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So, someone gave me a link that showed me RK'S "New Kyoto Arc" and even though being warned by two other people about how bad it was, I just had to check it out for myself. Just to see HOW bad. Well, not only was it bad - it was BORING as all hell. Talk about telling and not showing. I hate the plot changes, but more than the plot changes do I hate it's the fact that this was basically 48mins of talking 10mins of credits and about 2mins of fighting. No. Not even fighting. 2mins of action that was NOT standing around talking.

I was so bored I had trouble even getting my anger up at the things that SHOULD have enraged me. I was THAT bored. I ended up playing with a plushie while watching to keep my hand from closing out the video several times. I kept thinking: Wow, this is going on and on it's gotta be over soon right? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I STILL HAVE 50MINS LEFT!?

For an example of this horrible telling and not showing. Usui walks up to Shisho and says he was busy killing 50 men. For a minute I actually was like: Is he joking? Just trying to be bad ass? He says it as a person who gets his ass kicked by a child, but then goes ahead and said it was 17 gangs with rocket launchers. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SHOWED HIM KILLING THESE PEOPLE!? Even just one or two. I was bored I was DYING for some pointless slaughter.

They also did a pretty good job of making Kenshin look like a dick if you ask me. He let Misao follow him to see Shisho and doesn't even bother to ask her name until LATER. Huh, I just took you into a HORRIBLY dangerous place - btw, what's your name crazy lady? *headdesk* And this isn't the only reason if I hadn't watched the original anime that I probably would have thought Kenshin was suppose to be some asshole pretending to act nice.

Hiko was also painfully out of character too. Actually saying Kenshin did a good job. Granted Kenshin wasn't around for that, but it still killed me to hear him admitting that to people OUT LOUD.

Each of the fights that did happen didn't last longer than a minute or two. If you do watch it. Cry for Chou with me and how badly his fight is portrayed in this "retelling". Instead this new ova was too busy telling us what we should already know if you were a fan of the show. And if you weren't a fan of the show before, all you'd get from this is it's a bunch of people standing around talking about what just happened without showing anything interesting at all. Like: OMG! I JUST beat the crap out of this guy. No, I'm totally not going to flashback to my fight. It just happened two seconds ago, just take my word for it. But let me talk to you about it as monotone as I can because this does not call for excitement at all.


One of my favorite fights in Kenshin is Saito versus Usui so it was a bit of a spit in the face when not only does Usui get killed by Shisho, BUT THEY DON'T EVEN SHOW THE FIGHT. The closest you get is a shot of Shisho swinging his sword once or twice. You don't get to see Usui use his technique. Nothing. He's just dead and wasted. Then as he's dying Shisho and him have this big "deep" talk that was just SOOOO stupid.


[personal profile] whiteadelphi got it right. This piece of crap is worse than Seisōhen. At least Seisōhen was pretty to look at and had some fun moments to it. Yes, it completely missed target with everything after Kyoto, but at least it didn't try to totally re-write history that didn't need to be re-written. They at least tried to show SOMETHING new in a new way. It failed, but it had points you can enjoy. This thing though, it's so boring and has nothing but talk I really don't EVER expect to watch it again. At least with Seisōhen I can rewatch for the few scenes I did like. Even if that reviewing is rare.

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It's funny how one badly worded sentance can ruin a night. I was planning on just going to bed and then making a post in the morning about the fun my sister and I had, but no. I'm here to rant now, because if I don't I feel like I may explode. (Sorry chat... I kinda did explode on you.)

So mom came home from work just after midnight. Casey and I had just finished watching A Goofy Movie and I was working on taking care of the pets so I could go to bed. Fed the cat. Took care of the dog and got her out of the kitchen when she fell out there and couldn't get up. Then let the dog out and back in before being asked by Casey who was on the couch with mom talking to put the gate up so the dog wouldn't go into her room.

I did that, then quickly did a little vacuuming because I had been petting the dog while watching the movie and she had shed. As soon as that was done I went in to brush my teeth. While brushing them Mom and Casey yelled to me and giggled that the dog was eating something. THey eventually realized it was some old papertowels dad had used to eat chicken wings with earlier today. I asked them to take it from her before it got shredded to make it easier for me.

I got: Ew for an answered. -_- No. They didn't. So a shredded mess I got to deal with. While I was going around trying to pick up all the drool covered pieces, mom let slip the sentance that made me want to blow up and bite her.

"Oh, ZZ. You should pick your dental floss pieces over there."

