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So about a week or so ago I got the news that my only and little sister Casey is taking her turn to move out of the house. She's moving herself all the way to Ohio with her old boyfriend. At first it didn't really sink in. The thought of her moving a whole state away, but it's getting more and more real as the days go by. I'm a little worried and glad at the same time. A little worried because she has been babied most of her life and this time she'll be so far away it's going to take almost a full day for any of her family to get to her. She'll be going with Ray so that helps. He's a good guy, but he also has a kid, I wonder how he feels about leaving the kid behind with his ex. He's a pretty decent dad from the few times I've seen him with the kid.

Then there's Nick, who WAS her current boyfriend. If I'm being honest I liked him a LITTLE better than Ray. They're both good guys, but I just felt like he could take care of my sister better than Ray. I'm also rather angry at Casey for leaving him just because he just left for boot camp. He's going to in the air force and Casey decided she couldn't handle living that kind of life. She's the type that needs physical contact, but she couldn't have decided this BEFORE he left or talked to him about it? I don't think he was gone a full two weeks before Ray mentioned this job he got in Ohio and wanted her to come with him. I'm still not sure he knows, Casey is at least trying to figure out a way to talk to him face to face about this move rather than break up over a text or letter. I'll give her that credit at least.

Once the anger about what she did to Nick wears off then I start thinking about what this means for our family. Dad is handling it better than I thought he would. Instead of wallowing at the bar that his last daughter is finally grown up enough to move out of the house he made plans to come visit me during my birthday. Wow, dad never gets out of the house and suddenly he's making plans to jump on a bus for 7 hours and spend 3-4 days sleeping on the floor. Whoa. Mom didn't even suggest anything to him! I would say that's out of character for dad, but he's always been great at trying to run away from things that he doesn't want to deal with.

Mom is doing well. Already trying to make plans on what to do with our two rooms now that both of her babies are out of the house. I'm trying to be gentle in voicing my fears that those rooms are just going to get filled with clutter rather than be turned into home offices. I really hope she can get a cap on her hoarding problem, but I'm a little worried without me or Casey there who were always trying to get her to stop so we could get the house cleaned up and have people over might make it worse.

As for me, I'm losing one of the best friends I had back home. Me and Casey have always been very different. She's been into make up and high fashion, I've been into anime and games. Even so we've always gotten on wonderfully. A relationship of give and take. Me going on shopping trips I didn't want to go on and her playing multilayer games and being okay that she rarely wins. I've been having a lot of flashbacks lately of our childhood. Playing Chip and Dale on the Nintendo and having to carry her through the hard parts. Our game of Bambi where we pretended we were deer and we'd run through the fields from hunters. Of taking care of the pets together. Or just being there for each other the way sisters should. Riding the bus to school together. Finding old fossils in our stone driveway together. The time she broke her collerbone and I attempted to bury her in her favorite toys until mom could pull the car around.

It's hard thinking of those times being done, but I have to come to terms that they pretty much are. With just me out of the house, I could come home and we could go shopping or play Mario Kart together, but now that we're both moved out it's going to be harder to get together. We're both going to have to travel far to see each other. I'm going home for Easter in less than a week and it breaks my heart thinking that this will probably be the last time the family will be together again until MAYBE Christmas. If I'm not working by then/can take the time off and if Casey can do the same. And where will she stay? The house is too messy for Ray to stay with her. She'd either have to come alone or find somewhere else to sleep. And Casey hasn't seen the importance of spending time together like the rest of us. She doesn't have the same sense of how short life is like me and our parents do. She's more that she has all the time in the world thinkers, but she's also a live life to the fullest type.

Here's hoping that she enjoys the choice she's made in her life and the path she wants to go down. If she finds that she made a mistake at least she has a strong family to fall back on. It's the one thing I've always felt so thankful as I fight to make a living here in NYC. If I do fall I always and forever know I have a home I can go back to.
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Didn't realize it, but my last entry was my 3,333th post! O_o Wow! Also haven't been posting too much lately. I think the car accident depressed me more than I was trying to let it. Everytime I tried to come here to post I could only think of over dramatic whinny posts. Nothing interesting going on in my life. So all I really have to talk about is the bad. So I decided to hold off until I had something fun and upbeat to write about. And I have one!

So I went back home, AGAIN because I had another four days off and I just like being out in the country so-so-so much more than being in the city. The only parts I dislike is I miss my pets and car more when I'm home. But I'm finding little tricks around it. Last night I turned the fan on, even though I was cool enough without it, just to keep me from listening for them to come into the room.

