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Oh yeah... I have a personal journal. Derp. I really need to use this more often again. ;_; I miss it. But I had an awesome dream last night so at least it can still be a dream journal! Here we go!

Had a very interesting dream last night. It started with an older brother and a young sister trying to find their way on a bus. They eventually got off at a farm where the boy took a job as a farm hand and they were even given a room to stay in. Now the boy is very tall and lanky and missing his three front top teeth. He has a fake set now and he can take out and put back in. One of the farmer’s sons like to tease him for it, but the boy just shrugs it off while the father is impressed by how strong the boy is and how willing he is to do and learn any chore set out in front of him.


No happy ending here )


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Last night I had a fun dream that I was playing a new version of Zelda and Mario on the original Nintendo. I think they were suppose to be two separate games but eventually morphed together into one. I wish they were real because they were a lot of fun to play. The Zelda one was like the old top down view with new dungeons to explore! The cool part was that Link could jump just like Mario over blocks and kill un-spiked enemies even had the sound effect like Mario when he jumped.

The Mario one was cool if you knew secret ways to play it. I had a expert over who use to compete in timed runs of the game who was showing me some of the secrets. Like this one world where it was almost nothing but blocks everywhere. He showed me if I held down and the B button that Mario went into a rocket punch attack that would even kill goombas if they got close. It would auto destroy the blocks! If you held down and I think Y because it was a super Nintendo controller even though we were playing on the Nintendo, Mario would kick his feet and fall down to lower blocks.

He showed me how to clear a path down and hold the punch attack that would keep all the un-punchable enemies above you and you could just keep running. That was until get got to some lava where he said you needed to stand still and boost up Mario's run attack which made him look just like Sonic does when he's running really fast. You hold that button, yet somehow gently nudge him over to the fire so he falls off the side. His feet are apparently running so fast that fire and lava smooch down beneath you and doesn't kill you. Then you let Mario fly and keep pushing him forward as he slowly rises above the lava from the burst speed.

Now this seemed weird to me. It's LAVA it should be insta-death no matter what. I was questioning wondering how someone found out  you could do this as Mario was almost out of speed and caught fire for a moment. Only he didn't shrink down or die, just made the UMPF noise that sounds when Link gets hit in Zelda and flashed like Link does as well. Then he jumped right at that moment telling me that the super speed was over and if he stayed there he would then die. He jumped and JUST made it to the ledge and kept running forward with his super punch.

At some point he found a pogo stick and was showing if you jumped like so that you could actually clear the stage in about four jumps. It had to be timed JUST right to avoid the enemies though. He even showed how to dismount from the pogo stick so it hit a (shoot brain suddenly failing me on their name) the enemy with the boomerang and killed him as you could grab the flag higher at the same time! It was very cool. Sadly the next level was loading as I woke up.

Another thing I remembered about the Zelda game just now was that those floating skulls that would take away your sword in the first game where there, but they were much harder to avoid as they would chase you. If you attempted to hide in the doorways they could actually chase you right through to the next room!

There was also a point where I got hit and somehow glitched through the floor and ended up falling on the power bracelet. So that it vanished where it was as Link tried to hold it up with his: do do dooooo! Move, but it was way on the other side of the screen before it vanished back into my inventory as the raft icon flew around the screen for a moment before shrinking down to size and disappearing into Link from a WHOLE other dungeon.

Everyone who was there playing with me kept saying how we wished we were recording that glitch because it was AWESOME! Also remember someone being grumpy that the easiest to find level when you first start the game was level 13. How mean was that? People who just had a little wooden sword go in expecting the first dungeon to be fairly simple and easy to find when: BAM! It's level 13 and you're only 2 away from Ganon. It was a death trap!

I also remember one room where if you touched blue items it would fill up another room with bubbles or something, but that bit's not very clear in my mind or easy to explain so I'll leave it off there for now!

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I really do kick myself when I don't update this thing. Hi anyone still around I really want to get better at it. Sadly I have been having trouble keeping track of my dreams lately so I'm writing them down no matter how small/stupid they are so I might as well get into the habit of using this again and updating it with my dreams!

