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Last night I had a really strange dream with Sanji from One Piece and Wolfwood from Trigun. They were in a mental institute, not for being insane, but their anger issues mostly. They were meeting each other for the first time because they were sharing a room together and seemed to be hitting it off fairly well. As they were getting ready for bed Wolfwood made some sort of joke about some guy in the facility who thought aliens were going to come and take him away. Sanji just laughed it off, yet it was a bit of a forced laugh.

They went to bed, but for awhile Sanji was laying there awake and there were these strange green lights out of the window. Then the dream suddenly cut to the morning and Wolfwood was just waking up and thought he smelt smoke. At first a joke about Sanji holding out on some cigarettes passed between the two before they realized yeah, they were smelling smoke. A LOT of it. So they left their rooms and went to investigate. Turned out part of the building was on fire.

The two of them alerted workers and went around pounding on doors telling people to get the hell out. Wolfwood found one woman who was missing and arm with her daughter visiting. He separated from Sanji to help her out of the building as she had only just lost it and had a lot of damage to her leg as well. So Sanji continued on to bang on doors to get others out, Wolfwood went out with the woman and her daughter.

Once they were a safe distance from the flames, Wolfwood went running back in to try to find more people, yet he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Then he felt this crawling sensation down his back. When he reached back to feel what it was something skittered away from his hand, down his back, and around his legs and back up again. He tried to grab at it and stop it with his hands, but it was too fast. Then a voice was echoing in his head.

I forgot exactly how the voice worded things or exactly what it was - but it was basically your world is doomed, and oh - btw, your new buddy knows about us and wasn't going to tell you. Their little bugs would eventually get into everyone and the world would be theirs and that there was nothing that could be done to stop them.

While this was going on, the dream cut back to Sanji who was carrying another girl to safety when the voice came into his head too. Basically it was a laugh and all it said was: Your new friend? He knows and soon he'll be ours.

Only for whatever reason they couldn't take over Wolfwood who came out grumbling and slugged Sanji in the face for not telling him about this shit sooner. The rest of the dream was the two of them attempted to steal a spaceship. They didn't go to NASA for this either. I really.... don't know what the hell was going on for the rest of the dream. The two of them kept looking up at the sky for some sort of sign. They also attempted to build a spaceship at one point, then realized neither of them knew what they were doing and gave up.

Sadly they were just finding more people who had run ins with the aliens and also were immune and I think they were starting to come up a plan on what to do next when I woke up.

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Had a weird Sherlock dream last night. It was fun, but of course had moments where now that I'm awake make no sense at all. Then randomly at some point I dreamed up a scene I REALLY wish had been in the new Trigun movie.

It started off I think were I was camping. I was talking to some people and mentioned that one person was brave, but he said that he wasn't brave. The real brave person was his father, who just shook his head sadly and said that he was not really brave. That he had gone to some country in war because his aunt was there sick and he wanted to get her out. The dream then shifted to him running around this room FILLED with luggage as he narrated that once he got there that he had been too scared to even leave the airport. That the aunt had died before he could get to her, so he fled back home instead of trying to take someone else out with him.
The beginning without Sherlock )

Sherlock hates gummy bears )

And sadly that's when I woke up.
Mini Vash dream )

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New dream I had last night. I'm not sure I really like it because it turned me into a canon Mary Sue, but it has some fun Vash vs Knives moment so I'll try to forgive it.
The beginning )
The Trigun part )
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Today was a bit of a disapointment. Autumn and I talked yesterday about meeting up before her class to go to Ihop then to see my place as she's never been to it. She's also finally get to see my cat. I really wasn't surprised when that didn't happen, she said last night she probably wouldn't be motivated to get up, but that still meant I spent most of the day hungry - just in case. It wasn't very nice out today anyway.

The major disapointment was that yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room and working on a project of a homemade display stand so I could finally get out the Trigun figures I bought for myself for my birthday way back in May. I haven't opened them because I haven't found a good safe spot for them to stay, but now I finally did. The Vash one went pretty well, although was disapointed that his hair isn't blond so much of a light brown. He also doesn't have many points to turn him so his pose-a-bility is pretty low. But I'm still happy to have him. After all! I even got him for five bucks!

