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Yesterday was fun. Originally I had planned to go up to Watertown with Autumn to stop by the bus station to buy a ticket for Sunday and drop a box of books off at Salvation Army. Then we thought we might go watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D for fun, but she ended up having to go shopping with her dad. I don't blame her, we're going back to NYC and won't be able to see our families for awhile soon.

So mom volunteered to go uptown with me, only she didn't want to go to the movies. Fine with me, the movies was just extra anyway. The first stop we made was at our local Dollar General to pick up a couple things we needed. Mom even bought me some make up to complete the small collection she's been finding me on sale.

On the way to the city we stopped at the cheese store to pick up cheese curd. Man, I'm going to miss cheese curd, it's so yummy and I can't find a place that sells any in NYC. From there we swung by the bank so I could exchange some coins I rolled for mom that we went across the parking lot into Panera bread to spend on lunch. OMG, I love how yummy their soup bowls are. So yummy. While we were sitting there Casey texted us so we got her a soup bowl to go. She works at the FYE in the mall and she was so excited to have such a delicious lunch instead of the sandwich she had brought with her. While we were at the mall mom wanted to stop into Verizon to contest a charge she thought they unfairly charged her.

While she was doing that I looked at all the phones because mine has been acting up just a bit lately. When an associate came up and started pushing me on the smart phones. I told him he was looking at the wrong person that I was not interested in smart phones because I HATE touch screens. I just want a cell phone that made phone calls, and maybe GPS, but I didn't want to pay an insane amount extra each month for just that. That's when he showed me phones that aren't touch screen OR smart phones, but also have GPS. O.o But I was not prepared to think of getting a new phone today!

But Greyhound's ticket window in our city is only open from 2pm to 3pm so mom and I decided to think on it and go check in with them. Turns out their a Trailway office and can't honor Greyhound ticket vouchers, but the station in Syracuse is. So I'll have no problem exchanging it there. Then we swung around to Salvation Army to dump off this huge box of children books we had found in the cellar. It was bitter sweet, some of those books had been my favorites as a kid, but I couldn't keep it forever. I also couldn't stand to just see them thrown out, so I hope they get bought and give other kids happy.

Since we were there we also popped in and I bought some new work pants. Then we sat in the van for a long, long, LONG, time as I beat myself over if I wanted a new cell phone or not. Which turned out good for my cousin Terri as her mother called us asking if we could pick up some meds for her and drop them off at Terri's house. So we drove to Rite Aid where mom found a RED make up bag and it was on SALE. 8D Have I mentioned red is my favorite color and I have all this make up that I've suddenly acquired? Mom said it was fate and bought it for me because she knew I wouldn't.

While also standing in line for the medicine we decided we'd go back and look at the phones one more time. Maybe without being rushed I could make a better decision. Back to Verizon we went and after a lot of looking and a lot of questions I actually found a phone with GPS which is CLOSE to my old phone.

O.o I bought a new phone. I was not expecting this.

We went to see Casey one more time before we left to make sure she didn't need anything else brought to her before we left the city. Found out one of her co-workers is someone I use to take Taekwondo with! Only she didn't seem to recognize me so I didn't say anything, thinking maybe I was wrong. Then Casey texted me sometime after I was home and said she had asked if that was me and she DID recognize me. Derp. Go us.

The last thing we did was to drop Terri's medicine off to her. It was a little awkward because Terri is who I have dubbed: Stalker Cousin in the past. It was snowing so we got to use that as an excuse to get out of there before the snow got too bad.

I still can't believe I got a new cell phone.


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