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Been INCREDIBLY busy and don't really have time to post anything right now, but DAMN IT, I've been wanting to update this for over a MONTH now and I'm going to take FIVE MINUTES to post something!

So my sister broke up with her boyfriend. Not wanting to come home she moved out of his place and in with me. My apartment is so crazy small and she uses my computer to look for work/an apartment so I rarely have time to spend a lot of time on the computer. One of the big reasons I just simply have not been around much.

I feel bad as she lived on my floor for a month on an air bed. Being rejected day after day for jobs.

However, now I'm visiting my parents. Mostly because of my mom's hoarding has been spinning out of control lately. Okay... it's never been IN control, but worse than normal. So we've been going crazy dragging out box after box after box out of the house and marked for a sale or garbage. I must admit, she's doing a MILLION times better tossing stuff than I thought she would. Yesterday alone we took a PACKED FULL van of garbage to the dump.

(And if I'm being honest even I had trouble throwing some of that stuff away. Like my old baby clothes, but no one would want our old clothes. They were a bit smelly and stained.) It was good to get even that much out of the house. I so wish I had more time then just these couple days to get ready for our big sale (as it's village wide that's why there's a time limit) as even though we've hauled out what I swear has been at least 100 boxes and random items and it still doesn't look like we've done much damage.

@.@ Ugh.

Anyway, mom's at work and I told her I'd dig out a few more boxes for the sale on my own of some old baby toys. Before she would have cried and hollared if I dare even THINK of selling/throwing away any of it. Now she's trusting me to mark them cheap enough so that they go or says she wants them thrown out. So maybe there is some hope for her hoarding.
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Yesterday was fun. Originally I had planned to go up to Watertown with Autumn to stop by the bus station to buy a ticket for Sunday and drop a box of books off at Salvation Army. Then we thought we might go watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D for fun, but she ended up having to go shopping with her dad. I don't blame her, we're going back to NYC and won't be able to see our families for awhile soon.

So mom volunteered to go uptown with me, only she didn't want to go to the movies. Fine with me, the movies was just extra anyway. The first stop we made was at our local Dollar General to pick up a couple things we needed. Mom even bought me some make up to complete the small collection she's been finding me on sale.

On the way to the city we stopped at the cheese store to pick up cheese curd. Man, I'm going to miss cheese curd, it's so yummy and I can't find a place that sells any in NYC. From there we swung by the bank so I could exchange some coins I rolled for mom that we went across the parking lot into Panera bread to spend on lunch. OMG, I love how yummy their soup bowls are. So yummy. While we were sitting there Casey texted us so we got her a soup bowl to go. She works at the FYE in the mall and she was so excited to have such a delicious lunch instead of the sandwich she had brought with her. While we were at the mall mom wanted to stop into Verizon to contest a charge she thought they unfairly charged her.

While she was doing that I looked at all the phones because mine has been acting up just a bit lately. When an associate came up and started pushing me on the smart phones. I told him he was looking at the wrong person that I was not interested in smart phones because I HATE touch screens. I just want a cell phone that made phone calls, and maybe GPS, but I didn't want to pay an insane amount extra each month for just that. That's when he showed me phones that aren't touch screen OR smart phones, but also have GPS. O.o But I was not prepared to think of getting a new phone today!

But Greyhound's ticket window in our city is only open from 2pm to 3pm so mom and I decided to think on it and go check in with them. Turns out their a Trailway office and can't honor Greyhound ticket vouchers, but the station in Syracuse is. So I'll have no problem exchanging it there. Then we swung around to Salvation Army to dump off this huge box of children books we had found in the cellar. It was bitter sweet, some of those books had been my favorites as a kid, but I couldn't keep it forever. I also couldn't stand to just see them thrown out, so I hope they get bought and give other kids happy.

Since we were there we also popped in and I bought some new work pants. Then we sat in the van for a long, long, LONG, time as I beat myself over if I wanted a new cell phone or not. Which turned out good for my cousin Terri as her mother called us asking if we could pick up some meds for her and drop them off at Terri's house. So we drove to Rite Aid where mom found a RED make up bag and it was on SALE. 8D Have I mentioned red is my favorite color and I have all this make up that I've suddenly acquired? Mom said it was fate and bought it for me because she knew I wouldn't.

While also standing in line for the medicine we decided we'd go back and look at the phones one more time. Maybe without being rushed I could make a better decision. Back to Verizon we went and after a lot of looking and a lot of questions I actually found a phone with GPS which is CLOSE to my old phone.

O.o I bought a new phone. I was not expecting this.

