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So decided to make my first post here a happy one! These are my top three favorite memories of Christmas.

The first one to start out happened last year. I went to church around 6pm with dad and my aunt Judy, Uncle Dar, and cousin Logan on Christmas eve. We were all in the car headed home, talking quietly about if Logan had been a good boy and what he asked Santa for when suddenly, breaking through the quiet was-


What he was seeing of course was a red blinking light on a radio tower, but boy was he excited. There was a moment when he questioned why Santa wasn't moving, until dad quickly countered that Santa must be stopped on someone's roof! Oh boy, that got Logan even more excited. He kept saying how we had to hurry home and go to sleep or we might miss him!

He was so cute. When he got home he had to run inside to check and make sure Santa hadn't gotten there yet.


The next memory was the day my sister and I got letters from Santa in the mail. We were so excited to get them. They had been typed up on a computer, and back then - that was unheard of! At least anywhere else besides businesses. So we were SURE it must have come from Santa! We didn't know anyone who owned a computer! Of course in the end they were from mom, and they were so sweet. Just a little letter telling us to be good kids because Santa was always watching. Mom was always great at doing little things to make us feel good. Those letters were awesome.


The other was the year I got my Power Wheels. It was all I wanted and I was SOOOO excited when I woke up that morning and saw the giant package next to the tree. Of course mom and dad wouldn't let me open that one until last. I tore it open like a madman and IT WAS A POWER WHEELS! I was beyond excited, that was until I realized the box was empty!!!

Mom and dad teased me for a bit, until dad finally went: You know what? I thought I heard noises coming from the basement last night. So down I ran, and there sitting in my basement was my very own power wheels!!!! All assembled and ready to ride! I didn't have to wait for anyone to put it together for me. I rode that thing all day long.

I really have to hand it to mom and dad. I really don't know how they did it every year. To give me and my sister such amazing Christmases for so long. I hope if I ever have kids I can do as half as well as they did. I love the magic and dreams that Santa can bring to children.


Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:25 am
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So I said I would and I finally got off my lazy butt and fired up the crappy scanner so here you are! My gifts from [livejournal.com profile] kittanylilac! Enjoy!

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Today was much better. Woke up feeling so much less ragey. I could still tell I had a short fuse so I stayed in my room most of the day. I didn't want to snap at the wrong person. Then later on mom came home with the mail and I got my Christmas card from [livejournal.com profile] kittanylilac! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I wish I had done something as awesome with yours! I love the pictures you drew for me of Vash! Sorry his coat is so hard to draw, but d'aw! He does look great in normal clothes! Btw. He has sparkles all over him from the card. SPARKLES EVERYWHERE! 8D

One good thing though, mom watched me open it and took one of the pictures as I took the other. Hehehe... luckily I got the one with Yuber and uh *cough* hid it. XD I didn't feel I had enough energy to explain that one to mom, but I couldn't stop giggling. Mom thought Vash looked very cute and happy! "Look at all those donuts he has!" If it's alright with you I'd love to scan and throw them up on the LJ~

Then later I took the dog for a walk. It was finally decent enough weather that the two of us didn't want to go running back into the house as soon as her business was done. Lately I've been trying to do silly things with the snow each time we go out. I've drawn a smiley face, hi, and a few other messages in the snow, but the hi and smiley haven't been covered up yet so there was no more room to draw. As I walked the feild with the dog I realized the snow was the perfect packing kind. So I started to make a snowman.

I was wait out in the back of the feild. So I made a small one and used grass and stuff to give it a face and carted it back to the house. I propped it up by dad's birdfeed. Then I made another one and put that on mom's van so she'd see it the next time she went to work. Only she spotted it early - which was good because it ended up falling over and gettng splatted.

The one out back actually fell too, but I put him back together and is currently still standing!

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Whoooo! After Christmas post! Let's start out with the loot I guess, party because I'm drinking part of it right now~

Mom bought me some flavored hot chocolate mixes and four small bottles white Russian Kahlua. They are so yummy when you mix them together. So far I've tried the raspberry and pepermint hot choco and using the kahlua too cool it instead of milk it gets this super yummy creamy undertaste to the already yummy flavor. Mmmhmm... excuse me a minute as I melt into this deliciousness. I'm going to try the carmal flavor next. So excited for it. Oh? And I bought myself some after christmas candy (cheap candy WHOO!) and dropped a pepermint chocolate into the coco - best idea EVER.

My sister I think spent too much money on me. She bought me a bottle of Irish Creme Bailyes and two shot bottles of their carmal flavor and the DVD of the orginal Nightmare on Elm Street. She loved the cupcake earings and matching necklace I got her and I'm so glad she did. I was a little worried about it, but she opened it and went: OOOH! CUPCAKES! I love cupcakes! So I guess I didn't need to worry!

