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So, yes, been having major mood swings lately. Ranging from over hyper I PACK EEEEEEEVERYTHING! To clinging to my pets and sobbing into them as I tell them how sorry I am for leaving them.

But I wanted to post something not about my move when I remembered I had been trying to get my TMNT AMVs in a place where people can watch them online again. So I uploaded them all to my metacafe site. For some reason... only one of them uploaded correctly. I'll have to try the other one later, but for now, back to the internet since Youtube killed my site: Glaxay Defender!

NOTE: OH! I almost forgot. Actually The Turtle Dip and Ring the Bells are up too. They've been there for a bit, I've been trying to get the ones that I haven't already uploaded up.
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Ahahaha... surprise. It's much easier to upload a video when you follow the rules. Ah-hem. Yeah. After downloading a second FTP client to try to get my new AMV up on AMV.org I realized that it failed to upload at the same spot as the other. That's when the little: Ding! Bell in my head went off and I remembered I had switched the quality on my editor from default to best when asked to hand in a work experince reel for a job. Yeah, the video was about double the allowed size without submitting a request.

So after rendering it AGAIN a smaller size setting - HARK I had no problems uploading it. So if you wanted to download my One Piece AMV - Deliverance just click the link! You also need to be a member of the site, but membership is free - even if they still try to shove donations down your thoat. It's been forever since I joined and I don't know if they do that anymore. 

And if you have any suggestions to make it better, please make them now! You probably have all of two days to make them known before I wipe all the OP footage off my computer and get working on a Trigun: Badlands Rumble AMV.

I just need a good song.

AMV A'hoy!

Jan. 1st, 2011 03:20 pm
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Okay, so I don't usually post my AMVs until I have both a YouTube link and the link to my AMV.org page for you to download it at, but.... Core FTP the program I use to upload things to AMV.org has been hating me and won't upload. I've never had a problem with it before so I don't know WHY it keeps failing to upload the video each time halfway through.

Until then. Here's the Youtube info!

This is a video I made for [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi for Christmas! I haven't seen very much of OP so this was actually very difficult and annoying to make. (More so when I kept thinking up clips I couldn't find or had made up in my head so they didn't exisit for me to use! XD) I really want to thank ALL of you who helped suggest episodes to me. It was a HUGE help to me! I made her an AMV to this song once, many years ago, the first AMV I made for Christmas for her in fact! I've always known I could have done better and now that I had found a clearer audio to the song I wanted to try again and here is the result. Enjoy! (And if you watched it on her LJ I changed the timing of a couple things, fixed a spelling error, and changed one clip. Nothing major, but if you notice a difference, I just polished it a little.)

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Wow, I just realized I again have muitple songs of the same titles by different artsists. Again involving Sum 41. Oddly enough these two songs I BOTH bought the CDs for this year and BOTH I want to make AMVs too, just don't think I can make the videos that are in my head. I can't make my figners make something as cool as what's in my head. Either way the songs are:

So Long, Good-Bye by 10 Years and I really want to make a Trigun AMV to this song.
So Long, Goodbye by Sum 41 and I'd so love to make a Mushishi AMV to this song, but alas I only own one DVD for that and it's the 5th one and I'd need at least the 1st in order to make what's in head.

I find it hilarious also that one decided to put the dash between Good-bye and one didn't. IT AMUSES ME.

I find it encouraging that my AMV drive seems to be coming back little by little. That I'm actually itching to make the Mushishi one and all that's stopping me is that I don't have the material to make it. Instead in the past me going: That would be cool, but I could never make it as cool as it seems in my head.

This pointless post brought you by a break from cleaning because the dust was making me go slightly mad. And as a side note - I am DYING to see 10 Years and Breaking Benjamin team up for a concert again. That was epic. I want more. Giveme. Or you know what? I'll just settle for a free Breaking Benjamin concert. Giveme.
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Okay... I can't escape this song. My play list played it for the first time in a long time today AND then I just heard a commerical that the new verision of Robot Unicorn Attack is using it as it's new theme. Isn't it funny how an old song you loved suddenly pops up and then it's suddenly everywhere?