We went to see Casey one more time before we left to make sure she didn't need anything else brought to her before we left the city. Found out one of her co-workers is someone I use to take Taekwondo with! Only she didn't seem to recognize me so I didn't say anything, thinking maybe I was wrong. Then Casey texted me sometime after I was home and said she had asked if that was me and she DID recognize me. Derp. Go us.

The last thing we did was to drop Terri's medicine off to her. It was a little awkward because Terri is who I have dubbed: Stalker Cousin in the past. It was snowing so we got to use that as an excuse to get out of there before the snow got too bad.

I still can't believe I got a new cell phone.

Crazy week

Sep. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
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Man, I've been wanting to update this thing for over a week now, but it's been crazy and busy. First off last week I started by doing a MAJOR overhaul of my old resume. I was feeling pretty proud of it! Just as I was signing off AVG let me know that it found a virus. I told it to delete it and went to bed, deciding I would do a system restore first thing in the morning just to be safe.

Yeah. That didn't work out. Tried the system restore and it just made everything worse and soon I was getting blue screen of death. And this was AFTER spending 12 hours to let Mallyware Bites scan for 12 hours and found nothing and AVG running another scan for 4 and also finding nothing.

So I took my computer up to geek squad. They couldn't get rid of the virus, but for a 100 bucks they would try to save all my files. I left it with them and they said they'd call me in two or three days when it was done.

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Didn't realize it, but my last entry was my 3,333th post! O_o Wow! Also haven't been posting too much lately. I think the car accident depressed me more than I was trying to let it. Everytime I tried to come here to post I could only think of over dramatic whinny posts. Nothing interesting going on in my life. So all I really have to talk about is the bad. So I decided to hold off until I had something fun and upbeat to write about. And I have one!

So I went back home, AGAIN because I had another four days off and I just like being out in the country so-so-so much more than being in the city. The only parts I dislike is I miss my pets and car more when I'm home. But I'm finding little tricks around it. Last night I turned the fan on, even though I was cool enough without it, just to keep me from listening for them to come into the room.

Whoops, getting sidetracked. MOVING ON!

But yes, I wasn't doing much. Hanging out at home when mom asked if I wanted to join her and one of her friend for dinner at this new restaurant that just opened with new management. Only she was at the antique shop down the road and still had to close up before she could get me. So I decided I'd walk down there so she didn't have to backtrack to get me. As I was making the short walk my sister Casey was coming up the road.

She pulled over from her day at the county fair to tell me about it. She had gone up with a friend and they had played a ring toss game just for the fun of it. Only they had sucked so badly at it her friend begged her to change to the other ringtoss game where you won knives because her friend was embarrased by how bad they did. So my sister went and on her very first toss she won a cheeta printed pocket knife. Then they went and played a bingo game where she then won four large drinking glasses!

Casey dropped her friend off at home, but as she was headed back her cell phone rang. She didn't know the number so didn't answer until she found a spot to pull over and look at it safely. She listened to her voice mail. Turned out it was Johnny from the local radio station she had won a prize! The only thing she remember being in on at the radio station was a drawing for 1000 dollars of gas and another gift certificate from another place. Only she didn't remember what. It was too late to call though, she has to do it tomorrow.

Wow! What a lucky girl! Mom and I kept joking how we should play quick draw all night at dinner, but we're all broke. So we just went to the place together with my mom's friend "Joan the Jewelry Lady". The place had pretty much only opened so they could be open for the French Festival last week. So the only thing on the menu were wraps and a couple salads. Before they closed for renovations they had dinners and everything there. Poor Joan, that's what she had been expecting and had trouble finding something to eat on the limited menu, but she found something.

It was still a nice dinner, and I think I'm going to go snuggle up into my nice snuggly bed now and sleep to noon. 8D
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Going home again tomorrow. Seeing as I was told I have Fri-Tue off. Not sure why the building is closed that long, but it is and it's hot here. Home has air conditioning. Home is just home. It's not NYC. So I'm going home again.

Although we don't have anything planned this trip. So I'm a little nervous about being home more this time. Means I'm going to have to be in the empty house more. Last time I had a bit of a bad moment. It was late and I was staying up late to watch FMA: Brotherhood. I had borrowed mom's computer so I could try to catch up on tags before I headed back to the city in the morning.
A still mourning pet lover )
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Just got back from camping today. Will be headed back to the apartment tomorrow. Stealing mom's computer for now! ----- Or more like a couple days ago. Half of this was written when I first got home... then LJ ate it and I JUST recovered it from Vash's journal when I went to make a post. Weird... but I can finish now! ----  I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. Came home with just one scrap, a mild sunburn, and oh.... about 40 fish. Nummies~~

Well, also caught a head cold, but I had that before we left for camping. So let me start at the beginning.

