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Yup. Subject and icon say it all really. Mom called me to let me know that this afternoon Buttons passed away. They SAY it was in her sleep, but part of me does wonder how true that is. As the found her in their bedroom and she never went in there to sleep. Of course mom also mentioned how earlier in the day she had been acting strange by trying to hop into her computer bag. So maybe she did just slip away in their bedroom while looking for a good place to die as they say animals do.

Although I'm crying as I write this I really am kinda glad she went like this. I really hate taking animals up to the vet to be put to sleep. I've actually spent many night praying that she'd go at home and in her sleep. Even if it meant waking up next to her dead body in the morning. Not to mention we were planning on putting her down soon. Dad said she only had another week or two worth of medicine left. And mom did admit she actually just bought her new food yesterday. They didn't really want to be the ones to make the final decision either.

Mom told me that they took her favorite fluffy blanket and laid her on it in a hole in the backyard. Mom told me they burried it deep enough that the animals shouldn't be at her, but they also covered it with a couple stones to be safe.

She was a good ol' strong kitty. And she marks an end of an era really. She was the last of our childhood pets to pass away. It's funny how they went in twos. We lost our dog Sally and ferret Mooshy just weeks apart from each other a couple years ago, and now it was Egor's and Button's turn.

It's really hard to think of it right now. She's been a constant factor in my life these past 21 years. It's just so strange to think of her as being gone. She was my surviver. Being hit by a cars twice, being attacked by dogs multiple times, beginning stages of kidney failure, a kitty stroke - possibly two, but one for sure, and a whole host of things I'm sure she got into and I just never knew about. She was a tough old girl and there will never be another like her again. My only regret is I never did get a good recording of her adorable purr-snore she did. That's one of many things I'm going to miss about her.

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This morning was nuts. Stayed up late to watch FMA: Brotherhood. I wanted to stay up for Big O and Cowboy Bebob too like I tend to do, but I was just so tired and I've seen them before so I decided to go to sleep. My head hit the pillow shortly after 1:30am and I was probably asleep five minutes later and had a small dream.

Mom and I were in the basement for some reason. I think we were cleaning, when it started to storm outside and I heard the cellar door open and some muffled music playing. Like how music sounds muffled when you're standing outside a car when someone has the radio turned up too loud.

I turned and looked and in from the storm drove this tiny car that backed into a little garage by the furance. It was dark, but the toy garage was lit up with neon lights. I shook mom's shoulder and told her LOOK! The Rainbow Bright toys had come to life! We stared in awe and tried to figure out what we should do with this miraculas discovery as I was also in awe that mom could see it and I wasn't the only one. (That happens a lot in my dreams.)

Then the other old toys started to come to life and I vaugly remember walking around and looking at each of the mini worlds before started to head up the cellar stairs with my mom.

The next thing I know it just before 7am and I'm awake because I can hear the cat meowing. Not her death meow that sounds like she's dying and she makes now and then in her sleep. No, this was her: I'm awake and need something meow. I waited a meow or two to see if I heard moving around in the kitchen, meaning mom was up, but just more meows came. So out of bed I got.

The first cat attack at 7am! )

Dream Two: May I take your order? )
The cat strikes back! )
Dream 3: Don't graple with ZZ )
The cat hires some help - the dog! )
Dream 4: Yes, I do speak plant and dog! )
...hi cat )

Also a note: I spent just over two hour writing this all up. LJ - it's not funny to suddenly go back a page suddenly and then have me come back to a blank page. I almost broke a plate, but was smart enough to hit refresh and you're very lucky you had pretty much everything saved as a last draft. I almost had to kill a puppy.
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But to start off. Really family? REALLY!? I need to tell you that when the cat comes up to you meowing sadly and giving you pout looks that she wants FOOD!? Really!?

Mom: Hey, ZZ?
Me: Yeah?
Mom: Your cat wants something.
Me: Does she want food?
Mom: Probably... she keeps sitting here meowing at me and butting her head into my leg.
Me: The food should be right next to you, could you feed her?
Mom: Uh-huh.... *the kind of uh-huh that sounds like she's not really paying attention.*
*A few moments later*
Me: *RUNNING OUT MY BABY! SHE IS IN TROUBLE!* Mom! What's wrong with the cat!? Did you step on her!?
*cat goes running by*
Mom: No, she wouldn't leave me alone so I picked her up to put on my lap to pet. I thought that's what she wanted.
Me: ..............did you try feeding her?
Mom: No.
Me: So... you a cat we've had for 20 years, who has NEVER been a lap cat. Who we've know we shouldn't pick up for at least TEN of those years because of her two bad hips and instead of FEEDING her... you thought she wanted to be picked up? -_-
Mom: ...yes? ............................ Okay... I didn't feel like getting up to get the food.
Me: *SLAPS FACE* You could have TOLD me that!