Really. REALLY!? She thought that instead of throwing away my dental floss in the bathroom garbage I had walked out into the living room and dropped MULTIPLE PIECES THERE?! I quickly corrected her on this issue that: No, shock! I am NOT that disgusting. No, this is in fact, her husband. The same person who leaves dishes all around the couch until I go around and pick them up after the dog has licked him. The guy who leaves used paper towels around until the dog shreds them and I throw them away.

My family is a family of horders. It's a painful thing to admit, but it's true. I've run out of excuses to tell friends why they can never come over to our house. And you know what? I'M THE CLEANEST PERSON IN THIS HOUSE. I've given up doing much. Sweeping the kitchen every so often. Vacuuming when I get dog hair all over the place. And doing the dishes. Otherwise I just do my best to keep mom from putting more shit in my room and trying to keep it tidy as I deal with breaking my own hording problems. Mom and Casey are always leaving the house because they can't deal with it and dad just sits around, watches TV, and makes a horribly disgusting food mess in the vincinity of the couch.

So what was the biggest insult was she thought it was ME. ME the only person who still PRETENDS to take care of this house and clean up after people. I admit, I should do more, but when people just make more messes for you when you clean something and you know no matter what you do, you're never going to have a socail life - it just becomes pointless.

GAH! Me! I'm trying to tell myself she didn't really mean that. HEIRhaiorea She just remembers I had just been brushing my teeth and she wanted me to grab it while I was cleaning up anyway. It's bad for the vacuum after all she was OH SO helpful to add. jhHEIariehagiogreaiorhea Just don't go blaming me for shit that goes on in this house mom. Don't. Just. DON'T. Because yes. I admit. Sometimes I don't put the Gamecube away as neat as it could be, but you know what? Does it REALLY matter when I just set it on a pile of CRAP instead of shoving it past the door the CRAP was covering? DOES IT!? You know what. You clear off a chair so I can sit in it without moving a pile of stuff somewhere else - THEN WE'LL TALK.

I hate this house sometimes.
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I just... rage quit life right now. I... don't... know... why. I want to blame it on stupid girly habit week, but I've never been this hormonal before. And I've been on the pill since I was 13 to regulate all this shit so I don't know why I seem to have gone and dived off the deep end all of about..... six hours ago.

Maybe I am sick. I haven't been feeling well most of the day. I've been blaming most of it on how dry it is in here mixed with stupid girly habit week, but maybe I am sick. All I know is that everything is making me SO ANGRY right now.

Like... even things that shouldn't make me angry. I was reading a thread from Luceti and giggling over it and enjoying it and then suddenly I was all: WHY WASN'T I APART OF THIS THREAD HOW DARE THEY HAVE FUN AND I DON'T GET TO HAVE FUN! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN ON THAT! And there was NO reason for Vash to have been there. And I just... wanted to punch the computer screen.

And I felt like I needed to have the first temputantram I've ever thrown over a video game since I was six. Casey and I were playing Mario Kart Wii and I was just getting more and more ANGRY. Usually if I say get hit over and over with no chance ot recover I either laugh it off or go: O_o and then try to get back at the people who hit me. Oh no. Today I sat, stewing, and swearing like a salior. I was trying not to scream and give into the desire to chuck the controller at the television because my sister was still having fun. Except keeping all that anger was making my upset stomach start churning more.

I really wish everything wasn't making me so angry right now. Like just not even getting tags to answer is making me want to scream and cry. I should probably just go to bed before I snap at someone who doesn't deserve it. I've done that before while on my period and always feel horrible about it when I do and I'm not even HALF as bad as I feel right now.

Of course, I'm also angry because I can't sleep. I'm so angry over everything else I'm all worked up and twitchy. I know I'd just lay in bed hating everything. And the poor cat. Who I usually like her requests of petting would probably get shoved off the bed.

...okay. Not really. I doubt I could actually get to that point of anger even if I tried, but I would be horribly pissed at her - as I'm getting angry just joking about it. Ughhghiahrear this is not good.
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Ho.ly.Crap. I never thought I could ever be more pissed at a company than I have been at Gateway.

For those of you that haven't been following my journal forever - Gateway totally screwed me over big time. I bought a laptop from them and it broke shortly after I bought it. They replaced it as it was under warrenty. It broke again. They fixed it again. And so on and so on. THAT wasn't so bad except for the horribly broken computer and me losing my files all the damn time.

I called about the same issue about ten times. Finally someone suggested I change the harddrive out and that would fix ALL my problems. So they sent me a new one and I sent them my old one. If I did this they wouldn't charge me because it's under warenty.

A few days later I had a 70 dollar charge on my credit card and they claimed my old harddrive had gotten lost in the mail so they were charging me. A few weeks later I got a call on my answering machine saying: Yay the found my harddrive and when I called back to go: Great! Do you need my card information to pay me back my 70 - oh sorry... it was lost again. Oh. And the computer broke again.

