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Oh yeah... I have a personal journal. Derp. I really need to use this more often again. ;_; I miss it. But I had an awesome dream last night so at least it can still be a dream journal! Here we go!

Had a very interesting dream last night. It started with an older brother and a young sister trying to find their way on a bus. They eventually got off at a farm where the boy took a job as a farm hand and they were even given a room to stay in. Now the boy is very tall and lanky and missing his three front top teeth. He has a fake set now and he can take out and put back in. One of the farmer’s sons like to tease him for it, but the boy just shrugs it off while the father is impressed by how strong the boy is and how willing he is to do and learn any chore set out in front of him.


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Last night I had a fun dream that I was playing a new version of Zelda and Mario on the original Nintendo. I think they were suppose to be two separate games but eventually morphed together into one. I wish they were real because they were a lot of fun to play. The Zelda one was like the old top down view with new dungeons to explore! The cool part was that Link could jump just like Mario over blocks and kill un-spiked enemies even had the sound effect like Mario when he jumped.

The Mario one was cool if you knew secret ways to play it. I had a expert over who use to compete in timed runs of the game who was showing me some of the secrets. Like this one world where it was almost nothing but blocks everywhere. He showed me if I held down and the B button that Mario went into a rocket punch attack that would even kill goombas if they got close. It would auto destroy the blocks! If you held down and I think Y because it was a super Nintendo controller even though we were playing on the Nintendo, Mario would kick his feet and fall down to lower blocks.

He showed me how to clear a path down and hold the punch attack that would keep all the un-punchable enemies above you and you could just keep running. That was until get got to some lava where he said you needed to stand still and boost up Mario's run attack which made him look just like Sonic does when he's running really fast. You hold that button, yet somehow gently nudge him over to the fire so he falls off the side. His feet are apparently running so fast that fire and lava smooch down beneath you and doesn't kill you. Then you let Mario fly and keep pushing him forward as he slowly rises above the lava from the burst speed.

Now this seemed weird to me. It's LAVA it should be insta-death no matter what. I was questioning wondering how someone found out  you could do this as Mario was almost out of speed and caught fire for a moment. Only he didn't shrink down or die, just made the UMPF noise that sounds when Link gets hit in Zelda and flashed like Link does as well. Then he jumped right at that moment telling me that the super speed was over and if he stayed there he would then die. He jumped and JUST made it to the ledge and kept running forward with his super punch.

At some point he found a pogo stick and was showing if you jumped like so that you could actually clear the stage in about four jumps. It had to be timed JUST right to avoid the enemies though. He even showed how to dismount from the pogo stick so it hit a (shoot brain suddenly failing me on their name) the enemy with the boomerang and killed him as you could grab the flag higher at the same time! It was very cool. Sadly the next level was loading as I woke up.

Another thing I remembered about the Zelda game just now was that those floating skulls that would take away your sword in the first game where there, but they were much harder to avoid as they would chase you. If you attempted to hide in the doorways they could actually chase you right through to the next room!

There was also a point where I got hit and somehow glitched through the floor and ended up falling on the power bracelet. So that it vanished where it was as Link tried to hold it up with his: do do dooooo! Move, but it was way on the other side of the screen before it vanished back into my inventory as the raft icon flew around the screen for a moment before shrinking down to size and disappearing into Link from a WHOLE other dungeon.

Everyone who was there playing with me kept saying how we wished we were recording that glitch because it was AWESOME! Also remember someone being grumpy that the easiest to find level when you first start the game was level 13. How mean was that? People who just had a little wooden sword go in expecting the first dungeon to be fairly simple and easy to find when: BAM! It's level 13 and you're only 2 away from Ganon. It was a death trap!

I also remember one room where if you touched blue items it would fill up another room with bubbles or something, but that bit's not very clear in my mind or easy to explain so I'll leave it off there for now!

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I really do kick myself when I don't update this thing. Hi anyone still around I really want to get better at it. Sadly I have been having trouble keeping track of my dreams lately so I'm writing them down no matter how small/stupid they are so I might as well get into the habit of using this again and updating it with my dreams!

Last night I dreamed of work which is currently going door to door to raise money for charity. I was at a unit and saw people upstairs. I admit that I sometimes skip upstairs units if it seems like no one is home because ugh, stairs. This time I went up though because there was clearly people up there. Only once I got up there the room changed from being a bunch of units to one big room with a bunch of people playing cards in it. I tried to give my speech anyway, but they weren't listening and just wanted to ask me questions about New York (as I've moved to Australia now).

