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Taking a five minute breather because if I don't I may PASS out. That and I've been DYING to find time to sit down and update this journal.

Gotten a new job. Interviewed for it right before I went home to visit my family for Easter. Found out I landed the job while I was still away. First day was the 13th. At first this job seemed great and wonderful. That was until the boss finally came after being away my first week. Is he ANNOYING. He keeps telling me to do one thing, then changing his mind without saying anything, so then gets mad when I don't automatically know he changed his mind. Oh, and he'll say he never said for me to do the original instructions even though I would have never done ANY of it without being asked to first. Just ugh. Found out quickly that my one other co-worker can't stand him either. That she's thought of leaving the project multiple times because of him.

He also likes to over-work people I was warned. Glad I was. He's tried to get me to work every weekend. At first I didn't mind, needed some money but now it's getting stupid Told him no this weekend and good thing I did. I had plans to watch Titanic 3D and it was a lot of fun! The 3D was actually more distracting then awesome, but it was just fun to watch it in theaters again. The boom of the speakers and the fact that I didn't have to get up half way through the movie to switch VHS tapes. XD The one part at the beginning going through the ship wreckage WAS pretty cool in 3D, but otherwise it was just distracting. Painfully obvious this was not made to be in 3D.

My birthday is Tue and I'll be 26. Usually I'm freaking out by now, but I've been so busy it hasn't really sunk in. Even with that sentence. My dad is coming up to visit on Wen. I have Thr off from work so we can still go to the Marvel movie marathon still. Then I'll be at work Fri while he's here and then we have all of Sat together and then he leaves Sunday. @.@ My head is spinning. Between work, his visit, and my birthday I've just... ugh.

And I still have a bathroom, dishes, and my room to clean, wash, and sweep before I pass out in bed to work tomorrow. Wish me luck all.
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So didn't do much for my birthday, and I'm happy with that. I don't need a big party. They're fun and nice, but I really enjoyed the day I had today.

First off like I said, I got some pretty flowers from my mom. They smell great and I'm going to love them until they sadly die. Pictures under the cut! Large photos as I was too lazy to edit them.
Purdy Flowers! )

Autumn and I just kinda chilled and hung out together. We were going to move furniture out of an apartment, but Autumn managed to get ahold of the girl that was going to move out and she's decided last minute to pay for May's rent, so that didn't happen. Instead we went to Canel Street in China town to attempt to find a game store we had found once before and neither of us remembered where it was.

We managed to find it!! Not only that we found this one store that sell figure and OMG they had a Black Coat Vash figure for 25 dollars! Totally going back for that when I get a steady income again!

...you know if I can find the store again.

There was also a game I kinda wanted to buy at the game store, but I uh... kinda got a LITTLE too addicted to ebay and... kinda bought some stuff by mistake. Ahhhhhahaha... yeah. There might have been a couple figures listed that I had seen going for around 25-30 bucks and I threw up a bid while they were at 5 and 15 dollars just because I couldn't help myself and figured I'd get outbid on them anyway.

Um.... nope. Won them both. Whoops! So yeah, really didn't feel right after that splurging on another 25 dollar toy when I already had a couple things coming in the mail for me.

Autumn and I also went into this store we like that just seems to sell a little bit of everything. They have a bunch of chopstick and Autumn bought me one for my birthday! And one for herself so we match! Little bunny chopsticks! SEE HOW CUTE THEY ARE?!
Bunny! )
We went and looked at some bra's at Burlington because Autumn wanted to buy me a new one for my birthday. Only couldn't find one that fit. Damn my crazy mis-shapened breats! I really need to win the lottery or something so I can afford to get a brest reduction. Then we went to 42nd street for a bit to see that store that sells Japanese books.

After that we were pretty tired. So we went to the Atlantic ave mall and I got sized at Victora Secert. Autumn thought maybe it would help me find a bra that fits, but sadly, no. I do have my size right. My "girls" are just losers. So no new bra for me today. (Why do people call them girls? Can't they be WOMANS!? XD)

After that bit of disapointment we got those ice cream cupcakes at Coldstones. AND THEY WERE DELICIOUS! I didn't realize it, but the 'wrapper' that cupcakes come in, these weren't paper. They were dark chocolate shells! Made it so much cooler. They were VERY yummy, but nothing I'd get again, unless someone was splitting with me or specail occation.

The last thing Autumn and I did together was to get subs from Subway. Then we spilt up as she had work to get done and I needed some grociers. So I made a quick trip to Target to get some bread and milk - so glad I did. Some of my favorite TV dinners were on sale but not only that... BACON WAS ON CLEARANCE! I totally picked some up and had the great idea to cook it up and put it in my subway sandwhich. DELICIOUS.

