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Taking a five minute breather because if I don't I may PASS out. That and I've been DYING to find time to sit down and update this journal.

Gotten a new job. Interviewed for it right before I went home to visit my family for Easter. Found out I landed the job while I was still away. First day was the 13th. At first this job seemed great and wonderful. That was until the boss finally came after being away my first week. Is he ANNOYING. He keeps telling me to do one thing, then changing his mind without saying anything, so then gets mad when I don't automatically know he changed his mind. Oh, and he'll say he never said for me to do the original instructions even though I would have never done ANY of it without being asked to first. Just ugh. Found out quickly that my one other co-worker can't stand him either. That she's thought of leaving the project multiple times because of him.

He also likes to over-work people I was warned. Glad I was. He's tried to get me to work every weekend. At first I didn't mind, needed some money but now it's getting stupid Told him no this weekend and good thing I did. I had plans to watch Titanic 3D and it was a lot of fun! The 3D was actually more distracting then awesome, but it was just fun to watch it in theaters again. The boom of the speakers and the fact that I didn't have to get up half way through the movie to switch VHS tapes. XD The one part at the beginning going through the ship wreckage WAS pretty cool in 3D, but otherwise it was just distracting. Painfully obvious this was not made to be in 3D.

My birthday is Tue and I'll be 26. Usually I'm freaking out by now, but I've been so busy it hasn't really sunk in. Even with that sentence. My dad is coming up to visit on Wen. I have Thr off from work so we can still go to the Marvel movie marathon still. Then I'll be at work Fri while he's here and then we have all of Sat together and then he leaves Sunday. @.@ My head is spinning. Between work, his visit, and my birthday I've just... ugh.

And I still have a bathroom, dishes, and my room to clean, wash, and sweep before I pass out in bed to work tomorrow. Wish me luck all.
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So about a week or so ago I got the news that my only and little sister Casey is taking her turn to move out of the house. She's moving herself all the way to Ohio with her old boyfriend. At first it didn't really sink in. The thought of her moving a whole state away, but it's getting more and more real as the days go by. I'm a little worried and glad at the same time. A little worried because she has been babied most of her life and this time she'll be so far away it's going to take almost a full day for any of her family to get to her. She'll be going with Ray so that helps. He's a good guy, but he also has a kid, I wonder how he feels about leaving the kid behind with his ex. He's a pretty decent dad from the few times I've seen him with the kid.

Then there's Nick, who WAS her current boyfriend. If I'm being honest I liked him a LITTLE better than Ray. They're both good guys, but I just felt like he could take care of my sister better than Ray. I'm also rather angry at Casey for leaving him just because he just left for boot camp. He's going to in the air force and Casey decided she couldn't handle living that kind of life. She's the type that needs physical contact, but she couldn't have decided this BEFORE he left or talked to him about it? I don't think he was gone a full two weeks before Ray mentioned this job he got in Ohio and wanted her to come with him. I'm still not sure he knows, Casey is at least trying to figure out a way to talk to him face to face about this move rather than break up over a text or letter. I'll give her that credit at least.

Once the anger about what she did to Nick wears off then I start thinking about what this means for our family. Dad is handling it better than I thought he would. Instead of wallowing at the bar that his last daughter is finally grown up enough to move out of the house he made plans to come visit me during my birthday. Wow, dad never gets out of the house and suddenly he's making plans to jump on a bus for 7 hours and spend 3-4 days sleeping on the floor. Whoa. Mom didn't even suggest anything to him! I would say that's out of character for dad, but he's always been great at trying to run away from things that he doesn't want to deal with.

Mom is doing well. Already trying to make plans on what to do with our two rooms now that both of her babies are out of the house. I'm trying to be gentle in voicing my fears that those rooms are just going to get filled with clutter rather than be turned into home offices. I really hope she can get a cap on her hoarding problem, but I'm a little worried without me or Casey there who were always trying to get her to stop so we could get the house cleaned up and have people over might make it worse.