So I left, meeting up with a coworker who has managed to get five sales and I was feeling a little jealous as I had none. So I was asking him for pointers and walking down the street to meet up with the rest of our group when the dream somehow morphed and I was Aang in some sort of alternate world where he was receiving some sort of training by weird alien like things and was giving some sort of speech that was suppose to be motivating. I think they worked with the fire nation or something?

They started being touched by Aang saying they were going to leave this world and train anyone they felt were worthy instead of just who their boss said was worthy. That got people realizing that Aang was the Avatar and we had to quickly wake up to our true bodies and run before we were found out. I grabbed a few things that looked like ipods that would somehow help us in our journey.

We were walking down the road trying to figure how to work the thing I stole when we saw a guy coming up the road. We turned our back hoping he wouldn't really notice us, but he did smile friendly like at us before moving off. We kept going when we heard a huge group of people walking towards us and we ducked under a random table to try to hide.

The people coming up ended up half sitting at the table, the other half waiting on them, they suddenly started fighting as we realized this was actually the filming for a movie. The guy who smiled at us came running up to stop the fight and saw us under the table. He said he didn't realize we weren't suppose to be in the scene and was sorry for scaring us. They were asking if we wanted to join in when my alarm went off and had to get up!

Before - or during? I'm not sure, there was a part where I was also just getting off of work and my housemate Nu picked me up in a car. We were driving to visit our friend Webby when we heard meowing coming from somewhere in the car and we realized her cat Berna had somehow hidden herself in the car. We stopped looking around trying to coax her out of hiding. Eventually got her out but then she jumped out the window and once more had to coax her back into the car before she ran away. For some reason I couldn't leave the car to do this? I think the idea was that opening the door would make her run.

A few grabs later we finally caught her and brought her into the car when I was suddenly driving. Rolling up the windows Nu told me to get us home so we could take her home. I was trying to drive, but Berna suddenly ran and put her head between the floor and break peddle and I just heard this awful meowing as I couldn't stop my foot from breaking to slow for a curve. We were both screaming and hollering, but then I told us to relax. That we just had to focus our minds and move time back.

Which actually did draw us back in time. This time Nu held onto Berna as I drove us home so she couldn't get in my feet's way!
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Last night I had a dream that I was a cop with a partner and we were running down a guy for some reason. At some point we turned a corner and he had just vanished out of no where and we were stunned, then suddenly he had teleported behind us. We dodged, but I ended up getting shot in the back, but I was still able to move so we gave chase again. Yet, he still got away as we caught up to the rest of our team. We ended up on a subway train where a doctor came to get the bullet out of my back. Part of me was a little if-y about them poking at me while on the subway, but they promised they'd keep the wound clean. This was just so I could get back on my feet better.

It was suggested that after they get the bullet out that I head back to headquarters and rest, but I looked up at my partner and said how I couldn't just leave him to go after something super natural on his own. He thought it over and agreed, we didn't really know what we were dealing with and going alone would be foolish. However, if my injury held me back that he would take me back to headquarters himself.

The train came to our stop and everyone got off. I was just about to step off the train when the doors slammed shut, nearly chopping my arm off in the process. My partner mouthed: Meet you next stop. So I waited for the train to get to the next stop so I could get off. Only the train blew past the stop and the next stop. Something obviously wasn't right so I moved to the front car to try to figure out what was going on.

I was just about to the front when out of the side someone told me that I should sit down and rest before I bleed out. I turned to the side and saw it was the guy we had been chasing before. I raised my gun to shoot at him, but he merely laughed and wagged his finger at me. Saying how I was silly and that would never work. Then he teleported my gun from my hand to his own and repeated that I really should sit down. He didn't want to kill me after all. He took my chin in his hand and rubbed my cheek as he said how my partner wouldn't come running to save me if I was dead. Then again, if I really wanted to die right here and now he wouldn't mind. He'd have no trouble getting at my partner even without me.

I decided to sit in the seat he pointed out to me and bide my time until I could figure something out to escape. As we traveled I got a sudden vision of a bomb on the tracks that would explode when we went over it. At my gasp the guy besides me commented on being amused because he hadn't realized he was dealing with someone who also had a small amount of "talent" within them. I ignored him, jumping from my seat, not caring if he shot at me because if I didn't do something we were all going to die, not to mention people near that track.

I screamed for someone to pull the emergency break, but no one moved. Turns out they were all shades created to fool us into getting onto this train in the first place. I ran to the front of the train to see that the driver was slumped over dead. I pushed her body out of the way and slammed my foot on the break while also turning on the wheel, doing all I could to slow the train down, yet I could see the bomb on the track and we were just going closer and closer.

and will type out the rest when I have more time! *zoom*
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Last night I had a really strange dream with Sanji from One Piece and Wolfwood from Trigun. They were in a mental institute, not for being insane, but their anger issues mostly. They were meeting each other for the first time because they were sharing a room together and seemed to be hitting it off fairly well. As they were getting ready for bed Wolfwood made some sort of joke about some guy in the facility who thought aliens were going to come and take him away. Sanji just laughed it off, yet it was a bit of a forced laugh.