Last night I dreamed of work which is currently going door to door to raise money for charity. I was at a unit and saw people upstairs. I admit that I sometimes skip upstairs units if it seems like no one is home because ugh, stairs. This time I went up though because there was clearly people up there. Only once I got up there the room changed from being a bunch of units to one big room with a bunch of people playing cards in it. I tried to give my speech anyway, but they weren't listening and just wanted to ask me questions about New York (as I've moved to Australia now).

So I left, meeting up with a coworker who has managed to get five sales and I was feeling a little jealous as I had none. So I was asking him for pointers and walking down the street to meet up with the rest of our group when the dream somehow morphed and I was Aang in some sort of alternate world where he was receiving some sort of training by weird alien like things and was giving some sort of speech that was suppose to be motivating. I think they worked with the fire nation or something?

They started being touched by Aang saying they were going to leave this world and train anyone they felt were worthy instead of just who their boss said was worthy. That got people realizing that Aang was the Avatar and we had to quickly wake up to our true bodies and run before we were found out. I grabbed a few things that looked like ipods that would somehow help us in our journey.

We were walking down the road trying to figure how to work the thing I stole when we saw a guy coming up the road. We turned our back hoping he wouldn't really notice us, but he did smile friendly like at us before moving off. We kept going when we heard a huge group of people walking towards us and we ducked under a random table to try to hide.

The people coming up ended up half sitting at the table, the other half waiting on them, they suddenly started fighting as we realized this was actually the filming for a movie. The guy who smiled at us came running up to stop the fight and saw us under the table. He said he didn't realize we weren't suppose to be in the scene and was sorry for scaring us. They were asking if we wanted to join in when my alarm went off and had to get up!

Before - or during? I'm not sure, there was a part where I was also just getting off of work and my housemate Nu picked me up in a car. We were driving to visit our friend Webby when we heard meowing coming from somewhere in the car and we realized her cat Berna had somehow hidden herself in the car. We stopped looking around trying to coax her out of hiding. Eventually got her out but then she jumped out the window and once more had to coax her back into the car before she ran away. For some reason I couldn't leave the car to do this? I think the idea was that opening the door would make her run.

A few grabs later we finally caught her and brought her into the car when I was suddenly driving. Rolling up the windows Nu told me to get us home so we could take her home. I was trying to drive, but Berna suddenly ran and put her head between the floor and break peddle and I just heard this awful meowing as I couldn't stop my foot from breaking to slow for a curve. We were both screaming and hollering, but then I told us to relax. That we just had to focus our minds and move time back.

Which actually did draw us back in time. This time Nu held onto Berna as I drove us home so she couldn't get in my feet's way!
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Last night I had a really strange dream with Sanji from One Piece and Wolfwood from Trigun. They were in a mental institute, not for being insane, but their anger issues mostly. They were meeting each other for the first time because they were sharing a room together and seemed to be hitting it off fairly well. As they were getting ready for bed Wolfwood made some sort of joke about some guy in the facility who thought aliens were going to come and take him away. Sanji just laughed it off, yet it was a bit of a forced laugh.

They went to bed, but for awhile Sanji was laying there awake and there were these strange green lights out of the window. Then the dream suddenly cut to the morning and Wolfwood was just waking up and thought he smelt smoke. At first a joke about Sanji holding out on some cigarettes passed between the two before they realized yeah, they were smelling smoke. A LOT of it. So they left their rooms and went to investigate. Turned out part of the building was on fire.

The two of them alerted workers and went around pounding on doors telling people to get the hell out. Wolfwood found one woman who was missing and arm with her daughter visiting. He separated from Sanji to help her out of the building as she had only just lost it and had a lot of damage to her leg as well. So Sanji continued on to bang on doors to get others out, Wolfwood went out with the woman and her daughter.

Once they were a safe distance from the flames, Wolfwood went running back in to try to find more people, yet he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Then he felt this crawling sensation down his back. When he reached back to feel what it was something skittered away from his hand, down his back, and around his legs and back up again. He tried to grab at it and stop it with his hands, but it was too fast. Then a voice was echoing in his head.