Anyway, I love this song most for this video. I loved this video when I first saw it back when I was a really, really, really crappy ass video editor. I told my self that one day I wanted to make AMVs as awesome of this. Although everytime I see this thing - I want to re-watch Escaflowne. I should. Autumn - possible marthon when you get back? >D

God I love Dilandau, such a crazy MF, but I highly suggest downloading the video here: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=54381 because Youtube just can't handle the quality needed to REALLY view the AMV. If you're not a member - HAVE NO FEAR! It's free. Even if they ask you for a donation you don't have to!
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Months in the making. MONTHS! And I still have a minute of black to fill in and a few parts to tweak. I will NEVER be fully happy with it. This will be one of those I will probably cringe at every time I think about it. It is not anywhere CLOSE to what I had invision. BUT IT'S SO FUCKING CLOSE TO BEING DONE I COULD CRY.

I will finish it. I will cry. And then I will eat all of my Advent Childern Footage so I can never be this stupid again.

...after I finish that other video I had started before this one.

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I cannot begin to describe how annoyed I am right now. Just because for a moment - I saw greatness AND THEN IT WAS COVERED UP BY A BUTT LOAD OF SUGARY CRAP!

Tonight I was going to go to bed at a decent time. No later than 10pm. In the mean time I thought I'd watch an AMV or two so I'd be in a good mood to work on mine in the morning when I'm not so brain dead. Until I was an idiot and watched THIS AMV. Spoliers in it, not like it stopped me from watching the purdy movie.

And I went: Huh, looks like a cute movie and I like the animation - let's watch it! I'm sure it couldn't be too long. Aaaa-ha. I have to admit, while I do tend to lean more towards the dark and serious shows I like my share of cute now and then. This was fullfilling it very nicely! I really liked the animation. There were a few things I thought they threw in there that I didn't REALLY see as being necessary, but all in all. Not bad. Not remarkable. But pretty, cute without being painfully cute, so I was digging it.

Then I thought the ending was coming. Part 10 of 11 and here I'm assuming the part 11 is just credits. THe conflict has been resolved. The characters are finally at their destination and BAM! It suddenly get dark. I mean SUPER dark. As it my heart literally ACHED with how sharp and horrifying this turn was. I was like: BUW!? Really!? After all that sugar you're going to spit lemon juice in my eye?!


OMG I LOVE YOU! Thank you movie! Thank you! You have some real balls! Ah! Up to now it was just an okay movie. Fairly predictable, but cute either way and it held my attention and now it's gong dark and totally unexpected! I will remember this ending like I do for Dr. Horrible! I love you! I love you! I... wait... no! NO STOP! No! Don't do that! Don't DO that!

Needless to say - fake out ending. Everything suddenly ends all sugary and happy. Fuck you movie. Fuck. You. Don't tease me with an epic unpredictable dark ending and then really give me a watered down predictable sugary one.

EDIT: By the way - the OPENING was pretty damn dark. So that was ANOTHER reason I actually let myself believe they might end it on a dark note.
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So I'm just really amused that today I not only got my Crisis Core game in the mail but I also got a nice quick comment on my Unbreakable AMV(spoliers) on AMV.org. Which is weird as my old videos don't usually get comments or when they do they're not typically that great on that site past: It was okay. But no! This one was really nice~!

"Absolutely fantastic editing! Excellent use of the beats in the song... and I love all of the overlays and transitions."

*Glee!* I really do like it when people enjoy my videos. More so when they actually like the ones I put a lot of work and effort into.

I also did a bunch of work today on my room and I'm feeling pretty damn proud by how well it looks. I dunno, just today I didn't let it get me down that even if I get my room spotless that I'd never be able to have anyone over due to the rest of the house being a mess. (House full of horders living here) nor did I let it get me down that even if I clean it because I'm moving out and I know mom's sickness will destory it while I'm going I just... didn't care and got a lot of work done.

I was on a happy - go me high today which sadly got a bit shattered on my walk with my dog. We weren't even twenty minutes into it when she fell and I had to call the walk quits. She couldn't even get up the steps until after a long, long rest. I felt so bad for her, but what can you do? My babies are old. The cat celebrated her 20th birthday this month and the dog is only about 6 years behind that. I'm going to be making a vet appointment for Egor (the dog) as soon as I figure out what my days off are going to be at the park. See if we can get her some joint meds or something. It's hard to believe that just last fall our walks could last two hours easily.