They went to bed, but for awhile Sanji was laying there awake and there were these strange green lights out of the window. Then the dream suddenly cut to the morning and Wolfwood was just waking up and thought he smelt smoke. At first a joke about Sanji holding out on some cigarettes passed between the two before they realized yeah, they were smelling smoke. A LOT of it. So they left their rooms and went to investigate. Turned out part of the building was on fire.

The two of them alerted workers and went around pounding on doors telling people to get the hell out. Wolfwood found one woman who was missing and arm with her daughter visiting. He separated from Sanji to help her out of the building as she had only just lost it and had a lot of damage to her leg as well. So Sanji continued on to bang on doors to get others out, Wolfwood went out with the woman and her daughter.

Once they were a safe distance from the flames, Wolfwood went running back in to try to find more people, yet he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Then he felt this crawling sensation down his back. When he reached back to feel what it was something skittered away from his hand, down his back, and around his legs and back up again. He tried to grab at it and stop it with his hands, but it was too fast. Then a voice was echoing in his head.

I forgot exactly how the voice worded things or exactly what it was - but it was basically your world is doomed, and oh - btw, your new buddy knows about us and wasn't going to tell you. Their little bugs would eventually get into everyone and the world would be theirs and that there was nothing that could be done to stop them.

While this was going on, the dream cut back to Sanji who was carrying another girl to safety when the voice came into his head too. Basically it was a laugh and all it said was: Your new friend? He knows and soon he'll be ours.

Only for whatever reason they couldn't take over Wolfwood who came out grumbling and slugged Sanji in the face for not telling him about this shit sooner. The rest of the dream was the two of them attempted to steal a spaceship. They didn't go to NASA for this either. I really.... don't know what the hell was going on for the rest of the dream. The two of them kept looking up at the sky for some sort of sign. They also attempted to build a spaceship at one point, then realized neither of them knew what they were doing and gave up.

Sadly they were just finding more people who had run ins with the aliens and also were immune and I think they were starting to come up a plan on what to do next when I woke up.

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Been INCREDIBLY busy and don't really have time to post anything right now, but DAMN IT, I've been wanting to update this for over a MONTH now and I'm going to take FIVE MINUTES to post something!

So my sister broke up with her boyfriend. Not wanting to come home she moved out of his place and in with me. My apartment is so crazy small and she uses my computer to look for work/an apartment so I rarely have time to spend a lot of time on the computer. One of the big reasons I just simply have not been around much.

I feel bad as she lived on my floor for a month on an air bed. Being rejected day after day for jobs.

However, now I'm visiting my parents. Mostly because of my mom's hoarding has been spinning out of control lately. Okay... it's never been IN control, but worse than normal. So we've been going crazy dragging out box after box after box out of the house and marked for a sale or garbage. I must admit, she's doing a MILLION times better tossing stuff than I thought she would. Yesterday alone we took a PACKED FULL van of garbage to the dump.

(And if I'm being honest even I had trouble throwing some of that stuff away. Like my old baby clothes, but no one would want our old clothes. They were a bit smelly and stained.) It was good to get even that much out of the house. I so wish I had more time then just these couple days to get ready for our big sale (as it's village wide that's why there's a time limit) as even though we've hauled out what I swear has been at least 100 boxes and random items and it still doesn't look like we've done much damage.

@.@ Ugh.

Anyway, mom's at work and I told her I'd dig out a few more boxes for the sale on my own of some old baby toys. Before she would have cried and hollared if I dare even THINK of selling/throwing away any of it. Now she's trusting me to mark them cheap enough so that they go or says she wants them thrown out. So maybe there is some hope for her hoarding.
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*dusts off my poor misused journal* I need to figure out a way to set more time aside for this. During the weekdays I do pretty much just wake up, shower, eat, answer tags, go to work, work, come home, and sleep. So there's not really a lot of time for making journal entries, but god, I really should have been better about it this weekend. I wasn't busy at all, just lazy and slept/read most of the weekend away.

So a brief update on random things in my life first. So yesterday I pretty much slept, finished reading the book Mossflower, cuddled with the kitty, watched Legend of Korra (which by the way I feel is a bit too rushed in just about everything so I'm enjoying it, but not LOVING it.) and went to church.

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Taking a five minute breather because if I don't I may PASS out. That and I've been DYING to find time to sit down and update this journal.

