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Feb. 25th, 2012 10:15 pm
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The last week or so I've been a busy little bee. I went home on the 10th for a doc apointment I had on the 13th to talk about how my depression medicine has been working for me. Doctor thinks it's all good for now and she even gave me a hug for losing two pounds since I was three weeks ago. Then mom and I caught a bus back t NYC on the 15th as she wanted to visit and have a mini vacation for a few days. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure how that trip was going to go the way it started.

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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

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A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.
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I sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. *thunk*

Back from my trip. Bone tired, burnt to a crisp, and so very sore, but I had a great time. Sum 41 wasn't as awesome as I had hoped. Of course... they were later in the day when we were all just about ready to fall over asleep. So instead of standing right up at the front in the crowd we hung back where there were a few seats in the shade - could see the band MUCH better back there anyway - instead of the back of someone's head. But it was so hard to hear them. Even if I knew all the words it was hard to understand what was being sung or said. Ah well, it was still awesome.

I survived the day on nothing but the free Wonka candy they were handing out too. SO MUCH SUGAR. I crashed hard later.

Also got Motion City Soundtrack to sign my warp tour ticket. Casey and Josh were super excited for that. It's one of their favorite bands.

The only real downfall is that we left a little late and missed the first bands that played - one of them being Reel Big Fish. Which Casey and Josh were also really looking forward to seeing them, but as we looked for a parking spot they could hear them playing. Then we ran for the entrance and got there in time to hear at least one and a half of a song.

Either way.... Autumn is here to hang out for a bit as we have some serious catching up to do! Laters people!
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I'm back from NYC and I had a GREAT time~! And everything went pretty smoothly!

It worked out that my aunt Varsi was up visiting from the Buffalo area and was going through Syracuse on her way back the same day I was leaving! So I was able to catch a ride with her and saved my parents a hour long drive down and back trip - not to mention the gas. Except there was a small hitch. Mom misunderstood me somehow the night before when I told her I had printed out two google-map instructions - one for me and one for whoever picked me up on Wen. To LEAVE them in there so they wouldn't lose it until then. (Family of pack rats. Lose something in this house and it's GONE!) Surprised to find she brought it with her when dropping me off with my aunt. Apparently she didn't think I had planned on SHARING the directions with my driver. Derh... moms. She was also freaking out that my aunt's truck would break down on the through way. But that's my mom, always over protected.

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And now I think this entry is LONG enough. I'm going to end it here and seeing as it's now been five days since the new Trigun movie Badland Rumble came out I'm going to see if I can find any fan subs of it anywhere~! Er... and think about my brithday too I guess. I can't believe it's only two days away.

My parents keep asking me what I want to do, but I don't know. I don't have any friends in the areas here. Usually I like to go out with a group of friends on my brithday sooooo I'm at a loss. It's been suggested that we should go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street for my brithday but... it's not Robert England as Freddy! I love Freddy but the traliers are such a let down. I really don't think they could do a decent Freddy movie withour Robert England! The make-up isn't impressive, they totally flubbed up a classic Freddy line of: No, THIS is God! in it. And just... blah. Remakes. So sick of them.
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Alright! I'm all packed and ready to head out tomorrow for NYC!

It just feels so awesome to know I won't have to run a rack of clothes for a whole week! And getting PAID to! Ahhh~! I have a feeling my managers are going to miss me if this week was anything to go by. The new girl isn't really doing that great, she's learning but oh so slow. And the other runner they always want helping out in the back and not running. Let's see if they remember if he's a runner. They also have been packing a lot of clothes onto the racks and I've been warning that they've been getting tight. The new people don't tend to like to tell the managers when we've reached maxium capacity. So... yeah. That's enough thinking about work.

Anyway Autumn! Hope you ready for this hacking, runny nosed, infection that's about to invade you! (No... kidding, almost better. Do still have a yucky sounding cough...)

Although amusing thing that passed between mom when she stopped me trying to get in the shower to go over if I have everything.

Mom: So you're all set?
ZZ: Yup.
Mom: Got everything?
ZZ: Just bringing clothes and toliteries, so yup.
Mom: Not worried about getting there?
ZZ: Not really, I figure if the first time I ever flown and I went all the way to Australia by myself and with the problems I ran into I should be able to handle a short bus ride.
Mom: Yeah, I mean you'll be in the same country at least if something goes wrong.
ZZ: ...uh yeah. Not to mention the same state.
Mom: Oh yeah! That too! XD
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So yes, I've gotten myself sick again. The last couple days I've spent in bed with just a head cold this time. Sore throat, runny nose, and cough. That's all, and I'm actually recovering slightly faster than I usually do with those things.

BUT! It's given me the perfect excuse to hide in my room and watch Mushishi. I'm really enjoying it and still kicking myself for not watching it earlier. As it is one of those animes I've kinda had my eye on.

