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*dusts off my poor misused journal* I need to figure out a way to set more time aside for this. During the weekdays I do pretty much just wake up, shower, eat, answer tags, go to work, work, come home, and sleep. So there's not really a lot of time for making journal entries, but god, I really should have been better about it this weekend. I wasn't busy at all, just lazy and slept/read most of the weekend away.

So a brief update on random things in my life first. So yesterday I pretty much slept, finished reading the book Mossflower, cuddled with the kitty, watched Legend of Korra (which by the way I feel is a bit too rushed in just about everything so I'm enjoying it, but not LOVING it.) and went to church.

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Today kinda sucked. Started up early in the morning and I was having this fun dream. Casey and I were running around in this city, dodging government official types because we had discovered some information that would CHANGE THE WORLD! And we had just found some jet packs. Jet. Packs. When I woke myself up. I was trying to go back to sleep, but there was something in my mind telling me I HAD to get up and do something.

That's when I heard the water splashing into my wide open window. Yeah. The gutter is oh-so lovelingly placed right under my window. So even when it rains just a little, the water splashes from that happen to bounce just perfectly to get my window sill and my floor gets soaking wet. So I got up and moved my newly sprouted little flower buds and yanked my screen out so I could slam my window shut before falling back to bed. Disappointed I couldn't managed to get back to the jet packs.

In the morning I woke up and was amused to find my little sprouts had already turned nearly 180 degrees to face the sun better. They're in this little plastic windowsill green house thing with a plastic top. So I took it off to get a closer look at this natural wonder that has always fascinated me. (Even as a little kid I was obsessed with turning plants around to watch them shift towards the sun.) I also wanted to see if they needed any water. After a bit of poking at the soil I decided they were fine and went to put the top back on.

And this is something that I hate about myself and has been bothering me so much. I'm so clumsily. So awkward. even if I try to be as careful as possible. I'm always tripping up or looking foolish. This was one of those times. I don't know how I fucked it up, but the plastic slid a little and I ended up pushing it down slightly on the two sprouts that had peeked through the soil first. It was for less than a second, but the damage is done. They've been crushed. I can see clear bends in their stem. They're so dead. Well, not dead yet, but I don't think they're going to make it. And yes, I've had these tiny little green things for all of five days, but I still feel horribly crushed by this. They were the first ones. The strongest looking ones. They were so fragile and depending on me for life. And I crushed them.

Blah, so that sucked. Then as I was getting ready to go do laundry? OH HI AUNT INVASION. For serious. Why won't they leave me alone? Bastards. I'm not sure how they even got into that bag of peeps. What a waste of peeps.

Parent's anniversary was today. Forgot to send a card, but at least remembered to call. Omg, my dad can talk about nothing FOREVER sometimes. For while there he was just laughing at some birds in the yard telling me over and over that they're trying to eat a worm. The other sucky part is he tends to mumble a lot when talking on a phone so half the time I could hardly hear what he was saying. I'm a little afraid we're going to have nothing to talk about now that Buttons is gone. It's sad, but the most important thing he did was take care of her for me in his retirement. He now officially has no goals now. Except to occasionally drink and gamble. May I never have that.

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Just... whoa.

My life right now. I've been so busy lately. Also my sister is in the city now. Staying the night at a friend's house tonight, but we're meeting up tomorrow and I think she's staying the week with me. I don't know, she keeps changing her mind. Either way - blah, not going to be around. Also, my sister's first time in the city so any suggestions on what to show her would be awesome.

I also have to move apartments sometime soonish. Ugh.

*stares at awesome Luceti events* meaheraaaaaaaaaah... why do awesome ones that require thought come at SUCH a bad time for me thinking clearly. harieahreareanare I want to devour all that delcious AU talk, but I'm just so wiped mentally right now that I... just... can't... focus.

Speaking of Luceti right now and I'm going to add an extra whoa to my total. Holy crap guys. I got curious at work because I heard that rpanon thing got crazy and took a peek. Wow. Reminds me why I never go onto that thing. Are people really upset over all of this? While I think the AC rule changes are fair and a good idea, people are allowed to drop if they don't feel comfortable anymore. Yes, it wasn't good that one made mention to the entire playerbase with her's but... can't we just look the other way? Anon's man. They're MEAN. I feel that they should have given the new rule and Mod's a chance with this, but if they felt dropping was for the best, then that's what was best for them. I wouldn't want them to play if they weren't having fun anymore!

And now I will take my own advice and move on. Just it was... whoa. I don't know if things usually get that blown up on the anon thing, but just... whoa. I wasn't expecting something like THAT.

Anyway today wasn't so bad. Got let out an hour early from work. Me and two others I intern with couldn't decide if she was just sick of us or that she had something she wanted to do alone. We didn't care, we were out of there. As I was getting close to having a mental break down going over old files and trying to match photos to facebook so I could properly lable them for her.

We went to Starbucks and had a good time just hanging out together and ranting about our jobs. We've come to the conclusion that I'm currently her favorite intern. All thanks to HTML I learned thanks to rping so much on LJ. Ha! Also I know the basics of Power Point so she thinks I'm a god of Power Point. We're all in agreement that this favorite status will soon crumble when she figures out I don't REALLY know what I'm doing besides making things look colorful.

Walked a coworker to her bus then hopped onto the train to meet Autumn at the corner store. Where we bought chips and soda as we had a movie night planned. After making a quick trip back to my place to look over movies and to pick a few out when then went one block over to her new apartment to make spagetti and look through her roommates movies.

We ended up finding City of Lost Childern. We ended up watching it and I actually love it. I think it was great! It was so funny and the camera angles and settings were so interesting!