Gotten a new job. Interviewed for it right before I went home to visit my family for Easter. Found out I landed the job while I was still away. First day was the 13th. At first this job seemed great and wonderful. That was until the boss finally came after being away my first week. Is he ANNOYING. He keeps telling me to do one thing, then changing his mind without saying anything, so then gets mad when I don't automatically know he changed his mind. Oh, and he'll say he never said for me to do the original instructions even though I would have never done ANY of it without being asked to first. Just ugh. Found out quickly that my one other co-worker can't stand him either. That she's thought of leaving the project multiple times because of him.

He also likes to over-work people I was warned. Glad I was. He's tried to get me to work every weekend. At first I didn't mind, needed some money but now it's getting stupid Told him no this weekend and good thing I did. I had plans to watch Titanic 3D and it was a lot of fun! The 3D was actually more distracting then awesome, but it was just fun to watch it in theaters again. The boom of the speakers and the fact that I didn't have to get up half way through the movie to switch VHS tapes. XD The one part at the beginning going through the ship wreckage WAS pretty cool in 3D, but otherwise it was just distracting. Painfully obvious this was not made to be in 3D.

My birthday is Tue and I'll be 26. Usually I'm freaking out by now, but I've been so busy it hasn't really sunk in. Even with that sentence. My dad is coming up to visit on Wen. I have Thr off from work so we can still go to the Marvel movie marathon still. Then I'll be at work Fri while he's here and then we have all of Sat together and then he leaves Sunday. @.@ My head is spinning. Between work, his visit, and my birthday I've just... ugh.

And I still have a bathroom, dishes, and my room to clean, wash, and sweep before I pass out in bed to work tomorrow. Wish me luck all.
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So, someone gave me a link that showed me RK'S "New Kyoto Arc" and even though being warned by two other people about how bad it was, I just had to check it out for myself. Just to see HOW bad. Well, not only was it bad - it was BORING as all hell. Talk about telling and not showing. I hate the plot changes, but more than the plot changes do I hate it's the fact that this was basically 48mins of talking 10mins of credits and about 2mins of fighting. No. Not even fighting. 2mins of action that was NOT standing around talking.

I was so bored I had trouble even getting my anger up at the things that SHOULD have enraged me. I was THAT bored. I ended up playing with a plushie while watching to keep my hand from closing out the video several times. I kept thinking: Wow, this is going on and on it's gotta be over soon right? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I STILL HAVE 50MINS LEFT!?

For an example of this horrible telling and not showing. Usui walks up to Shisho and says he was busy killing 50 men. For a minute I actually was like: Is he joking? Just trying to be bad ass? He says it as a person who gets his ass kicked by a child, but then goes ahead and said it was 17 gangs with rocket launchers. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SHOWED HIM KILLING THESE PEOPLE!? Even just one or two. I was bored I was DYING for some pointless slaughter.

They also did a pretty good job of making Kenshin look like a dick if you ask me. He let Misao follow him to see Shisho and doesn't even bother to ask her name until LATER. Huh, I just took you into a HORRIBLY dangerous place - btw, what's your name crazy lady? *headdesk* And this isn't the only reason if I hadn't watched the original anime that I probably would have thought Kenshin was suppose to be some asshole pretending to act nice.

Hiko was also painfully out of character too. Actually saying Kenshin did a good job. Granted Kenshin wasn't around for that, but it still killed me to hear him admitting that to people OUT LOUD.

Each of the fights that did happen didn't last longer than a minute or two. If you do watch it. Cry for Chou with me and how badly his fight is portrayed in this "retelling". Instead this new ova was too busy telling us what we should already know if you were a fan of the show. And if you weren't a fan of the show before, all you'd get from this is it's a bunch of people standing around talking about what just happened without showing anything interesting at all. Like: OMG! I JUST beat the crap out of this guy. No, I'm totally not going to flashback to my fight. It just happened two seconds ago, just take my word for it. But let me talk to you about it as monotone as I can because this does not call for excitement at all.


One of my favorite fights in Kenshin is Saito versus Usui so it was a bit of a spit in the face when not only does Usui get killed by Shisho, BUT THEY DON'T EVEN SHOW THE FIGHT. The closest you get is a shot of Shisho swinging his sword once or twice. You don't get to see Usui use his technique. Nothing. He's just dead and wasted. Then as he's dying Shisho and him have this big "deep" talk that was just SOOOO stupid.


