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Yesterday was fun. Originally I had planned to go up to Watertown with Autumn to stop by the bus station to buy a ticket for Sunday and drop a box of books off at Salvation Army. Then we thought we might go watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D for fun, but she ended up having to go shopping with her dad. I don't blame her, we're going back to NYC and won't be able to see our families for awhile soon.

So mom volunteered to go uptown with me, only she didn't want to go to the movies. Fine with me, the movies was just extra anyway. The first stop we made was at our local Dollar General to pick up a couple things we needed. Mom even bought me some make up to complete the small collection she's been finding me on sale.

On the way to the city we stopped at the cheese store to pick up cheese curd. Man, I'm going to miss cheese curd, it's so yummy and I can't find a place that sells any in NYC. From there we swung by the bank so I could exchange some coins I rolled for mom that we went across the parking lot into Panera bread to spend on lunch. OMG, I love how yummy their soup bowls are. So yummy. While we were sitting there Casey texted us so we got her a soup bowl to go. She works at the FYE in the mall and she was so excited to have such a delicious lunch instead of the sandwich she had brought with her. While we were at the mall mom wanted to stop into Verizon to contest a charge she thought they unfairly charged her.

While she was doing that I looked at all the phones because mine has been acting up just a bit lately. When an associate came up and started pushing me on the smart phones. I told him he was looking at the wrong person that I was not interested in smart phones because I HATE touch screens. I just want a cell phone that made phone calls, and maybe GPS, but I didn't want to pay an insane amount extra each month for just that. That's when he showed me phones that aren't touch screen OR smart phones, but also have GPS. O.o But I was not prepared to think of getting a new phone today!

But Greyhound's ticket window in our city is only open from 2pm to 3pm so mom and I decided to think on it and go check in with them. Turns out their a Trailway office and can't honor Greyhound ticket vouchers, but the station in Syracuse is. So I'll have no problem exchanging it there. Then we swung around to Salvation Army to dump off this huge box of children books we had found in the cellar. It was bitter sweet, some of those books had been my favorites as a kid, but I couldn't keep it forever. I also couldn't stand to just see them thrown out, so I hope they get bought and give other kids happy.

Since we were there we also popped in and I bought some new work pants. Then we sat in the van for a long, long, LONG, time as I beat myself over if I wanted a new cell phone or not. Which turned out good for my cousin Terri as her mother called us asking if we could pick up some meds for her and drop them off at Terri's house. So we drove to Rite Aid where mom found a RED make up bag and it was on SALE. 8D Have I mentioned red is my favorite color and I have all this make up that I've suddenly acquired? Mom said it was fate and bought it for me because she knew I wouldn't.

While also standing in line for the medicine we decided we'd go back and look at the phones one more time. Maybe without being rushed I could make a better decision. Back to Verizon we went and after a lot of looking and a lot of questions I actually found a phone with GPS which is CLOSE to my old phone.

O.o I bought a new phone. I was not expecting this.

We went to see Casey one more time before we left to make sure she didn't need anything else brought to her before we left the city. Found out one of her co-workers is someone I use to take Taekwondo with! Only she didn't seem to recognize me so I didn't say anything, thinking maybe I was wrong. Then Casey texted me sometime after I was home and said she had asked if that was me and she DID recognize me. Derp. Go us.

The last thing we did was to drop Terri's medicine off to her. It was a little awkward because Terri is who I have dubbed: Stalker Cousin in the past. It was snowing so we got to use that as an excuse to get out of there before the snow got too bad.

I still can't believe I got a new cell phone.
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Today was a fairly good day. To start with I had a GREAT mail day. Not only did I get the two free items I got off ebay with the leftover ebay bucks I had from buying the computer in the mail, but I also got my voucher from greyhound in from when I changed out my tickets. AND I got a secret piece of mail of FREE MONEY! How is this you may ask? Well, some time ago my bank sent out a letter saying if you made three charges on your charge card in Nov they'd send you 25 dollars on a visa card. I did this, but never saw the money. Anyone I asked at my banks had never heard of this promotion. I had the number to the head office, but haven't gotten around to calling it just yet. I didn't think the money would ever come, BUT IT'S HERE! Muw ha ha! 8D YAY!

And the two items I bought? One is a keyboard cover for my computer. I spent good money on this work computer and I'm going to protect it! So this will help the keys from getting sticky. 8D And it was only 5 cents! The second was the complete collection of Sonic the Hedgehog on DVD!!! 8D I can't wait to start watching it!

I also had my doctor's appointment today to talk about starting me on some anti-depressants. I'm not sure my peptalks to myself are just enough anymore. I'm a little uncomfortable with the idea of chemicals in my body changing me in anyway, but if it will help make my life better I'll give it a shot. My doctor was very nice and I think I'll like going to her. She was very understanding of my needs going back and forth from NYC. She also eased me into some of the sensitive questions she had to ask me. XD She also apologized that she had to put down that I was obese on my paperwork. Even though I kept telling her it was alright, I've always known I'm obese and that I wasn't insulted.