Then I opened the Wolfwood one.
And took silly pictures of course! )
When I was done being silly I thought I'd see how I could pose him with the cross. Took the hand out he came with and oh so carefully tired to push the hand that was needed for him to hold the cross ever so carefully into the socket. It wasn't moving so I tried to twist it ever so carefully. And I really was trying to be very careful as I've heard how easily these things could break. I guess I wasn't being careful enough as the hand wouldn't go in, but it was still sticking out awkwardly, so I thought I'd try to take it out and put a differnet one it.

Only as I tried to carefully wiggle it back out the hand snapped off in my hand. I couldn't believe it. To try to cheer myself up I smashed the confessional on Vash's head. It cheered me up a bit as I waited for the superglue to harden.

This handy confessional! )
I had hoped that with the glue I could maybe have enough to grab onto that I could pull the peg out. Nope. Well! At least I had the hand that held the punisher. Only the way I glued it back on it was a bit akward looking how he was holding it. But with a little tweaking I got it to work! I felt so much better.

Go me! )
That was until a few hours later he fell and is broken again. :( Even the cat batting around his head that exploded off when he fell couldn't cheer me up. I guess maybe I'll just fold his arm so it KINDA looks like his hand is in his pocket. Still totally bummed that I had kept him in his package for so long to avoid breaking him that it was all wasted within the five minutes I had him open.

Today has just been a day of horrible disapointment. No yummy breakfast food I didn't have to cook. No seeing Autumn. Broken figure I waited so long to mess with. LJ not registering the reszing and color correcting I did on photoshop. And now AOL won't upload the icon I'm telling it to. :( Just a day of fail.

The one not fail today. Vash without the church on his head )
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Today kinda sucked. Started up early in the morning and I was having this fun dream. Casey and I were running around in this city, dodging government official types because we had discovered some information that would CHANGE THE WORLD! And we had just found some jet packs. Jet. Packs. When I woke myself up. I was trying to go back to sleep, but there was something in my mind telling me I HAD to get up and do something.

That's when I heard the water splashing into my wide open window. Yeah. The gutter is oh-so lovelingly placed right under my window. So even when it rains just a little, the water splashes from that happen to bounce just perfectly to get my window sill and my floor gets soaking wet. So I got up and moved my newly sprouted little flower buds and yanked my screen out so I could slam my window shut before falling back to bed. Disappointed I couldn't managed to get back to the jet packs.

In the morning I woke up and was amused to find my little sprouts had already turned nearly 180 degrees to face the sun better. They're in this little plastic windowsill green house thing with a plastic top. So I took it off to get a closer look at this natural wonder that has always fascinated me. (Even as a little kid I was obsessed with turning plants around to watch them shift towards the sun.) I also wanted to see if they needed any water. After a bit of poking at the soil I decided they were fine and went to put the top back on.

And this is something that I hate about myself and has been bothering me so much. I'm so clumsily. So awkward. even if I try to be as careful as possible. I'm always tripping up or looking foolish. This was one of those times. I don't know how I fucked it up, but the plastic slid a little and I ended up pushing it down slightly on the two sprouts that had peeked through the soil first. It was for less than a second, but the damage is done. They've been crushed. I can see clear bends in their stem. They're so dead. Well, not dead yet, but I don't think they're going to make it. And yes, I've had these tiny little green things for all of five days, but I still feel horribly crushed by this. They were the first ones. The strongest looking ones. They were so fragile and depending on me for life. And I crushed them.

Blah, so that sucked. Then as I was getting ready to go do laundry? OH HI AUNT INVASION. For serious. Why won't they leave me alone? Bastards. I'm not sure how they even got into that bag of peeps. What a waste of peeps.

Parent's anniversary was today. Forgot to send a card, but at least remembered to call. Omg, my dad can talk about nothing FOREVER sometimes. For while there he was just laughing at some birds in the yard telling me over and over that they're trying to eat a worm. The other sucky part is he tends to mumble a lot when talking on a phone so half the time I could hardly hear what he was saying. I'm a little afraid we're going to have nothing to talk about now that Buttons is gone. It's sad, but the most important thing he did was take care of her for me in his retirement. He now officially has no goals now. Except to occasionally drink and gamble. May I never have that.

A Quest for a Roleplay Canon Review Gone Wrong )
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So didn't do much for my birthday, and I'm happy with that. I don't need a big party. They're fun and nice, but I really enjoyed the day I had today.