[personal profile] whiteadelphi got it right. This piece of crap is worse than Seisōhen. At least Seisōhen was pretty to look at and had some fun moments to it. Yes, it completely missed target with everything after Kyoto, but at least it didn't try to totally re-write history that didn't need to be re-written. They at least tried to show SOMETHING new in a new way. It failed, but it had points you can enjoy. This thing though, it's so boring and has nothing but talk I really don't EVER expect to watch it again. At least with Seisōhen I can rewatch for the few scenes I did like. Even if that reviewing is rare.

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So about a week or so ago I got the news that my only and little sister Casey is taking her turn to move out of the house. She's moving herself all the way to Ohio with her old boyfriend. At first it didn't really sink in. The thought of her moving a whole state away, but it's getting more and more real as the days go by. I'm a little worried and glad at the same time. A little worried because she has been babied most of her life and this time she'll be so far away it's going to take almost a full day for any of her family to get to her. She'll be going with Ray so that helps. He's a good guy, but he also has a kid, I wonder how he feels about leaving the kid behind with his ex. He's a pretty decent dad from the few times I've seen him with the kid.

Then there's Nick, who WAS her current boyfriend. If I'm being honest I liked him a LITTLE better than Ray. They're both good guys, but I just felt like he could take care of my sister better than Ray. I'm also rather angry at Casey for leaving him just because he just left for boot camp. He's going to in the air force and Casey decided she couldn't handle living that kind of life. She's the type that needs physical contact, but she couldn't have decided this BEFORE he left or talked to him about it? I don't think he was gone a full two weeks before Ray mentioned this job he got in Ohio and wanted her to come with him. I'm still not sure he knows, Casey is at least trying to figure out a way to talk to him face to face about this move rather than break up over a text or letter. I'll give her that credit at least.

Once the anger about what she did to Nick wears off then I start thinking about what this means for our family. Dad is handling it better than I thought he would. Instead of wallowing at the bar that his last daughter is finally grown up enough to move out of the house he made plans to come visit me during my birthday. Wow, dad never gets out of the house and suddenly he's making plans to jump on a bus for 7 hours and spend 3-4 days sleeping on the floor. Whoa. Mom didn't even suggest anything to him! I would say that's out of character for dad, but he's always been great at trying to run away from things that he doesn't want to deal with.

Mom is doing well. Already trying to make plans on what to do with our two rooms now that both of her babies are out of the house. I'm trying to be gentle in voicing my fears that those rooms are just going to get filled with clutter rather than be turned into home offices. I really hope she can get a cap on her hoarding problem, but I'm a little worried without me or Casey there who were always trying to get her to stop so we could get the house cleaned up and have people over might make it worse.

As for me, I'm losing one of the best friends I had back home. Me and Casey have always been very different. She's been into make up and high fashion, I've been into anime and games. Even so we've always gotten on wonderfully. A relationship of give and take. Me going on shopping trips I didn't want to go on and her playing multilayer games and being okay that she rarely wins. I've been having a lot of flashbacks lately of our childhood. Playing Chip and Dale on the Nintendo and having to carry her through the hard parts. Our game of Bambi where we pretended we were deer and we'd run through the fields from hunters. Of taking care of the pets together. Or just being there for each other the way sisters should. Riding the bus to school together. Finding old fossils in our stone driveway together. The time she broke her collerbone and I attempted to bury her in her favorite toys until mom could pull the car around.

It's hard thinking of those times being done, but I have to come to terms that they pretty much are. With just me out of the house, I could come home and we could go shopping or play Mario Kart together, but now that we're both moved out it's going to be harder to get together. We're both going to have to travel far to see each other. I'm going home for Easter in less than a week and it breaks my heart thinking that this will probably be the last time the family will be together again until MAYBE Christmas. If I'm not working by then/can take the time off and if Casey can do the same. And where will she stay? The house is too messy for Ray to stay with her. She'd either have to come alone or find somewhere else to sleep. And Casey hasn't seen the importance of spending time together like the rest of us. She doesn't have the same sense of how short life is like me and our parents do. She's more that she has all the time in the world thinkers, but she's also a live life to the fullest type.

Here's hoping that she enjoys the choice she's made in her life and the path she wants to go down. If she finds that she made a mistake at least she has a strong family to fall back on. It's the one thing I've always felt so thankful as I fight to make a living here in NYC. If I do fall I always and forever know I have a home I can go back to.
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Last week I was busy and I've never been happier. I got asked to return for a week by my old internship to help them with a new mini project. I got paid 500 bucks for the week and it couldn't have come at a better time. As I had no idea how I was going to pay my rent before that. It felt great going to work each day. To be paid for what I went to school for. It was just the confidence boost I really needed. That someone wanted to pay me for what I could do. It was also nice to see my old co-workers again. They were so excited to have me back. I hope they get another project soon and need me again.