I forgot exactly how the voice worded things or exactly what it was - but it was basically your world is doomed, and oh - btw, your new buddy knows about us and wasn't going to tell you. Their little bugs would eventually get into everyone and the world would be theirs and that there was nothing that could be done to stop them.

While this was going on, the dream cut back to Sanji who was carrying another girl to safety when the voice came into his head too. Basically it was a laugh and all it said was: Your new friend? He knows and soon he'll be ours.

Only for whatever reason they couldn't take over Wolfwood who came out grumbling and slugged Sanji in the face for not telling him about this shit sooner. The rest of the dream was the two of them attempted to steal a spaceship. They didn't go to NASA for this either. I really.... don't know what the hell was going on for the rest of the dream. The two of them kept looking up at the sky for some sort of sign. They also attempted to build a spaceship at one point, then realized neither of them knew what they were doing and gave up.

Sadly they were just finding more people who had run ins with the aliens and also were immune and I think they were starting to come up a plan on what to do next when I woke up.

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Had a weird Sherlock dream last night. It was fun, but of course had moments where now that I'm awake make no sense at all. Then randomly at some point I dreamed up a scene I REALLY wish had been in the new Trigun movie.

It started off I think were I was camping. I was talking to some people and mentioned that one person was brave, but he said that he wasn't brave. The real brave person was his father, who just shook his head sadly and said that he was not really brave. That he had gone to some country in war because his aunt was there sick and he wanted to get her out. The dream then shifted to him running around this room FILLED with luggage as he narrated that once he got there that he had been too scared to even leave the airport. That the aunt had died before he could get to her, so he fled back home instead of trying to take someone else out with him.
The beginning without Sherlock )

Sherlock hates gummy bears )

And sadly that's when I woke up.
Mini Vash dream )

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Had a couple dreams lately I'd like to jot down, but I've been so busy I just haven't had time! I've also been having a little trouble with sleeping in that I've been over sleeping. Need to fix that.

But last night's dream! Dream one!

Dream 1 part A! )
Dream 1 part B! )
My dream yesterday was almost just as fun.
Zombies and Dinosaurs oh my! )

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Had a very surreal and odd dream last night. It started off with me at my old job. I was talking with my old coworker/boss Sarah as we walked around the park doing cleaning type things. Then she delegated that my other coworker Eric should start weedwacking, I should head to the paddle dock and rake the leave out, while she cleaned the bathrooms. We all left to do our chores, I wasn't exactly looking forward to mine as the paddle dock is just a square wooden area with a picknick table in the middle that was set up so canoers could pull their canoes up there. Not that anyone ever does that, but at least it's near the water.

So I started raking up the leaves and making the area look nice. I got done with one side when I noticed that there weren't as many leaves as normal to clean up. Then I noticed that the water level was high. Really high. It was coming up and swallowing the corner of the paddle station. I took a picture of it with my cell phone before I ran up the hill because I knew this was something Sarah just had to see and be as amazed as I was.
It it just kept coming )


Dec. 12th, 2011 12:32 pm
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Ugh, I hate how abused this poor journal has been. I really do want to update it more, but between life and Christmas shenanigans ugh - I just scramble to fill out a job application or two and get my tags done during the down time.

But last night I had a dream and I want to write it down before I forget, as it's already slipping even though I should be showering. Work has let me know they might call and ask me to come in at any minute!
The dream )
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New dream I had last night. I'm not sure I really like it because it turned me into a canon Mary Sue, but it has some fun Vash vs Knives moment so I'll try to forgive it.
The beginning )
The Trigun part )
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And then there were aliens )

Dream Time

Sep. 18th, 2011 10:15 am
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So the dream started that I was lost in the subway. Trying to get home. I decided I'd just sit down and wait for the 4 train no matter how long I had to wait instead of trying to train hop to find the fastest way home. Then there were reports of people seeing things in the subway and the dream shifted to this cop who kept getting people running up to him saying they've seen ghost of missing people. At first they were bums and the cop thought they were just drunk, but more and more reports were coming in.