So yes, I now have anti-depressants. I've taken the first does so we'll see how this goes. I know this isn't an overnight fix, so I'll give it a month or so.

After the visit mom and I went to the grocery to pick up my meds and a COUPLE groceries, that turned into a HUGE cart full! I don't know why, but I had a lot of fun this time shopping with her. Maybe it was because I was feeling better that the appointment was behind me. We just kept cracking jokes and were just happy.

The one bad, horrible, and unspeakable bad part of the day.... I HAVE TO GO BACK IN FOR BLOOD WORK! Of course they went to check out my thyroid and cholesterol, but.... ugh. If there's one thing I'm bad at when it comes to doctors is blood work and IV taking. It freaks me out UNBELIEVABLY bad. So really not looking forward to Monday. Dreading it in fact. Hm, good thing I have happy pills?
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Yeah, decided I'm really just not going to be getting any apps done today. Shocked myself into sleeping past 12:30pm today and today just feels like a wasted day. SO besides cleaning the bathroom and kitchen let's do something I've been wanting to do lately! UPDATED THIS SUCKER!

So went home last weekend and it was fun. It was the start of Pirate's Week in A-Bay. Where the town hires actors to come to the town to walk around acting like priates. There's Jolly Rogers all over the place and many people dress like pirates. There's games and activities for the kids and mostly for adults? |D It's an excuse to get drunk pretty much every night. Autumn and I went out to browse the shops and just enjoy the atompshere. It was a lot of fun.

I went looking for fun pirate gear because you never know what you might want to dress up for for Halloween! My goal was to buy a cheat pirate hat if I could find one for under ten dollars. We ended up finding this place that had a huge selection of funny and silly hats. I was tempted to buy one of a McCaw because it was so stupid looking and kept making me giggle, but settled for a tiny top hat. Autumn and I both got one. OH! Maybe if I get a suit and an aphfro I could be Brook for Halloween *starts peeling skin off*

Shopping trip! )

That was about the extent of my trip home last week. I spent a lot of time just hanging out with people, laying in the sun, and walking around. It was nice and peaceful. :) Perfect summer day!
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So didn't do much for my birthday, and I'm happy with that. I don't need a big party. They're fun and nice, but I really enjoyed the day I had today.

First off like I said, I got some pretty flowers from my mom. They smell great and I'm going to love them until they sadly die. Pictures under the cut! Large photos as I was too lazy to edit them.
Purdy Flowers! )

Autumn and I just kinda chilled and hung out together. We were going to move furniture out of an apartment, but Autumn managed to get ahold of the girl that was going to move out and she's decided last minute to pay for May's rent, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Canel Street in China town to attempt to find a game store we had found once before and neither of us remembered where it was.

We managed to find it!! Not only that we found this one store that sell figure and OMG they had a Black Coat Vash figure for 25 dollars! Totally going back for that when I get a steady income again!

...you know if I can find the store again.

There was also a game I kinda wanted to buy at the game store, but I uh... kinda got a LITTLE too addicted to ebay and... kinda bought some stuff by mistake. Ahhhhhahaha... yeah. There might have been a couple figures listed that I had seen going for around 25-30 bucks and I threw up a bid while they were at 5 and 15 dollars just because I couldn't help myself and figured I'd get outbid on them anyway.

Um.... nope. Won them both. Whoops! So yeah, really didn't feel right after that splurging on another 25 dollar toy when I already had a couple things coming in the mail for me.

Autumn and I also went into this store we like that just seems to sell a little bit of everything. They have a bunch of chopstick and Autumn bought me one for my birthday! And one for herself so we match! Little bunny chopsticks! SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!
Bunny! )
We went and looked at some bra's at Burlington because Autumn wanted to buy me a new one for my birthday. Only couldn't find one that fit. Damn my crazy mis-shapened breats! I really need to win the lottery or something so I can afford to get a brest reduction. Then we went to 42nd street for a bit to see that store that sells Japanese books.

After that we were pretty tired. So we went to the Atlantic ave mall and I got sized at Victora Secert. Autumn thought maybe it would help me find a bra that fits, but sadly, no. I do have my size right. My "girls" are just losers. So no new bra for me today. (Why do people call them girls? Can't they be WOMANS!? XD)

After that bit of disapointment we got those ice cream cupcakes at Coldstones. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn't realize it, but the 'wrapper' that cupcakes come in, these weren't paper. They were dark chocolate shells! Made it so much cooler. They were VERY yummy, but nothing I'd get again, unless someone was splitting with me or specail occation.