Then on Monday I had an amazing interview for Staples. Not my dream job in the slightest, but it will pay my bills and I'm so excited for it. He said he really liked me, but he had to see the rest of the interviews he had set up to be fair. He promised to call today if I got the job or not. I'm trying to be calm about the whole thing because if I get it I can finally eat more than ramen noodles, but if I don't get it I can spend more time looking for that dream job. It really is still fairly win-win. Also, this job will force me to play with photoshop more and make me more desirable for my real job.

Other than that the weather has been great. BEAUTIFUL so I've been out trying to get as much sun as I can. Spent a couple days reading at the beach. It's actually the first time I've ever walked out in a tank top in public. I don't think I've done that since I was ten, but between my new outlook on life, my sister showing me that I AM pretty, and my mom backing that up by giving me a little money so I can buy new clothes I decided to be brave and wear it. And you know what? I did feel pretty. A little shy as I swear it seemed like I was the only one in NYC ready for summer weather by wearing a tank top and shorts, but I still felt pretty.

I do really like my new outlook on life. I do also think that I have the anti-depressants to thank for that. I find that since I've been on them I have been more mellow. Feeling better about myself. I'm still the same person, but I don't get hung up on things like I use to. Like this morning I suddenly felt like crying for no reason and usually I probably would have spent an hour or so of the day wasted crying. Then I remembered I had forgotten to take my pill. While I still felt like crying, I took it, took a shower, and powered through it. Even if it's just a placebo and it was more me thinking it was going to help. I'm glad it's there.

So yeah, still keeping on tract I hope. I even found another website to look for work. I'm not spending all day in the house everyday. I'm trying to think positive. And I have a cute derpy kitty! And now, I'm about to go get some french toast.
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Had a weird Sherlock dream last night. It was fun, but of course had moments where now that I'm awake make no sense at all. Then randomly at some point I dreamed up a scene I REALLY wish had been in the new Trigun movie.

It started off I think were I was camping. I was talking to some people and mentioned that one person was brave, but he said that he wasn't brave. The real brave person was his father, who just shook his head sadly and said that he was not really brave. That he had gone to some country in war because his aunt was there sick and he wanted to get her out. The dream then shifted to him running around this room FILLED with luggage as he narrated that once he got there that he had been too scared to even leave the airport. That the aunt had died before he could get to her, so he fled back home instead of trying to take someone else out with him.
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And sadly that's when I woke up.
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Today isn't such a good day. Started off bad last night. I've been sleeping more than I think is healthy, and it's been making me a little nervous. So last night I decided I'd try going to bed early and forcing myself up early. That was the plan until my back pain came back with a vengeance last night. I have a small curve in my spine and while normally the pain is annoying, but manageable, last night and this morning it was not. I was up every thirty to forty minutes to toss and turn for awhile before trying to fall back to sleep.

It didn't really help that I kept having dreams last night. Some where good, while others left me feeling confused and unsettled. Like people asking me questions I couldn't understand. Not knowing if I was awake or asleep. Not knowing where I was. I had one that woke me up in terror, utterly sure I was falling out of bed. That one left me clutching at my bed for awhile, trying to convince my over active brain that I was NOT falling out of bed.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep. So when I woke up at 9am - the latest I wanted to sleep to, I said fuck it and rolled back over.

When I finally did get myself out of bed and checked my emails I saw that a job I applied to yesterday left an email asking me to call. So call I did and was finding myself in a phone interview. At first I felt like I was doing pretty good, then it all went south. He asked me to rate how well i know FCP on a scale of 1-10. I've been told that I belittle myself too much. So I was thinking a 5.5 but said 7. Then he started to ask me about the integral workings of FCP and I totally boomed that. Then he started to ask me about my low GPA. Then of course I sound like I'm getting defensive when I say it had nothing to do with my communication courses, that I just didn't do well in science. I had to take those courses. He said he had more people to talk to and he'd get back to me.

It's what I wanted. I wanted a job, but now I'm sitting here wishing I don't get this job. Granted, it's just an internship. It's not a REAL job, not what I really wanted, but it would make me feel less useless around here. Yet here I am, scared to death to get what I've been trying for. It leaves me wondering if I can really do this. Or maybe I've just wasted my life trying to do something I can never succeeded in when I'm just so... mediocre.
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Had a couple dreams lately I'd like to jot down, but I've been so busy I just haven't had time! I've also been having a little trouble with sleeping in that I've been over sleeping. Need to fix that.

But last night's dream! Dream one!

