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Oh yeah... I have a personal journal. Derp. I really need to use this more often again. ;_; I miss it. But I had an awesome dream last night so at least it can still be a dream journal! Here we go!

Had a very interesting dream last night. It started with an older brother and a young sister trying to find their way on a bus. They eventually got off at a farm where the boy took a job as a farm hand and they were even given a room to stay in. Now the boy is very tall and lanky and missing his three front top teeth. He has a fake set now and he can take out and put back in. One of the farmer’s sons like to tease him for it, but the boy just shrugs it off while the father is impressed by how strong the boy is and how willing he is to do and learn any chore set out in front of him.


They come in for dinner and at first the wife says as only the boy worked and not the young sister then they would have to spilt the dinner as only one earned food on that farm. So they each had half a grilled cheese sandwich and some pasta on their plates. The siblings were just so happy for any food at all they had no problem with this, but the husband eventually said that was crap and made sure that they both had as much food as either could eat.

Now at this point the dream continued to follow along with the brother and sister being really happy on the farm for a bit, but it eventually shows their past and I’m going to talk about that now.

Turns out the boy and girl had escaped a science lab where the girl had been experimented on. We never really find out what/why/ect., but it’s alluded to that it’s very painful. Apparently their parents were down on their luck and they could come live at the centre that they would be taken care of and their kids given an education. They agreed for their kids, but after living there for a little bit it was found they were doing things to their daughter.

The girl was too young to really remember what it was like before the centre, but the boy can remember their parents and life before that. Their parents argued and tried to stop what was happening to their daughters, but the scientists and people running the place would just beat them back or hurt the son. There is a moment in the dream where the boy is reflecting back on his life and says he regrets that when he was young he was selfish. As when the men would come to take his sister away he was too scared to do anything and would secretly think: Please, don’t take me. Take her if you must, but not me. How he wished to take that back as now she couldn’t live a normal life.

In the end both of their parents were killed in an attempt to escape with the kids when the girl was still really young so she also has trouble remembering them. The boy remembers them as being super loving and misses them terribly. They were unsuccessful and that is where the boy first lost his teeth.

Years later the boy figured out a new plan and they successfully escaped this time. Turns out the place is also backed by the government so it’s very hard even after they’re free to be rid of the place. They track their every movement so the two are always on the run.

When they’re on the farm they haven’t seen the people chasing them for months. Usually they’re off and moving by now, but the girl is so happy and the boy was so very tired of running and trying to care for her all on his own. The farm being so far out of the way and they had been extra sneaky changing busses often the last time the scientists were getting close and camping out they felt very safe.

Only, of course, after a long day of chores the boy came in and found his sister in tears and one of the farmer’s daughters looking rather distraught. The sister cries that against what her brother had told her she had gone into town to help with the shopping that had to be done. She just wanted to be helpful and do chores with everyone else as well, but in town she had been spotted by one of the men chasing them. He had smiled and waived at her.

The farmer’s daughter was distraught because a man had approached her and had told her things that were very private and personal. She had never seen this man before so it freaked her out that he knew so much.

It was then that the boy knew what was happening and felt dead inside. The reason they didn’t grab his sister right then and there was because they KNEW where they were this whole time. Had them surrounded right now probably and knew everything about their new family they cared so much for. He knew what would happen if they ran now. They would kill this family who had been so kind to them as it had happened once before when they first ran away.

He didn’t know what to do and stood dumbfounded for a bit. They couldn’t run unless they wanted to sacrifice this family. Before he didn’t know the scientists would go that far, but now he did. If they stayed they would eventually be caught and he would never let his sister fall into their clutches again.

The farmer demanded to know what all this was about as he could tell easily that the two knew what was going on and the boy finally told the family their back-story. They were shocked, but the farmer calmly took a hunting rifle off the wall and told the two they weren’t going anywhere.

Now this is where the dream gets a bit confusing as I woke up a couple times due to coughing in the night. It sort of has two endings and I’ll go through both. The first I admit I don’t like as much as it gets a bit surreal and the second is just more epic.