Whoops, getting sidetracked. MOVING ON!

But yes, I wasn't doing much. Hanging out at home when mom asked if I wanted to join her and one of her friend for dinner at this new restaurant that just opened with new management. Only she was at the antique shop down the road and still had to close up before she could get me. So I decided I'd walk down there so she didn't have to backtrack to get me. As I was making the short walk my sister Casey was coming up the road.

She pulled over from her day at the county fair to tell me about it. She had gone up with a friend and they had played a ring toss game just for the fun of it. Only they had sucked so badly at it her friend begged her to change to the other ringtoss game where you won knives because her friend was embarrased by how bad they did. So my sister went and on her very first toss she won a cheeta printed pocket knife. Then they went and played a bingo game where she then won four large drinking glasses!

Casey dropped her friend off at home, but as she was headed back her cell phone rang. She didn't know the number so didn't answer until she found a spot to pull over and look at it safely. She listened to her voice mail. Turned out it was Johnny from the local radio station she had won a prize! The only thing she remember being in on at the radio station was a drawing for 1000 dollars of gas and another gift certificate from another place. Only she didn't remember what. It was too late to call though, she has to do it tomorrow.

Wow! What a lucky girl! Mom and I kept joking how we should play quick draw all night at dinner, but we're all broke. So we just went to the place together with my mom's friend "Joan the Jewelry Lady". The place had pretty much only opened so they could be open for the French Festival last week. So the only thing on the menu were wraps and a couple salads. Before they closed for renovations they had dinners and everything there. Poor Joan, that's what she had been expecting and had trouble finding something to eat on the limited menu, but she found something.

It was still a nice dinner, and I think I'm going to go snuggle up into my nice snuggly bed now and sleep to noon. 8D
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Whoa, it's been awhile since I've had enough free time and brain power to write down even some of what's been going on in my life! WHOO!

The basics:

My new job is still going great and I still love it. Even went in today just because they needed extra hands and I enjoy being there that much that I didn't mind going in on a Saturday.

I FINALLY HAVE A FAN! And it is wonderful. I've really missed that white noise to cover up my roommate's TV. Not to mention I can actually sleep at night now more than melt.

I've started to grow some flowers. I only just planted the seeds and I'm super excited for them to start growing.

This cup of hot coco is beyond delicious!

Now about my trip home. I'm glad I went and I don't regret it at all, but I was not expecting to cry so much. Mostly because after talking with mom and dad we've decided it's time to let Button's go. They're going to make an appointment once the food and medicine we have for her is gone. She had about twenty two cans of food left, so she has probably two or three more weeks. Maybe a little more if they decide to wait out the medicine instead.

My weekend home )

A long weekend, a sad one, but a good one and I'm glad I went home.
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Leaving tomorrow at 5:30am to go catch the bus to Syracuse. From there I'm meeting my folks in Buffalo to see my sister graduate on Saturday! Then I'll be spending all of Sunday traveling again.

So no internet for the weekend. Take care all!
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Just... whoa.

My life right now. I've been so busy lately. Also my sister is in the city now. Staying the night at a friend's house tonight, but we're meeting up tomorrow and I think she's staying the week with me. I don't know, she keeps changing her mind. Either way - blah, not going to be around. Also, my sister's first time in the city so any suggestions on what to show her would be awesome.

I also have to move apartments sometime soonish. Ugh.

*stares at awesome Luceti events* meaheraaaaaaaaaah... why do awesome ones that require thought come at SUCH a bad time for me thinking clearly. harieahreareanare I want to devour all that delcious AU talk, but I'm just so wiped mentally right now that I... just... can't... focus.

Speaking of Luceti right now and I'm going to add an extra whoa to my total. Holy crap guys. I got curious at work because I heard that rpanon thing got crazy and took a peek. Wow. Reminds me why I never go onto that thing. Are people really upset over all of this? While I think the AC rule changes are fair and a good idea, people are allowed to drop if they don't feel comfortable anymore. Yes, it wasn't good that one made mention to the entire playerbase with her's but... can't we just look the other way? Anon's man. They're MEAN. I feel that they should have given the new rule and Mod's a chance with this, but if they felt dropping was for the best, then that's what was best for them. I wouldn't want them to play if they weren't having fun anymore!