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My dream yesterday was almost just as fun.
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Busy, busy

Feb. 25th, 2012 10:15 pm
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The last week or so I've been a busy little bee. I went home on the 10th for a doc apointment I had on the 13th to talk about how my depression medicine has been working for me. Doctor thinks it's all good for now and she even gave me a hug for losing two pounds since I was three weeks ago. Then mom and I caught a bus back t NYC on the 15th as she wanted to visit and have a mini vacation for a few days. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure how that trip was going to go the way it started.

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Been a crazy few days. I'm back at my parents again for a follow up appointment for the anti-depressants I was put on, and so far I feel the drugs are doing wonders for me. I never thought they'd change my outlook on life so much, but they have for the good. I haven't been around on the internet a lot lately and have even been slack about answering my tags. Usually I answer them as soon as they come in, but sometimes I'll wait hours as I'm too busy either cleaning, out running errands, or working on something to try to find me a job.

I'm really kind of proud of how productive I've been these past few weeks of being on the pill. I'm doing things instead of just talking about them. Yeah, i still get depressed when I look at my bank account and hear my roommates leaving for work, but these pills aren't suppose to be a cure all, just a small pick-me-up to get through the rough patches. Although that is the reason I haven't been posting or checking my journal as much as I usually do. Too busy being on the go-go-go!

Which I've missed posting about stuff I've really wanted to jot down like how I had a foot come crashing through the ceiling in my roommate's room and then a whole man two days after that a few days ago!

It started off over a week ago. I was just coming home from running around NYC taking care of some bills and grocery shopping. Had just sat down and was starting to eat some food when I heard a big bang. At first I didn't think much of it, as my landlord has been renovating the apartment upstairs and he and his worker have been banging around up there a lot. Didn't think much of course... until my roommate texted me saying our landlord just called her saying his worker put his FOOT though our third roommate's ceiling. So I peeked my head in and yup, there was a hole in the ceiling and a knock on the door of them asking to come in and fix it.

After a few hours that hole was fixed and my landlord came the next day to start putting a layer of paint on it. A few days later I was working on my demo reel when I heard another huge BANG. Only this bang was followed by a slew of: Oh God. Oh God no. Oh please, God, no. Oh no, God! Please God, no! Oh God. Oh God no!

I peeked open my roommate's room again to see a foot sliding up the ceiling and a huge hole in it's place. He had fallen almost all the way through again. I quickly threw on some clothes, as I had gotten straight to work on my demo reel that morning and was still in my PJs, and was just finishing brushing my hair when they knocked. Poor guy is now banned from working in any rooms that has the floor torn out until the floors have been replaced, so here's hoping there's no more holes in our ceiling anymore.
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Had a very surreal and odd dream last night. It started off with me at my old job. I was talking with my old coworker/boss Sarah as we walked around the park doing cleaning type things. Then she delegated that my other coworker Eric should start weedwacking, I should head to the paddle dock and rake the leave out, while she cleaned the bathrooms. We all left to do our chores, I wasn't exactly looking forward to mine as the paddle dock is just a square wooden area with a picknick table in the middle that was set up so canoers could pull their canoes up there. Not that anyone ever does that, but at least it's near the water.

So I started raking up the leaves and making the area look nice. I got done with one side when I noticed that there weren't as many leaves as normal to clean up. Then I noticed that the water level was high. Really high. It was coming up and swallowing the corner of the paddle station. I took a picture of it with my cell phone before I ran up the hill because I knew this was something Sarah just had to see and be as amazed as I was.
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Yesterday was fun. Originally I had planned to go up to Watertown with Autumn to stop by the bus station to buy a ticket for Sunday and drop a box of books off at Salvation Army. Then we thought we might go watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D for fun, but she ended up having to go shopping with her dad. I don't blame her, we're going back to NYC and won't be able to see our families for awhile soon.

So mom volunteered to go uptown with me, only she didn't want to go to the movies. Fine with me, the movies was just extra anyway. The first stop we made was at our local Dollar General to pick up a couple things we needed. Mom even bought me some make up to complete the small collection she's been finding me on sale.

On the way to the city we stopped at the cheese store to pick up cheese curd. Man, I'm going to miss cheese curd, it's so yummy and I can't find a place that sells any in NYC. From there we swung by the bank so I could exchange some coins I rolled for mom that we went across the parking lot into Panera bread to spend on lunch. OMG, I love how yummy their soup bowls are. So yummy. While we were sitting there Casey texted us so we got her a soup bowl to go. She works at the FYE in the mall and she was so excited to have such a delicious lunch instead of the sandwich she had brought with her. While we were at the mall mom wanted to stop into Verizon to contest a charge she thought they unfairly charged her.