As for me, I'm losing one of the best friends I had back home. Me and Casey have always been very different. She's been into make up and high fashion, I've been into anime and games. Even so we've always gotten on wonderfully. A relationship of give and take. Me going on shopping trips I didn't want to go on and her playing multilayer games and being okay that she rarely wins. I've been having a lot of flashbacks lately of our childhood. Playing Chip and Dale on the Nintendo and having to carry her through the hard parts. Our game of Bambi where we pretended we were deer and we'd run through the fields from hunters. Of taking care of the pets together. Or just being there for each other the way sisters should. Riding the bus to school together. Finding old fossils in our stone driveway together. The time she broke her collerbone and I attempted to bury her in her favorite toys until mom could pull the car around.

It's hard thinking of those times being done, but I have to come to terms that they pretty much are. With just me out of the house, I could come home and we could go shopping or play Mario Kart together, but now that we're both moved out it's going to be harder to get together. We're both going to have to travel far to see each other. I'm going home for Easter in less than a week and it breaks my heart thinking that this will probably be the last time the family will be together again until MAYBE Christmas. If I'm not working by then/can take the time off and if Casey can do the same. And where will she stay? The house is too messy for Ray to stay with her. She'd either have to come alone or find somewhere else to sleep. And Casey hasn't seen the importance of spending time together like the rest of us. She doesn't have the same sense of how short life is like me and our parents do. She's more that she has all the time in the world thinkers, but she's also a live life to the fullest type.

Here's hoping that she enjoys the choice she's made in her life and the path she wants to go down. If she finds that she made a mistake at least she has a strong family to fall back on. It's the one thing I've always felt so thankful as I fight to make a living here in NYC. If I do fall I always and forever know I have a home I can go back to.
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Just a quick update on the job situation. A little hopeful in that they emailed me back saying that once I had my living arrangements settled down there to let them know. Of course... they also didn't answer ANY of my questions I asked. Like - is this internship just a event by event type. How often are they going to need me? Where are they going to need me the most? What kind of tasks are they expecting me to do?

You know... you'd really think they'd want to know some of these questions too. Like have I ever made copies before or something... I dunno. This is about the third time I've tried to ask them these questions and they've ignored me to just say what they want. I'll probably still go. I just want a job so badly right now. No decision right now. I want to wait until mom comes home to sit down with her and dad and have a pow-wow. Once I move out they won't have any kids in the house for the first time in a long time. I want to give them time to let that sit in a little if I can.

Last night though I thought I was done stressing, but apparently not. I went to bed and had a dream I was hanging out on my bed with my computer answering tags and dad walked in looking as if he had just been kicked in the gut. He said he was so sorry, that these things just happen. Then I saw that he had Buttons's medicine in his hand and I knew, she had died.

A Nasty Dream )
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Dear family,

All I wanted to do today was finish my AMV. While the blizzard we got here isn't even CLOSE to as bad as the weather people were making it sound it's still not a good idea to be out and about if you don't have to be. And seeing I haven't gone out for a month (not counting trips to church) I wasn't planning on changing this record. I was planning on bunkering down and finishing the last 45seconds of my AMV that I failed to finish last night due to editor's block.

So mom, you walking in to tell me I shouldn't go anywhere today while I'm chilling in my PJs and just about to watch what I edited last night doesn't help. *restarts video* Dad, you coming in to tell me you think it's snowing outside when I'm just about to watch what I edited last night doesn't help. *restarts video* Coming to tell me the plow guy is here to plow us out, but I don't need to do anything when I'm just about to watch what I edited last night  doesn't help. *restarts video* Telling me to come quick! Get my snowgear on! The plow guy is stuck in the snow! When I'm just about to watch what I edited last night doesn't help. *STOPS VIDEO*

I knew I kept that old Starter's pull over jacket for a reason.

