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So, flipping through the channels and I came across Judge Judy and had to stop!

I don't know what these people's problem is but there was a picture of a pile of CDs and one of those CDs I knew was Breaking Benjamin's Saturate album.

Hellz Yeah!

This nerdy Breaking Benjamin moment brought to you by delaying getting up to make dinner.

Yup. Sick.

Mar. 19th, 2010 07:59 pm
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So runny nose, constant headache, and bouts of random dizzyness.

Helloooooooooo Spring cold.

Although one random thing that I'm assuming is some sort of strange side effect. Last night when I went to go to sleep and shut my eyes and then was like... blinded. I saw bright flashes like someone put strobe lights on the back of my eyelids. It hurt. I didn't think light could pysically hurt so bad. But I found if I looked up towards my skull the light went away, but anywhere else it came back.

That was really weird.

Either way when my boss came up to me today letting me know that someone called in sick and if I would like the extra hours part of me wanted to scream NOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I said yes. Ugh. I made it through and in the end I'm glad I said yes. I need extra money to get back the 60 I wasted on the concert not mentioning the gas. But mmmmmmmmmmhmmmm I do oh so love my new Breaking Benjamin hoodie. It's so soft and epic looking. I almost hate to wear it knowing that it will slowly wear it down. But mmmmhmmm love it. Considering I don't usually spend a dime on myself it all goes to: Omg - start a real life fund. So I suppose a little treat won't really hurt.

But uh - so tired and I see my dad left me some Pearch to buy my forgiveness that he went to the bar again. I do love me some Pearch. Ah! Spring! I'm so glad you're here because I'm dying for Bass season to open so I can go catch my own damn fish. It's ten times more fun to catch, clean, and eat your own fish. (Although I suck at the cleaning so mom typically does it to get more meat... shhush! Still counts!)


Mar. 16th, 2010 02:49 am
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The concert was - AWESOME. Breaking Benjamin still owns my soul as always. They never do disapoint.

But yes. Need to shower in order to get those showers of sweat and beer off me. I don't plan to have a voice tomorrow - or much of hearing. *just keeps rambling until the cat gets it through her head I'm not leaving and gets off me*

Oh! There she goes. *flees!*
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Just got back from day two of the Irish Festival. Well... day three - but I worked all day yesterday and couldn't go so yeah - day two for me. So much fun. Great music and succcccccch good food. Mmmhmmm. It seemed even more crowed than usual this year. The Irish dancing was a lot of fun to watch. Made me wish I hadn't had to drop out of dancing - I think I would still enjoy it if I had been able to keep up with it.

Surprised to find out mom has never had Baylies... Bailies? Uh - the yummy stuff they make Irish Cremes with. I have a feeling she has just doesn't remember.

Anyway - would go on but suddenly spiltting tired headache - but more awesome news. My aunt won four tickets to the Breaking Benjamin concert this Monday. I wasn't going to go and was disapointed about not being able to afford tickets. But free tickets? Hellz yeah! And she only needed two so me and mom are going now. I hope we have a good time - mom hasn't been to a real concert in a bit. Yeah... we'll see how it goes - she's excited for it and that's enough.

But yeah... sleep... no some tags. Then I pass out. Yes. *snore*

Oh - wait. I guess everyone else has been doing it and I feel like I owe them if you'd like a little tl;dr about Vash and a character let me know. Except it might not actually be all that tl;dr. XD If I was good at those it wouldn't be so hard to finish up his CR page. The thoughts in my head can be really hard to get into words sometimes. But yeah - I WILL AT LEAST ATTEMPT. Sorry it sucks ahead of time. I sleep now. *thunk*
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In the midist of feeling sorry for myself I forgot the real YouTube Friday video I was waiting to post. I was just too miserible to think of anything really happy yesterday so I picked something random off my favorite's page. (Not that I don't like the video I posted Friday lol)

But this!! Breaking Benjamin's newest single. The video permiered Friday!

Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow - Official Music Video (HQ)

Why can't I find a guy as pretty as Ben? Not to mention a voice I want the ability to rape.

So far my opinion of this song is: Hm. I think it needs to grow on me a bit more. There's parts I really like; other parts I'm just kinda meh about. But then again the single that came out before their last CD came out I didn't care much for either. Now I love it. Of course that's why I love Breaking Benjamin so much - you never really know what to expect from them. Always trying new things. Each CD has a different feel to it.

I'm sure their new CD is not going to disapoint. I can't wait for Sept 29th. I want it. Now.


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