Then suddenly and earthquake happened and the subways flooded and the cop was leading people out. He then found a man wandering back into the wreakage. The man claimed to be following the ghost of a woman who had gone missing a few hours ago. The cop was about the scream how there was no such thing as ghosts at the man, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

The grey world )
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So to start - I was in my first car accident last night - I'M PERFECTLY FINE, don't even have whip last. I'm not ready to write out what happened in detail just yet, but what happened was a deer jumped out in front of me and I forgot all the times I told myself it's better to hit the deer and I swerved. I ended up hitting and running over a guard wire. I stopped the car gently enough that my sister and I weren't thrown or anything and pulled off the rail. But the car looks totaled. Gas leaked everywhere so I know I did some bad damage to the underside. I will write in more detail later, but besides the basic: We're okay. Deer. Was an idiot. Car totaled. I'm not ready to really talk about it just yet.

However it did keep me up late and woke me up early this morning with people asking me what happened. So I took a nap today and had a fun dream. Mostly because it makes me think about Ghostbusters.

It started with something going on with tents. I was outside trying to zip up a tent window because it had begun to rain. Then mom was saying something to me and I was telling her this would prove if our new tents were waterproof or not! But then I was getting out of the tent, and I was inside the house. I remember I was I had to do something, but I couldn't remember what it was. Mom was talking in gibberish so I couldn't figure out what it was. Then Autumn's dad showed up to use our computers for a bit and we were talking about Autumn. How was she doing in Austin? Good! Glad to hear! Then we got talking about health care for some reason. Mom's gibberish started sounding more urgent and I started getting confused as it started snowing out.

Autumn's dad suddenly deicded at that moment it would be a good time to leave. We were trying to talk him out of it because it didn't seem safe. Then suddenly dad showed up with most of our extended family saying he wanted a party. We were then going crazy trying to pick up the house to look persentable because it was a mess. As family mingled around and started picking up stuff, asking about it, and some nearly breaking things.

Then the dream shifted and I was running around with a pack on my back, looking for ghosts. I was in a reality TV show game in that we had to find and tag ghosts. Once you caught tagged them the group was suppose to work together to take it down. Whoever tagged the most in the end would win. I was the best at figuring out the little clue and riddles we were given as to where the ghost was hiding for some reason. I was so good that the camera people started to almost always follow just me around and I was I guess the only one people really cared about. Made the other group members angry.

Only then for some reason it went from a game to real. The ghosts had found some sort of power and were starting to actually attack and kill people instead of just waiting for us to come to find them. With our game training I guess we were the best to go stop these ghosts. We still got riddles for each one though, even though people weren't suppose to know where they were hiding anymore. I guess the ghosts were giving them to us?

Anyway it wasn't a game anymore and we went getting points. So when I figured out a riddle meant the ghost was hiding as a house and saw two people standing in front of a house I knew the ghost was in I shouted for them to attack it. They turned and did so as I ran to help I got splattered with goo that during the game would mean you were out and couldn't fit anymore. Where now it just slowed me down before I could get back into the fighting, but as I tried to join the fight another group member stopped me and said I was "out" I couldn't help anymore.

Of course I was yelling at them why? It wasn't a game anymore! People could die! They just said they were tired of me taking all the glory and they weren't going to let me get away with it anymore. I tried to tell them that I didn't care about the glory! I just wanted people to be safe and this early! I couldn't help that I was good at it! If I was still trying to win I would have let that ghost hurt those people as I ran up to tag it first instead of yelling to them to kill it!

They defeated the ghost (With my help in the end) but after that they were always sabatoging me. Ripping up my bus tickets so I always had to try to catch up with the group. Tampering wtih my equipment. And just being nasty to me. So I gave up on the group. These ghosts just kept coming so I decided to focus instead on WHY they kept coming and not start lowering in numbers.