Long story short. I eventually found out what was wrong with my computer and it was a VERY WELL KNOW ISSUE with my brand and for some reason no one felt the need to tell me about. Took me all of two seconds and two dollars to fix the issue. But yeah - I'm never buying from Gateway again. So I now have three things I personally boycot with a passion - Gamestop, Gateway, and Russell Stovers.

How did a chocolate company piss me off so? Well, every year I get a box of Whitman's Sampler for Christmas. I liked the varity it offered. Over the years they have started to put less and less chocolate in it. This year I decided to be greedy and buy myself a box when I saw it was on sale then wait for the one mom always gets me for Christmas. Now Whitman's box comes with two layers of candy in it. Or at least it use to.

Imagine then how pissed off I was when I went to get to the second layer and found nothing but carboard holding the first layer up. Pretty. Damned. Pissed. As the ONLY reason they did this was to FOOL me into thinking that there were two layers of chocolate and not just the one. I felt horribly cheated and like there was some nasty kid laughing behind me because I had fallen for his trick. I still paid the same amount of money (or I would have, had it not been on sale) and got HALF the chocolate.

So I failed in a complaint about how angry, used, and tricked I felt because of this. Stating at the end for such a horrid trick I would never buy from them again. The response I got back? Was even more of a spit in the face. Saying they didn't mean to trick me! It's all sold by weight not volume! BS. I know that's how you sell it, but you know what? That carboard had weight to it. Don't tell me you couldn't use a smaller box for that one SMALL layer of chocolate. What was even better? All they did was basically say: Ha! We sell by weight! So we tricked you and don't feel bad and oh HEY! HEre's an ad to buy more of our chocolate!?

...no really. Did you people really think I'd want to buy MORE of this after you tricked me once? Idiots. I wrote back telling them how stupid it was to throw that mumbo jumbo into a pissed off person's face and then add with an add that takes up more of the letter than the not!Apology took.
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I got summoned for jury duty. Again. And what day are they summoning me? Why, on the day I start a vacation. Again. Well, at least this time I'll be closer. Unlike last time when I was going to NYC for three days - which is like... six seven hours away, I'm only going to be camping deep in the heart of the 1000 islands. Which from the city is only about an hour away.

But damn it, this camping trip was suppose to be my dog's last hooraw. We're putting her to sleep after this and I don't want to miss any of it, but they won't let me postpone it again.

No really. I'm beginning to believe they do this on purpose. Always make it the day I'm suppoes to leave for a trip. I rarely ever take trips. I go camping for two nights, three days once a year. I go to warp tour which is usually a two night deal once a year. Then I'll maybe take a random one night trip back to my college to take place in APO events. But those are rare.

That's all I do. I think I spend maybe 400 dollars on travel a year - and that's INCLUDING gas because I don't usually buy anything once I get to the trip. Except maybe a dinner. Actually that may be a high guess. Very high.

So how the hell did they manage to peg out of the WHOLE YEAR the two times I planned a trip? NYC was a random: HOLY CRAP A VACATION!?gheiahgae! Kinda deal. They pegged that. Camping got planned for the latest any of us has ever camped. They pegged that too. I think my government is spying on me. THEY MUST READ THIS LJ! Well screw you governement. You suck. Your taxes are too high. The stupid yellow plates you want me to buy are ugly. Stop trying to cancle my health insurance for no damn reason and making me call you to go: I SUE YOU until you give it back. FU
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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. F.U.C.K!

I'm just a little pissed if you can't tell. What got dropped in my lap today? Fucking jurory durty. What fucking day do they want to see me. Fucking Apirl 26th. WHAT DAY WAS I LEAVE TO GO SEE AUTUMN IN NYC!?

Fucking Apirl 25th OF COURSE.

...And is that a virus that just tried to infect my computer? Hell no. *sicks AVG on it's ass*

So yes. Not happy. The one time. The one god damn time I try to have a vacation and fucking JURORY duty? You're fucking kidding me. The last vacation I had was my trip to Australia - and there is a reason I did it up then because I can't REMEMBER the last real vacation I took BEFORE that. I think it was in '04. The Senior trip to NYC. Yeah I take day trips on rare occations, but not a real vacation. Oh wait - I take it back. The last couple years I've done a two day trip to Warp Tour. But that was a - get there PARTY! Sleep. Leave. Travel doesn't count!


So yeah. Totally calling this postponement number tomorrow. Fuckers. Open from 10am-3pm. You shit faced fuckers. You do that because you know most people are at work then so more people won't wealse out of it. WELL I HAVE BREAKS! The first 15min one I get I'm skipping the pizza party to call your asses.


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