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Just got back from camping today. Will be headed back to the apartment tomorrow. Stealing mom's computer for now! ----- Or more like a couple days ago. Half of this was written when I first got home... then LJ ate it and I JUST recovered it from Vash's journal when I went to make a post. Weird... but I can finish now! ----  I'd have to say it was a pretty good trip. Came home with just one scrap, a mild sunburn, and oh.... about 40 fish. Nummies~~

Well, also caught a head cold, but I had that before we left for camping. So let me start at the beginning.

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So another four day weekend for me! Mom thought about coming up here, but we decided quiet literally last minute that I'll go home instead and we'll all go camping.

8D YAY! Camping!

I'm heading straight to the bus stop after work tomorrow! We go out camping Thr and return evening Sat! I leave back for NYC POSSIBLY on Sunday. I say POSSIBLY because I've gotten the last two Fridays off. There's a VERY small chance I'll get an early in the week day off... possibly monday? If I do I'll be postponing going back one more day. BUT! I won't know that until they email me my schedaul next week.

I'm also not bringing my computer. What little internet access I do have will be coming from family memebers so I won't be around much.

I must also admit that I'm a little terrified at the thought of going home knowing there is now no cat or dog awaiting there for me. I'm scared to face the truth. I know I'm not going to be able to stop looking at the spots Buttons always slept, just like I haven't stopped looking in the yard for Egor when I pull into that driveway. Knowing she'd always be there, only getting up because I was home and yay! It meant belly rub time!

I'm glad we're going camping as I'm sure for the first night home I'm going to be spending a lot of time listening to that oh so soft half purr meow Buttons did when she was wondering if I was awake at night. The way she crept around the bed until finally laying on my shoulder or next to my head.

Then of course, hearing how dad literally jumped off the couch in joy and tickled my mom's cheeks when he heard the news that his daughter was coming home to see him. That specail kind of tickling he only really does when he's so happy he just can't contain himself. That will make it all worth it. Poor guy. At first mom talked like she was going alone to visit me in NYC and he was all: oh... :( have fun.... until she made the side comment that we decided it'd just be better if I came home nad he was all 8DDDD YAYZ!

And now... time for bed. I hope I'm not forgetting anything!
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Had a great time camping. Actually got back yesterday but was so over powered by kitty going: DON'T YOU EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN YOU ASS and unpacking I didn't have the energy to make a post. Poor kitty, I'm glad she stopped meowing sadly everytime I leave the room now.

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Today was both long and short. Short because I've kept so busy, but long for how emotionally trying it was. It was the very last day I'll work at probably one of the best jobs I'll ever have. As much as I complain about it now and then - it's all mostly the idea of being forced to go somewhere when I could be doing other things. You know... work. I'll complain about not wanting to go to any job I'll ever had.

Oh, and the poop. I won't miss cleaning up the poop.

But funny thing about the bathrooms. For the past week we keep finding the same praying mantis on our bathroom walls and in the pipechase. (Little room between the bathrooms that we hold our bathroom supplies and where you turn the water on and off.) We tried to get it to fight us for a bit then move it to a bush - and yet every morning he'd be back on the bathroom walls or in the pipechase. I named it Deryl. XD He's very good at climbing on brooms. I'm going to miss Deryl.

Today was a lot different from last Labor Day. For starters I actually had help. Cory was there this year to give me a hand. We started the day taking care of all the end of season paperwork and then did a bunch of firepits. Finally got the last of the few straggelers out of the park by 1pm when we cleaned the bathrooms for the last time and locked them off. Must admit, it felt good to lock the bathroom knowing no one would be able to walk in seconds after I just finished. Yet... sad at the same time as it's like the final thing to do before shutting up the campground.

Took down all the signs we could. Brought in the bouy that was nice enough to break it's chain and float in to our shore. Put the cover on the outside sink and got ready to leave. The last thing we did was put our keys in the safe and lock ourselves out of the toll booth. I admit, I love that park. I nearly cried as I pulled out for the last time.

Got home and started to pack for camping, taking a break to take Egor on one of the shortest walks we've ever done. She's the worst she's ever been. I ended up bent over crying on her again. We're so close to camping and it's going to break my heart if she doesn't enjoy this because it's becoming clearer and clearer it's time to say goodbye. Dad caught me crying and I really hated it because I knew I couldn't handle a: It will be alright lie right then, but no, he did about the only thing I could handle. He came down and hugged me and just let me cry for a little bit saying he knew. It hurts, but it's just time, she's old. Which I appericated so much more than the lies we keep telling ourselves that it will be okay.

We eventually got her in, but you can tell it hurts her so. I really hope she enjoys this last trip, although I'm a little worried - I went to check to be sure that her rabies information is where I left it last - it was, but turns out it expired in April. Crap, we need that for camping. Hopefully I know a loop hole. If I bring in her tag in where it doesn't have an experation date on it and hopefully they won't question it - as honestly, we'll probably be putting her down in a week or two, she doesn't need the shoot now in her life.