But we got Plow Guy out without needing to call a tow truck so YAY! Ask me to put all of the salt, kitty litter, shovels, and blankets we just used away? Okay. Fine. Get stupidly hot doing this because I'm decked out in snow gear. Undress. Sit down to computer. Turn video back on. Mom come in to ask me if I put all the things away when I'm just about to watch what I edited last night? Doesn't help. Mom go away and I restart video just for her to come back when I'm just about to watch what I edited last night to tell me I should move my car. DOESN'T HELP!

8D Get dad to move car because he still has snow gear on? Priceless. Waste time making pointless LJ entry? I'm... not sure about that, but I do know one thing! It doesn't help get that AMV done.

*restarts video*
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It's funny how one badly worded sentance can ruin a night. I was planning on just going to bed and then making a post in the morning about the fun my sister and I had, but no. I'm here to rant now, because if I don't I feel like I may explode. (Sorry chat... I kinda did explode on you.)

So mom came home from work just after midnight. Casey and I had just finished watching A Goofy Movie and I was working on taking care of the pets so I could go to bed. Fed the cat. Took care of the dog and got her out of the kitchen when she fell out there and couldn't get up. Then let the dog out and back in before being asked by Casey who was on the couch with mom talking to put the gate up so the dog wouldn't go into her room.

I did that, then quickly did a little vacuuming because I had been petting the dog while watching the movie and she had shed. As soon as that was done I went in to brush my teeth. While brushing them Mom and Casey yelled to me and giggled that the dog was eating something. THey eventually realized it was some old papertowels dad had used to eat chicken wings with earlier today. I asked them to take it from her before it got shredded to make it easier for me.

I got: Ew for an answered. -_- No. They didn't. So a shredded mess I got to deal with. While I was going around trying to pick up all the drool covered pieces, mom let slip the sentance that made me want to blow up and bite her.

"Oh, ZZ. You should pick your dental floss pieces over there."

Really. REALLY!? She thought that instead of throwing away my dental floss in the bathroom garbage I had walked out into the living room and dropped MULTIPLE PIECES THERE?! I quickly corrected her on this issue that: No, shock! I am NOT that disgusting. No, this is in fact, her husband. The same person who leaves dishes all around the couch until I go around and pick them up after the dog has licked him. The guy who leaves used paper towels around until the dog shreds them and I throw them away.

My family is a family of horders. It's a painful thing to admit, but it's true. I've run out of excuses to tell friends why they can never come over to our house. And you know what? I'M THE CLEANEST PERSON IN THIS HOUSE. I've given up doing much. Sweeping the kitchen every so often. Vacuuming when I get dog hair all over the place. And doing the dishes. Otherwise I just do my best to keep mom from putting more shit in my room and trying to keep it tidy as I deal with breaking my own hording problems. Mom and Casey are always leaving the house because they can't deal with it and dad just sits around, watches TV, and makes a horribly disgusting food mess in the vincinity of the couch.

So what was the biggest insult was she thought it was ME. ME the only person who still PRETENDS to take care of this house and clean up after people. I admit, I should do more, but when people just make more messes for you when you clean something and you know no matter what you do, you're never going to have a socail life - it just becomes pointless.

GAH! Me! I'm trying to tell myself she didn't really mean that. HEIRhaiorea She just remembers I had just been brushing my teeth and she wanted me to grab it while I was cleaning up anyway. It's bad for the vacuum after all she was OH SO helpful to add. jhHEIariehagiogreaiorhea Just don't go blaming me for shit that goes on in this house mom. Don't. Just. DON'T. Because yes. I admit. Sometimes I don't put the Gamecube away as neat as it could be, but you know what? Does it REALLY matter when I just set it on a pile of CRAP instead of shoving it past the door the CRAP was covering? DOES IT!? You know what. You clear off a chair so I can sit in it without moving a pile of stuff somewhere else - THEN WE'LL TALK.