And now I will take my own advice and move on. Just it was... whoa. I don't know if things usually get that blown up on the anon thing, but just... whoa. I wasn't expecting something like THAT.

Anyway today wasn't so bad. Got let out an hour early from work. Me and two others I intern with couldn't decide if she was just sick of us or that she had something she wanted to do alone. We didn't care, we were out of there. As I was getting close to having a mental break down going over old files and trying to match photos to facebook so I could properly lable them for her.

We went to Starbucks and had a good time just hanging out together and ranting about our jobs. We've come to the conclusion that I'm currently her favorite intern. All thanks to HTML I learned thanks to rping so much on LJ. Ha! Also I know the basics of Power Point so she thinks I'm a god of Power Point. We're all in agreement that this favorite status will soon crumble when she figures out I don't REALLY know what I'm doing besides making things look colorful.

Walked a coworker to her bus then hopped onto the train to meet Autumn at the corner store. Where we bought chips and soda as we had a movie night planned. After making a quick trip back to my place to look over movies and to pick a few out when then went one block over to her new apartment to make spagetti and look through her roommates movies.

We ended up finding City of Lost Childern. We ended up watching it and I actually love it. I think it was great! It was so funny and the camera angles and settings were so interesting!

Anyway, need sleep because I've nearly passed out several times typing it up. That's the other issue I've gotten going. I can't stay asleep anymore. I've been waking up close to what feels like (it's hard to keep count sometimes) five to eight times a night. So, better get to bed. I'm sure Casey can't wait to see the city tomorrow.

A Foccon?

Oct. 3rd, 2010 12:25 am
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Prounced Fuoccon. 8D

Seeing as I just remembered it's Saturday and got excited that FMA: Brotherhood would be on at Midnight - only... it's not. Nope, Adult Swim changed it's line up so that now it's Bleach, Kekkaish, and then two episodes of FMA. I stopped caring about Bleach nearly four years ago. I have no idea what's going on in the anime - but seriously? When the fuck did it become a show where all the characers SAY what they're feeling. Ugh. I'm so annoyed by all these characters right now. Kekkaish I saw one episode of one night - don't care about that show one bit, but I really like FMA, so I guess I'll stay up.

Okay, mostly I'm staying up as I remembered I forgot to talk about the Foccon! On the way to Darien Lake, Casey and I drove by a fox and raccon dead in the road right next to each other.

Casey: Oh, how sad... it's like they died together.
Me: Their love was a forbidden one.
C: Ha! Like the fox and the hound! ...but a raccon.
M: Their love was so forbidden that god stuck them down.
C: With a car?
M: He works in myserious ways.
C: Their childern would have been an abonination!
M: A plauge upon the earth!
C: Yes, they would have been Foccon! Roccox? No, Foccon works so much better.
M: Yes, I like Foccon!
C: They would have been ugly babies!
M: Why do you think god stcuk them down?

I really love my sister sometimes. My weird rubs off on her now and then.

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This weekend... er... week now? Has been a bit crazy. I guess it started on Saturday the 25th around 1am.

I had just laid down and was starting to fall asleep when my sister texted me. The short of it was she was feeling homesick, at first I thought she might have been drunk texting me so late - but found out later she had managed to get lock out of her apartment and was bored waiting for someone to come home and figured I'd be awake. Drunk or not I could understand the underlining problem to her homesickness. It had hit me many times over my life. She was lonely on her birthday. A feeling I know only too well, but Casey who's been surrounded by her friends all her life is new at. She's away at college and most of her friends aren't down there anymore.

So when I got up that morning and got another text asking if I was up to anything and would I like to come down? I threw some clothes in a bag, made a cake, made sure I had money for the tolls and hoped into my car for the four hour trip down to Buffalo to see her. When I first got there we went grocery shopping as she was out of food. While shopping we decided we'd grab some fast food on our way home as we were going to meet up with two of her friends and go out for drinks in a couple hours. It was just going to be easier.

Casey's Birthday - Day 1 )

Casey's Birthday, Day 2 - Darien Lake )

Unemployment and sick - blah )

Needless to say I haven't had much brain power lately so all I've done is sat around and started watching OP. It's going to be forever before I finsih THAT. Anyway, feeling better so I think it's time I start getting my life back on track. Like not sleeping til one in the afternoon. Derp. So yes... put my body, wallet, and car through hell this weekend, but it was worth it I think!