Anyway, need sleep because I've nearly passed out several times typing it up. That's the other issue I've gotten going. I can't stay asleep anymore. I've been waking up close to what feels like (it's hard to keep count sometimes) five to eight times a night. So, better get to bed. I'm sure Casey can't wait to see the city tomorrow.
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Tonight has been a fun night. Finished my AMV and decided to take a nap as it finished up it's last render. When I woke up I was in for an awesome surprise! Not only was my render done but there was a Zazie posted to the new [livejournal.com profile] luceti dressing room!

So for those intersted, here's the video I've been working on. Yes I know there are other much more awesome videos to this song, but it bit into my brain and wouldn't let me go. So I made it.

Bonus points if you can point out the spot where I ran into brain freeze. Maybe it's not as obvious as I think it is - but yeah, fun times! And of course... looks like Youtube messed the timing up a bit. Scartch that. Youtube copy right issues. Working on putting the video up on metacafe.

OH! And not total spoliers for Trigun: Badlands Rumble, but there's enough.


The Final Rumble - Trigun Badlands Rumble - The best home videos are here

There will be a download link later on this week. I want to let it sit for a bit and then go back to watch it. To see if I can improve that brain dead part. Maybe when I'm not thinking about it all the time I'll be able to think of something better.
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Woke up this morning to a strange email. I could not figure it out right way with my brain being so dead and sleepy. At first I thought it was trying to tell me LJ was charging me 16 dollars for some reason. I was all ready to go: GRRR! At the support team when I woke up a bit more and realized what was REALLY happening.

The next time my paid time came up they'd charge me 16 dollars instead of the 20 because someone had given me two months pay time and extended my extra userpics by a month!


It really makes me feel specail when I get something like this. Someone likes my Vash so much they were willing to spend real money on me. Not to mention I had to run out today and spend money to buy a new battery for my car and buy groceries. It's kinda nice knowing someone else is easing my wallet this way!

Just... D'AWWWW! If it was anyone on my F-list I thank, thank, THANK YOU! It really made my day, my week, my month. I haven't had many really good days lately as I've been getting depressed over the fact that I haven't heard anything from any of the applications I send out daily. This really brightened my day. THANK YOU! I hope I continue to do a good job and make whoever out there that wanted to help me happy!



Jan. 2nd, 2011 12:25 am
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So I said I would and I finally got off my lazy butt and fired up the crappy scanner so here you are! My gifts from [livejournal.com profile] kittanylilac! Enjoy!

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Ugh... I was suppose to be productive today, but no...

I got sick.

Started last night when I was trying to get the cat to come to bed that everytime I stood I felt really sick. I figured it was the boiled dinner not settling right and the fact that it was 2:30am. (Damn you adult swim! Why must FMA: Brotherhood be on so late? Followed by so much awesome Cowboy Bebop?!) Only, now I'm thinking I'm actually sick. As I woke up this morning feeling pefectly fine, except when I got up to let the dog out - I felt sick again.

Now I haven't actually gotten SICK yet, but it feels so violent when I stand that I either lay down quickly or rush to the bathroom and stand there until I give up and lay back down again.

So whoooo - I'm actually sick or the boil dinner is still working on my gut and hopefully this will all be over with soon. At least my dog is super excited over the ham bone from the boilded dinner that I don't feel too guilty that I might not get out to walk her today.

Of course, I made Vash's post today in [livejournal.com profile] luceti  inviting basically the entire town to poor Naoki's party. XD I knew I'd get a lot of tags for that so I don't know what I was thinking with this productive stuff anyway. Just blah. Been feeling so blah lately.

Also I feel bad that dad and I apparently hurt mom's feelings last night. She asked if after church we could drive the extra fifteen minutes away to a shopping center to return a shirt. We said sure, why not. Only when we got there she also wanted to go into the Dollar Tree that was there too to look for some lights. Again we said sure and dad stayed out to have a smoke while I walked around with her. The Dollar Tree didn't have the lights she wanted and also - it was about 20 degrees out side. (-6C)


Is a horrible daughter );_; Makes me wish my sister Casey was here. She loves new cell phones. She would have given mom the ooohs and ahhs she wanted.  I think when mom comes home next time I'll make a point to ask her to show me how apps work or something.
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So there's a love meme going around [livejournal.com profile] luceti  and poor Vash got tagged by Legato and sadly... rolled a five. But yes - Vash has fallen head over heels in love with Legato and... Legato just doesn't get it. So in a chat joking over it with Legato's mun lead to this awesomeness.

Legato-mun: LOL
Legato-mun: a bullet in the brain sometimes puts a damper on relationships, vash
Legato-mun: no one ever told you that?
Me: i'm a vrigin okay, I'm new at this
Legato-mun: lmao
Legato-mun: they should really include that in relationship guides
Me: lol.... wut
Legato-mun: something like
Me: there's relationship guides?!
Legato-mun: a list of tips:
Legato-mun: --make sure to communicate with your prospective lover. listening skills are important.
Legato-mun: --it's the little things that show you care. make an effort.
Me: XD Oh dear god I get it now
Legato-mun: --don't shoot your prospective lover in the head. that will most likely kill them, and they won't like you afterward.
Me: Ofjiahbeahboihargenvagea XD Pfveaobehahgahveavgea
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Guess who has a new icon?

Guess who made this icon for their roleplaying journal?

Guess... who got to use this icon IN CHARACTER on their roleplaying journal?

[livejournal.com profile] luceti , I really do love you sometimes - even if you've totally eaten so much of my free time.


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