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So, last night was a fun night of horrible wind storms that knock down power lines and trying to put out smoke fires in the dark. 8D But let me start at the beginning.

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So dad has been watching me as I play through Skyward Sword. It can be fun! Reminds me of the time that we would play Legend of Zelda together. Only he doesn't yell at me anymore when I lose my shield and just laughs if I get in a hurry and fall off a cliff. Other times it's really annoying as he's a loud big child for the most part. During one major cut scene he kinda kept taking me out of the mood I was enjoying getting into by yelling about how Zelda must be some kind of tramp to do that to poor Link.

But still mostly fun. Like last night when trying to do a side quest that required me to catch bugs under a time limit. After failing the first time and getting ready to try again dad made a point.

That guy knows that bug isn't his! He should just give it back! Link should just stab him and take it! Punishment for stealing. Geeze! Doesn't this guy know Link has to save the world and he's making him chase after bugs!? Just stab him Link! The guy looks puny and you're on an island all alone in a thunder cloud. <I>No one would know!</I> Stop chasing bugs and go save the world already!

It's a good point. It amuses me so much sometimes how people don't seem to understand that Link is trying to save the world! Not to mention how much faster things would go sometimes if Link would stab people. Then again... he probably wouldn't be a goddess chosen hero if he acted like that.


Dad is also amused that Link is a PLAYER in that I got the item check girl to think I'm in love with her when it's obvious Link and Zelda are suppose to like-like each other too XD
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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

My weekend home )

A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.
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Ugh, I feel a little like my icon right now if Saito = reality.

I spent just over 540 dollars today. Only about 30 of that I'm getting back. You-you know how much of that I spent on myself? I bought a two bags of chips for five dollars and a dollar strawberry milk.

The 30 I'm getting back is for dad's perscriptions. Thanks to my dad's gambling problem mom can't afford to pay me back right away. So next paycheck she's paying me back.
160 - was spent on groceries for the family - which I'm happy to pay for. It's part of the "rent" deal my family came up with for me to still live at home right now.
350 - was spent on my mom's new car starter we're giving her for her birthday.

I almost wanted to throw up when I held out my charge card to the guy. Considering I had buyer's remorce for getting those chips that were on sale this was like a punch in the face and gut. The only way I managed to let go of the card was because it's for my mom. Mom deserves it so badly and having a car starter is a god send in this area of the world. I even spent a bit extra to buy the remote that would also pop the trunk of her van. She's mentioned so many times how she missed her old van that did that and it was only 40 extra dollars. Not only does it pop her trunk it gives her addition feet to start the car and an extra way to auto lock/unlock her car as her remote from the factory has been glitchy. For mom - it's worth it.

But still, everytime I think about how much I just spent I literally start to feel sick. I really hate money sometimes. Mostly because it's always been a lie in this house. We should be lower-upper middle class, but because of my dad's gambling addiction we're hardly considered middle class. We're always scrambling to hide money from dad and to pay the bills. So no one actually gets to have fun with the money... except dad. When he can weasle it away from us.

I've had a little nest egg slowly growing with all the work I've done in my life and my current unemployment. Everytime I use it, I have a little panic attack in my head - that money is NEVER coming back. What the hell am I going to do if I get a call tomorrow asking me to come work and move to NYC. That could have been a rent payment! I really hope one day I can have some money where buying a slice of pizza won't make me want to cry.

Mom's also made it offical - no gift giving this year. Although Casey and I are already decided that we don't care about gifts, but we're sure as hell going to get mom something. She really wants a harddrive and we're going to get her one. The only problem is by we - it means me as Casey doesn't have any money. Again, mom deserves it and there was a year where Casey paid for nearly all of mom's gifts because I was broke. So I don't mind.

I'm just a little depressed over it. I don't mind not having a gift-giving thing, but I thought I'd buy myself a new Ipod because mine is starting to break. My idea was to spend 35 dollars or so on black Friday when the deals will be crazy creap, but no. Everything is still expensive even then. So I'm not sure if I'll get a new ipod right now. It made me start to think about some of the stuff I'd like to get myself if I had money.

-A new Ipod with a screen
-A nice MAC computer
-A 2TB external harddrive
-The new Trigun Box set
-A nice manual video camera
-An awesome external harddrive for mom
-My World of Warcraft subscription back
-More icons space for all of the Trigun cast at [livejournal.com profile] luceti 
-A nice dinner at one of the fancy resturants I know I'll never actually eat at.
-An awesome apartment in NYC
-AN IMPULSE BUY - I don't know what, probably something Trigun related. I just want to go: YES! I want that! Buy it and not feel guilty about it ever.

