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So, someone gave me a link that showed me RK'S "New Kyoto Arc" and even though being warned by two other people about how bad it was, I just had to check it out for myself. Just to see HOW bad. Well, not only was it bad - it was BORING as all hell. Talk about telling and not showing. I hate the plot changes, but more than the plot changes do I hate it's the fact that this was basically 48mins of talking 10mins of credits and about 2mins of fighting. No. Not even fighting. 2mins of action that was NOT standing around talking.

I was so bored I had trouble even getting my anger up at the things that SHOULD have enraged me. I was THAT bored. I ended up playing with a plushie while watching to keep my hand from closing out the video several times. I kept thinking: Wow, this is going on and on it's gotta be over soon right? WHAT DO YOU MEAN I STILL HAVE 50MINS LEFT!?

For an example of this horrible telling and not showing. Usui walks up to Shisho and says he was busy killing 50 men. For a minute I actually was like: Is he joking? Just trying to be bad ass? He says it as a person who gets his ass kicked by a child, but then goes ahead and said it was 17 gangs with rocket launchers. WHY COULDN'T THEY HAVE SHOWED HIM KILLING THESE PEOPLE!? Even just one or two. I was bored I was DYING for some pointless slaughter.

They also did a pretty good job of making Kenshin look like a dick if you ask me. He let Misao follow him to see Shisho and doesn't even bother to ask her name until LATER. Huh, I just took you into a HORRIBLY dangerous place - btw, what's your name crazy lady? *headdesk* And this isn't the only reason if I hadn't watched the original anime that I probably would have thought Kenshin was suppose to be some asshole pretending to act nice.

Hiko was also painfully out of character too. Actually saying Kenshin did a good job. Granted Kenshin wasn't around for that, but it still killed me to hear him admitting that to people OUT LOUD.

Each of the fights that did happen didn't last longer than a minute or two. If you do watch it. Cry for Chou with me and how badly his fight is portrayed in this "retelling". Instead this new ova was too busy telling us what we should already know if you were a fan of the show. And if you weren't a fan of the show before, all you'd get from this is it's a bunch of people standing around talking about what just happened without showing anything interesting at all. Like: OMG! I JUST beat the crap out of this guy. No, I'm totally not going to flashback to my fight. It just happened two seconds ago, just take my word for it. But let me talk to you about it as monotone as I can because this does not call for excitement at all.


One of my favorite fights in Kenshin is Saito versus Usui so it was a bit of a spit in the face when not only does Usui get killed by Shisho, BUT THEY DON'T EVEN SHOW THE FIGHT. The closest you get is a shot of Shisho swinging his sword once or twice. You don't get to see Usui use his technique. Nothing. He's just dead and wasted. Then as he's dying Shisho and him have this big "deep" talk that was just SOOOO stupid.


[personal profile] whiteadelphi got it right. This piece of crap is worse than Seisōhen. At least Seisōhen was pretty to look at and had some fun moments to it. Yes, it completely missed target with everything after Kyoto, but at least it didn't try to totally re-write history that didn't need to be re-written. They at least tried to show SOMETHING new in a new way. It failed, but it had points you can enjoy. This thing though, it's so boring and has nothing but talk I really don't EVER expect to watch it again. At least with Seisōhen I can rewatch for the few scenes I did like. Even if that reviewing is rare.

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My mom has been driving me beyond insane lately. She's always asking me to repeat things or I have to tell her things over and over again. Which typically I don't usually mind because she is a bit deaf but this isn't like that. She's just not LISTENING to me. She'll ask me a question but then go off thinking of other things or start texting or something and not actually listen to my answer so she has to ask again.

It's like talking to a fourteen year old. FOCUS mom. FOOOOOOCUS I need you to pay attention so we can take care of this insurance problem we're having. Because they won't talk to me as I'm no longer on the policy yet it's about me. FO-CUS!

So very frustrating and it's beginning to make me snappish. I feel like an ass everytime I have to go: are you REALLY paying attention right now? When she asks a question and refusing to answer questions again if she's not going to answer. You want to know if I know where Casey is right now? THEN PAY ATTENTION THE FIRST TIME I TELL YOU!

*twiches* Maybe I am being an ass but I'm just at the end of my rope. Hopefully a few more times of refusing to answer a question after I've answered already TWO OR THREE TIMES.
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Today is crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Well the morning went well. It started out with the cat not waking me up all night long to be fed and then got to play some nice computer games.

And that's when I should have just gone back to bed.

As said computer games were wrapping up the cat started to get sick. (She's fine now) I'm sure I've mentioned once or twicy (or a million) that my cat is old. Well because her body is so old it doesn't work right so she has trouble digesting food enough so she can pass it. So she's on laxatives so she can go to the bathroom which have worked well so far. (grossness ahead) When we first realized she had this problem she hadn't pooped in days and then was trying so hard she was litterally making herself sick over it - which is when we took her in and the vets told us her body is just shutting down. Nothing we can really do except give her a little help with the laxative - but once that stopped working that's the end of the game pretty much.

So when the kitty wasn't able to go this morning and was wandering all over the house, meowing, and being generally upset I got worried. And then even more worried when she threw up. It scared me quiet a bit thinking maybe the meds just won't working anymore and maybe it was time to end things. (I love my kitty but I'm not going to watch her in misery over not being able to go to the bathroom to keep her). However, thankfully she finally was able to go to the bathroom not too much longer after that.

But it is something I'm going to be keeping an eye on. Need to know if we need to up the dosage or if maybe she just can't do it anymore. *hugs the kitty* I hope this was just a random occurance.

And then I tried to fill out unemployment benfits online. I needed my employer's ID number which could be found on my W2 form. So I got out the taxes folder and started flipping through it. I found everyone's tax information EXCEPT mine. And let me just state: I love this house as it's where I grew up and it's my home but my GOD I hate just about everything inside it. My mom is a packrat and she raised a packrat - but I am trying to break out of that cycle. She keeps EVERYTHING. Our house is FILTY and clutter with all sorts of stupid junk. Which just pissed me off trying to go through everything trying to find my W2 because mom remembered getting them out to prove to NYS that I exist for this new insurance thing they have going that's pissing everyone off and she doesn't know what she did with them. Ugh.

Never did find the paper copy - but luckily the insurance was done online and dad knew the password (yeah - I was lazy and let him do my taxes. It was easier - all my info was mailed to my house and I was at school and he didn't mind doing it. XD) so I was able to find the number I needed! -_- just too bad the website was already down for the day. Joy.

Beyond annoyed. And I wanted to ask the person helping me apply for some Family Health Plus insurance but her email automatically rejects mine. Wonderful.

Granted this day could have been a whole lot worse and in the end most things have worked out but... geeze. Will it not end?


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