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Feb. 25th, 2012 10:15 pm
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The last week or so I've been a busy little bee. I went home on the 10th for a doc apointment I had on the 13th to talk about how my depression medicine has been working for me. Doctor thinks it's all good for now and she even gave me a hug for losing two pounds since I was three weeks ago. Then mom and I caught a bus back t NYC on the 15th as she wanted to visit and have a mini vacation for a few days. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure how that trip was going to go the way it started.

The trip down )
First day )
Second and Third Day )
Last night )

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That is all.

*flops over and passes out. Pets sit on face.*
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Alright! I'm all packed and ready to head out tomorrow for NYC!

It just feels so awesome to know I won't have to run a rack of clothes for a whole week! And getting PAID to! Ahhh~! I have a feeling my managers are going to miss me if this week was anything to go by. The new girl isn't really doing that great, she's learning but oh so slow. And the other runner they always want helping out in the back and not running. Let's see if they remember if he's a runner. They also have been packing a lot of clothes onto the racks and I've been warning that they've been getting tight. The new people don't tend to like to tell the managers when we've reached maxium capacity. So... yeah. That's enough thinking about work.

Anyway Autumn! Hope you ready for this hacking, runny nosed, infection that's about to invade you! (No... kidding, almost better. Do still have a yucky sounding cough...)

Although amusing thing that passed between mom when she stopped me trying to get in the shower to go over if I have everything.

Mom: So you're all set?
ZZ: Yup.
Mom: Got everything?
ZZ: Just bringing clothes and toliteries, so yup.
Mom: Not worried about getting there?
ZZ: Not really, I figure if the first time I ever flown and I went all the way to Australia by myself and with the problems I ran into I should be able to handle a short bus ride.
Mom: Yeah, I mean you'll be in the same country at least if something goes wrong.
ZZ: ...uh yeah. Not to mention the same state.
Mom: Oh yeah! That too! XD
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So yesterday I pushed my juroy duty back a couple months and called today to make sure the touch tone crap I did went in right. I don't trust those thing - and sure enough it was! So trip is safe yet again.

Went to the bank, mailed the bills, got gas, and picked up milk.

Holy crap... is this... is this what they call... BEING PRODUCTIVE?!

Huh, what do you know?

*takes a nap* *then gets up to roleplay and SIMs*


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