Aug. 11th, 2010 12:28 am
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So yeah my inital thought for my two days off? YAYZ! I can finally sit down and jot down some of all the thoughts I've been wanting to get down on paper! Oh! LJ material! I look forward to finally having time to do this!

What really happen? Oh yeah, yard sale coming up. Last chance to try to sell all these worldly pocessions I've gathered through my life for some kind of profit. Instead of just tossing it or hauling off to the Salvation Army for them to toss these items that I've loved all my life. I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

What really happened from there? GRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! STUPID GIRLY HABIT WEEK! *stares at toy I've had since I was five* I CAN'T GET RID OF THIS! My stuffffffffffffffff! *hugs* No, no I'm a big girl now. I am a horder. I don't want to be a horder. I can do this. Mark it cheap. Then it sells and goes to a new home. Yes. Good girl. Gooooood girl. ;_; I'm depressed now. *corner*

So yes, despite ranging highs and lows I did managed to get a large corner of my room marked for the sale. Until I ran out of stickers and then just started to make a pile of things to be marked for the sale. Then some really bad craps hit and topped off with the major headache I already had from the dust I gave up. I wish I had gotten more done though. There's still so much stuff. Moving is hard.

Also Casey through a bit of a wrench into my plans of staying home and doing the same thing tomorrow. Ah, sister - ye who goes floating on the wind through life. She suddenly decided she wants to make a trip to Buffalo tomorrow. You know, the city that's three hours away from here. She wants to take her bed to her new apartment and a few more things there as well. She also wants me and not mom to go down with her to help her load and unload it. As I cause her less stress. Mom is good at taking simple things and making them hard. Ah, mothers.

I told her I'd go. As soon she'll be going down there and not coming back. So I want to spend some extra time with her. That and we always have a good time together on road trips, although I'm a little worried over the two of us driving mom's Van. I think we'll fight over it as I don't trust my sister to drive and she doesn't like the way I drive. Mom's van is her baby and I feel like I'd be more careful so I'm going to try to fight for it... then again, she knows Buffalo ten times better than me. Erp. We'll see. Either way - six hours of driving coming up tomorrow as I need to be back for work. Whoo.

But yeah, wanted to make some kind of post, but of course I've forgotten most of what I wanted to write about so here's a crack dream I had recently. Oh, so full of crack.

Read more... )
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So last night there was a storm brewing. Literally. I had some fun at work sitting in the toll both watching a storm slowly blow in. It got creepily dark slowly and the thunder was long and loud. Lightening would flash every so often. And the WIND! I watched one tree nervously. The tree that had roots tangled in the tree next to it that fell, in a wind storm, last year and is at a crazy angel. I'm glad it didn't fall.

It hardly rained, but it was loud, dark, and there was a hint of something big coming in the air, but it passed by us.

But where it missed the campsite, another storm was setting over my house at home. A half an hour before I was suppose to leave work I got a text from mom: Are you busy? She only texts me that when something bad is happening. So I texted back: No. Then instead of calling me like I thought she would she texted me asking me to call. Uh... okay.

Turns out? My sister's computer is dead. Stuck in a restarting loop. They have no idea what happened to it. So they were calling me up and I felt terrible because I could hear my sister crying in the background and I excatly what she was feeling. I tried to talk them though some steps but nothing was working.

Then I came home and messed with it most of the night trying different things. Managed to turn off that auto restart when problem is dedected. But that still won't let me get into safe mode or anything. It will still restart back to the Toshiba start up page or go to a screen letting me know a problem was decetected - asking me to press F1 which takes me back to the Toshiba page.

So today I'm telling her to take it to a local computer guy and have him try to remove the harddrive and put it in another computer to see if he can get around this problem. If he can I've emptied my external harddrive so she can put her stuff on that if he can. But I honestly don't have much hope.

But my night wasn't over. Snuggled into bed after FMA: Brotherhood and started to go to sleep when I realized dad still wasn't home from his night of drinking. Usually he calls for a ride or drove home drunk by now. So... I got worried. Try to tell myself I'm sure he was fine - maybe he spent the night at Aunt Judy's. Maybe he was being smart for once in his life and was waiting to sober up? Lost track of time?

Yeah, I couldn't sleep. I debated texting him, but he doesn't tend to answer text messages when drunk and if he was driving DID I want to text him? He'd be an idiot and look at it. Did he even bring his phone with him? He forgets it a lot. Anyway, after freaking myself out enough I stepped outside - maybe he did come home and I didn't hear while watching FMA? Nope. Gave up and texted him and damn it I should have waited five more minutes because five minutes after that he pulled into the driveway.