The last thing Autumn and I did together was to get subs from Subway. Then we spilt up as she had work to get done and I needed some grociers. So I made a quick trip to Target to get some bread and milk - so glad I did. Some of my favorite TV dinners were on sale but not only that... BACON WAS ON CLEARANCE! I totally picked some up and had the great idea to cook it up and put it in my subway sandwhich. DELICIOUS.

When I got home I finally opened my Kuroneko bobble head. OMG it's bigger than I thought it was! But it's cute and I so love it. So does my cat. Who when I sat it down for a moment to clear a good spot for a picture it stared and slowly reached out a paw and bopped it's head over and over again. Of course, as soon as I turned around to get a picture of this Sandman (my new cat's name) was more interested in getting pets then posing. Oh well. So here's a shot of all my gifts this year!

The loot! )

And just because I could here are some pictures of what I have now dubed my "Wall of Geek" even though it's not really a wall so much of a shelf... WHATEVERS!

It's a little diseveled right now as it also has the box my mom sent me for easter there. But it has that Easter Grass in it and the cat WILL attempt to eat it. Just waiting for Garbage day to get rid of it - as kitty can't reach it up
Close up and geeking out over the figures )

And then finally, have some pictures of my new kitty Sandman! He's such a ham and a lover. I feel bad though, because I do treat him like Buttons now and then, even though I try not too. I wonder sometimes how long it will take me to change habits I use to do for her. Like making sure to place my glasses far off to the right of my night stand so she won't knock them over to get me up in the morning. Or sliding my pillow over to the edge of the bed to make room for a kitty next to my head. Buttons always favored sleeping next to my head at night. Sandman actually likes to be near my feet.

The other thing I forget is that if I twitched in the morning, Buttons would take that as a sign for me to get up and feed her, where Sandman is usually in my roommate room by the time I wake up. Or if he is still in my room, he does start purring when he thinks I'm awake, but keeps laying there and lets me fall back alseep if I want to. So I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to roll over. Also I could never pick Buttons up. She had bad hips and so picking her up could hurt her. So I never did it, but I forget sometimes I can pick Sandman up when I need to. But I'm learning what a nifty thing this picking cats up and out of my chair is! It's nice!

I miss Buttons. We share this month for our Birthdays. We don't remember exactly what day she was born, but she's now 21 years old! Dad says she's doing great. I'm glad and I hope I get to see her again soon. Sandman's wonderful and I'm so glad to have a kitty again, but he doesn't feel like MY cat just yet. He's still my roommate's cat who is just ALWAYS in my room.

But just look how cute he is!

Whoa, this post got a little off topic... BUT OH WELL! It's still my birthday for a few more hours. I'M ALLOWED TO GET OFF TOPIC IF I WANT TO!


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:07 pm
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Soooooooooooooo tired. This week has been nuts again. Always running around doing stuf and applying for more work. And I really should go to bed. As it's not helping me try to end this perpetural feeling of being over tired from stress/lack of sleep that just keeps building up and up.

BUT! I had to share my good news.

I think I might have landed a new internship. They seemed really excited to meet and talk to me. They asked me to give them my hours I could work and NOT a: Oh, we'll get back to you. I actually applied for a different internship position and the found out I'm more interested in post they went: OH! We JUST had a post internship open up! So I may have snagged this before anyone else got a chance to apply.

And this is for a REAL established production company. A small one, but REAL. I'm hoping to swing it that I can work part time at the one I have now and this new one for a couple weeks until this "big event" that suppose to happen is over at the old one. As I want in on it. I really hope this works out and I can finally ditch the old place.

Also I have PLANS for my birthday. Really wasn't expecting more than meeting up with Autumn for some ice cream. But now we're talking about wandering China town for a bit and visiting some game stores. It's not much, but it's going to be nice to just hang out with a friend for the day and do everything I can to not think about work except to maybe complain about it, because that is always fun.

Also... I bought the Kuroneko bobble head. I had bid and thought I was going to win a 99 cent Vash figure, but got outbid at the last second. Oh well, this will be such a cute and unique toy to add to my Trigun collection.

*cough* And there's another 99 cent Trigun figure popped up and mom's promised me 20 dollars for my brithday so I'm going to try again!

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I, ZZ, am sitting on a BED.

And not just something thrown on the floor.

Not something filled with air.

An actual BED! And one I put together 100% on my own! WITH A MEMORY FOAM MATTERIS! Went back to Ikea today to get just the matteris when I saw that the: Temorary out of stock sticker had been removed from the bed frame I could afford.

8D Dare I dream again?

I did. And it was good.