First off like I said, I got some pretty flowers from my mom. They smell great and I'm going to love them until they sadly die. Pictures under the cut! Large photos as I was too lazy to edit them.
Purdy Flowers! )

Autumn and I just kinda chilled and hung out together. We were going to move furniture out of an apartment, but Autumn managed to get ahold of the girl that was going to move out and she's decided last minute to pay for May's rent, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Canel Street in China town to attempt to find a game store we had found once before and neither of us remembered where it was.

We managed to find it!! Not only that we found this one store that sell figure and OMG they had a Black Coat Vash figure for 25 dollars! Totally going back for that when I get a steady income again!

...you know if I can find the store again.

There was also a game I kinda wanted to buy at the game store, but I uh... kinda got a LITTLE too addicted to ebay and... kinda bought some stuff by mistake. Ahhhhhahaha... yeah. There might have been a couple figures listed that I had seen going for around 25-30 bucks and I threw up a bid while they were at 5 and 15 dollars just because I couldn't help myself and figured I'd get outbid on them anyway.

Um.... nope. Won them both. Whoops! So yeah, really didn't feel right after that splurging on another 25 dollar toy when I already had a couple things coming in the mail for me.

Autumn and I also went into this store we like that just seems to sell a little bit of everything. They have a bunch of chopstick and Autumn bought me one for my birthday! And one for herself so we match! Little bunny chopsticks! SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!
Bunny! )
We went and looked at some bra's at Burlington because Autumn wanted to buy me a new one for my birthday. Only couldn't find one that fit. Damn my crazy mis-shapened breats! I really need to win the lottery or something so I can afford to get a brest reduction. Then we went to 42nd street for a bit to see that store that sells Japanese books.

After that we were pretty tired. So we went to the Atlantic ave mall and I got sized at Victora Secert. Autumn thought maybe it would help me find a bra that fits, but sadly, no. I do have my size right. My "girls" are just losers. So no new bra for me today. (Why do people call them girls? Can't they be WOMANS!? XD)

After that bit of disapointment we got those ice cream cupcakes at Coldstones. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn't realize it, but the 'wrapper' that cupcakes come in, these weren't paper. They were dark chocolate shells! Made it so much cooler. They were VERY yummy, but nothing I'd get again, unless someone was splitting with me or specail occation.

The last thing Autumn and I did together was to get subs from Subway. Then we spilt up as she had work to get done and I needed some grociers. So I made a quick trip to Target to get some bread and milk - so glad I did. Some of my favorite TV dinners were on sale but not only that... BACON WAS ON CLEARANCE! I totally picked some up and had the great idea to cook it up and put it in my subway sandwhich. DELICIOUS.

When I got home I finally opened my Kuroneko bobble head. OMG it's bigger than I thought it was! But it's cute and I so love it. So does my cat. Who when I sat it down for a moment to clear a good spot for a picture it stared and slowly reached out a paw and bopped it's head over and over again. Of course, as soon as I turned around to get a picture of this Sandman (my new cat's name) was more interested in getting pets then posing. Oh well. So here's a shot of all my gifts this year!

The loot! )

And just because I could here are some pictures of what I have now dubed my "Wall of Geek" even though it's not really a wall so much of a shelf... WHATEVERS!

It's a little diseveled right now as it also has the box my mom sent me for easter there. But it has that Easter Grass in it and the cat WILL attempt to eat it. Just waiting for Garbage day to get rid of it - as kitty can't reach it up
Close up and geeking out over the figures )

And then finally, have some pictures of my new kitty Sandman! He's such a ham and a lover. I feel bad though, because I do treat him like Buttons now and then, even though I try not too. I wonder sometimes how long it will take me to change habits I use to do for her. Like making sure to place my glasses far off to the right of my night stand so she won't knock them over to get me up in the morning. Or sliding my pillow over to the edge of the bed to make room for a kitty next to my head. Buttons always favored sleeping next to my head at night. Sandman actually likes to be near my feet.

The other thing I forget is that if I twitched in the morning, Buttons would take that as a sign for me to get up and feed her, where Sandman is usually in my roommate room by the time I wake up. Or if he is still in my room, he does start purring when he thinks I'm awake, but keeps laying there and lets me fall back alseep if I want to. So I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to roll over. Also I could never pick Buttons up. She had bad hips and so picking her up could hurt her. So I never did it, but I forget sometimes I can pick Sandman up when I need to. But I'm learning what a nifty thing this picking cats up and out of my chair is! It's nice!