And he was drunk. Which was annoying because I couldn't pretend to be asleep. But I'm glad he got home safe.

-_- The jerk.
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Too much sadness in this journal. So let's try something a bit more upbeat.

For starters? I bought my tickets to go visit Autumn in NYC during my vacation from work~! I leave mid-afternoon on the 25th and if all goes right arrive early evening! I'll be back late on 28th. I'm super excited to see Autumn and meet her roomate. And see the city again! I haven't seen it since '04 on our senior trip down there. It was fun as a group, but it will be nice to go with just Autumn. You know, when she's not in class! XD

I'm also thinking I won't bring the computer with me as I'm there to hang out with Autumn! Don't need this thing to distract me. So Vash will be up for his first Mallynap~! Ah, they grow up so fast don't they? Still haven't decided 100% what I'll do for his return. Probably just rough him up but I have also thought about having his memory gone from right before reaching July and have it slowly come back over time, but thinking I'll wait on that one for a longer Haitus - like my move to Australia.

Speaking of moving... I suddenly jumped 900 dollars closer to my 5,000 dollar goal this week. Thank you tax return that I wasn't expecting until July. I am now just over 500 dollars off~! Muw ha ha! So ten times more serious thought into the visas I need and finding some kind of work/place to stay down there. Oh man, there's still so much I need to get done before I go.

Casey and I had fun last night. She invited me out with her friends Josh and Amber. We just went to the local bar and took turns buying rounds - all drinking the same thing. I felt pretty good that they really seemed to like peach schanps and spirt - not to mention the dirty girlscout shot was a big hit! Nice to know I do know a couple drinks people will like. But they also showed me how yummy a royal flush shot is.

They talked a lot of highschool and band - as the three of them were in the same class. It was fun hearing the stories. Then because my phone is a whore Casey realized I had a lot of old pictures she took back then and we got laughing over them. (My phone was my sister's first cell phone orginally, then she upgraded and gave it to mom, then mom upgraded and deactivated it, then my phone broke so now it's mine~!) It was just a fun night of sipping drinks, a couple shots, talking, and then the best quote of the night:

"I can't believe you just spit your ice in my eight dollar drink! ...I'm drinking it anyway."

This was at the end of the night where me and Josh were sobering up because we had to drive - Casey decided to order an long island ice tea to drink while waiting for us to sober. Except the bar tender fucked it up and it tasted horrible. Or so I was told, I didn't try any, but it was more expensive than Casey had thought it would be and she was all: No. I paid for this sucker I'm DRINKING it! And I looked away for a moment and heard some clinking of ice being dropped into a glass when that shout suddenly pierced over the bar. Good times.

When we got home we had a long talk over life and stuff in general. Like how we both feel bad that dad has like... no life. No hobbies except watching TV. Casey said that she's okay with him going out drinking and blowing lots of money if it amuses him for a couple hours - but I pointed out that he could be doing that on a much more productive hobbie. Not only that but if mom and I don't try to control him then he'll blow all the money when he and mom need it to be able to pay bills and food stuff.

We also agree that we don't know how dad will handle it when Egor goes. We talked a bit about how we hope we're both sucessful in the future. It was nice to just talk with Casey.

Also really loving the new 10 Years CD. I'm really glad I choose it. I love most every track on it. And like their last CD damn if I don't want to do some epic AMVs to their music but know I could never make it look as it does in my head. Aw.
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Yesterday I'll just say... sucked. This whole week hasn't really gone the way I had hopped. From problems with roommates, bad news, car problems (in more ways than one), and just things not going the way I thought they would.

Perhaps I'll start at the beginning. No... maybe the end. Hm. Yes the end as it's the freshest in my mind I suppose.

Personal Car Problems )
A Lonely Play )
Horrible News )
Casey's Car Accident )
Annoying Roommate )
There were other things that didn't go right this week, but they're small and I'm tired of talking about the blah moments. So today I tried to offset the crappy stuff that's been happening... like forgetting Battlestar Galatica was on last night *Grumbles* *moan* and tried to start today off nice and relaxing. Like it's nearly 2pm and I'm not dressed. But I made myself a really nice breakfast to try to cheer me up. My favorite French Toast and susage and a nice tallllll glass of cold milk. Mmmmhmmmm! Yummy. The only way it would have been better if it had bacon, but I spoil myself enough with the susage so that's alright.


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