I just want to camp and pretend I don't have this to come back home to.

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So the time has come. The end of summer where I become horribly depressed.

The warm weather is quickly leaving. Casey left for school yesterday, Autumn left today. So now I'm alone in this town again.

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TL;DR: I'm depressed. I'll get over it. I know I will. I'm complaining about the same stuff I have been for the past couple weeks. Ranting here just makes me feel better, a little. Sorry if I haven't been around to checking my friend's page. I know a lot of you are struggling too and I just can't handle that on top of it all. So, *hugs to those that need it* I'm sorry I haven't been giving them out as needed.
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I got summoned for jury duty. Again. And what day are they summoning me? Why, on the day I start a vacation. Again. Well, at least this time I'll be closer. Unlike last time when I was going to NYC for three days - which is like... six seven hours away, I'm only going to be camping deep in the heart of the 1000 islands. Which from the city is only about an hour away.

But damn it, this camping trip was suppose to be my dog's last hooraw. We're putting her to sleep after this and I don't want to miss any of it, but they won't let me postpone it again.

No really. I'm beginning to believe they do this on purpose. Always make it the day I'm suppoes to leave for a trip. I rarely ever take trips. I go camping for two nights, three days once a year. I go to warp tour which is usually a two night deal once a year. Then I'll maybe take a random one night trip back to my college to take place in APO events. But those are rare.

That's all I do. I think I spend maybe 400 dollars on travel a year - and that's INCLUDING gas because I don't usually buy anything once I get to the trip. Except maybe a dinner. Actually that may be a high guess. Very high.

So how the hell did they manage to peg out of the WHOLE YEAR the two times I planned a trip? NYC was a random: HOLY CRAP A VACATION!?gheiahgae! Kinda deal. They pegged that. Camping got planned for the latest any of us has ever camped. They pegged that too. I think my government is spying on me. THEY MUST READ THIS LJ! Well screw you governement. You suck. Your taxes are too high. The stupid yellow plates you want me to buy are ugly. Stop trying to cancle my health insurance for no damn reason and making me call you to go: I SUE YOU until you give it back. FU
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I think I'm going to need to take a couple week haitus from Luceti starting the beginning of Sept and I really don't want to. Apps are about to open and we're getting a Wolfwood and a damn good possibility of a Legato. I want to be there when they come in, but I don't think I can be. Even though for the most part the reasons are good, fun reasons... right until the end. Then it goes really bad

The reasons? The fourth and fifth I'll be taking off to go to the wedding of a good APO buddy. I'm really excited to see all my college friends again and can't wait to see her dress. I know she'll look amazing!

Then on the seventh; mom, dad, Egor (the dog), and myself will be taking off for a two night, three day camping trip. Coming home on the tenth. I'm really excited for this for the nature walks, fishing, and just general relaxing after a summer of work.

Then... it goes bad.

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But some awesome news! My co-worker Sarah called me last night saying: Oh, boy, I got a story for you. At first I thought it was going to be something bad, more so when she started out saying she was cleaning the men's room getting ready to go home when her boyfriend William showed up as it was their five year anniversery.

They met at Burnham Point and realized the both had feelings for each other when once she lost her glasses off the dock and he dove in after them. So he took her down to the dock and had a boquate of roses there for her. He gave them to her saying: Happy anniversry! And as she was going: Awwww! Over the roses he said: oh, one more thing and got down on one knee. So Sarah no longer has a boyfriend, but a fiance! And she was so excited as eariler this year we were talking about engaments and she said she always had hopped her's would be romantic and she wouldn't see it coming. And she didn't see that coming.

YAY, Sarah!
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So. I'm down to one dog and one cat. How did they both manage to wind up in my room together?

Possibly because the dog is lonely and the cat never leaves my room.

I love my animals but sometimes taking care of old and sick animals is a pain. Mom, dad, and I are planning to go camping. Now here's the hard part.

Casey doesn't stay home much - who's going to give the cat the many small meals she needs a day. And her medicine?

The dog. Will Casey be around to let her in and out of the house?

The dog is a bit easier. In her old age she's mellowed out quite a bit. We're thinking we might be able to take her with us this time. Before Egor was just to wild and agressive to take anywhere. But now she listens better and is too old and lazy to want to pick a fight with anything. So I'm off to start the adventure of looking for her last rabies tag number.

So at least the dog got easier with age. The cat not so much. Right now mom has to come home for work on one of the three days we're camping. We're thinking of doubling up her meds that day (as she can take up to two-three doses of the medicine but is only needing one a day at the moment) and that should keep the cat regular enough til we get back. It won't hurt her to miss a day.

And if we do take the dog with us then we could leave GLOBS of cat food lying about. Not that the cat will be pleased by it but she'll eat it when she realizes that's all she's got and we don't have to worry about it disapearing into the dog's stomach instead of hers.

*sighs* Pets. Long gone are the days that we could leave a bucket of hard food out and know they'd be fine. Now I just need to figure out how to get dressed without freaking out the cat who might jump on the dog. Hmmm.


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