I miss Buttons. We share this month for our Birthdays. We don't remember exactly what day she was born, but she's now 21 years old! Dad says she's doing great. I'm glad and I hope I get to see her again soon. Sandman's wonderful and I'm so glad to have a kitty again, but he doesn't feel like MY cat just yet. He's still my roommate's cat who is just ALWAYS in my room.

But just look how cute he is!

Whoa, this post got a little off topic... BUT OH WELL! It's still my birthday for a few more hours. I'M ALLOWED TO GET OFF TOPIC IF I WANT TO!


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:07 pm
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Soooooooooooooo tired. This week has been nuts again. Always running around doing stuf and applying for more work. And I really should go to bed. As it's not helping me try to end this perpetural feeling of being over tired from stress/lack of sleep that just keeps building up and up.

BUT! I had to share my good news.

I think I might have landed a new internship. They seemed really excited to meet and talk to me. They asked me to give them my hours I could work and NOT a: Oh, we'll get back to you. I actually applied for a different internship position and the found out I'm more interested in post they went: OH! We JUST had a post internship open up! So I may have snagged this before anyone else got a chance to apply.

And this is for a REAL established production company. A small one, but REAL. I'm hoping to swing it that I can work part time at the one I have now and this new one for a couple weeks until this "big event" that suppose to happen is over at the old one. As I want in on it. I really hope this works out and I can finally ditch the old place.

Also I have PLANS for my birthday. Really wasn't expecting more than meeting up with Autumn for some ice cream. But now we're talking about wandering China town for a bit and visiting some game stores. It's not much, but it's going to be nice to just hang out with a friend for the day and do everything I can to not think about work except to maybe complain about it, because that is always fun.

Also... I bought the Kuroneko bobble head. I had bid and thought I was going to win a 99 cent Vash figure, but got outbid at the last second. Oh well, this will be such a cute and unique toy to add to my Trigun collection.

*cough* And there's another 99 cent Trigun figure popped up and mom's promised me 20 dollars for my brithday so I'm going to try again!


Apr. 15th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Been thinking of getting myself a birthday gift. (One of the reasons I want to be sure packages will get to me safe) My main idea was finally getting a Trigun Wallscroll. Been wanting one for years and I finally have the wall space to put one up! Only damn, those are expensive. So I've been looking at other things and well... I think this might win:


Only I was going to try to keep this gift to myself under $5 if I can manage it as I was also planning on getting myself (and my roommates as I get 6) ice cream cupcakes from Coldstones. They just look so good and I've been dying to try one!

Hm, I still have time to think about it. Maybe I can do without the cupcakes. I've been really looking forward to them for awhile, but once I eat them they're gone. Bobble heads bobble forever! 8D

Oh wait! I just realized my birthday falls on a Sunday this year! AUTUMN! Wanna meet me at Alantic Avenue for icecream cupcakes~? No need to actually answer here. I'll just ask you when I see you tomorrow as you might not even see this. ;3 Muw ha.

EDIT: Birthday is May 1st. Not this Sunday as I realized this entry could be decieving for those that don't know. AKA just about everyone but Autumn. XD
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So last night I must have had ninja turtles on the brain or something. The only time I vaugly remember thinking of them lately though is whenever one of them posts in luceti and where to put my figurines in my new room. Part of me thinks this cool window sill I have, but I worry about them fading.

The Trigun/TMNT dream )
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I thought about making a post today as I thought about how my 25th birthday is only a month away and what I've done with my life so far. Then I thought about making one about how I have to move all my stuff out of this apartment tomorrow to my new one. (Although I don't get to move in for a couple more days still.) And how the room started to look so sad as all traces of "me" was stuffed into four tiny suitcases.

Then I said fuck it all. I'm tired of being sad and depressed. Instead of going to bed at a decent hour so I won't be tired for the move I'm going to stay up all night playing with my AMVs.

So finally The Last Rumble is up on AMV.org for download. No fancy HTML as my HTML option isn't working right now and I'm too lazy to do it myself right now.