The camping trip )


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So another four day weekend for me! Mom thought about coming up here, but we decided quiet literally last minute that I'll go home instead and we'll all go camping.

8D YAY! Camping!

I'm heading straight to the bus stop after work tomorrow! We go out camping Thr and return evening Sat! I leave back for NYC POSSIBLY on Sunday. I say POSSIBLY because I've gotten the last two Fridays off. There's a VERY small chance I'll get an early in the week day off... possibly monday? If I do I'll be postponing going back one more day. BUT! I won't know that until they email me my schedaul next week.

I'm also not bringing my computer. What little internet access I do have will be coming from family memebers so I won't be around much.

I must also admit that I'm a little terrified at the thought of going home knowing there is now no cat or dog awaiting there for me. I'm scared to face the truth. I know I'm not going to be able to stop looking at the spots Buttons always slept, just like I haven't stopped looking in the yard for Egor when I pull into that driveway. Knowing she'd always be there, only getting up because I was home and yay! It meant belly rub time!

I'm glad we're going camping as I'm sure for the first night home I'm going to be spending a lot of time listening to that oh so soft half purr meow Buttons did when she was wondering if I was awake at night. The way she crept around the bed until finally laying on my shoulder or next to my head.

Then of course, hearing how dad literally jumped off the couch in joy and tickled my mom's cheeks when he heard the news that his daughter was coming home to see him. That specail kind of tickling he only really does when he's so happy he just can't contain himself. That will make it all worth it. Poor guy. At first mom talked like she was going alone to visit me in NYC and he was all: oh... :( have fun.... until she made the side comment that we decided it'd just be better if I came home nad he was all 8DDDD YAYZ!

And now... time for bed. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!
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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

My weekend home )

A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.
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With work at my new internship being slow as we're waiting for a group to come back from a shoot and we interns are aparently awesome and got everything caught up, our boss decided that I didn't need to come in until Wenesday. To enjoy a long weekend instead of coming in and doing pidly work for an hour or two and going home. I was totally cool with that. I pictured all the stuff I could get done! Finish getting all the last few posters in my room up, catch up on sleep, finally put together and play with the Trigun figures I got, laundry, look for work, catch up on sleep, make that long LJ entry I've been dying to make, it was my turn to clean the bathroom this weekend, church, maybe help Grace clean up her apartment, and catch up on sleep.

Until I texted mom joking how we were just talking about how I should find out if I have a long weekend coming up so she could come down to visit and it turned out to be the very next day. Darn she texted back. She had to work!

I even got out of work early today being that there was so little to do. I sat for a moment thinking over if I should do laundry or wait one more day. It was so hot the idea of just laying down and getting a jump start on that extra sleep thing felt SO tempting. Then I decided - no, might as well get it all done. So I went and did laundry.

Which was good just as I was setting down my new large bag of clothes mom was texting me.

"Hey, why don't you come home for your long weekend? I'll pay for you to come up! You can see Buttons!"

...why didn't I think of this?

SO YES! Now currently running around trying to get ready. Rushed out to the store to buy more TP for the apartment as it was my turn and got down on my hands and needs and just scrubed the bathroom like crazy. It was funny to me thinking about how slow and easy I was going to take getting all these chores done, now I was speeding through trying to get them ALL done in just a couple hours. So glad I did my laundry!

But yes, bathroom is clean, laundry is done, Grace never got back to any of my messages about if she needed help or not so I'm assuming she doesn't, I got one of my posters up, I'm going to church with dad and Casey tomorrow, and so now, in about six hours I'll be waking up to run and catch a bus home!

I've decided to not bring my computer. I'll be gone for four days and I'll just see how grabby I can be with my mom's and sister's computers. It will make it easier than trying to lug it around.

So I'm running away again! Take care everyone! Talk to you more hopefully in a couple days!
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It's funny how one badly worded sentance can ruin a night. I was planning on just going to bed and then making a post in the morning about the fun my sister and I had, but no. I'm here to rant now, because if I don't I feel like I may explode. (Sorry chat... I kinda did explode on you.)

So mom came home from work just after midnight. Casey and I had just finished watching A Goofy Movie and I was working on taking care of the pets so I could go to bed. Fed the cat. Took care of the dog and got her out of the kitchen when she fell out there and couldn't get up. Then let the dog out and back in before being asked by Casey who was on the couch with mom talking to put the gate up so the dog wouldn't go into her room.