On a crackier note to leave off on. WTF Marriage meme. W.T.F. I'm all for crack but really? Vash is ALL over the place. From being emo with Sanji, to just so much wrongess and crack my brain broke with China, to epic cuteness when he found a loop hole with chibi!Katara, and I don't want to even know what's going on with Hughes and Vash's crack plant baby from hell. No seriously. Mrs. Brisby shouldn't be his most normal-ish pairing. SHE'S A MOUSE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! And I went ahead and linked everything on this page because honestly I'm just wasting time before I have to go to bed and my eyes can't stare at the PSP screen anymore.
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So yeah. [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi  I swear I am still working on the AMV gift from like... whoa. Six months ago considering I started it BEFORE I even brought Vash to Luceti. Okay... maybe not EDITING it then, but it was in the planning stages at least.

Ppffft. But yeah. Advent Childern Blue Ray totally kicking Vegas's butt and after three crashes and nearly six months of looking at the same project everyday... I snapped. So I grabbed some random footage that was NOT FF7 realated and pffft. Yeah, it was this scene from Trigun which I've actually had an itch to put to 10 Year's Song So Long, Good-bye so I did. This took me all of five minutes to put together I COUNTED (okay, more like nine but hush. Five sounds cooler). I wasn't going to waste that more time than that on a brain breather. So not really HAPPY with it, but I posted it to youtube because it's been forever since I did anything with my account there.

[livejournal.com profile] fantasyfan17  - you're not allowed to watch. You watch I kick your ass. Spoliers peoples.

...and now that Vegas is done choking on itself opening up the other project... here is randomness:

Wow... this probably won't be on my profile long. I'm already sick of seeing it myself.

Dear Trolls

Mar. 7th, 2010 05:13 pm
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When you review my AMV with:


Don't be so surpised when I'm not hurt and don't cry at you. Don't be surprised when I instead laugh and call you a troll. Yeah - don't be even MORE surprised when you try to say you're not a troll because:

"I didn't mean personal offense. It was just a short review"

that I laugh even more.

Maybe you would have done better if you had attacked a video I didn't also see as 'crap'. So sorry for your lack of amusement, but you sure did give m some! Thanks~~!

No really. XD What's up with these people?

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Betrayed by my own brain. ;_; I did the Dr. Horrible one already!

Considering I was thinking at work how my brain really seems to be split. By the part I control and the part it controls on it's own. And how it will do as it very well sees fit. Usually it tends to win. Although I seemed to be getting some control back - at least with those nightmares I had about a month back where I finally took control back.

But no. A bit ago it wanted to remind me how it rules. So I've started my next video and it's to Breaking Benjamin's Give me a Sign. And I'm a total failure at naming my AMVs ([livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi named the last one XD) and the working title for this video is called Project 2. (XD Snippit to come later!) Joking with WA I said: at least I didn't call it Give Cloud a Sign.

And then my brain grabbed that and went running. Before I blinked this was going through my stupid little crack head:

Cloud saw the sign!
And it opened up his eyes!

And because in the video I'm working on now (a serious video) and if you take it literally with the lyrics and title it's basically Zack showing giving Cloud the sign. Soooooooo of course now Zack is the SIGN OF ALL!

Cloud saw the Zack
And it opened up his eyes! He saw the Zack.

-_-;; I hate the part of my brain that says I could totally make this work. Because I'm more believing my rational side that says I'd WAY overwork this and make it suck. SO SHUT UP CRACK!BRAIN TRY AGAIN!
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XD Psssssssssssssssssssshhhh I'm an idiot.

This was SUPPOSE to be a post about my shiney new AMV.

But I'm an idiot. The video is finished except.... for one clip that was only meant to be a place holder.

Hah..... hahaha.

Well shit.

*cough* Video tomorrow once I replace that one clip. I have an idea what I'm switching it with so it shouldn't take TOO long. I'm just XD Yeah... it takes close to two hours to render... it's nearly 1am and I have work tomorrow.