When I got home I finally opened my Kuroneko bobble head. OMG it's bigger than I thought it was! But it's cute and I so love it. So does my cat. Who when I sat it down for a moment to clear a good spot for a picture it stared and slowly reached out a paw and bopped it's head over and over again. Of course, as soon as I turned around to get a picture of this Sandman (my new cat's name) was more interested in getting pets then posing. Oh well. So here's a shot of all my gifts this year!

The loot! )

And just because I could here are some pictures of what I have now dubed my "Wall of Geek" even though it's not really a wall so much of a shelf... WHATEVERS!

It's a little diseveled right now as it also has the box my mom sent me for easter there. But it has that Easter Grass in it and the cat WILL attempt to eat it. Just waiting for Garbage day to get rid of it - as kitty can't reach it up
Close up and geeking out over the figures )

And then finally, have some pictures of my new kitty Sandman! He's such a ham and a lover. I feel bad though, because I do treat him like Buttons now and then, even though I try not too. I wonder sometimes how long it will take me to change habits I use to do for her. Like making sure to place my glasses far off to the right of my night stand so she won't knock them over to get me up in the morning. Or sliding my pillow over to the edge of the bed to make room for a kitty next to my head. Buttons always favored sleeping next to my head at night. Sandman actually likes to be near my feet.

The other thing I forget is that if I twitched in the morning, Buttons would take that as a sign for me to get up and feed her, where Sandman is usually in my roommate room by the time I wake up. Or if he is still in my room, he does start purring when he thinks I'm awake, but keeps laying there and lets me fall back alseep if I want to. So I have to keep reminding myself that it's okay to roll over. Also I could never pick Buttons up. She had bad hips and so picking her up could hurt her. So I never did it, but I forget sometimes I can pick Sandman up when I need to. But I'm learning what a nifty thing this picking cats up and out of my chair is! It's nice!

I miss Buttons. We share this month for our Birthdays. We don't remember exactly what day she was born, but she's now 21 years old! Dad says she's doing great. I'm glad and I hope I get to see her again soon. Sandman's wonderful and I'm so glad to have a kitty again, but he doesn't feel like MY cat just yet. He's still my roommate's cat who is just ALWAYS in my room.

But just look how cute he is!

Whoa, this post got a little off topic... BUT OH WELL! It's still my birthday for a few more hours. I'M ALLOWED TO GET OFF TOPIC IF I WANT TO!


Apr. 27th, 2011 11:07 pm
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Soooooooooooooo tired. This week has been nuts again. Always running around doing stuf and applying for more work. And I really should go to bed. As it's not helping me try to end this perpetural feeling of being over tired from stress/lack of sleep that just keeps building up and up.

BUT! I had to share my good news.

I think I might have landed a new internship. They seemed really excited to meet and talk to me. They asked me to give them my hours I could work and NOT a: Oh, we'll get back to you. I actually applied for a different internship position and the found out I'm more interested in post they went: OH! We JUST had a post internship open up! So I may have snagged this before anyone else got a chance to apply.

And this is for a REAL established production company. A small one, but REAL. I'm hoping to swing it that I can work part time at the one I have now and this new one for a couple weeks until this "big event" that suppose to happen is over at the old one. As I want in on it. I really hope this works out and I can finally ditch the old place.

Also I have PLANS for my birthday. Really wasn't expecting more than meeting up with Autumn for some ice cream. But now we're talking about wandering China town for a bit and visiting some game stores. It's not much, but it's going to be nice to just hang out with a friend for the day and do everything I can to not think about work except to maybe complain about it, because that is always fun.

Also... I bought the Kuroneko bobble head. I had bid and thought I was going to win a 99 cent Vash figure, but got outbid at the last second. Oh well, this will be such a cute and unique toy to add to my Trigun collection.

*cough* And there's another 99 cent Trigun figure popped up and mom's promised me 20 dollars for my brithday so I'm going to try again!


Apr. 15th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Been thinking of getting myself a birthday gift. (One of the reasons I want to be sure packages will get to me safe) My main idea was finally getting a Trigun Wallscroll. Been wanting one for years and I finally have the wall space to put one up! Only damn, those are expensive. So I've been looking at other things and well... I think this might win:


Only I was going to try to keep this gift to myself under $5 if I can manage it as I was also planning on getting myself (and my roommates as I get 6) ice cream cupcakes from Coldstones. They just look so good and I've been dying to try one!