I did that, then quickly did a little vacuuming because I had been petting the dog while watching the movie and she had shed. As soon as that was done I went in to brush my teeth. While brushing them Mom and Casey yelled to me and giggled that the dog was eating something. THey eventually realized it was some old papertowels dad had used to eat chicken wings with earlier today. I asked them to take it from her before it got shredded to make it easier for me.

I got: Ew for an answered. -_- No. They didn't. So a shredded mess I got to deal with. While I was going around trying to pick up all the drool covered pieces, mom let slip the sentance that made me want to blow up and bite her.

"Oh, ZZ. You should pick your dental floss pieces over there."

Really. REALLY!? She thought that instead of throwing away my dental floss in the bathroom garbage I had walked out into the living room and dropped MULTIPLE PIECES THERE?! I quickly corrected her on this issue that: No, shock! I am NOT that disgusting. No, this is in fact, her husband. The same person who leaves dishes all around the couch until I go around and pick them up after the dog has licked him. The guy who leaves used paper towels around until the dog shreds them and I throw them away.

My family is a family of horders. It's a painful thing to admit, but it's true. I've run out of excuses to tell friends why they can never come over to our house. And you know what? I'M THE CLEANEST PERSON IN THIS HOUSE. I've given up doing much. Sweeping the kitchen every so often. Vacuuming when I get dog hair all over the place. And doing the dishes. Otherwise I just do my best to keep mom from putting more shit in my room and trying to keep it tidy as I deal with breaking my own hording problems. Mom and Casey are always leaving the house because they can't deal with it and dad just sits around, watches TV, and makes a horribly disgusting food mess in the vincinity of the couch.

So what was the biggest insult was she thought it was ME. ME the only person who still PRETENDS to take care of this house and clean up after people. I admit, I should do more, but when people just make more messes for you when you clean something and you know no matter what you do, you're never going to have a socail life - it just becomes pointless.

GAH! Me! I'm trying to tell myself she didn't really mean that. HEIRhaiorea She just remembers I had just been brushing my teeth and she wanted me to grab it while I was cleaning up anyway. It's bad for the vacuum after all she was OH SO helpful to add. jhHEIariehagiogreaiorhea Just don't go blaming me for shit that goes on in this house mom. Don't. Just. DON'T. Because yes. I admit. Sometimes I don't put the Gamecube away as neat as it could be, but you know what? Does it REALLY matter when I just set it on a pile of CRAP instead of shoving it past the door the CRAP was covering? DOES IT!? You know what. You clear off a chair so I can sit in it without moving a pile of stuff somewhere else - THEN WE'LL TALK.

I hate this house sometimes.
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That is all.

*flops over and passes out. Pets sit on face.*
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Just a quick message to let you all know I managed to make it home safely today for the last time. *shudders* Still can't fully wrap my brain around the fact that I'm NEVER going back to Fredonia except for maybe a visit or two.

It really kinda feels like I'm just on break and soon I'll be heading back to the appartment to live with Deb again. It's a nice idea never having to deal with Deb again but at the same time I'm still having problems believing it. I may not really have it sink in til August when Autumn leaves for school and I... don't.

I'm super glad to be back home with the pets. Will have to work something out with the kitty. When I was on break and not working I didn't mind being woken up at all odd hours of the night to feed her but now.... hmm...

Also need to learn how to sleep again without kicking her.

Mooshy is doing... better... we think. He's moving around again, but he's stopped eating again today. We're still watching him closely - not fully sure as to what we should do.

The dogs were happy to see me I think. I think at first Egor didn't know who I was and got scared, but once I gave her one of my specail belly rubs I think she remembered. Senail old pets.

Ah. Now to put this emotional day behind me. So far mom has actually cried more than I have over it. But I'll probably start bawling like a baby once my head hits the pillow and I have nothing left to distract my brain from wandering to the fact that I'll never see the inside of my appartment again or many of my friends for that fact...


Oh god it's really over isn't it?

*sighs* I still feel like I'm just staying for a week right now. As a couple weeks ago my sister's TV broke so mom and dad moved my TV into her room and used my empty room as storage so the broken TV is still sitting in the middle of my floor. I really kinda hate that, but I don't really feel I have much right to complain. I don't like that they use my room as storage sticking random junk in it, but you know... I wasn't living in it very much so they should be able to use it for something. Just makes me feel unwanted I suppose even though I know I'm VERY wanted here. *sighs* It just comes from living with a family of pack rats I suppose. Can't let ANYTHING go.

And now my master is hungry and I must feed her.


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