For those who forgot or weren't around here's the video:

Anime: Trigun: Badlands Rumble SPOLIERS
Song: The Last of the Wilds
Artist: Nightwish

And here is where you can download it if you want a copy yourself. You have to be a member, but membership is free. Just ignore all the times they give you the puppy eyes to donate. http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=181531

Also - I finally updated Vash's Thread Log. GO ME! I was only like... a month and a half behind. Whooooooops.
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So, between boss being an asshole, some news that make me go: gulp, need to find a new place to live sooner now, and just the stress of living somewhere you don't really like I decided I need some cheering up.


Autumn has left me the apartment to head home for the weekend. Meaning I'm on my own. So I am going to watch the entire anime and movie. I WILL re-read the manga. I will snuggle with my Vash and Kureoneko plushies. I have made a Vash post at Luceti. And.... and...

XD And there's no way I'm going to get all of that done probably this weekend, but hell if I'm going to have a blast trying!

Mostly not going to get it done because I have a few "chores" to get done.

-Going to Rockafeller to be sure I know the right place to go on Monday for the Today Show.
-Getting some things printed
-Must fill out at least FIVE applications for a second job
-A little grocery shopping.
-Make a couple phone calls

So it's a run into Manhatten for me today. I hope the subway isn't too messed up like it usually is on the weekends. I was debating getting some donuts while I was out to eat this weekend, but I'm really not that big of a fan of donuts. Do I really want to spend money on them?

Hmmmmm.... we'll see how expensive they are. :( If they had Bob's Donuts down here I'd totally get those because they are DELICIOUS!
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Guess who found a place to watch Trigun Badlands Rumble with subtitles~~~~?

This chicka!



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Whoooo! After Christmas post! Let's start out with the loot I guess, party because I'm drinking part of it right now~

Mom bought me some flavored hot chocolate mixes and four small bottles white Russian Kahlua. They are so yummy when you mix them together. So far I've tried the raspberry and pepermint hot choco and using the kahlua too cool it instead of milk it gets this super yummy creamy undertaste to the already yummy flavor. Mmmhmm... excuse me a minute as I melt into this deliciousness. I'm going to try the carmal flavor next. So excited for it. Oh? And I bought myself some after christmas candy (cheap candy WHOO!) and dropped a pepermint chocolate into the coco - best idea EVER.

My sister I think spent too much money on me. She bought me a bottle of Irish Creme Bailyes and two shot bottles of their carmal flavor and the DVD of the orginal Nightmare on Elm Street. She loved the cupcake earings and matching necklace I got her and I'm so glad she did. I was a little worried about it, but she opened it and went: OOOH! CUPCAKES! I love cupcakes! So I guess I didn't need to worry!

Mom, besides the drink stuff, also spent WAY to much money on me. "Small" Christmas she says. Hah. Silly mother-person. She's never been good at the "small" idea. She got me the Cataclysm expansion pack for World of Warcraft, plus two months of play time, a gift card for Borders, plus the new Trigun DVD box set! Which means I have finally replaced my old bootlegged box set. Not that it wasn't a GREAT bootleg, but I bought it back when I was young and foolish and didn't know there were unoffical box sets out there. It's nice to have the offical thing. Mom kept asking what I was going to do with it and I think I'm going to keep it. I can't even BEGIN to remember all the times I've lent that thing out trying to get people addicted to Trigun and always feared never getting it back! So now I can lend out the bootleg copy, but not worry too much if I don't get it back - I have a REAL copy now!

Ahahaha... poor mom though. When I make my christmas wish lists for family I make it VERY specific or they don't know what I'm asking. As they're not geeks if I'm not crazy specific they don't know what they're looking for. Well, on the Trigun boxset it says: Complete Series. Not Boxset. Aparently mom didn't think it was the right thing at first and got assulted by anime nerds when she tried to ask if it was the same as a box set - who then went into how awesome the show was at her.

She was still nervous when I opened it. Converstaion went a bit like this:
Mother-person: That's the right one right?
Zig-zag: Yeah! It's perfect! Thanks mom!
MP: Oh good, because I remember you pointing at a picture with a guy in a red coat.
ZZ: *points to Vash on the cover* ...but he IS wearing a red coat.
MP: But he isn't! *point to Wolfwood* Shouldn't HE be wearing a red coat too?
ZZ: PFfffft. No mom. Wolfwood is too cool to wear a red coat.
MP: Ooohhh...

Spent the rest of Christmas actually running with GOOD pick up groups in WoW and got TWO dungeons finished. Played lots of Mario Kart Wii with my sister, until it was time to eat dinner. Which was delicious.

