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Last night I had a really strange dream with Sanji from One Piece and Wolfwood from Trigun. They were in a mental institute, not for being insane, but their anger issues mostly. They were meeting each other for the first time because they were sharing a room together and seemed to be hitting it off fairly well. As they were getting ready for bed Wolfwood made some sort of joke about some guy in the facility who thought aliens were going to come and take him away. Sanji just laughed it off, yet it was a bit of a forced laugh.

They went to bed, but for awhile Sanji was laying there awake and there were these strange green lights out of the window. Then the dream suddenly cut to the morning and Wolfwood was just waking up and thought he smelt smoke. At first a joke about Sanji holding out on some cigarettes passed between the two before they realized yeah, they were smelling smoke. A LOT of it. So they left their rooms and went to investigate. Turned out part of the building was on fire.

The two of them alerted workers and went around pounding on doors telling people to get the hell out. Wolfwood found one woman who was missing and arm with her daughter visiting. He separated from Sanji to help her out of the building as she had only just lost it and had a lot of damage to her leg as well. So Sanji continued on to bang on doors to get others out, Wolfwood went out with the woman and her daughter.

Once they were a safe distance from the flames, Wolfwood went running back in to try to find more people, yet he couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Then he felt this crawling sensation down his back. When he reached back to feel what it was something skittered away from his hand, down his back, and around his legs and back up again. He tried to grab at it and stop it with his hands, but it was too fast. Then a voice was echoing in his head.

I forgot exactly how the voice worded things or exactly what it was - but it was basically your world is doomed, and oh - btw, your new buddy knows about us and wasn't going to tell you. Their little bugs would eventually get into everyone and the world would be theirs and that there was nothing that could be done to stop them.

While this was going on, the dream cut back to Sanji who was carrying another girl to safety when the voice came into his head too. Basically it was a laugh and all it said was: Your new friend? He knows and soon he'll be ours.

Only for whatever reason they couldn't take over Wolfwood who came out grumbling and slugged Sanji in the face for not telling him about this shit sooner. The rest of the dream was the two of them attempted to steal a spaceship. They didn't go to NASA for this either. I really.... don't know what the hell was going on for the rest of the dream. The two of them kept looking up at the sky for some sort of sign. They also attempted to build a spaceship at one point, then realized neither of them knew what they were doing and gave up.

Sadly they were just finding more people who had run ins with the aliens and also were immune and I think they were starting to come up a plan on what to do next when I woke up.

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Ahahaha... surprise. It's much easier to upload a video when you follow the rules. Ah-hem. Yeah. After downloading a second FTP client to try to get my new AMV up on AMV.org I realized that it failed to upload at the same spot as the other. That's when the little: Ding! Bell in my head went off and I remembered I had switched the quality on my editor from default to best when asked to hand in a work experince reel for a job. Yeah, the video was about double the allowed size without submitting a request.

So after rendering it AGAIN a smaller size setting - HARK I had no problems uploading it. So if you wanted to download my One Piece AMV - Deliverance just click the link! You also need to be a member of the site, but membership is free - even if they still try to shove donations down your thoat. It's been forever since I joined and I don't know if they do that anymore. 

And if you have any suggestions to make it better, please make them now! You probably have all of two days to make them known before I wipe all the OP footage off my computer and get working on a Trigun: Badlands Rumble AMV.

I just need a good song.

AMV A'hoy!

Jan. 1st, 2011 03:20 pm
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Okay, so I don't usually post my AMVs until I have both a YouTube link and the link to my AMV.org page for you to download it at, but.... Core FTP the program I use to upload things to AMV.org has been hating me and won't upload. I've never had a problem with it before so I don't know WHY it keeps failing to upload the video each time halfway through.

Until then. Here's the Youtube info!