Although... I actually had a dream that my mom got eleticuted after stepping oustide because she thought she saw a down power line outside - only it had rained so the ground was all wet. And as she fried all I did was squat down with my hands over my ears to block out the terrible eletic noise that was happening and shut my eyes willing the dream to end. It had to be a dream right? Because this couldn't be real, mom was too smart for that! But... what if it wasn't a dream!? I was sitting there cowering instead of DOING something.

So I got up and ran out to the dog's old area where the breaker is (although our breaker is actually in the basement) and flipped off all the power to the house. Everything went dark and that horrible noise went away as mom managed to stumble back into the house as I screamed for Casey to call 911.

Oh wait, what were we talking about?

YES! Beeeeeeeds! We were discussing wonderful beds! A REAL bed! And it's mine! All mine! The best part was my new roommate met me there and she had rented a car so I ended up being able to buy more stuff than just the matteris part!

I ended up with:

$99 - Memory Foam Matteris
$20 - Bed Slate
$30 - Bed Frame
$40 - Computer Desk
$20 - Computer Desk Extender (The one thing I probably didn't need but I really liked it.)
$25 - Extreme Comfy leather swivel chair with ARMs (orginally marked 45 dollars)
$1 - Waste Basket
$5 - power stip
$2 - 8 Hangers
$10 - Clothes Drying Rack

All and all it came out to JUST under 300 dollars. I don't think I did too badly really.

Now if I only knew which luggage my sheets were hiding in. I think I'm going to spend my first night here in the middle of the room.
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So, between boss being an asshole, some news that make me go: gulp, need to find a new place to live sooner now, and just the stress of living somewhere you don't really like I decided I need some cheering up.


Autumn has left me the apartment to head home for the weekend. Meaning I'm on my own. So I am going to watch the entire anime and movie. I WILL re-read the manga. I will snuggle with my Vash and Kureoneko plushies. I have made a Vash post at Luceti. And.... and...

XD And there's no way I'm going to get all of that done probably this weekend, but hell if I'm going to have a blast trying!

Mostly not going to get it done because I have a few "chores" to get done.

-Going to Rockafeller to be sure I know the right place to go on Monday for the Today Show.
-Getting some things printed
-Must fill out at least FIVE applications for a second job
-A little grocery shopping.
-Make a couple phone calls

So it's a run into Manhatten for me today. I hope the subway isn't too messed up like it usually is on the weekends. I was debating getting some donuts while I was out to eat this weekend, but I'm really not that big of a fan of donuts. Do I really want to spend money on them?

Hmmmmm.... we'll see how expensive they are. :( If they had Bob's Donuts down here I'd totally get those because they are DELICIOUS!
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So yesterday. Not sure to slide it into a good day or a slightly bad day. It really wasn't a bad day, but enough things went wrong to say it wasn't a great day.


Blah, blah, blah )


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Ugh, tried to be good and be productive today. It didn't start well. As I couldn't seem to stay asleep last night, then the dog woke me up nice and early. So I was tired. Very tired. I took a shower and felt a little better as I tried to go to my meeting with my unemployment case worker lady... thing. Basically I just walk in, show that I'm still trying to find work, walk out. Takes all of 15mins.

First off my car starter didn't want to work and once I got out to my car... it didn't want to start. It was too cold. Luckily on the third time and quickly flooring the gas I got it to run. Yay. Also found out I'm missing a glove. Joy. So one hand froze, the other was good. Got to my meeting and she was a few minutes late as always. Why does she always scheudal our meetings for right after her lunch? She's a nice lady, but it's so awkward seeing her rush back to her desk trying to finish up her lunch. Meeting went well as always then went quickly to the bank to deposit six dollars worth of pennies. 8D Every little bit helps!

Then had to go to Wal*Mart. We needed more pet safe ice salt and milk. Ughhhhhhhhh parking was a nightmare. I hate it when it snows. It's like everyone goes nuts with parking. 8D LOL! I CAN'T SEE THE LINES! So I'm going to park SIDEWAYS! Jeez people. I understand not being in the line BUT YOU CAN ALL STILL PARK STRAIGHT AND NOT IN THE MIDDLE. Because all the people who parked close to the doors were retarted there were so many spots I could have ALMOST fit into, but didn't dare try to squeeze into, I got to park ALL the way at the end. Without my gloves... or my scarf. I forgot that too. Damn it. I froze.