And then dad this morning: AHHH! ZZ! Your cat is meowing!? WHAT DOES SHE WANT!?

Granted - the cat use to always come to me when I'm home for food, but the dog has been hanging out with me in my room so she doesn't like to come in with me as much now. This gives me SUCH confindence in that they can care for her when I leave. They can't seem to even understand when she's hungry. So... they're going to be able to handle checking her feet for stuck kitty litter? Or her nails for that one that likes to try to turn into an ingrown one? Or to brush and groom her because she can't anymore? -_- Blah. Folks.

And now the dreams. Just bits and pieces of them this time. No full story. The first one I can't even remember clearly from the night before. I just remember running from something when I managed to finally find a safe place to hide and riding on the tail end of that dream I heard someone whisper to me: Help me. But I heard it as I was waking up so that horror of knowing I left someone to die in my place on top of the sudden shock of being awake after being chased by something horrible. Took awhile for that feeling to leave and then I was able to fall back to sleep.

Dream a little dream~ )
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Saying last night was a nightmare minus an actual nightmare would be pretty good statement.

When after doing a bit of cleaning and realizing it wa already 10:45pm and I had wanted to be in bed by 11pm and I hadn't even BEGUN to get ready was the start. After a bit of searching for the cat to find and get her into the room and coaxing to get the dog out of the room, teeth brushed, and PJs on it was already just after midnight. So I stayed up a bit longer to say night to mom who came home around 12:20am. Then went to bed.

I was asleep for just over an hour when I suddenly woke up with HORRIBLE stomach cramps. It hurt so bad I could hardly move. Managed to drag myself to the bathroom, where for the longest time I thought I was going to be sick out of both ends. Which is probably the worst feeling in the world. I've only ever had that happen to me once when I was really little and I never want that to happen again. What made it even better was because I was overtired I kept getting dizzy and that was only making me MORE sick. Plus it felt like I was trying to black out now and then like I do when I've been on the computer until 4am. On top of all that? I was having chills. Freezing one moment and burning hot the next.

Then I finally WAS sick (and only out one end yay) and managed to weave my way back to bed. I got an extra blanket out before I did - as now I was just freezing and a puke bucket just in case it struck again. My stomach was still upset, but it at least didn't feel like I had a rock slowly growing inside of it anymore. I was hoping that would be it, but nope. As the cat agreed with me. It gets cold in my room during the winter and decided that sleeping on me would be the best way to stay warm. Usually she just snuggles up close to my legs, which I'm fine with, as I can still streach a bit when I need to crack my back, but not last night.

First she decided she needed to sleep right between my legs and then meowed and pestered me for petting when I distrubed her sleep to crack my back. (I have a bad back, and need to on occation wake up and crack it in the night. Usually - once a night, but oh no - last night was like, every fifteen minutes.) So after I got her to settle down, I went back to sleep, just to be awoken a little later with her on my shoulder (side sleeper). After a little squirming went back to sleep. Woke up again, steaming hot so I tried to kick off the extra blanket, which made the kitty want some more loving. Cat, I love that you love me so much that you were just excited to love me and be loved back - but UGH! I NEEDED SLEEP.

This went on all night long. I even slept on my back once - which I never do - and found her on my chest, staring down into my face. I don't know what was up with her last night. She's usually so good about picking one spot and STAYING there. But oh no, felt her crawling all over me all night long. Finally at 8am I heard her throwing up on the other side of the room and jumped out of bed to catch the throw up on a piece of old newspaper. Then I gave up sleeping.

Well, until about 10:30am. Then I took a two hour nap XD and it was amazing. Still don't know what was up with feeling so sick last night. As I haven't felt sick at all. Just over tired. *shrugs*

Just FYI

Nov. 2nd, 2010 05:21 pm
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Youtube yanked down my account. So my videos are no longer avaible there. Once I get off my lazy butt I'll put the TMNT ones up to Megaupload, but for now any anime ones you may be missing can still be found on my AMV.org account. If you're not a member yet - it's free. They'll try to hound you into a paid account, but it's completely free.

