May. 19th, 2013

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Last night I had a dream that I was a cop with a partner and we were running down a guy for some reason. At some point we turned a corner and he had just vanished out of no where and we were stunned, then suddenly he had teleported behind us. We dodged, but I ended up getting shot in the back, but I was still able to move so we gave chase again. Yet, he still got away as we caught up to the rest of our team. We ended up on a subway train where a doctor came to get the bullet out of my back. Part of me was a little if-y about them poking at me while on the subway, but they promised they'd keep the wound clean. This was just so I could get back on my feet better.

It was suggested that after they get the bullet out that I head back to headquarters and rest, but I looked up at my partner and said how I couldn't just leave him to go after something super natural on his own. He thought it over and agreed, we didn't really know what we were dealing with and going alone would be foolish. However, if my injury held me back that he would take me back to headquarters himself.

The train came to our stop and everyone got off. I was just about to step off the train when the doors slammed shut, nearly chopping my arm off in the process. My partner mouthed: Meet you next stop. So I waited for the train to get to the next stop so I could get off. Only the train blew past the stop and the next stop. Something obviously wasn't right so I moved to the front car to try to figure out what was going on.

I was just about to the front when out of the side someone told me that I should sit down and rest before I bleed out. I turned to the side and saw it was the guy we had been chasing before. I raised my gun to shoot at him, but he merely laughed and wagged his finger at me. Saying how I was silly and that would never work. Then he teleported my gun from my hand to his own and repeated that I really should sit down. He didn't want to kill me after all. He took my chin in his hand and rubbed my cheek as he said how my partner wouldn't come running to save me if I was dead. Then again, if I really wanted to die right here and now he wouldn't mind. He'd have no trouble getting at my partner even without me.

I decided to sit in the seat he pointed out to me and bide my time until I could figure something out to escape. As we traveled I got a sudden vision of a bomb on the tracks that would explode when we went over it. At my gasp the guy besides me commented on being amused because he hadn't realized he was dealing with someone who also had a small amount of "talent" within them. I ignored him, jumping from my seat, not caring if he shot at me because if I didn't do something we were all going to die, not to mention people near that track.

I screamed for someone to pull the emergency break, but no one moved. Turns out they were all shades created to fool us into getting onto this train in the first place. I ran to the front of the train to see that the driver was slumped over dead. I pushed her body out of the way and slammed my foot on the break while also turning on the wheel, doing all I could to slow the train down, yet I could see the bomb on the track and we were just going closer and closer.

and will type out the rest when I have more time! *zoom*


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