Then of course the people IN Wal*Mart are even nuttier. I have my hands full of a LARGE container of ice salt and a gallon of milk! Do you REALLY need to run me over with a shopping cart!? I couldn't get any closer to the edge people! I was already basically SITTING on the display. At least I got through the line pretty fast. Not to mention I found a box of some of my favorite sample chocolate on sale. 8D ....too bad they keep putting less and less chocolate in the damn thing. D8

But that out of the way I could finally go home! ...then saw thanks to my trip my car was pretty much on E. So... too the gas station were I froze. Again. Finally got to the post office. I was happy with myself I was going to mail out my Christmas cards ON TIME! I was going to buy some fun Christmas stamps to put on them. Then I was told they don't sell single stamps anymore. Wha... really? Oh fine. Must be just the holiday thing. Well, I didn't need 9 dollars of stamps so I just asked for a few dull forever stamps except.... they don't sell those as a single stamp anymore either. WTF!? Really!? You're telling me I can't go into the post office anymore and just buy ONE stamp. Well fuck. I already had a book of forever stamps at home. I wasn't going to buy more. So I didn't get to mail my cards, but I did get the mail while I was in there.

........and a 400 dollar bill. Wonderful. Didn't get my cards out and got a bill. Funtimes.

At least once I got home it was better. Made the frozen cheese breadsticks and chicken bacon ranch pizza in the freezer and settled in my bed, under the warm blankets, and popped in Princess Mononoke. As the cat settled down on hip I goraged myself on food and enjoyed my movie. Until I heard dad was watching Coraline in the other room. Meehh! I didn't know which to watch. Coraline was on HBO - so I wouldn't know when it'd be on again, but I had just watched it the other day. Princess Mononoke I have been meaning to re-watch for awhile and it was already started! I watched a bit of Coraline before settling on Princess Mononoke. Then I passed out as I was turning the DVD player off when it ended.

Now I'm awake again, but so ready to go to bed. I am so full I feel about to burst. *stares at chocolate* Why did I buy you? Must... not... eat...more... will... explode...

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I'm so very tired. Mom said let's go to the city early and get some shopping done and then we'd get lunch. OOH! FREE FOOD! So I went and our first stop was to drop off some donations to the Salvation Army. After that I needed some black shoes for a dinner I'm going to tomorrow. I have some, but I don't really like them so I wanted to see if they had something better. Which they did - but I also found a very awesome pair of brown boots. I am becoming a boot whore. I went from owning two pairs of sneakers, a pair of flip flops, a pair of work books, a pair of dress sandles, and a pair of boots. I now own four pairs of boots. OH GOD I'M BECOMING GIRLY!

I also got some very nice brown pants that look as if they were MADE for the boots I had picked up. So pretty! I suddenly need clothes in other colors than black. Oh god. Maybe I can give that to Casey for Christmas. My utter compliance in her attempt to give me a make-over. Mom figured out how hard that can be this morning in her attempt to curl my hair and attack me with a pencil. I don't care if it's called make-up or not. It's a god-damn pointy thing NEAR MY EYE. DNW

Anyway I got ready by 10:30am this morning. Told mom so. She said she'd be ready in about another thirty minutes. Well, much more than thirty minutes and about fifteen times being asked if I was ready which was always answerd with YES! we finally left just before 12:30pm. Ugh. This is why I hate shopping with mom, everything takes ten times longer.

Went to Borders and I got the next Ikigami volume, but we still spent nearly an hour there as mom read some magaizenes. Then spent a long time in Bath and Body works as I had a buy one get one coupon. It took a long time for me to figure out what to use it on. I don't really like most of their sents. I miss their old sents. All their new ones seem so generic and all the same. Finally found some cucumber melon body lotion and wash.

Then went into this very pink store. I think it was called Justice. I had no idea what to get Casey for Christmas and it seemed like her kind of place. Ended up finding a cupcake shapped necklace and matching earings. Casey is a nut for cupcakes. I hope she likes it because those pieces of cheap jewerly was not cheep.

Then we spent forever at my mom's antique shop so she could talk to her friend. Then ANOTHER antique shop to drop off some brownies for a party she's having there tomorrow, but at least that one was at the old jail so I walked around and saw all the old cells. The we finally went grocery shopping and got to eat... after 5pm. Some lunch. XD Went to the Tilted Kilt. Really, REALLY a bar for men. Mom kept commenting on how short the skirts were. I must admit wasn't impressed with my burger. Got that BBQ bacon burger, but there was hardly any BBQ sauce and there was SO much onion I could hardly taste the bacon. Not to mention I ordered my burger medium-well and it was still pretty pink inside.

I'm so glad to finally be home... except I now need to go pack. I'm leaving early tomorrow for Fredonia. It's APO banquet time and that means a four hour drive back to my old school. God I hope the weather is good, but I have my car all set in case I get suck in the snow. My hope is to leave tomorrow and come back Sunday, but we'll see how the weather goes. *crosses finger*

S-s-so tired.
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Okay, you've know you've been playing too much LJRP when you DREAM in tags. I.... wish I was joking. Not last night I dreamed I was some dude in a murder plot where I was trying to kill some guy so he wouldn't kill my father the king who was some sort of ruler over a group of people so I attempted to make it look like an accident, but my simple younger brother who couldn't act was giving me away. I was suppose to be kneeling over my sick and dying father praying for his recovery as some sort of aliby and say he had appointed me leader during his last moment of clarity but as I sat there pretending to pray I saw what was going on with my brother in LJRP style tags.

