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Had a weird Sherlock dream last night. It was fun, but of course had moments where now that I'm awake make no sense at all. Then randomly at some point I dreamed up a scene I REALLY wish had been in the new Trigun movie.

It started off I think were I was camping. I was talking to some people and mentioned that one person was brave, but he said that he wasn't brave. The real brave person was his father, who just shook his head sadly and said that he was not really brave. That he had gone to some country in war because his aunt was there sick and he wanted to get her out. The dream then shifted to him running around this room FILLED with luggage as he narrated that once he got there that he had been too scared to even leave the airport. That the aunt had died before he could get to her, so he fled back home instead of trying to take someone else out with him.
The beginning without Sherlock )

Sherlock hates gummy bears )

And sadly that's when I woke up.
Mini Vash dream )

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Had a couple dreams lately I'd like to jot down, but I've been so busy I just haven't had time! I've also been having a little trouble with sleeping in that I've been over sleeping. Need to fix that.

But last night's dream! Dream one!

Dream 1 part A! )
Dream 1 part B! )
My dream yesterday was almost just as fun.
Zombies and Dinosaurs oh my! )

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This morning was nuts. Stayed up late to watch FMA: Brotherhood. I wanted to stay up for Big O and Cowboy Bebob too like I tend to do, but I was just so tired and I've seen them before so I decided to go to sleep. My head hit the pillow shortly after 1:30am and I was probably asleep five minutes later and had a small dream.

Mom and I were in the basement for some reason. I think we were cleaning, when it started to storm outside and I heard the cellar door open and some muffled music playing. Like how music sounds muffled when you're standing outside a car when someone has the radio turned up too loud.

I turned and looked and in from the storm drove this tiny car that backed into a little garage by the furance. It was dark, but the toy garage was lit up with neon lights. I shook mom's shoulder and told her LOOK! The Rainbow Bright toys had come to life! We stared in awe and tried to figure out what we should do with this miraculas discovery as I was also in awe that mom could see it and I wasn't the only one. (That happens a lot in my dreams.)

Then the other old toys started to come to life and I vaugly remember walking around and looking at each of the mini worlds before started to head up the cellar stairs with my mom.

The next thing I know it just before 7am and I'm awake because I can hear the cat meowing. Not her death meow that sounds like she's dying and she makes now and then in her sleep. No, this was her: I'm awake and need something meow. I waited a meow or two to see if I heard moving around in the kitchen, meaning mom was up, but just more meows came. So out of bed I got.

The first cat attack at 7am! )

Dream Two: May I take your order? )
The cat strikes back! )
Dream 3: Don't graple with ZZ )
The cat hires some help - the dog! )
Dream 4: Yes, I do speak plant and dog! )
...hi cat )

Also a note: I spent just over two hour writing this all up. LJ - it's not funny to suddenly go back a page suddenly and then have me come back to a blank page. I almost broke a plate, but was smart enough to hit refresh and you're very lucky you had pretty much everything saved as a last draft. I almost had to kill a puppy.
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Yes, another dream entry as they are typically (and sadly) the most intersting part of my daily life right now.

First dream was that Amelia from the new Trigun movie, [livejournal.com profile] whiteadelphi, and Ginko were all hanging out at my house with me. We were talking about the different counties we were from and coloring. Because coloring in coloring books is what you do when you get a bunch of different people in the same room together. Duh. whiteadelphi was talking about the floods in Australia, Amelia was saying how she WISHED an area of Gunsmoke COULD flood, and then Ginko... I dunno, turned into a girl for some reason. Maybe he was suppose to be [livejournal.com profile] circles9 now and I wanted an all girl party. I don't even know. He was just suddenly a girl, we never did say his name again, and he was  talking about how he was only in America until his stay of excusion ran out. Then he had to go back to his country and have his (her?) head chopped off.

Silly dream, I want tacos now )
In other non-dream news. We're finally getting that blizzard that's been blowing through the east coast. After two days of -20F (-30C) cold I was kinda looking forward to the warmer weather. Only... it's like it's only getting warm for the blizzard so it's not too cold to snow. Then the temepture is suppose to drop a couple days after that. Joy. Broke the record low yesterday at -22F the low use to be -20. It can get much colder than that, but it's fun to break day to day records - now if only it was for the highs.

Job search rant )
Speaking of being unemployed I have another meeting with my unemployment caseworker. I get to go in there and hand them my list of places I've applied to and tell them what I've done to find work. It's not so bad if I actually see Lisa. I like Lisa - she's kind and understanding. Not sure why, but last time I went in I got this asshole that didn't even give me his name. He just looked at me like I was a waste of his time and asked if I knew how to use search engines.

Yes. I do. Yes. I know how to put different words in to find different things to find work. He even asked me what kind of terms I use to find jobs. I felt pretty awesome when I was able to list off about the ten different searches I use to try to bring up different jobs on the four different sites I use. I also was happy to shove in his face that I knew actually six job search sites. (I only use four because the others don't have the type I'm looking for - but not that, that jackass needed to know that.)