Mom, besides the drink stuff, also spent WAY to much money on me. "Small" Christmas she says. Hah. Silly mother-person. She's never been good at the "small" idea. She got me the Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft, plus two months of play time, a gift card for Borders, plus the new Trigun DVD box set! Which means I have finally replaced my old bootlegged box set. Not that it wasn't a GREAT bootleg, but I bought it back when I was young and foolish and didn't know there were unoffical box sets out there. It's nice to have the offical thing. Mom kept asking what I was going to do with it and I think I'm going to keep it. I can't even BEGIN to remember all the times I've lent that thing out trying to get people addicted to Trigun and always feared never getting it back! So now I can lend out the bootleg copy, but not worry too much if I don't get it back - I have a REAL copy now!

Ahahaha... poor mom though. When I make my christmas wish lists for family I make it VERY specific or they don't know what I'm asking. As they're not geeks if I'm not crazy specific they don't know what they're looking for. Well, on the Trigun boxset it says: Complete Series. Not Boxset. Aparently mom didn't think it was the right thing at first and got assulted by anime nerds when she tried to ask if it was the same as a box set - who then went into how awesome the show was at her.

She was still nervous when I opened it. Converstaion went a bit like this:
Mother-person: That's the right one right?
Zig-zag: Yeah! It's perfect! Thanks mom!
MP: Oh good, because I remember you pointing at a picture with a guy in a red coat.
ZZ: *points to Vash on the cover* ...but he IS wearing a red coat.
MP: But he isn't! *point to Wolfwood* Shouldn't HE be wearing a red coat too?
ZZ: PFfffft. No mom. Wolfwood is too cool to wear a red coat.
MP: Ooohhh...

Spent the rest of Christmas actually running with GOOD pick up groups in WoW and got TWO dungeons finished. Played lots of Mario Kart Wii with my sister, until it was time to eat dinner. Which was delicious.

Had a bit of a dick moment though when Casey and I started to do things on our own for a bit then she came wandering in and asking me about some things in World of Warcraft. It was later after I had finished a dungeon run that I remember I had said we could watch a movie she had gotten for Christmas later and she must have come in to ask to watch one. Awww. Poor sister. I feel so bad for not realizing sooner. I'll have to make it up to her somehow.

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Hope all had a great holiday!
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I'm cheating and making this holiday themed. This is my favorite CHRISTMAS childhood memory, just because I feel in the Christmas spirit. I remember being little and being good ALL year long because there was toy out that year and I WANTED it and I KNEW my parents could never afford to get it for me. But... there was one person who could. Santa. If I was really, really good that Santa would bring me a Power Wheel!

I went around all year singing the Power Wheels them song: Pow! Pow! POWER WHEELS! Mom and dad telling me over and over that Santa might not be able to fit something so big in his sled. That made me nervous. It really was the biggest thing I have ever asked for. Maybe he really couldn't?! But I kept asking Santa for it and was on my very best behavoir. I even got a letter in the mail FROM Santa! (My mom is so cute sometimes) It said that he was trying his very best to get it to fit into his sleigh. Oh! I was so excited!


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WHOO! I feel so accompished right now!

I got all my Christmas cards written and addressed! (Note... this doesn't mean they'll get OUT on time, just written.) I did some cleaning, AND I'VE EVEN WRAPPED HALF OF MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS! I would have it all done, but I was only able to find one roll of paper in my parent's room and was too scared of knocking something over and a domino effect happening in the room if I kept looking. I like varity in my paper. So I'm just waiting on mom to come home again so she can point me to some new fun paper!

Still! Just have one item of Casey's to wrap. Mom's gift to wrap. And.... uh... gotta buy Autumn's gift still. You know. Once I figure out what it is. OTHERWISE I AM DONE! WHOO!

Mom is also excited. She's been trying for the past two weeks to win a radio contest. You have to call in and guess how many gallon of gas the station is putting up and if you guess right you get that gas! If not you're still entered for a 1000 gallon and TV drawing later this month. They also tell you if your guess was too high or low.

So mom has been trying forever to get in. She's been caller five and seven before. Then as she listened at 7:20am and found out today was the very last day of the contest! As soon as someone guessed right it was all over. The person who got through guessed 13 and it was too high. So mom asked me what to guess and I gave her the answer I tell everyone - guess 8. Eight being my favorite number.

So at the next drawing at 10:20 she tried to get through again. She wandered into my room to tell me that it's been ringing for a LONG time. Do you think they already had a winer when I could hear over the phone the DJ Johnny's voice come over: Congradulations! You're caller 15!

Mom pratically jumped up and down and gave her guess - AND SHE WON. XD There were eight gallons! She was so happy she was jumping up and down and trying to keep from screaming in joy as she gave her information to claim her prize and be entered for the drawing that will be taking place later for the 1000 gallons and big screen TV.

After all the times she's tried I'm SO glad she finally got through! Not only got through but WON! She just wanted to get in for the chance at the 1000 and Big Screen! YAY! So it's been a good productive day for all! I'm going to reward myself by finally getting a break to read my new Ikigami manga!
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I don't care how well you know me or how long we've known each other, I WANNA SEND YOU STUFF~! If you're cool with it, of course.

If you want a Christmas Card from me, post your address in this post! (All comments are screened!)

No promises it will get there on time! For while I love writing up cards and such - I'm TERRIBLE at getting my but down to the post office. Which is sad... it's only a ten minute walk away after all. BUT IT WILL GET THERE SOONER OR LATER!


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