I started to figure out that the people who had started the game show had unleased an evil power onto our world to make the game show and had lost control. They didn't want people to know it was them because their show would be cancled and their lives ruined. I was working on exposing them and fighting ghosts when I woke up.
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For starters I think I finally have a little bit of RP-burnout. Usually when a draft rolls around what I do is tag CR I want to keep strong/rekindle then wait a day and then go around and think of a tag for anyone who hasn't had a tag yet. If most people already have a tag then I also include people who only have on short thread. Mostly I do this because I know the horror of thinking no one is going to tag my thread that I put effort into making. With a muse like Vash who is so versitile I feel like I should do my part to make sure people don't feel that feeling of being ignored. I also blame highschool and all the times that I was left on the sidelines forgotten to be picked for a team as everyone ran off to play. No one should feel like that.

But this time, even though I honestly feel horribly guilty for not tagging around. I just... can't bring myself to. Unless I think of a tag in less than a second flat I just stare and go blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I can barely get enough brain power to answer the tags waiting in my inbox and I want to make MORE? Ughhhhhhhhh. I just don't know where my motivation has gone to. There are some threads I'm excited to be a part of, but even those I've been having trouble tagging lately. More tagging as a sense of duty than anything else.

Okay. I can guess where it went. *GLARES AT THE NEW KITTY* Oh Sandman, you're a lovable derp of a cat, but... LET ME SLEEP! Buttons use to try to wake me in the night for food, but at least she waited for me to give a sign I was half awake before batting her head against me, but YOU! Yoooooooooooou. Why must you drop heavy things that make horrible almost shattering noises from high places? I don't know HOW you slammed my door last night, but this making loud noises and scaring the crap out of me every night? Not cool. It doesn't help that I've been sleeping like crap in general anyway.

So yes, I think part of my energy and brain power for tags has probably been sucked into my lack of sleep. Also just general depression. I'm okay, but every so often I do think of Egor and get teary-eyed for a moment. Or I think about how little time Buttons has left. I'm okay. It lasts only a moment, but I'm also not numb enough to not realize it's probably nawing away somewhere in my subconscious. I remember talking once, I think it was my psychology class, when I went to Jefferson Community college we were talking about death and how people handle it in different ways that apparently experts say it takes at LEAST six months of inner grieving before a person can really move on. Of course there's always exceptions, but I think I can understand that.

Either way. I'm okay and I'll work on getting myself through this funk and then the funk that I'm sure will follow after of: OH MAN! WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS, THIS, AND TAG THAT THEN!?

In other news and the reason I first started this post before I started to ramble! I had a strange dream last night.

The first part I remember was that I was running around with [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta only her name wasn't wasurechatta or Marie. No, she was now called: Oda Hates. Go figure. And we were running around trying to find a date for Sanji because he was in a coma and only going on a date with a certain type of girl would get him out of it.

I don't know how, but at some point I lost [livejournal.com profile] wasurechatta and was wandering around on my own in NYC. I think I was trying to find Bed, Bath, and Beyond, but couldn't find it so I was trying to get home. I ended up at some bank where they were giving out tours. I somehow started at the top of the bank and had to work my way down. I needed a check. Even in the dream I didn't know WHY I needed a check, just as I needed one. I kept trying to ask people where I could have this check written for me, but they kept giving me directions on how to get back with the tourist group. Finally I found the office of the woman who could write me the check, but I had forgotten the word check. So I stood there forever trying to finish my sentence.

Still late for that important date )


May. 14th, 2011 10:34 am
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Yeah, at my sisters. Stealing a computer because I had an awesome dream that I want to jot down and ugh, didn't bring my dream book or my journal to write it down.

Read more... )
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Just a silly dream. )
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So last night I must have had ninja turtles on the brain or something. The only time I vaugly remember thinking of them lately though is whenever one of them posts in luceti and where to put my figurines in my new room. Part of me thinks this cool window sill I have, but I worry about them fading.

The Trigun/TMNT dream )
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So this morning as I faded out of my dream, I gave my back a quick crack, rolled over, and then attempted to fall back to sleep when I realized: Huh… that’s daylight out there. DAYLIGHT!? I have finally slept all night without waking up once. I was so happy I thought I’d cry. Because it also gave me a strange dream.

I wish I remembered more of the beginning. There was a brief moment of me giving a bus driver a bag to throw into the back of a bus, then Autumn and I got to traveling to someplace. I think it was home to the North Country.