I hate this house sometimes.
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Whoooo! After Christmas post! Let's start out with the loot I guess, party because I'm drinking part of it right now~

Mom bought me some flavored hot chocolate mixes and four small bottles white Russian Kahlua. They are so yummy when you mix them together. So far I've tried the raspberry and pepermint hot choco and using the kahlua too cool it instead of milk it gets this super yummy creamy undertaste to the already yummy flavor. Mmmhmm... excuse me a minute as I melt into this deliciousness. I'm going to try the carmal flavor next. So excited for it. Oh? And I bought myself some after christmas candy (cheap candy WHOO!) and dropped a pepermint chocolate into the coco - best idea EVER.

My sister I think spent too much money on me. She bought me a bottle of Irish Creme Bailyes and two shot bottles of their carmal flavor and the DVD of the orginal Nightmare on Elm Street. She loved the cupcake earings and matching necklace I got her and I'm so glad she did. I was a little worried about it, but she opened it and went: OOOH! CUPCAKES! I love cupcakes! So I guess I didn't need to worry!

Mom, besides the drink stuff, also spent WAY to much money on me. "Small" Christmas she says. Hah. Silly mother-person. She's never been good at the "small" idea. She got me the Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft, plus two months of play time, a gift card for Borders, plus the new Trigun DVD box set! Which means I have finally replaced my old bootlegged box set. Not that it wasn't a GREAT bootleg, but I bought it back when I was young and foolish and didn't know there were unoffical box sets out there. It's nice to have the offical thing. Mom kept asking what I was going to do with it and I think I'm going to keep it. I can't even BEGIN to remember all the times I've lent that thing out trying to get people addicted to Trigun and always feared never getting it back! So now I can lend out the bootleg copy, but not worry too much if I don't get it back - I have a REAL copy now!

Ahahaha... poor mom though. When I make my christmas wish lists for family I make it VERY specific or they don't know what I'm asking. As they're not geeks if I'm not crazy specific they don't know what they're looking for. Well, on the Trigun boxset it says: Complete Series. Not Boxset. Aparently mom didn't think it was the right thing at first and got assulted by anime nerds when she tried to ask if it was the same as a box set - who then went into how awesome the show was at her.

She was still nervous when I opened it. Converstaion went a bit like this:
Mother-person: That's the right one right?
Zig-zag: Yeah! It's perfect! Thanks mom!
MP: Oh good, because I remember you pointing at a picture with a guy in a red coat.
ZZ: *points to Vash on the cover* ...but he IS wearing a red coat.
MP: But he isn't! *point to Wolfwood* Shouldn't HE be wearing a red coat too?
ZZ: PFfffft. No mom. Wolfwood is too cool to wear a red coat.
MP: Ooohhh...

Spent the rest of Christmas actually running with GOOD pick up groups in WoW and got TWO dungeons finished. Played lots of Mario Kart Wii with my sister, until it was time to eat dinner. Which was delicious.

Had a bit of a dick moment though when Casey and I started to do things on our own for a bit then she came wandering in and asking me about some things in World of Warcraft. It was later after I had finished a dungeon run that I remember I had said we could watch a movie she had gotten for Christmas later and she must have come in to ask to watch one. Awww. Poor sister. I feel so bad for not realizing sooner. I'll have to make it up to her somehow.

Backtracking a day to the 24th! )
The Day After Christmas! )

Hope all had a great holiday!
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So last night there was a storm brewing. Literally. I had some fun at work sitting in the toll both watching a storm slowly blow in. It got creepily dark slowly and the thunder was long and loud. Lightening would flash every so often. And the WIND! I watched one tree nervously. The tree that had roots tangled in the tree next to it that fell, in a wind storm, last year and is at a crazy angel. I'm glad it didn't fall.

It hardly rained, but it was loud, dark, and there was a hint of something big coming in the air, but it passed by us.

But where it missed the campsite, another storm was setting over my house at home. A half an hour before I was suppose to leave work I got a text from mom: Are you busy? She only texts me that when something bad is happening. So I texted back: No. Then instead of calling me like I thought she would she texted me asking me to call. Uh... okay.

