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Had a very surreal and odd dream last night. It started off with me at my old job. I was talking with my old coworker/boss Sarah as we walked around the park doing cleaning type things. Then she delegated that my other coworker Eric should start weedwacking, I should head to the paddle dock and rake the leave out, while she cleaned the bathrooms. We all left to do our chores, I wasn't exactly looking forward to mine as the paddle dock is just a square wooden area with a picknick table in the middle that was set up so canoers could pull their canoes up there. Not that anyone ever does that, but at least it's near the water.

So I started raking up the leaves and making the area look nice. I got done with one side when I noticed that there weren't as many leaves as normal to clean up. Then I noticed that the water level was high. Really high. It was coming up and swallowing the corner of the paddle station. I took a picture of it with my cell phone before I ran up the hill because I knew this was something Sarah just had to see and be as amazed as I was.
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Dream Time

Sep. 18th, 2011 10:15 am
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So the dream started that I was lost in the subway. Trying to get home. I decided I'd just sit down and wait for the 4 train no matter how long I had to wait instead of trying to train hop to find the fastest way home. Then there were reports of people seeing things in the subway and the dream shifted to this cop who kept getting people running up to him saying they've seen ghost of missing people. At first they were bums and the cop thought they were just drunk, but more and more reports were coming in.

Then suddenly and earthquake happened and the subways flooded and the cop was leading people out. He then found a man wandering back into the wreakage. The man claimed to be following the ghost of a woman who had gone missing a few hours ago. The cop was about the scream how there was no such thing as ghosts at the man, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

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