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It's funny how one badly worded sentance can ruin a night. I was planning on just going to bed and then making a post in the morning about the fun my sister and I had, but no. I'm here to rant now, because if I don't I feel like I may explode. (Sorry chat... I kinda did explode on you.)

So mom came home from work just after midnight. Casey and I had just finished watching A Goofy Movie and I was working on taking care of the pets so I could go to bed. Fed the cat. Took care of the dog and got her out of the kitchen when she fell out there and couldn't get up. Then let the dog out and back in before being asked by Casey who was on the couch with mom talking to put the gate up so the dog wouldn't go into her room.

I did that, then quickly did a little vacuuming because I had been petting the dog while watching the movie and she had shed. As soon as that was done I went in to brush my teeth. While brushing them Mom and Casey yelled to me and giggled that the dog was eating something. THey eventually realized it was some old papertowels dad had used to eat chicken wings with earlier today. I asked them to take it from her before it got shredded to make it easier for me.

I got: Ew for an answered. -_- No. They didn't. So a shredded mess I got to deal with. While I was going around trying to pick up all the drool covered pieces, mom let slip the sentance that made me want to blow up and bite her.

"Oh, ZZ. You should pick your dental floss pieces over there."

Really. REALLY!? She thought that instead of throwing away my dental floss in the bathroom garbage I had walked out into the living room and dropped MULTIPLE PIECES THERE?! I quickly corrected her on this issue that: No, shock! I am NOT that disgusting. No, this is in fact, her husband. The same person who leaves dishes all around the couch until I go around and pick them up after the dog has licked him. The guy who leaves used paper towels around until the dog shreds them and I throw them away.

My family is a family of horders. It's a painful thing to admit, but it's true. I've run out of excuses to tell friends why they can never come over to our house. And you know what? I'M THE CLEANEST PERSON IN THIS HOUSE. I've given up doing much. Sweeping the kitchen every so often. Vacuuming when I get dog hair all over the place. And doing the dishes. Otherwise I just do my best to keep mom from putting more shit in my room and trying to keep it tidy as I deal with breaking my own hording problems. Mom and Casey are always leaving the house because they can't deal with it and dad just sits around, watches TV, and makes a horribly disgusting food mess in the vincinity of the couch.

So what was the biggest insult was she thought it was ME. ME the only person who still PRETENDS to take care of this house and clean up after people. I admit, I should do more, but when people just make more messes for you when you clean something and you know no matter what you do, you're never going to have a socail life - it just becomes pointless.

GAH! Me! I'm trying to tell myself she didn't really mean that. HEIRhaiorea She just remembers I had just been brushing my teeth and she wanted me to grab it while I was cleaning up anyway. It's bad for the vacuum after all she was OH SO helpful to add. jhHEIariehagiogreaiorhea Just don't go blaming me for shit that goes on in this house mom. Don't. Just. DON'T. Because yes. I admit. Sometimes I don't put the Gamecube away as neat as it could be, but you know what? Does it REALLY matter when I just set it on a pile of CRAP instead of shoving it past the door the CRAP was covering? DOES IT!? You know what. You clear off a chair so I can sit in it without moving a pile of stuff somewhere else - THEN WE'LL TALK.

I hate this house sometimes.
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Okay, so today I took on the challenge of finding the bottom of my dessertop. I do this every few month or so and I find the most intersting of things! Like a bunch of baby pictures. Muw ha ha. Oh... and the bottom of my dresser. I knew that it existed somewhere! Although I must admit cleaning that thing was hard. I'm still trying to downsize the clutter in my life and free myself from becoming a horder, but it's tough. I ended up throwing away a lot of odds and ends I've been hanging onto forever and cleared out a couple jewerly boxes that my grandmother gave to me and put them in the bag I'm getting ready to take to the salvation army.

It was tough, but I know now I don't need these knick-knacks in my life. I have the memories, I don't need the things. Just like I'm sure my grandmother understands me donating the things she gave me. I'll always remember and miss her, I don't need the clutter. What am I going to do after all? Take all that with me to Australia? I don't think so.

