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Been a crazy few days. I'm back at my parents again for a follow up appointment for the anti-depressants I was put on, and so far I feel the drugs are doing wonders for me. I never thought they'd change my outlook on life so much, but they have for the good. I haven't been around on the internet a lot lately and have even been slack about answering my tags. Usually I answer them as soon as they come in, but sometimes I'll wait hours as I'm too busy either cleaning, out running errands, or working on something to try to find me a job.

I'm really kind of proud of how productive I've been these past few weeks of being on the pill. I'm doing things instead of just talking about them. Yeah, i still get depressed when I look at my bank account and hear my roommates leaving for work, but these pills aren't suppose to be a cure all, just a small pick-me-up to get through the rough patches. Although that is the reason I haven't been posting or checking my journal as much as I usually do. Too busy being on the go-go-go!

Which I've missed posting about stuff I've really wanted to jot down like how I had a foot come crashing through the ceiling in my roommate's room and then a whole man two days after that a few days ago!

It started off over a week ago. I was just coming home from running around NYC taking care of some bills and grocery shopping. Had just sat down and was starting to eat some food when I heard a big bang. At first I didn't think much of it, as my landlord has been renovating the apartment upstairs and he and his worker have been banging around up there a lot. Didn't think much of course... until my roommate texted me saying our landlord just called her saying his worker put his FOOT though our third roommate's ceiling. So I peeked my head in and yup, there was a hole in the ceiling and a knock on the door of them asking to come in and fix it.

After a few hours that hole was fixed and my landlord came the next day to start putting a layer of paint on it. A few days later I was working on my demo reel when I heard another huge BANG. Only this bang was followed by a slew of: Oh God. Oh God no. Oh please, God, no. Oh no, God! Please God, no! Oh God. Oh God no!

I peeked open my roommate's room again to see a foot sliding up the ceiling and a huge hole in it's place. He had fallen almost all the way through again. I quickly threw on some clothes, as I had gotten straight to work on my demo reel that morning and was still in my PJs, and was just finishing brushing my hair when they knocked. Poor guy is now banned from working in any rooms that has the floor torn out until the floors have been replaced, so here's hoping there's no more holes in our ceiling anymore.


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