Had a bit of a dick moment though when Casey and I started to do things on our own for a bit then she came wandering in and asking me about some things in World of Warcraft. It was later after I had finished a dungeon run that I remember I had said we could watch a movie she had gotten for Christmas later and she must have come in to ask to watch one. Awww. Poor sister. I feel so bad for not realizing sooner. I'll have to make it up to her somehow.

Backtracking a day to the 24th! )
The Day After Christmas! )

Hope all had a great holiday!
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So what was I doing up until 4am on Saturday night after being dead tired from the party as mentioned in my last post?


Wolfwood-mun from [livejournal.com profile] luceti  sent me an awesomly epic link. What is this link you ask? Why... it was a brand new Trigun one shot manga story  released just to hype the new movie that was about to come out. WHY DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS SOONER!?

EVERYONE IS BACK. ALMOST EVERYONE IS BACK. Okay, XD Meryl, Milly, Vash, and Wolfwood are back. It's set before the hair darkening and it's so full of awesome and greatness that I love of Trigun that me and Wolfwood-mun (who also made and colored my new icon from the new manga~) were up fangirling over it for HOURS. The only reason I stopped was because I was nearly passing out due to lack of sleep and I still had to get up early as I promised to drive my sister to hear car the next day.

Nightow did it again. He brought back such amazing characters and the story is awesome as always. AND WOLFWOOD'S ENTRANCE MAY BE THE BEST THING EVER. Yeah you know what... I have to fangirl more again. My thoughts at some of my favorite moments with links under the cut.


Oh man. This one-shot was full of awesomeness. I seriously cannot wait for this movie. It's going to be AMAZING!

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Looks like the DVD will be hitting stores early Decemeber! MUW HA! Which means then maybe I'll actually be able to find someplace to download the silly thing!

I want it nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow. I don't even care if I know what they're saying! I know what Tongari means... that's enough right? 8D

God how I wish I read Japanese right now... or you know... could buy some of that stuff at the bottom there.

GHiahbegahbiea! I just want this movie. Now. No, not now. Back in April when it first came out. Gimme. I want to see Vash shooting a god damn rocket launcher and figure out why the hell Wolfwood stole his glasses.

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Today I made dinner. It took nearly seven hours.

Let me start from the beginning. Mom could see I'm starting to get a little stir crazy being home all the time. So she made a few suggestions on how I could spend my time. The first few were basically: Clean the house for me! Which I refuse to do. I'll be happy to help mom clean, but I will not do it for her. Mostly because it's impossible. Until we throw some stuff away - I just can't clean this house.

But one choice was intersting. She brought out a cookbook and suggested I give cooking a try. I decided - that sounded like a plan! So today I wrote down ingredients for two recipies that sounded intersting. A ham in cherry glaze and orange chicken. My plan was simple - stop by a wine shop and get the wine needed for the ham. Then go across the street to the bank for extra cash, stop by fastrack to fill the car up with gas, then finally hitting Wal*Mart for the rest.

Ahahahaha - did you know most places don't carry apple jelly?

I got ALMOST everything at Wal*Mart and the lady at the wine store was super helpful in picking out a wine. But I was missing Appel Jelly which is needed for the ham's glaze. Blaaaaaaaah. Also Wal*Mart was just super annoying to begin with being that it's wal*mart. But I found some nice sheets on sale to send to my sister for her birthday. She's been wanting new sheets.

So from there I went to Price Chopper, which also didn't have apple jelly. Had blueberry which Walmart didn't. Then went to Aldis. They had mixed wild berry which nither of the other places did. Then I stopped at Best Buy to pick up an external harddrive for mom to give to Casey. She trusted me to pick out a good one than herself. Then finally... I went to Hanniford and THEY HAD APPLE JELLY! Honesty - they had the biggest selection of Jelly. If I ever want flavered jelly - I now know where to go!

So that took like... three hours. Then nearly another hour to unpack everything and I took a small break to eat some lunch and play with the dog. Then I cooked and it came out - looking good! Tasted good too! I enjoyed it! I just wish food wasn't do damn expensive. Ew. I'd do this more often. Will try to cook the organe chicken on Monday. That recipie is a little harder, we'll see how it goes.


