Jan. 9th, 2012

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So dad has been watching me as I play through Skyward Sword. It can be fun! Reminds me of the time that we would play Legend of Zelda together. Only he doesn't yell at me anymore when I lose my shield and just laughs if I get in a hurry and fall off a cliff. Other times it's really annoying as he's a loud big child for the most part. During one major cut scene he kinda kept taking me out of the mood I was enjoying getting into by yelling about how Zelda must be some kind of tramp to do that to poor Link.

But still mostly fun. Like last night when trying to do a side quest that required me to catch bugs under a time limit. After failing the first time and getting ready to try again dad made a point.

That guy knows that bug isn't his! He should just give it back! Link should just stab him and take it! Punishment for stealing. Geeze! Doesn't this guy know Link has to save the world and he's making him chase after bugs!? Just stab him Link! The guy looks puny and you're on an island all alone in a thunder cloud. <I>No one would know!</I> Stop chasing bugs and go save the world already!

It's a good point. It amuses me so much sometimes how people don't seem to understand that Link is trying to save the world! Not to mention how much faster things would go sometimes if Link would stab people. Then again... he probably wouldn't be a goddess chosen hero if he acted like that.


Dad is also amused that Link is a PLAYER in that I got the item check girl to think I'm in love with her when it's obvious Link and Zelda are suppose to like-like each other too XD


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