Also random - caught the cat eating out of the dog's food dish. Huh, never thought I'd see that seeing how stingy she usually is when it comes to her food being fresh and that dog food was hard food that's always out.
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My cat is old. She's 20 years going and still going. She is the kitty that will not die and the love of my life. She's been hit by a car twice and ended up with little medical attention for it due to our vets being morons the first time and her just being too damn old the second. So she has two bad hips that give her a little trouble now in her extreme old age. She's been attacked by our dog which was more scary and heart attack worthy because Egor was just "Putting her in her place" after the cat was dumb enough to scratch the dog who was just standing there. Egor didn't even break skin, just pinned her down. She's also in the beginning stages of kidney failure now which two years ago we thought was the end, but we found some great medicine that keeps her going without pain and super cheap (the secert? Lacatives.). Then the lastest gasper is that she had a kitty stroke. Which we thought AGAIN was the end, but our vets told us kitty strokes are actually very survivable for cats. She couldn't move for one day, was wobbly the second, then on the third she could kinda walk a straight line, then finally on the fourth. All better.

(Have I mentioned I loved talking about my kitty?)

But yes, after a crazy life like that our idea is just to make kitty as comfortable, happy, and de-stressed as possible. As vets pointed out to us, at this age stress is the thing we really need to worry about. Anything else that might happen to her - a new sickness, the kideny failure getting worse, or injury - that will probably be it. She's too old for anything surgery could help (not that we can afford it) and I've decided if the medicine gets more invasive than just a quick shot of liquid in her mouth then I'm not putting her through that crap.

What was my topic about? Oh yes... GROOMING! ANYWYAY! *clears throat* Due to her old age and various problems, my kitty doesn't really groom herself anymore. Something we figured out when I came home for college once and went: Omg! What happened to the cats fur! And my parents who all they really do is feed her and ignore her went: Oh yeah... looks matted.

I've been trying to catch up on it, but I have a feeling I never will. During my big breaks away from college it just kept getting worse and worse, but I won't catch up due to the stress factor. I can't take her to a groomer, for one it would take a couple days I think and the stress of it could kill her. Vets agreeded with me, considering how stressed she gets at vet visits where they hardly do anything to her. Just feel her kidneys and take a temperture. They're worried that a groomer who would be holding her in way she wasn't use to with loud noises and smells of other animals - could be too much for her.

So I home groom her as best I can. I even tried to borrow dad's hair clippers to save her. Didn't really work. So I slowly work at it with a brush and a pair of hand siccors for the thickers mats. I don't get too far, as she's always making more mats and I only do it when she's comfortable, but she's so silly about it sometimes. I'm not stressing her out, but I am annoying her now and then. She'll stand up and flop over on her other side like she isn't covered in mats for me to pick on. Then after that will fail she'll try a few more times before she'll move just out of my reach and give me the stink-eye. Then after a bit she'll come wandering back and we'll start all over again.

Lately now, she's been getting her feet extra dirty. Kidney failure means she pees a lot more than normal cats. I clean the litter box, but it's always filled by the time I turn around again. So sometimes she gets dirty littler stuck to her feet and then I have to go wash her feet in the sink. Such a well behaved kitty. I fill the sink up with water and dip the dirty paw in it and rub gently until it all comes out. She'll lay in my arm mewing pitifully while I do this and stare up at me with her: Why are you DOING this to me!? Look in her eyes, but sit there and take it - for awhile and then she'll put up just a little struggle until I let her go.

Then she'll go hide and pout for awhile. Yesterday I did this and she hid under my desk for awhile. Then I left the room for a bit and when I came back she was on the bed, but as soon as I walked over to the bed she ran off and hid under the desk again. Of course... five minutes later she came slinking back looking for some loving from me.

I love how quickly my cat forgives me. It's so cute, but it also lets me know just how much she really loves me and wants my attention. Although that love also makes me not want to leave him, which isn't good. As I said, my parents take care of her enough to make sure she gets the things they need. Like food, medicine, and clean litter, but they don't lover her as I do. I know without that love she won't last too long.

Sorry for all this. Just really felt like I needed a little TL;DR about my beloved kitty. As there will never be another like her.

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The typical dog woes )

But to leave off on a slightly happier note, my kitty had a senior moment or something today. She suddenly got it in her mind that she'd jump off the bed. The bed she's been too old to jump off of for the past four years or so. Nooooooooooooooo. I put my hand in front of her to change her mind until she finally decided to go down using the step stool we have set up for her. She then walked to the area she had thought of jumping down too and stuck her head under the bed. Sat there for awhile and then finally went completely under. I had a breif moment of panic where I thought she might be going under there to die.

I had no reason to worry as she just meowed unhappily under there and came crawling out. She sat there for a moment before using the stool to get back up on the bed and go back to sleep. Wtf cat? No really, what was up with that?


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