Turns out? My sister's computer is dead. Stuck in a restarting loop. They have no idea what happened to it. So they were calling me up and I felt terrible because I could hear my sister crying in the background and I excatly what she was feeling. I tried to talk them though some steps but nothing was working.

Then I came home and messed with it most of the night trying different things. Managed to turn off that auto restart when problem is dedected. But that still won't let me get into safe mode or anything. It will still restart back to the Toshiba start up page or go to a screen letting me know a problem was decetected - asking me to press F1 which takes me back to the Toshiba page.

So today I'm telling her to take it to a local computer guy and have him try to remove the harddrive and put it in another computer to see if he can get around this problem. If he can I've emptied my external harddrive so she can put her stuff on that if he can. But I honestly don't have much hope.

But my night wasn't over. Snuggled into bed after FMA: Brotherhood and started to go to sleep when I realized dad still wasn't home from his night of drinking. Usually he calls for a ride or drove home drunk by now. So... I got worried. Try to tell myself I'm sure he was fine - maybe he spent the night at Aunt Judy's. Maybe he was being smart for once in his life and was waiting to sober up? Lost track of time?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep. I debated texting him, but he doesn't tend to answer text messages when drunk and if he was driving DID I want to text him? He'd be an idiot and look at it. Did he even bring his phone with him? He forgets it a lot. Anyway, after freaking myself out enough I stepped outside - maybe he did come home and I didn't hear while watching FMA? Nope. Gave up and texted him and damn it I should have waited five more minutes because five minutes after that he pulled into the driveway.

And he was drunk. Which was annoying because I couldn't pretend to be asleep. But I'm glad he got home safe.

-_- The jerk.
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All brought to you by mom:

"How do I do this thing on this thing?"
"I'm going to make brocolli... and put bacon bits in it!"

Mom: If I do this thingy will it fix a thing?
Me: What are you trying to fix?
Mom: I don't know... a... thing.
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First off... I need to get over this: My pets are old. They're going to die thing. The last couple nights those little thoughts keep slipping into my dreams - but that's a sperate post I'll make later (next month at the rate I've been going). But no. Jut two seconds ago while waitng for the page to load I turned to my kitty because she's so cute and I was so sure she wasn't breathing. More sure than when I usually shake them awake. So scared I almost didn't want to touch her. But I did and she woke up... -_-;; Got to stop doing this to myself.

But no - this post is about why I miss having my own appartment. Last night I stayed up until 6am. Went to a four year aniversery for a local bar/resturant and enjoyed the music and then came home and RP-ed for way too long... about a bar scene. XD But I did this because: oh! I have tomorrow off and the business I work for is closed! No chance of being called in!

So I was a bit displeased this morning when I was yanked out of my sleep by my dad yelling as he headed to the bathroom which is right next to my bedroom door at the TOP OF HIS LUNGS. I'll get you my pretty! HAHAHAHA! Made better that my mom had apparently opened my door in this morning for some reason and didn't shut it so I got the full force of this. Then he continued to yell loudly as he talked to my mom. Oh. And did we mention this was at 10am? So... four hours of sleep?

Although I can forgive him. He didn't know I was asleep. It's very rare when I wake up after him and my door being open is usally a sign I'm awake.

Mom however coming in soon after that letting me know her computer DID come with a photo-cropping program and asking me to teach her how to use it? That made me very twitchy. I explained nicely to her that I don't do much with photos and don't know photo editing programs like... at all... DAYS ago. But I explained this again. But she said I should still come out and show her how to use it. So I told her again I don't know how to use photo editing programs. I just click around til stuff works. That she can do that herself because I know she learns better hands on. No. She still wanted me to go out to her computer and show her. The angry glare I gave her made her tack on a: At some point. To that.

God I hate it when I'm wide awake but so damn tired that all I want to do is sleep BUT I CAN'T.


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