So even though I could rattle all that off without thinking about it, he still felt the need to treat me like and idiot and explain how if I make my search too speific that I wasn't going to find anything. No shit Shirlock. I already told YOU that. He also then took me to one of the job sites and went through the new job lisitings which I got to point to my LIST OF JOBS I HAD JUST APPLIED FOR and show that yes - I honestly had already appiled for these things.

Until he saw I was skipping jobs that were strictly using photoshop.

Asshole: Why didn't you apply for this job?
Me: It's a photoshop job. It's not the type of postproduction I'm qualified for.
AH: It's in the communication feild.
Me: Yes, but it's for still photogrophy. I'm not very good at that.
AH: You should apply anyway.
Me: They want someone SKILLED in photoshop. I hardly know how to crop in it.
AH: But it's a communication job.
Me: Not in the same feild!
AH: But look, pay starts out at 15,000 a year.
Me: (But not if I get fired on day two for not knowing the program.) It's really not the same thing, sir. I have my degree in Digital TV/Film. Film is very different from still images and the programs we use are very different.
AH: It's the same thing.
Me: No it's not...
AH: You're still going to apply for it when you get home. It's a good paying job.

I WISH I was exzagerating how this conversation went, but I'm not. He kept looking at me like I was some twat who didn't know that Photoshop and Final Cut Pro are totally the same thing. I seriously wanted to punch him in the face. Also - for when I listed things off to him, I didn't do it in any snarky way. If I did it was totally unintentional. He asked me what I used and I listed it. I think he hated me just because I was SHOCK actually activily looking for work.

So here's hoping I don't get that moron again and Lisa was just sick or something.
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Last night had a fairly intersting LONG dream and I'm so angry at myself because I've forgotten most of the beginning already. I really need to use my dream book more to at least jot down the beginnings more. But I get so distracted by the animals when I get up.

Zombie fun times )
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Last night was just... yeah... huh.

No more cold meds. It was a crazy mix of something to do wtih clue (which I'm totally blaming on this.) And just so much crazyness that my waking mind can't even comperhend anymore. It was so bad this morning I had trouble getting out of bed when the dog woke me up to be let out because my dreams left me so disorented.

OH! I do remember being in my old highschool, but had one of my proffessors in there yelling at me for having such a crappy cover letter. How she was so dispointed in me that I haven't gotten a job yet. Didn't I LISTEN to ANY of the advice she had given me. Then she tried to get me to do something that was really hard to do and then she wanted me to write out what I was doing and I almost ended up in tears becaues I just couldn't spell a few words and was horrified because she was going to put it up where anyone looking to hire me would see it.

Huh, insurce much inner subconcious?


I know you're smarter than this, but trying to play with an evil rabid hedgehog is not a good idea as your dream self kept thinking of doing. OKAY. So no one believed me when I tried to tell them that the thing was evil and rabid - oh, and undead. At somepoint it was a zombie too. I kept trying to kick it out of my house but Autumn kept bringing it back in sayng how cute it was. It wasn't cute it was the devil. My only saving grace was I caught on at some point that this was a dream. Tried to fix it so that the hedgehog was cute and nice, but I kept hearing this evil laughter from somewhere and the hedgehog would look at me with this evil grin as I kept trying to take it away from people.

So I... gave up. I walked out of the house and stood on the top of the front door stairs and stared out at the yard thinking to myself: Why can't it be good and nice like Wimbly? (My friend Sarah's pet hedgehog.) So I stood there and waited around going: Can I wake up yet? As I heard screams and vicious snarling noises as the thing killed everyone. I'm SUCH a good person. Got to wake up shortly after that.

I find it really intersting how I can fight with my subconcious sometimes in dreams. I figured out it was dream and while I couldn't fight strong enough to fix it to a fun dream, I did fight a little in refusing to partake anymore and the fact that once it killed everyone it kept trying to make me look at the bodies and I just went: No, I don't want to. I really don't feel like being disturbed by stuff like that right now and eventually it just gave up until I woke up.

The only other clear part I remember from last night was walking through some woods that was suppose to be Welsely Island state park. I was with Chris a guy I haven't heard from since highschool. We were just coming to a clearing when I looked up this LARGE hill and realized there was path that led up to some pinic tables. I told Chris that I had never noticed that before and he said: Who'd want to climb up that large thing anyway? I tried to resist for awhile but then I ended up climbing up towards the top, unable to keep my curiosity in check. If I remember right... I think this part led into the school part. How? I don't honestly remember.

I also drove a lot last night in dreams. I remember being out near the new Dollar General in my car. I think a monster was chasing me. Yeahhh.... no more cold medicine before bed. I can ALMOST breath out of my nose again anyway.


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