This is a video I made for [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi for Christmas! I haven't seen very much of OP so this was actually very difficult and annoying to make. (More so when I kept thinking up clips I couldn't find or had made up in my head so they didn't exisit for me to use! XD) I really want to thank ALL of you who helped suggest episodes to me. It was a HUGE help to me! I made her an AMV to this song once, many years ago, the first AMV I made for Christmas for her in fact! I've always known I could have done better and now that I had found a clearer audio to the song I wanted to try again and here is the result. Enjoy! (And if you watched it on her LJ I changed the timing of a couple things, fixed a spelling error, and changed one clip. Nothing major, but if you notice a difference, I just polished it a little.)

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It's offical. I listen to way too much talk about One Piece. I'm not even in the fandom and last night I had a dream about being on a ship with Luffy.

Afraid I don't remember much until right up until the end. We had just had some kind of epic battle and I was standing on a deck of a boat as we entered this cave. The boat turned and we were being shoved at high speeds with the boat moving sideways.

I was standing there with a bunch of people around me when we were plunged into nearly complete darkness. All we could do was stand around amazed as the power of the water pushed the boat in a way it shouldn't as the walls of the cave moved closer and closer to us. The boat was pitching badly then suddenly there was this horrible grinding crashing sound.

There were wails as we realized that the front of the ship had just crashed into the wall and we were not being dragged along the wall, slowly scraping away at the ship. There were cries that we weren't going to make it. We were going to die. The ship would sink. We just lost our figure head that everyone cared deeply for. Moral was down.

And I just stood there calmly and said: No, we'll make it. This is the endgame. We'll get there.

So we all stood and waited for something to happen as there was nothing we could do to change anything now. Then gradually the boat began to slow down and finally came to a stop. A set of stairs lined up perfectly where the front of the boat had been ripped off. As we walked into the hall it lead too I felt a shiver go up my spin. This really was the end. "It smells like a dentist office." I said it outloud as Luffy came walking up to me.

He nodded as we walked into a large room where two men stood grinning with long sharp teeth in their mouths. "Well, I got you here as I told you I would when you first had me join you." Then I suddenly knew why I was on the crew. I was a pyshic. I had told Luffy how to get here and what to expect. I had actually been on the crew for years now, slowly helping him get here. But now my powers couldn't see past this major conflict. I was sad that my purpose had been fullfilled and my use pretty much over. Yet proud I had gotten him here, because if he won this battle he'd finally be the pirate king.

"I'm sorry, I've done all I can, but as I warned you, you must do this next part alone. Kick his ass Luffy."

He just grinned and patted me on the shoulder before saying something about how not to worry. He'll make this quick then we can go on sailing together. It made me happy knowing that even though my power would now be useless he'd let me still sail with him. (as apparently I didn't think it would come back after this fight. At first it seemed like it would, but then at this point in the dream it's like: Nope. You're job was to lead him here. You're done now.)

Then he walked foward, the nastier of the two men bowed to him and waved his hand towards an arena and they entered in. Meanwhile me and the rest of the like... 200 people we brought stood on the sidelines. Aparently the second man was just there to make sure the crew wouldn't try to interfere.

Then an epic battle started, but the dream wouldn't let me watch much of it. Instead staying in the crowd, but I could hear epic battle sounds! Yeah, still annoyed the dream didn't show it to me, but suddenly the second man started to attack us even though we weren't doing anything to help Luffy but cheer for him. Aparently he thought if he attacked us that Luffy would be too distracted to fight well.

So the crew pretty much tried to dog pile him, but he was tossing us aside like it was nothing. I shouted some orders for certain attacks I had been aparently teaching the crew as I had forseen some of their attacks and perpared them for it. We still weren't doing too well and I had the horrifying thought of: If all of us who are damn good fighters can't handle this one? How is Luffy doing by himself against the one who's suppose to be even stronger?

Sadly I never did find out because just as we were starting to get the upper hand on the one guy the dream ended as my dog woke me up with her cries of needing to go outside. Damn. I wanted to see how that ended! But... I'm glad I didn't have to try to get dog urine out of the carpet either.


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