He had an icon of shock and next to that was text (with a voice over of him talking XD) next to it. He said that the guy we had killed had died!
Another guy who had actually sent the assasin had a shocked/angry icon and then said how could that be?
Brother had a look of all and said that I had saved him. That there was a demon four legged creature had take over the guy's soul.
Bad dude and a couple other people had: -_-;;; You're stupid icons.
Brother had a: NO REALLY icon and tried to explain how I had killed the guy to save his life.

I uh... sat in the room and even had an icon of me face palming realizing this wasn't going to work.

I didn't get too much farther into the dream as the dog suddenly started whinning at 7am to be let outside. Considering I had gone to bed at 3:30am - this didn't please me much. More so that she didn't even go outside in the end.

And yesterday. UGheahgiahefe YESTERDAY. What an annoying day. Got out fairly early to pick up the dog's perscription as in the end when I told the vet I had seen the worm they decided I didn't have to bring her in. It cost just over 9 dollars FOR ONE PILL. Well over the phone I had mis-heard them and thought it might have been 40 so really... 8D I'm happy to pay 9 for one and not 40. Then I went to PetCo to pick up some more joint medicine for her. I was shocked to find a bottle of Cosquine for 38 dollars. Wow.... that stuff usually sells for at LEAST 80-90 dollars and I've heard nothing but amazing things about it. Only when I went to check out it rang up at 70 dollars. Um... no. Excuse me. Can't afford that. So I mentioned this to the chasier that it was labled wrong. She went back to look and saw - it was labled wrong. She got a manager to sell it to me at the price it had been labled as. 8D YAY!

Then I went to Wal*Mart. What a stupid move. Going to Wal*Mart at the beginning of a month more so when it's right before Christmas. It was stupidly busy and I couldn't get down hardly any isles. There was a bart purposly running around slamming his cart into people. Screaming childern running amock - which to be honest don't usually bother me that much. They're kids. I remember being so bored when my mom had to take me places. So when they're looking over the boxes or crying a little I don't mind. It's when they're TOTALLY RUNNING AMOCK with no attempt at control from their parents at all that does make me twitch a bit. Then there was a group of like... six or seven kids who were actually VERY WELL BEHAVED. Standing quietly next to their parents. The problem? The parents. The mom was in an electric cart and her husband was standing with a full cart of food by her side - AND NEITHER WOULD MOVE. THey just took up the whole isle AND I KEPT RUNNING INTO THEM.

Yeah - by the end. I was ready to kill someone. At least I got a deal on my dog medicine?
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So today I returned Ol' Blue, the MP3 I got yesterday. That's why you shouldn't name things. Hurts more when you have to take it out back and shoot it. I really was sad to give it back, but if I'm spending 30 dollars I want to spend it on something nice. Which also means I no longer have a Christmas gift for Autumn. AUTUMN I NEED IDEAS!

I returned it as I followed my mom up to the city to have her car starter I gave her for her birthday put in. After we returned not only my MP3, but also the bra I had bought on sale I was left with only just the comforter I bought this weekend we went to the Salvation Army. Made me a little sad thinking about how the past two days I had gotten so little sleep and I was returning everything, but the Salvation Army actually helped for once.

I found a pair of very nice and brand new boots for a cheap price and I found a new bra that actually FIT with TAGS still on it for two dollars. Cheapest bra EVER. Considering most bras I get are rarely ever under 20 bucks. I'm excited for my Salvation Army finds and I'm trying to figure out what I need to go outside for so I can wear my new boots! And I'm not even the type who usually gets excited over shoes! I even picked up a pair of decent sweat pants for dad for Christmas.

Anyway, before all that happened I went to my grandparents for lunch. Was a bit dispointed that it was just me, mom, my Aunt Varsi, and my grandparents. I was hoping there'd be more family there to mingle with. As one of the reason I don't go to my grandparent's as much as I should is because my grandma is a bitch. I use to think she hated me as a kid. Granted - she's not my REAL grandmother, she's step, but she's been married to my grandfather years before I was even born.

For those new or don't remember - this is the grandmother that at Christmas use to give my cousin a bunch of toys and dolls and give me and my sister infant clothing. I'm not joking. Clothes that OBVIOUSLY wasn't even close to fitting us. She's just a nasty woman who doesn't seem happy unless she's being manipulative and trying to get under someone's skin. She's gotten better over the years - in fact the last year we did a gift exchange Casey and I actually got REAL gifts from her - but I love my grandfather to pieces so I mostly went over to see him as he's not doing well.