So a long, long time ago I made a Vash SIM for shits and giggles. Then a few months ago I got the Night Life expansion pack and made a Wolfwood when I did that. Didn't play them, but thought it would be funny to see what happened when these two finally met at random in game. It finally happened last night. HOW did it happen?

Wolfwood walked up and started to read my newspaper like it was his own. So I had Vash stop making drinks and go out and greet him. So what happens? Wolfwood waltzes in, drinks all the drinks, and then is all: Oh look at the time - gotta go! I sat there going: Wut... that really just happened?

Then Vash had a desier, apperation, something that he wanted to invite someone over. So I invited Wolfwood over to see how a second meeting would go. Usually Vash will either shake hands when he greets someone or hug them if he knows him well. No, when he greeted Wolfwood they nodded heads at each other in a: Oh yeah, we wear sunglasses, we're badass! Sort of way. I found it to be hilarious. By the time their second meeting was over they had crushes on each other. Way to disprove that it's only 'Guy Love' guys. I was trying to AVOID that from happening too.

So after that I made Milly and Meryl characters. Intersted to see how they'd met. So far Vash has only run into Meryl. How did that happen? She walked up and stole his paper. I'm not even kidding. She was walking by and I was all: Oh! I should have Vash greet her! Before I even clicked on her to do so, she stopped, giggled evily, and then pocked Vash's paper.

WTF is it with Trigun people and stealing SIM!Vash's paper? Not nice guys.
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Oh Youtube recommended page.

And scary horses.

Anyone know the name of this show? I tried to look up the character's name, turns out he's a real guy. Whoops. No seriously, I need to know more about this horse.

EDIT: Never mind... figured it out. Horse is still creepy.


Aug. 11th, 2010 12:28 am
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So yeah my inital thought for my two days off? YAYZ! I can finally sit down and jot down some of all the thoughts I've been wanting to get down on paper! Oh! LJ material! I look forward to finally having time to do this!

What really happen? Oh yeah, yard sale coming up. Last chance to try to sell all these worldly pocessions I've gathered through my life for some kind of profit. Instead of just tossing it or hauling off to the Salvation Army for them to toss these items that I've loved all my life. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

What really happened from there? GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STUPID GIRLY HABIT WEEK! *stares at toy I've had since I was five* I CAN'T GET RID OF THIS! My stuffffffffffffffff! *hugs* No, no I'm a big girl now. I am a horder. I don't want to be a horder. I can do this. Mark it cheap. Then it sells and goes to a new home. Yes. Good girl. Gooooood girl. ;_; I'm depressed now. *corner*

So yes, despite ranging highs and lows I did managed to get a large corner of my room marked for the sale. Until I ran out of stickers and then just started to make a pile of things to be marked for the sale. Then some really bad craps hit and topped off with the major headache I already had from the dust I gave up. I wish I had gotten more done though. There's still so much stuff. Moving is hard.

Also Casey through a bit of a wrench into my plans of staying home and doing the same thing tomorrow. Ah, sister - ye who goes floating on the wind through life. She suddenly decided she wants to make a trip to Buffalo tomorrow. You know, the city that's three hours away from here. She wants to take her bed to her new apartment and a few more things there as well. She also wants me and not mom to go down with her to help her load and unload it. As I cause her less stress. Mom is good at taking simple things and making them hard. Ah, mothers.

I told her I'd go. As soon she'll be going down there and not coming back. So I want to spend some extra time with her. That and we always have a good time together on road trips, although I'm a little worried over the two of us driving mom's Van. I think we'll fight over it as I don't trust my sister to drive and she doesn't like the way I drive. Mom's van is her baby and I feel like I'd be more careful so I'm going to try to fight for it... then again, she knows Buffalo ten times better than me. Erp. We'll see. Either way - six hours of driving coming up tomorrow as I need to be back for work. Whoo.

But yeah, wanted to make some kind of post, but of course I've forgotten most of what I wanted to write about so here's a crack dream I had recently. Oh, so full of crack.

Read more... )
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Guess who has a new icon?

Guess who made this icon for their roleplaying journal?

Guess... who got to use this icon IN CHARACTER on their roleplaying journal?

[livejournal.com profile] luceti , I really do love you sometimes - even if you've totally eaten so much of my free time.
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So basically? Funimation has the rights to the new Trigun movie and are talking about releasing it in theatures! OMG 2011 can't get here fast enough!


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