Hm, I still have time to think about it. Maybe I can do without the cupcakes. I've been really looking forward to them for awhile, but once I eat them they're gone. Bobble heads bobble forever! 8D

Oh wait! I just realized my birthday falls on a Sunday this year! AUTUMN! Wanna meet me at Alantic Avenue for icecream cupcakes~? No need to actually answer here. I'll just ask you when I see you tomorrow as you might not even see this. ;3 Muw ha.

EDIT: Birthday is May 1st. Not this Sunday as I realized this entry could be decieving for those that don't know. AKA just about everyone but Autumn. XD
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Today was my dad's birthday so I dragged myself out of bed nice and early to try to make him a cake before he woke. As he doesn't usually wake up until noon, but I should have gotten up even earlier because mom was up and demanded a bunch of my time. As did the dog. Oh god Egor, I know you were pumped you got to get into my room so early, but geeze - stop being so underfoot please. Way too tired to deal with hyper dog that early.

I also got up early because we were out of milk that I needed for the cake. So I ran to the store when mom finally stopped asking me about stuff and got milk, bread and cheese. UNFORTUNALLY mom or the dog had apparently woken up dad so my getting up early was a moot point. As he was being LOUD and annoying in the kitchen I retreated to warp his gifts in my room until he got out.

When he finally got out I made a dark chocolate cake and FOUR boxes of vinella pudding for my pudding cake! You take a layer of cake - crumbled up, then put down a thin layer of chocolate surup, then a layer of pudding, then a layer of whip cream. THEN you do it again! Cake, sauce, pudding, whip cream, and I tend to save a little bit of the cake to then crumble on top of it all for decoration. It's so bad for you but OH SO DELICIOUS.

After it was put together I brought out his gifts and a candle I burn in my room as I couldn't put a candle in that cake. Then I called Casey and put her on speaker before calling dad out. We sang happy birthday to him and he was so surprised by the fact that Casey was singing too. He also realized I had been baking a cake, but not a pudding cake so he was very excited about that. He also really liked the giant candy bars I got him as a gift.

Mom even had me bring some of the cake to her at work. We all love this cake, but it's so bad for our health that I rarely ever make it.

All and all a good birthday and ughhh, so full no from birthday cake. *passes out*

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This weekend... er... week now? Has been a bit crazy. I guess it started on Saturday the 25th around 1am.

I had just laid down and was starting to fall asleep when my sister texted me. The short of it was she was feeling homesick, at first I thought she might have been drunk texting me so late - but found out later she had managed to get lock out of her apartment and was bored waiting for someone to come home and figured I'd be awake. Drunk or not I could understand the underlining problem to her homesickness. It had hit me many times over my life. She was lonely on her birthday. A feeling I know only too well, but Casey who's been surrounded by her friends all her life is new at. She's away at college and most of her friends aren't down there anymore.

So when I got up that morning and got another text asking if I was up to anything and would I like to come down? I threw some clothes in a bag, made a cake, made sure I had money for the tolls and hoped into my car for the four hour trip down to Buffalo to see her. When I first got there we went grocery shopping as she was out of food. While shopping we decided we'd grab some fast food on our way home as we were going to meet up with two of her friends and go out for drinks in a couple hours. It was just going to be easier.

Casey's Birthday - Day 1 )

Casey's Birthday, Day 2 - Darien Lake )

Unemployment and sick - blah )

Needless to say I haven't had much brain power lately so all I've done is sat around and started watching OP. It's going to be forever before I finsih THAT. Anyway, feeling better so I think it's time I start getting my life back on track. Like not sleeping til one in the afternoon. Derp. So yes... put my body, wallet, and car through hell this weekend, but it was worth it I think!

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So had a good day yesterday. It would have been better if I had some friends to hang out with, but it wasn't bad either.

Lazed about most of the day. Answered tags, FINALLY found a good chunk of free time to play some FF6. Which is good... because I got lost. No really, why do I like RPGs? 90% of the time I just wander around lost... or unable to find stupid ladders. Stupidcronotrigger. Reminded once again why I love Edger so much. CHAINSAW TO THE FACE BITCH! And one day I'll stop screaming that EVERY time I use his chainsaw attack.


Then dad and I went to church and on a whim decided to take a different turn down our street than we usually do. Our road is weird. It has about four places you can turn down to get to the main road. They all take up about the same amount of time because they spilt ALMOST at the same time just some are a bit straighter than others. So we took the one going past the antique/post office building because mom was working at the antique shop that day. Which turned out to be a good thing because we saw mom just locking up so she hopped in with us to go to church.

Being from a large rather religious family I got pratically tackled walking in with: HAPPY BIRHTDAYS!? How old are you now? 24!!! You can't be 24!! ZZ you look more like 15. ;_; I love you too family... I love you too.