The farming family arms themselves and closes off any entrance they can as the boy tries to recall any weaponry they might have. He also pleads with the family that if they do this their lives are pretty much over as there was no way they could take on this organization forever as they are much bigger. The farmer, however, explained they didn’t give up ANY family member without a fight and the boy had to fight back tears realizing that they had been basically adopted by this family and that’s why they were doing this. He didn’t want to watch another family die to save them, but he didn’t know what else to do.

Two sons of the farmer were watching the gates and suddenly a cow got lose and one son left his cover to go chase it down despite the other telling him it wasn’t worth it.

It was too late. As the son ran into a giant of a man who grabbed him and toyed with him a bit. The boy’s head fit into his hand like an apple. So the giant twisted it back and forth in his hand for a bit chuckling as he stopped before he went far enough to snap it as the other boy screamed and shot at the giant. It did no good as while every shot hit the monster just didn’t care and finally snapped the kid’s neck as he sobbed and pleaded not to die.

The others in the house heard the commotion and ran out to fight. It was pretty much a blood bath and I don’t remember the details, but I woke up before the fight ended.

When I went back to sleep the dream started with the brother and sister again this time leaving a different house in the middle of the night. The mother woke up and asked them what they were doing and the boy explained they just had to be moving on. The mother gave them warmer close to take with them and wished them well.

The two travelled for a bit and at one point the girl lost her shoe so the brother gave her his own shoe off his foot. It was much too big for her, but he refused to take it back and walked barefoot for a bit.

Woke up again. Fell asleep and this time the brother, carrying the girl in his arms, was rushing through a small town. Ducking his head away any time a car drove by. Apparently the scientists were close to them and he was in a panic. He eventually talked a USP mail driver to give them a ride out of town. Even dropped them off at a friend’s house that was blind. She offered them a spare room for them to stay in as long as one of them would read a book out loud to her each night.

They only stayed briefly before running off again and the scientists showed up shortly after they left. Apparently they had played a news report saying the brother had kidnapped the girl and they were trying to get everyone to help catch him so they could return the girl to her family. The women said she had not seen anyone like as they should be able to see clearly and they left her alone.

Only their report was working as the boy was finding less and less people willing to help them. Often trying to hold him still while they called the people to come get him. I don’t remember the details, but it eventually lead the two running through a forest with a mass of people behind them. The two jumped into a river to try to get more speed and throw off the dogs following them.

At this point the boy realized that there was no way they could keep this pace up.  He took his sister’s pink jacket off of her and paused at a random spot in the river while they were out of sight and pushed her off to the other side. He told her to run and not to worry he would catch up. She was sobbing and shaking her head, as she knew it was a lie.

They didn’t have much time so the brother convinced her finally to run as he begged her to let him keep his promise to her and that they didn’t want him anyway. Finally she ran off as the brother continued down the river as a helicopter overhead put a searchlight on him and spotted him. Seeing the pink jacket they assumed the girl was still with him. Why not? The two had never been apart since they had come to the facility after all.

In vain the boy tried to hide under a small part of the river’s edge where there was small overhang. He could just fit without being seen. Some people did run by, but someone eventually found him and they dragged him out from the water. The scientists were flabbergasted to find the jacket empty. The boy shouted things like they had drowned her. That it was their fault she was dead. He was trying to shout out their secrets as well. Like what they had done to his sister. As it was a media circus with his capture they were just trying to shut him up quickly that his sister did mange to get away.

There was a voice over as the images went silent of them carting the boy off and the girl running through the woods. It was the boy’s voice saying that the scientists never did pick up his sister’s trail again. There was too much pressure on them with some of the things he had managed to shout out before they took him that they couldn’t follow her as well. That and he suspected that his sister was finally starting to get more control over her powers they had given her and she was using that to hide as well. How he hopped she was safe and didn’t miss him too much. This showing over images of her having grown from a kid into a teenager, possibly early twenties. Sometimes crying, but seemingly doing well.

The boy was back in the white walls of the facility and the dream basically ended with his voice over saying: I always hated how selfish I was when I thought: Please, not me. Pick her. At least I had the chance to fix that now. As now I say: Take me. Please, just leave her alone. As the boy was strapped down to a table and a bright light blasted into his eyes. Clearly showing that he was the new test subject.


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