It wasn't so bad. Grandma was busy trying to get a baby to hate us and failing - so it was funny. The food wasn't bad and it was good to see my grandfather. Also - I am glad none of her kids where there as they're as nasty as her. So I guess I am glad it was small.

Was going to ramble on more, but my sister just got home and she leaves for school in the morning. So now I'm off to join her in some butt kicking on Mario Kart Wii. TO BATTLE!

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So it's been a crazy couple days. Started Wed where I got a one day only 50% off coupon for Borders. Set mom up with instructions to get me the three-in-one volume of Mushishi. Originally marked 24.99 - with my additional 10% off for being a rewards plus member - I ended up paying 12 for it. That's about the cost of ONE volume. I'm so excited with my savings on it. I also spent all day cooking pies. Made two pumpkin and a cheesecake. Then I was SUPPOSE to go to bed early as mom and I were leaving the house at 6am the next day to meet up with her sister Varsi and sister-in-law Debbie to shop. But guess what I was dooooooing... *reads book*

Thanksgiving morning shoping! )

Thanksgiving )

Black Friday )

The end of the day! )

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Today I made dinner. It took nearly seven hours.

Let me start from the beginning. Mom could see I'm starting to get a little stir crazy being home all the time. So she made a few suggestions on how I could spend my time. The first few were basically: Clean the house for me! Which I refuse to do. I'll be happy to help mom clean, but I will not do it for her. Mostly because it's impossible. Until we throw some stuff away - I just can't clean this house.

But one choice was intersting. She brought out a cookbook and suggested I give cooking a try. I decided - that sounded like a plan! So today I wrote down ingredients for two recipies that sounded intersting. A ham in cherry glaze and orange chicken. My plan was simple - stop by a wine shop and get the wine needed for the ham. Then go across the street to the bank for extra cash, stop by fastrack to fill the car up with gas, then finally hitting Wal*Mart for the rest.

Ahahahaha - did you know most places don't carry apple jelly?

I got ALMOST everything at Wal*Mart and the lady at the wine store was super helpful in picking out a wine. But I was missing Appel Jelly which is needed for the ham's glaze. Blaaaaaaaah. Also Wal*Mart was just super annoying to begin with being that it's wal*mart. But I found some nice sheets on sale to send to my sister for her birthday. She's been wanting new sheets.

So from there I went to Price Chopper, which also didn't have apple jelly. Had blueberry which Walmart didn't. Then went to Aldis. They had mixed wild berry which nither of the other places did. Then I stopped at Best Buy to pick up an external harddrive for mom to give to Casey. She trusted me to pick out a good one than herself. Then finally... I went to Hanniford and THEY HAD APPLE JELLY! Honesty - they had the biggest selection of Jelly. If I ever want flavered jelly - I now know where to go!

So that took like... three hours. Then nearly another hour to unpack everything and I took a small break to eat some lunch and play with the dog. Then I cooked and it came out - looking good! Tasted good too! I enjoyed it! I just wish food wasn't do damn expensive. Ew. I'd do this more often. Will try to cook the organe chicken on Monday. That recipie is a little harder, we'll see how it goes.


So a long, long time ago I made a Vash SIM for shits and giggles. Then a few months ago I got the Night Life expansion pack and made a Wolfwood when I did that. Didn't play them, but thought it would be funny to see what happened when these two finally met at random in game. It finally happened last night. HOW did it happen?

Wolfwood walked up and started to read my newspaper like it was his own. So I had Vash stop making drinks and go out and greet him. So what happens? Wolfwood waltzes in, drinks all the drinks, and then is all: Oh look at the time - gotta go! I sat there going: Wut... that really just happened?

Then Vash had a desier, apperation, something that he wanted to invite someone over. So I invited Wolfwood over to see how a second meeting would go. Usually Vash will either shake hands when he greets someone or hug them if he knows him well. No, when he greeted Wolfwood they nodded heads at each other in a: Oh yeah, we wear sunglasses, we're badass! Sort of way. I found it to be hilarious. By the time their second meeting was over they had crushes on each other. Way to disprove that it's only 'Guy Love' guys. I was trying to AVOID that from happening too.

So after that I made Milly and Meryl characters. Intersted to see how they'd met. So far Vash has only run into Meryl. How did that happen? She walked up and stole his paper. I'm not even kidding. She was walking by and I was all: Oh! I should have Vash greet her! Before I even clicked on her to do so, she stopped, giggled evily, and then pocked Vash's paper.

WTF is it with Trigun people and stealing SIM!Vash's paper? Not nice guys.
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I'm back from NYC and I had a GREAT time~! And everything went pretty smoothly!