But my soul-searching journay into bettering myself isn't what you're still hanging around for is it? On to the baby pictures! You have been forwarned - these images are huge because I was too lazy to resize them or scan them one at a time. Oh, I saved the best for last. It's what I lovenly called: The worst picture of me and my sister ever taken - EVER. And she's an infant and I'm 2 - how do you screw that up?


Mini-me! Only ten days old! )

A little bit older! )

First Trip to Darien Lake )

Hey sister, this is my LJ - stop stealing the show. )

Baptisms of me and my sister )

Holy crap! Something went horribly wrong here! )


Aug. 11th, 2010 12:28 am
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So yeah my inital thought for my two days off? YAYZ! I can finally sit down and jot down some of all the thoughts I've been wanting to get down on paper! Oh! LJ material! I look forward to finally having time to do this!

What really happen? Oh yeah, yard sale coming up. Last chance to try to sell all these worldly pocessions I've gathered through my life for some kind of profit. Instead of just tossing it or hauling off to the Salvation Army for them to toss these items that I've loved all my life. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

What really happened from there? GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STUPID GIRLY HABIT WEEK! *stares at toy I've had since I was five* I CAN'T GET RID OF THIS! My stuffffffffffffffff! *hugs* No, no I'm a big girl now. I am a horder. I don't want to be a horder. I can do this. Mark it cheap. Then it sells and goes to a new home. Yes. Good girl. Gooooood girl. ;_; I'm depressed now. *corner*

So yes, despite ranging highs and lows I did managed to get a large corner of my room marked for the sale. Until I ran out of stickers and then just started to make a pile of things to be marked for the sale. Then some really bad craps hit and topped off with the major headache I already had from the dust I gave up. I wish I had gotten more done though. There's still so much stuff. Moving is hard.

Also Casey through a bit of a wrench into my plans of staying home and doing the same thing tomorrow. Ah, sister - ye who goes floating on the wind through life. She suddenly decided she wants to make a trip to Buffalo tomorrow. You know, the city that's three hours away from here. She wants to take her bed to her new apartment and a few more things there as well. She also wants me and not mom to go down with her to help her load and unload it. As I cause her less stress. Mom is good at taking simple things and making them hard. Ah, mothers.

I told her I'd go. As soon she'll be going down there and not coming back. So I want to spend some extra time with her. That and we always have a good time together on road trips, although I'm a little worried over the two of us driving mom's Van. I think we'll fight over it as I don't trust my sister to drive and she doesn't like the way I drive. Mom's van is her baby and I feel like I'd be more careful so I'm going to try to fight for it... then again, she knows Buffalo ten times better than me. Erp. We'll see. Either way - six hours of driving coming up tomorrow as I need to be back for work. Whoo.

But yeah, wanted to make some kind of post, but of course I've forgotten most of what I wanted to write about so here's a crack dream I had recently. Oh, so full of crack.

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It's post-spam day from me today as I hope to have one more before the day is done of stuff I plan to get rid of. BUT FIRST!

Going through some of my stuff and trying to find more I could get rid of I stumbled on this book I loved as a kid: What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Lunch Lady? I've decided to put some of my favorite quotes from the book down here and then donate it.

What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Mother?
Of course you can have a pet... temporarily.
Go to your room and redecorate it!

What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Guidance Counselor?
You've indicated an interest in politics. Good choice! The world could always use more dictators.

What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Ballet Teacher?
I'm afraid some of you dancers will be playing scenery --- most likely offstage as well.

What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Baby Sitter?
I honestly don't care when you go to sleep, but you'd better be faking when your parents return.