Yeah. I sleep now. *thunk*
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Here's my last video in my three part overview of my old AMVs. This one includes the very latest ones as well as my furture projects I'm currently working on. First two can be found here and here.

Enjoy? An actually update from me later. Right now I need to get my laundry out of the wash, do another round of dishes, and then I have to go out and get some more footage for a class project. The I may shut myself up in the lab editing it... so... hm. Maybe I won't get around to editing tonight... we'll see.

Day off

Sep. 9th, 2008 10:32 am
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Today was a wonderful day to be off work. *shakes fist in the air* Why did I have to be born female!

Also because I will be busy later today. I have class - must study for a quiz - and then afterwards I'm going out to shoot footage for a poetic documentary. I'm super excited about this project. As while in a group of four we each have to shoot in the same area each person must edit their own piece indivdually! Sweet. As editing is my favorite part and it's going to be awesome what each person from the team will do with their footage.

My teammates decided to go to a park. I was kinda hoping for a playground as I had a really neat idea for it - but there is no I in team (although there is a me if you rearrange the letters a bit) and I'm still excited about going to a park instead. As the first team I had thought about joining had a guy in it who believes you spell team with an I as he was even trying to tell us how we'd edit it. Even though I pointed out we each were editing our own piece everytime he used the word: we when explaining his editing vision.

I got out of that group with a good excuse though. Hehe. They wanted to go shoot somewhere I knew I wasn't going to be able to go to due to work. And the teacher is having us fill out reports on what we did within the group. So I explained that it would look really bad if I just said I edited my own piece because of time problems and hadn't shot anything and quickly found another group to join.

Funnily enough - that group kinda ended up falling apart due to the guy being so pushy and unable to listen to his group members. Glad I got out in time.

*leg twitches in anticaption* I cannot wait to get to shooting. There is just something so exciting about being able to edit my own footage than what I do with my AMVs. *grins* I'm thinking about using a song from the Trust and Betrayal OST and using a lot of black and whites to try to create a melancholy mood. Wow... melancholy is a funny looking word. Good thing it's a LJ mood... I never would have spelt it right on my own. XD

And here, for shits and giggles is a timeline I made of my AMVs. Part one was my "WMM years" which showed previews of my craptastic work using Windows Movie Maker. Which can be seen here as I already posted it once on my LJ. This one is Part two - which is most of the ones I made using Vegas 5.0. I'll be making a part three eventually with samplings on projects I've started and a list I'll be working on eventually. I might toy with that today. I decided to make these three because it was fun to watch how much my work has grown and improved. And I was bored. Very bored.

AMV News

Jun. 26th, 2008 01:14 pm
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 So, because of work I haven't been able to get as many AMVs pumped out of me. So, mostly for my amusement, I thought I'd list some of the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head and what I've been working on lately.

Current Projects:
Oh dear continued (working title) - Bishop (TMNT) centered - Men in Black by Forever the Sickest Kids
Hurts (working title) - Wolfwood (Trigun) centered - What Hurts the Most - Rascal Flatts (On hiatus while I try to collect the rest of the DVDs)
Turtle Caramelldansen (working title) - TMNT - Caramelldansen - er... I forget by who

Future Projects:
No title - Battlestar Galatrica - Unknown Soldier by Breaking Benjamin
No title - Firefly - Firefly by Breaking Benjamin
Jane isn't just a girl name (working title) - Firefly - Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
No title - Crono Crusade - Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin
Ultimate Fangril (working title) - Misery - Pulling Teeth by Green Day

And when I think of an epic enough song I will do a Ghostbuster AMV. I had a song in mind but it's left me now. And these will not be completed in order, and I know I have more I have planned, these are just the ones that I know I will get too... er... eventually.

EDIT: On second thought... I've posted my beta for Hurts on YouTube do to the fact that computers tend to eat my work when I can't work on them very often. For those intersted here you go. I'm not overly happy with it just yet. Some clips I've just tossed in there and some effects need a LOT of work. Excpect the finished project to be at least a little different.

WARNING! There ARE spoliers! Even though this is only a beta!


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