It worked out that my aunt Varsi was up visiting from the Buffalo area and was going through Syracuse on her way back the same day I was leaving! So I was able to catch a ride with her and saved my parents a hour long drive down and back trip - not to mention the gas. Except there was a small hitch. Mom misunderstood me somehow the night before when I told her I had printed out two google-map instructions - one for me and one for whoever picked me up on Wen. To LEAVE them in there so they wouldn't lose it until then. (Family of pack rats. Lose something in this house and it's GONE!) Surprised to find she brought it with her when dropping me off with my aunt. Apparently she didn't think I had planned on SHARING the directions with my driver. Derh... moms. She was also freaking out that my aunt's truck would break down on the through way. But that's my mom, always over protected.

Day one! )
Day 2! )

Day 3! )
Day 4! )
Home coming! )
And now I think this entry is LONG enough. I'm going to end it here and seeing as it's now been five days since the new Trigun movie Badland Rumble came out I'm going to see if I can find any fan subs of it anywhere~! Er... and think about my brithday too I guess. I can't believe it's only two days away.

My parents keep asking me what I want to do, but I don't know. I don't have any friends in the areas here. Usually I like to go out with a group of friends on my brithday sooooo I'm at a loss. It's been suggested that we should go see the new Nightmare on Elm Street for my brithday but... it's not Robert England as Freddy! I love Freddy but the traliers are such a let down. I really don't think they could do a decent Freddy movie withour Robert England! The make-up isn't impressive, they totally flubbed up a classic Freddy line of: No, THIS is God! in it. And just... blah. Remakes. So sick of them.
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So today I got a little note from Borders today in my inbox: ONE DAY ONLY! 40% off one book! So... off Autumn and I ran to Watertown and what did I get? Mushishi volume one. Oh, but I was so very tempted to get Gyo by Junji Ito the same person who did Uzumaki - one of my all time favorite mangas like... ever. In the end I went with Mushishi, considering we now have a Ginko at [livejournal.com profile] luceti  I'd like to know his canon better and Mushishi is actually an anime/manga I've been intersted in picking up for awhile now but been trying not to get into too many fandoms. (Damn my lack of funds and stubborness to do things legally.) Unlike Gyo which I just happened to see on the shelf. I never thought our Borders would expand it's graphic novel section enough to get more horror mangas in. They tend to most go with the popular stuff.

But yes, until Pet Shop of Horror: Tokyo comes out with a new volume I think I'll start collecting Mushishi. Then when that's done I'll pick up Gyo. Which can take a good long time as I only buy books now when I have a 40% off or better coupon. Although on rare occasions maybe a 30% off. Yes. I am very, very cheap.

ANYWAY! So yes. Getting sucked into that. But then we went to Big Lots. And fricken Big Lots. 3 dollar DVDs I have a weakness for. Picked up FMA volume 13, One Piece Movie 8, and Mushishi volume 5. So yeah, the only one I can watch right now is FMA. I've seen all of that. The rest - not so much. But - Muw ha ha! AMV fodder is MIIIIIIINE! There had a bunch of other anime DVDs there and it was so hard not to pick up more but I really shouldn't have bought the three I did so I stopped myself.

I really need to stop buying things for AMV fodder. I do love having a wide variety to choose from when it comes to editing, but it would be nice to get things closer to volume 1 so I can know what the hell is going on. XD

Amusing enough the DVD Autumn ended up picking up had an advertisement in it for Mushishi. So it's apparently a Mushishi kind of day.

Either way - I still blame you all. Or maybe just [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi  for getting me into LJRP to begin with. I dunno, but it's someone fault besides mine. *cough* Me not having any will power has NOTHING to do with it.
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Today was so much fun and yet ended so sadly.

I had a fun day of shopping with mom. She needed sneakers and I needed boots for work. We also looked at flowers to plant at my grandmother's grave. I really liked hanging out with mom today and just chit-chatting. It was nice to spend a day with her after being away for so long.

After shopping we picked up the monthly chicken and biscit dinner one of the local church has. It was so yummy. We also finished getting the big items out of Mom's van. Afterwards I took the dogs for a walk.

But after that I had to face the truth. That we have a 2:00 appointment with the vets to put Mooshy asleep tomorrow.

It's hard to believe that this time tomorrow we'll be without our ferret. But at 7 and a half years old he's lived longer than most. (the post I made a bit ago claiming he was 6 was a mistake he's actually 7)

I still can remember the day Casey opened the box of Ferret food for Chirstmas. She was so excited. I remember how Mooshy would run rampet around the house making his little chirrping/honking noise, how he would do just about anything for a doughnut or play with the cat.

It's vastly different now. He's let out but no longer cares to run amock. He takes a few steps then tires. He doesn't eat. He's skin and bones and limp.

I wish I didn't have to start work at 7:30am tomorrow. I wish I could be here with Casey. Go with her even. Because this is going to hurt her so badly.


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