What if Cruella De Vil Was Your Art Teacher?
Get out your modeling clay. And remember, one can never have too many ashtrays.
Yes, you are going to pain portraits of me, again.
Regardless of whether you possess any actual talent, a reputation for an artistic temperament can be a potent weapon,

This book always amused me as a kid. The pictures are really silly, but looking back now some are also rather... disturbing. Such a violent women and lots of dead animals. As much as I love this book I think I'm ready to let it go and hopefully give another kid a few years of happiness with it. It's not easy being a recovering horder. Hugs book goodbye.
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So doing better now. I'm super excited to get back to the parks - yesterday was my last day at the Salvation Army and I reminded them why they're going to miss me so by doing something in under four hours that usually takes people their whole shift or more to finish. I didn't feel as upset and nostolgic as I usually do when I leave a job. I always feel so sad when the camp ground job ends at the summer. I did feel horrible leaving my co-workers though. Hated the work but man the co-workers were all awesome. Well... except for the one who it was all: Me, me, me, me, LISTEN TO HOW HORRIBLE MY NON-HORRIBLE LIFE IS!

Nancy even gave me a going away card and a little foggie bookmark and 20 dollar gift card to Borders because she noticed I was always reading when I got the chance to. ;_; AWWWWWWWWW! Nancy is awesome. I really, really miss all of them. I wish all of my jobs had awesome people like them. I'm also really going to miss Wendy and just chatting about anything - and Efrin and our video game talks in the break room.

Now... how I wish they had gotten that nintendo top loader on the floor for me to buy before I left. Alas... it's still burried under a bunch of stuff.

And today I found out that even if our internet connection is flimsy and cuts in and out a lot - it reaches to the tramploine. Sweet. Internet browsing outside FTW! (when you know... it's not raining! XD)

Also was trying to talk myself into getting rid of all my boomdoggle supplies... and ended up tempted to make a necklace. Damn - cleaning out my life and trying to downsize for a move is HARD.

....anyone want any back issues of Shonen Jump?
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So, goal today was to get at least a LITTLE cleaning and purging done in my room. So - to get stuff out of here means I should totally down these four bottles of Smirnoff and nearly full bottle of Vanilla schnapps right?

Actually in seriousness - anyone got a good suggestion on what to mix the schnapps with? I bought it on a whim instead of going with my tride and true peach and found out - blech. Don't really care for it.

Also found a notebook from my Australia trip. It amused me to see some of my old notes from the classes I took. I had a lot of fun during those six months - but nothing important with the notes so I tossed them. Amused to find I also had certain people's addresses and phone numbers scribbled in the margins but they're in my address book so it's okay they got tossed too.

And damn I wish I didn't get the urge to sit down and read everytime I clean.

I also wish everything in my room didn't smell of cat and have her hair on EVERYTHING.

EDIT: I also found my rp dice... I forgot how ugly they are. XD I love it!
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Gah. I hate my back. Trying to be a new me and get things done in my life - first big project I want to finish is clean my room. It's so very bad and I have so much junk I just don't need. Such a pack rat. So trying to go through my room and widdle down more and more of my stuff as I go. I got started on it today even though I really just wanted a nap. Was doing pretty good until my back decided to remind me that even if the curve in it is teeny tiny it's still a bitch.

And the sad thing? I'm actually not tired right now. I'm finally not tired and I actually have a vaid excuse to lay down and not move for a bit. Bad timing back. Nope. Just a small headache I know is from a mixture of dust and not really getting enough sleep last night. Go figure.

Ah. Maybe I'll get some work done on the computer. Like finishing WA's Christmas AMV. So what if it's almost Febuary! XD Or maybe look online for some job openings in Australia and possibly appartments. Hm. Or you know... at least get looking at the paperwork I'm going to need for the VISAs and crap. I don't think they'll buy I'm a student this time.

Hm; I think I'll start with the AMV. I should start with the looking for work but I think editing will help my drive with that. One of the things I've been disapointed with most in this mini depression I got sucked into was how badly my editing drive has suffered. Usually it's the last thing to go.

Alright. If I can't bend over more lets work those fingers! *kicks fingers* Enough pointless LJ entries! Get to it! *whipcrack*


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