouble digesting food enough so she can pass it. So she's on laxatives so she can go to the bathroom which have worked well so far. (grossness ahead) When we first realized she had this problem she hadn't pooped in days and then was trying so hard she was litterally making herself sick over it - which is when we took her in and the vets told us her body is just shutting down. Nothing we can really do except give her a little help with the laxative - but once that stopped working that's the end of the game pretty much.

So when the kitty wasn't able to go this morning and was wandering all over the house, meowing, and being generally upset I got worried. And then even more worried when she threw up. It scared me quiet a bit thinking maybe the meds just won't working anymore and maybe it was time to end things. (I love my kitty but I'm not going to watch her in misery over not being able to go to the bathroom to keep her). However, thankfully she finally was able to go to the bathroom not too much longer after that.

But it is something I'm going to be keeping an eye on. Need to know if we need to up the dosage or if maybe she just can't do it anymore. *hugs the kitty* I hope this was just a random occurance.

And then I tried to fill out unemployment benfits online. I needed my employer's ID number which could be found on my W2 form. So I got out the taxes folder and started flipping through it. I found everyone's tax information EXCEPT mine. And let me just state: I love this house as it's where I grew up and it's my home but my GOD I hate just about everything inside it. My mom is a packrat and she raised a packrat - but I am trying to break out of that cycle. She keeps EVERYTHING. Our house is FILTY and clutter with all sorts of stupid junk. Which just pissed me off trying to go through everything trying to find my W2 because mom remembered getting them out to prove to NYS that I exist for this new insurance thing they have going that's pissing everyone off and she doesn't know what she did with them. Ugh.

Never did find the paper copy - but luckily the insurance was done online and dad knew the password (yeah - I was lazy and let him do my taxes. It was easier - all my info was mailed to my house and I was at school and he didn't mind doing it. XD) so I was able to find the number I needed! -_- just too bad the website was already down for the day. Joy.

Beyond annoyed. And I wanted to ask the person helping me apply for some Family Health Plus insurance but her email automatically rejects mine. Wonderful.

Granted this day could have been a whole lot worse and in the end most things have worked out but... geeze. Will it not end?
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I think my cat may realized something new is happening. That I may be leaving her or something. As this morning she wants to touch me more than she normally does. Normally she's content to sit near me. Not pratically on top of me. She tends to do this when she doesn't want me to get up.

Sorry kitty but I must work and make monies.
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...then waking up and the first thing you see is a kitty curled up beside you who starts purring just because she's so happy you've woken.

I love my cat so very much ^_^ Hehe, now she's curled up next to me snoring softly. She's so cute!!!

Except... this will be changed by tomorrow. As instead of waking me for some reason my cat woke my mom up at 6am to be fed. Heh. When I'm not home my cat is locked in my room at night so she can't wake people at crazy hours. (There's water and a litter box in my room for this. XD)

Now... we THOUGHT because I'm home she'd just wake me up and wouldn't need to be locked in. But no... XD So kitty will be locked in my room with me tonight so she has no one else to pester except me. Hehe. Goofy cat.

Kitty Time!

Apr. 5th, 2007 12:47 pm
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I was talking about my kitty the other day to  [profile] webfootand actually found a little spare time and thought I would post pictures so she could see her. So pictures!

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AHH! This Friday is the phone interview for the study aboard program through Buffalo. Gah! I'm so nervous. I'm not even sure which school they'll be sending me to. Either the U of  Adelaide or perhaps the U of South Australia. GAH! I hope I don't sound stupid or my phone dies or something. @_@

I hope I get in through Buffalo, then I can stop the paper work to get into the other schools. I know that's lazy, but they'd all be sending me to the same place anyway and as I've already done this once for Buffalo I'd rather not do it YET again for a different school. *crosses fingers*

On an unrealated note, I'm glad I'm not home. The other night smoke was coming out of the fernance - it's broken. Which means my family must once again rely on karasone heaters to warm our house or freeze. Poor Casey got sick from the fumes the other day. And it was -33f the other day. NEGATIVE 33! But someone is happy over all this trouble. My kitty! She loves sitting next to the heaters! Mom sent me an email telling me how she goes to pet the cat and one half will be very hot and the other cold. She sent pictures too! KITTY PICTURE TIME!


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