After church we went to Crackle Barrel and I was not expected to be bowled over again when I walked in and heard: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZZ!!! Shouted across the resturant. My sister's (and kind mine) friend Amber and an old highschool buddy Danielle were working and shouted that when they saw me. Danielle was just getting off her shift so it was good mom had come with us and we didn't have to go back for her - otherwise I probably would have missed seeing her. It's been so long since I saw her.

Although, of course, having shouted that every waiter then knew it was my brithday and kept asking me if I wanted them to sing. HIGoaehgeab NO!

Dinner was yummy~! We ordered the apple dumpling crisp for desert because it was free. Even though dad had baked me the funetti cake earlier. The whole time while waiting for the desert though I sat in fear that they'd bring it out singing. Thankfully they did not.

Mom and I just 'sampled' the desert. What? It had ice cream on it! Not like that was going to make it home so we had to eat a little of it~! Then we went home and it had been a gorgous day out. Sitting in the back dad had his window cracked and the cool evening air just felt so good and clean on my face that I dozed off. Not quiet asleep, but close. I could have just ridden around for hours - enjoying my full stomach.

We got home and mom made up the whip cream and slathered it on the cake. Dad made it in two pans so it turned into a double decker cake. He also got out some walnuts and smashed them up to sprinkle on the cake. He put two candles on one side of the cake, a ballon decoration thing in the middle, and four candles to the sides. They sang happy birthday and I managed to blow them out all at once. Ooooooooooooooooooh, it was so delicious. The cake was so moist. The frosting so sweet. And the nuts added just the perfect hint of salt.

Excuse the drool.

I was so full then that all I did after that was flop into bed with the kitty curled up next to me watching videos on youtube, answering a few tags, and just messing around until FMA: Brotherhood came on and after that I pratically passed out.

It was a pretty good day~!

Oh! And my sister bought me the PERRRRFECT birthday card. That had a picture of a gray cat on it that says: Birthdays are like a cat. And on the inside~ You go to bed then one day you wake up and it's RIGHT in your face! XD Just like my cat. And she got me a happy birthday lotto ticket that I won four dollars on! Whoo ho!
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Feeling better about tomorrow. I still don't understand why I suddenly got so upset yesterday, but now I at least have plans.

Dad and I will go to church tomorrow. I'm assuming 5:30 at Brownville then we'll swing by to pick mom up from work and go to Crackle Barrel for dinner. Finally settled on Crackle Barrel because dad can get something deepfried and be happy and it's something SLIGHTLY more classy than a buger joint. I did toy with the idea of requesting Red Lobster as I've only been there once, but damn - that place is expensive and I know dad isn't a big fan of resturants that don't have hamburgers, something deepfriend, or a breakfast menu filled with meat.

Pfft. Men.

I also requested a cake be made for me. Usually I'm the one making cake, but lately dad in his utter boredom of retirment has started to try a hand at baking. He enjoys cooking and isn't bad at it and was very pleased to find out he can cook a box cake with no problems. So for fun I bought a funfetti cake and requested he make it for me, but he decided that one cake just isn't good enough. That he's also going to try to make a boston creme cake. ...mostly because now that I said I would like funfetti it gives him the excuse to try to make the boston creme and can fuck it up without ending up with no cake to show for his efforts. I'll be amused if he can handle the cutting the cake in half bit.

I've also requested that on the cake there be homemade whip cream. So I went out and bought heavy whipping creme when mom said no problem! Mom makes the best homemade whip cream, but it can be a hassle to make so she doesn't make it often. I'm so excited for it. And as it's for me and on my birthday I'll make the demand to have at least one of the beaters to lick clean~!

But for now... MEMES!

Comment to this post with "Interview me" and I will ask you six questions for you to answer on your own journal.

These here are for [livejournal.com profile] fuckyeahfish!

The questions... and answers! )
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So, that was odd. I went to down to my mom's antique shop to help her hang some pictures for a bit. Then as we were finishing up and I was getting ready to leave she started talking about all the things she had to do before Saturday, how she was so excited with all the things she was going to do on Saturday. She couldn't wait for the store to finally reopen for the summer on Saturday and I suddenly felt tears prickling at my eyes.

I don't know why either. With all the thinking about what I could do for my birthday on Saturday and coming up short I figured I'd be cool with nothing. It just being another day. I don't know if I was upset because it seemed like mom had forgotten that this weekend is my brithday, jelously that she had such fun plans and I didn't, or if it was just me missing all the friends I would have done things with.

Honestly, it's probably a mix of the three. Either way I feel fine again having left, but maybe I should put more thought into doing something with my birthday.


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