Then there was a group of people who were trying to eliminate the human race. I want to say they were aliens, but I actually don’t think they were suppose to be. Just a race of people who’ve been on the Earth a long time who finally came out of hiding to slaughter us all.

How do you know when you’re about to die )
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I just had to jot this down before work because I had so much fun dreaming of it. It's really short so I think I can get it down in time.

Started off with me walking around my old highschool. I knew something was going to happen, but not what at first. Then suddenly this girl morphed into a black swan and then I knew it was my duty to keep her safe.

Only I sucked at it at first. I don't remember what happened excatly, only that I couldn't get to her right away - so ran in terror when they watched her change into a giant swan while other cornered here and threw a net over her. They were dragging her into this old barn building that use to be near the school to hold her into it.

So I knew I had to act fast, so I transfored first into a six legged pegasus. Yes. You heard me. Four legs on the front and two in the back. And I was white. I may have been playing too much Crisis Core lately. Anyway I WAS going to go save her, but fuck it, my dream. I can fly. I'M GOING TO ENJOY THIS FOR A MINUTE! So... sudden urgancy forgotten and I just flew around the top of the building for awhile.

And then I spotted her being dragged into the building again. Oh yeah... hero time. Only I wasn't a pegausus anymore I was a dragon and apparently was always suppose to be. I flew in and clawed at the net holding here and knocking people over with my tail until she was free. I screamed at her to fly and helped her get off the ground and we took off together.

The people we left behind watched us go and the "Leader" some prepy girl proclaimed she'd figure out what was going on and picked up some classified files a teacher had dropped as she ran out in panic. Using that the group somehow figured out that once every 20 years or so a girl from that school would be murdered where no one saw it. All that would be left was a bit of blood, a doll, and some black feathers. They figured out by looking at police photos of the crime (where the blood spots kept getting larger and larget as they went) that someone just alwasy turned into a swan every 20 years. So they decided they were going to catch BOTH of us and started to set up a trapt that I think had to do with my sister, but my alarm went off before this went anywhere.

Instead the dream faded out from them and into me as a human again and the swan. She was resting and then woke up and I explained a little bit to her and I think we were suppose to be in the netherworld or something. There were a lot of dead people around, but it was okay! Because we were all friendly and threw a party for her to welcome her and try to ease the tranformation she just went into and the fact that her old life was pretty much over.

She was fairly ok with this as she was an outcast anyway. Her transformation ended for a bit and I taught her how to change back and forth and explained with time she'd be able to do it at will. I then put an eye patch on. I don't know... to be silly or something and sang a song about how it wasn't so bad to be with us. That I was her gaurdian and would keep her safe.

Me and some other woman who was suppose to be the Swan's caretaker then showed her that the last swan girl had been working on a large project outside of what the swan usually did. (I'm still not sure what the swan was suppose to USUALLY do. Be a super hero? Be the tooth fairy? I remember tooth fairies being mentioned... I don't know.) But this project was suppose to hopefully end the curse on these girls once and for all.

Turns out... it was knitting blanket. Yeah... using gooes down. It was a teeny tiny piece that had gotten started and the girl looked upset at that. I explained it would be added to a bigger blanket we had almost done, it was just hard because gose down wasn't easy to work with and it was tiny. She also mentioned that she couldn't knit, but I told her that with the transformation she now could, so she tried, and she did very well.

It was about this party that my alarm went off and I cursed my luck as we were getting ready to explain flying next.


Mar. 19th, 2011 03:25 pm
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It started off that running around NYC looking at apartments. I remember at one point getting lost so Autumn showed up and we were waiting at a subway platform. I remember waiting for the 3 train but it wasn’t coming and I was hungry so I wandered off to get a pretzel. Then found a guy who was selling MEATBALL pizza. Pizza with lumps of meat hiding under the cheese. But not just MEATBALL pizza. It was STUFFED meatball pizza. They had like cheese and other things shoved into it. It was while I was staring in aw at this food that I realized the train had probably come by now and Autumn could have gotten on it without me! I would be lost forever!

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