While she was doing that I looked at all the phones because mine has been acting up just a bit lately. When an associate came up and started pushing me on the smart phones. I told him he was looking at the wrong person that I was not interested in smart phones because I HATE touch screens. I just want a cell phone that made phone calls, and maybe GPS, but I didn't want to pay an insane amount extra each month for just that. That's when he showed me phones that aren't touch screen OR smart phones, but also have GPS. O.o But I was not prepared to think of getting a new phone today!

But Greyhound's ticket window in our city is only open from 2pm to 3pm so mom and I decided to think on it and go check in with them. Turns out their a Trailway office and can't honor Greyhound ticket vouchers, but the station in Syracuse is. So I'll have no problem exchanging it there. Then we swung around to Salvation Army to dump off this huge box of children books we had found in the cellar. It was bitter sweet, some of those books had been my favorites as a kid, but I couldn't keep it forever. I also couldn't stand to just see them thrown out, so I hope they get bought and give other kids happy.

Since we were there we also popped in and I bought some new work pants. Then we sat in the van for a long, long, LONG, time as I beat myself over if I wanted a new cell phone or not. Which turned out good for my cousin Terri as her mother called us asking if we could pick up some meds for her and drop them off at Terri's house. So we drove to Rite Aid where mom found a RED make up bag and it was on SALE. 8D Have I mentioned red is my favorite color and I have all this make up that I've suddenly acquired? Mom said it was fate and bought it for me because she knew I wouldn't.

While also standing in line for the medicine we decided we'd go back and look at the phones one more time. Maybe without being rushed I could make a better decision. Back to Verizon we went and after a lot of looking and a lot of questions I actually found a phone with GPS which is CLOSE to my old phone.

O.o I bought a new phone. I was not expecting this.

We went to see Casey one more time before we left to make sure she didn't need anything else brought to her before we left the city. Found out one of her co-workers is someone I use to take Taekwondo with! Only she didn't seem to recognize me so I didn't say anything, thinking maybe I was wrong. Then Casey texted me sometime after I was home and said she had asked if that was me and she DID recognize me. Derp. Go us.

The last thing we did was to drop Terri's medicine off to her. It was a little awkward because Terri is who I have dubbed: Stalker Cousin in the past. It was snowing so we got to use that as an excuse to get out of there before the snow got too bad.

I still can't believe I got a new cell phone.
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Today was a fairly good day. To start with I had a GREAT mail day. Not only did I get the two free items I got off ebay with the leftover ebay bucks I had from buying the computer in the mail, but I also got my voucher from greyhound in from when I changed out my tickets. AND I got a secret piece of mail of FREE MONEY! How is this you may ask? Well, some time ago my bank sent out a letter saying if you made three charges on your charge card in Nov they'd send you 25 dollars on a visa card. I did this, but never saw the money. Anyone I asked at my banks had never heard of this promotion. I had the number to the head office, but haven't gotten around to calling it just yet. I didn't think the money would ever come, BUT IT'S HERE! Muw ha ha! 8D YAY!

And the two items I bought? One is a keyboard cover for my computer. I spent good money on this work computer and I'm going to protect it! So this will help the keys from getting sticky. 8D And it was only 5 cents! The second was the complete collection of Sonic the Hedgehog on DVD!!! 8D I can't wait to start watching it!

I also had my doctor's appointment today to talk about starting me on some anti-depressants. I'm not sure my peptalks to myself are just enough anymore. I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of chemicals in my body changing me in anyway, but if it will help make my life better I'll give it a shot. My doctor was very nice and I think I'll like going to her. She was very understanding of my needs going back and forth from NYC. She also eased me into some of the sensitive questions she had to ask me. XD She also apologized that she had to put down that I was obese on my paperwork. Even though I kept telling her it was alright, I've always known I'm obese and that I wasn't insulted.

So yes, I now have anti-depressants. I've taken the first does so we'll see how this goes. I know this isn't an overnight fix, so I'll give it a month or so.

After the visit mom and I went to the grocery to pick up my meds and a COUPLE groceries, that turned into a HUGE cart full! I don't know why, but I had a lot of fun this time shopping with her. Maybe it was because I was feeling better that the appointment was behind me. We just kept cracking jokes and were just happy.

The one bad, horrible, and unspeakable bad part of the day.... I HAVE TO GO BACK IN FOR BLOOD WORK! Of course they went to check out my thyroid and cholesterol, but.... ugh. If there's one thing I'm bad at when it comes to doctors is blood work and IV taking. It freaks me out UNBELIEVABLY bad. So really not looking forward to Monday. Dreading it in fact. Hm, good thing I have happy pills?
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So, last night was a fun night of horrible wind storms that knock down power lines and trying to put out smoke fires in the dark. 8D But let me start at the beginning.

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