As much as it would be nice to buy something fun, I am very thankful with what I have. I'm so thankful for this roof over my head, my health, and food in my stomach. I know how scary it can be to almost lose both of those before and if it meant never buying anything other than food again to keep those. I'm okay with that.

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Today was my dad's birthday so I dragged myself out of bed nice and early to try to make him a cake before he woke. As he doesn't usually wake up until noon, but I should have gotten up even earlier because mom was up and demanded a bunch of my time. As did the dog. Oh god Egor, I know you were pumped you got to get into my room so early, but geeze - stop being so underfoot please. Way too tired to deal with hyper dog that early.

I also got up early because we were out of milk that I needed for the cake. So I ran to the store when mom finally stopped asking me about stuff and got milk, bread and cheese. UNFORTUNALLY mom or the dog had apparently woken up dad so my getting up early was a moot point. As he was being LOUD and annoying in the kitchen I retreated to warp his gifts in my room until he got out.

When he finally got out I made a dark chocolate cake and FOUR boxes of vinella pudding for my pudding cake! You take a layer of cake - crumbled up, then put down a thin layer of chocolate surup, then a layer of pudding, then a layer of whip cream. THEN you do it again! Cake, sauce, pudding, whip cream, and I tend to save a little bit of the cake to then crumble on top of it all for decoration. It's so bad for you but OH SO DELICIOUS.

After it was put together I brought out his gifts and a candle I burn in my room as I couldn't put a candle in that cake. Then I called Casey and put her on speaker before calling dad out. We sang happy birthday to him and he was so surprised by the fact that Casey was singing too. He also realized I had been baking a cake, but not a pudding cake so he was very excited about that. He also really liked the giant candy bars I got him as a gift.

Mom even had me bring some of the cake to her at work. We all love this cake, but it's so bad for our health that I rarely ever make it.

All and all a good birthday and ughhh, so full no from birthday cake. *passes out*

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So last night there was a storm brewing. Literally. I had some fun at work sitting in the toll both watching a storm slowly blow in. It got creepily dark slowly and the thunder was long and loud. Lightening would flash every so often. And the WIND! I watched one tree nervously. The tree that had roots tangled in the tree next to it that fell, in a wind storm, last year and is at a crazy angel. I'm glad it didn't fall.

It hardly rained, but it was loud, dark, and there was a hint of something big coming in the air, but it passed by us.

But where it missed the campsite, another storm was setting over my house at home. A half an hour before I was suppose to leave work I got a text from mom: Are you busy? She only texts me that when something bad is happening. So I texted back: No. Then instead of calling me like I thought she would she texted me asking me to call. Uh... okay.

Turns out? My sister's computer is dead. Stuck in a restarting loop. They have no idea what happened to it. So they were calling me up and I felt terrible because I could hear my sister crying in the background and I excatly what she was feeling. I tried to talk them though some steps but nothing was working.

Then I came home and messed with it most of the night trying different things. Managed to turn off that auto restart when problem is dedected. But that still won't let me get into safe mode or anything. It will still restart back to the Toshiba start up page or go to a screen letting me know a problem was decetected - asking me to press F1 which takes me back to the Toshiba page.

So today I'm telling her to take it to a local computer guy and have him try to remove the harddrive and put it in another computer to see if he can get around this problem. If he can I've emptied my external harddrive so she can put her stuff on that if he can. But I honestly don't have much hope.

But my night wasn't over. Snuggled into bed after FMA: Brotherhood and started to go to sleep when I realized dad still wasn't home from his night of drinking. Usually he calls for a ride or drove home drunk by now. So... I got worried. Try to tell myself I'm sure he was fine - maybe he spent the night at Aunt Judy's. Maybe he was being smart for once in his life and was waiting to sober up? Lost track of time?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep. I debated texting him, but he doesn't tend to answer text messages when drunk and if he was driving DID I want to text him? He'd be an idiot and look at it. Did he even bring his phone with him? He forgets it a lot. Anyway, after freaking myself out enough I stepped outside - maybe he did come home and I didn't hear while watching FMA? Nope. Gave up and texted him and damn it I should have waited five more minutes because five minutes after that he pulled into the driveway.

And he was drunk. Which was annoying because I couldn't pretend to be asleep. But I'm glad he got home safe.

-_- The jerk.


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