And today brings an end to the hardest day of work before my vacations. Wenesdays are always a bitch at work. Three more days and then I can escape for a week. It will be so sweet. I already felt myself bubbling with glee when I saw the big VACATION letters spread out on my schedaul for next week. Vaaaaaaaaaaaaacation~! My very first PAID Vaaaaaacation~! Here I come~!

OH! Autumn if I forget to talk to you next time you're online - will I need to bring extra blanket/pillow? I'm trying to figure out if I can just shove everything into a backpack or if I should actually plan on a suitcase type thing.
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Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. F.U.C.K!

I'm just a little pissed if you can't tell. What got dropped in my lap today? Fucking jurory durty. What fucking day do they want to see me. Fucking Apirl 26th. WHAT DAY WAS I LEAVE TO GO SEE AUTUMN IN NYC!?

Fucking Apirl 25th OF COURSE.

...And is that a virus that just tried to infect my computer? Hell no. *sicks AVG on it's ass*

So yes. Not happy. The one time. The one god damn time I try to have a vacation and fucking JURORY duty? You're fucking kidding me. The last vacation I had was my trip to Australia - and there is a reason I did it up then because I can't REMEMBER the last real vacation I took BEFORE that. I think it was in '04. The Senior trip to NYC. Yeah I take day trips on rare occations, but not a real vacation. Oh wait - I take it back. The last couple years I've done a two day trip to Warp Tour. But that was a - get there PARTY! Sleep. Leave. Travel doesn't count!


So yeah. Totally calling this postponement number tomorrow. Fuckers. Open from 10am-3pm. You shit faced fuckers. You do that because you know most people are at work then so more people won't wealse out of it. WELL I HAVE BREAKS! The first 15min one I get I'm skipping the pizza party to call your asses.
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Too much sadness in this journal. So let's try something a bit more upbeat.

For starters? I bought my tickets to go visit Autumn in NYC during my vacation from work~! I leave mid-afternoon on the 25th and if all goes right arrive early evening! I'll be back late on 28th. I'm super excited to see Autumn and meet her roomate. And see the city again! I haven't seen it since '04 on our senior trip down there. It was fun as a group, but it will be nice to go with just Autumn. You know, when she's not in class! XD

I'm also thinking I won't bring the computer with me as I'm there to hang out with Autumn! Don't need this thing to distract me. So Vash will be up for his first Mallynap~! Ah, they grow up so fast don't they? Still haven't decided 100% what I'll do for his return. Probably just rough him up but I have also thought about having his memory gone from right before reaching July and have it slowly come back over time, but thinking I'll wait on that one for a longer Haitus - like my move to Australia.

Speaking of moving... I suddenly jumped 900 dollars closer to my 5,000 dollar goal this week. Thank you tax return that I wasn't expecting until July. I am now just over 500 dollars off~! Muw ha ha! So ten times more serious thought into the visas I need and finding some kind of work/place to stay down there. Oh man, there's still so much I need to get done before I go.

Casey and I had fun last night. She invited me out with her friends Josh and Amber. We just went to the local bar and took turns buying rounds - all drinking the same thing. I felt pretty good that they really seemed to like peach schanps and spirt - not to mention the dirty girlscout shot was a big hit! Nice to know I do know a couple drinks people will like. But they also showed me how yummy a royal flush shot is.

They talked a lot of highschool and band - as the three of them were in the same class. It was fun hearing the stories. Then because my phone is a whore Casey realized I had a lot of old pictures she took back then and we got laughing over them. (My phone was my sister's first cell phone orginally, then she upgraded and gave it to mom, then mom upgraded and deactivated it, then my phone broke so now it's mine~!) It was just a fun night of sipping drinks, a couple shots, talking, and then the best quote of the night:

"I can't believe you just spit your ice in my eight dollar drink! ...I'm drinking it anyway."

This was at the end of the night where me and Josh were sobering up because we had to drive - Casey decided to order an long island ice tea to drink while waiting for us to sober. Except the bar tender fucked it up and it tasted horrible. Or so I was told, I didn't try any, but it was more expensive than Casey had thought it would be and she was all: No. I paid for this sucker I'm DRINKING it! And I looked away for a moment and heard some clinking of ice being dropped into a glass when that shout suddenly pierced over the bar. Good times.

When we got home we had a long talk over life and stuff in general. Like how we both feel bad that dad has like... no life. No hobbies except watching TV. Casey said that she's okay with him going out drinking and blowing lots of money if it amuses him for a couple hours - but I pointed out that he could be doing that on a much more productive hobbie. Not only that but if mom and I don't try to control him then he'll blow all the money when he and mom need it to be able to pay bills and food stuff.

We also agree that we don't know how dad will handle it when Egor goes. We talked a bit about how we hope we're both sucessful in the future. It was nice to just talk with Casey.

Also really loving the new 10 Years CD. I'm really glad I choose it. I love most every track on it. And like their last CD damn if I don't want to do some epic AMVs to their music but know I could never make it look as it does in my head. Aw.


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