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Wow, I'm really trying to fake it hard. I'm actually a little surprise by how I'm managing to fake it. I got lucky and scored a really cheap, pretty much, brand new 2010 13inch Macbook Pro on ebay. I uh... *cough* found a copy of FCP to put on it too. So now next job I can have my own computer and won't have to run into that: There aren't enough free computer for you to work issue I sometimes ran into.

I also went and got a web page for myself. It's not that impressive. Mostly just my resume and how to contact me, but I think it makes me LOOK like I'm trying. Then I went and slapped together a free Business card. So once I get them in I can start leaving them places and handing them out. Again, not sure if it will really help, but they were free (minus shipping) and it sure won't hurt.

So here's hoping I nail a paying job soon.

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So dad has been watching me as I play through Skyward Sword. It can be fun! Reminds me of the time that we would play Legend of Zelda together. Only he doesn't yell at me anymore when I lose my shield and just laughs if I get in a hurry and fall off a cliff. Other times it's really annoying as he's a loud big child for the most part. During one major cut scene he kinda kept taking me out of the mood I was enjoying getting into by yelling about how Zelda must be some kind of tramp to do that to poor Link.

But still mostly fun. Like last night when trying to do a side quest that required me to catch bugs under a time limit. After failing the first time and getting ready to try again dad made a point.

That guy knows that bug isn't his! He should just give it back! Link should just stab him and take it! Punishment for stealing. Geeze! Doesn't this guy know Link has to save the world and he's making him chase after bugs!? Just stab him Link! The guy looks puny and you're on an island all alone in a thunder cloud. <I>No one would know!</I> Stop chasing bugs and go save the world already!

It's a good point. It amuses me so much sometimes how people don't seem to understand that Link is trying to save the world! Not to mention how much faster things would go sometimes if Link would stab people. Then again... he probably wouldn't be a goddess chosen hero if he acted like that.


Dad is also amused that Link is a PLAYER in that I got the item check girl to think I'm in love with her when it's obvious Link and Zelda are suppose to like-like each other too XD
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So the last couple weeks I've been in a bit of a panic. My unemployment had run out and I kept getting delayed answers if I qualified for the new extension Obama just okayed. Holidays and what not. Then I checked my information again today and finally, FINALLY it was shown as going through. Then right in the middle of my happy shouting and attempt to text mom at work to let her know I could pay my own rent this month I got a phone call.

It was a job interview for Payless shoes who I just sent in my application in yesterday. Really? After all the past job applications I put in the last few months with NO response suddenly I get a 24 hour turn around?

I'm speechless and not sure how to feel right now. A job. A job will help me not feel like a bum. But I JUST got this unemployment back. So all that stress and worry thinking I wasn't going to get it back was all pointless now? If I get a job that's more than on-call I'll be losing that. But then again, I so would rather work for my money. It's just UGH! All that heartache!? Really?

Then the job is also not at the location I requested. Not the one that's a nice 30minute ride away. No, it's one that is going to be close to an hour to get there. Ugh. Annoying.

But the thing that hurts most of all is now I have to rush back to NYC. Dad is upset, he was hoping I'd be staying a few more weeks. I was hoping to stay a few more weeks. Mom is sad because she was thinking of maybe coming back with me at the end of the month to visit me for a few days. Now I have to ride the bus back on my own instead of with Autumn. I'm also going to miss my dad's side of the family Christmas party that was going to be this weekend.

But, it's a job. I just can't turn a blind eye on the opportunity. As much as it sucks that my vacation has been cut short I'm sure if I like the job in a few weeks I'll be happy I took this chance.

I just... have no idea how I should feel right now. One moment I'm bouncing around super excited at possibly having work again, the next I want to sit in a corner and cancel the interview so I can stay with my family a little longer.
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So decided to make my first post here a happy one! These are my top three favorite memories of Christmas.

The first one to start out happened last year. I went to church around 6pm with dad and my aunt Judy, Uncle Dar, and cousin Logan on Christmas eve. We were all in the car headed home, talking quietly about if Logan had been a good boy and what he asked Santa for when suddenly, breaking through the quiet was-


What he was seeing of course was a red blinking light on a radio tower, but boy was he excited. There was a moment when he questioned why Santa wasn't moving, until dad quickly countered that Santa must be stopped on someone's roof! Oh boy, that got Logan even more excited. He kept saying how we had to hurry home and go to sleep or we might miss him!

He was so cute. When he got home he had to run inside to check and make sure Santa hadn't gotten there yet.


The next memory was the day my sister and I got letters from Santa in the mail. We were so excited to get them. They had been typed up on a computer, and back then - that was unheard of! At least anywhere else besides businesses. So we were SURE it must have come from Santa! We didn't know anyone who owned a computer! Of course in the end they were from mom, and they were so sweet. Just a little letter telling us to be good kids because Santa was always watching. Mom was always great at doing little things to make us feel good. Those letters were awesome.


The other was the year I got my Power Wheels. It was all I wanted and I was SOOOO excited when I woke up that morning and saw the giant package next to the tree. Of course mom and dad wouldn't let me open that one until last. I tore it open like a madman and IT WAS A POWER WHEELS! I was beyond excited, that was until I realized the box was empty!!!

Mom and dad teased me for a bit, until dad finally went: You know what? I thought I heard noises coming from the basement last night. So down I ran, and there sitting in my basement was my very own power wheels!!!! All assembled and ready to ride! I didn't have to wait for anyone to put it together for me. I rode that thing all day long.

I really have to hand it to mom and dad. I really don't know how they did it every year. To give me and my sister such amazing Christmases for so long. I hope if I ever have kids I can do as half as well as they did. I love the magic and dreams that Santa can bring to children.


Dec. 12th, 2011 12:32 pm
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Ugh, I hate how abused this poor journal has been. I really do want to update it more, but between life and Christmas shenanigans ugh - I just scramble to fill out a job application or two and get my tags done during the down time.

But last night I had a dream and I want to write it down before I forget, as it's already slipping even though I should be showering. Work has let me know they might call and ask me to come in at any minute!
The dream )
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Want a fun card sent to you from me? That's right! Place you addresses right here in this SCREENED post and I'll be mailing them out sometime in December! Send me ALL the addresses! Because if there's one thing I love is getting things in the mail that's not a bill. So I love, love, LOVE doing the same to other people and picking out holiday cards! So hit me with your best shot!

Also, regular entry coming soon. I had mom and Casey pop in for a week to visit me in NYC and I followed them home for Thanksgiving. OMG I have so much to talk about, but want to wait until I'm back at my old and familiar computer!

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This weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday I was suppose to go to Habana Tapas, one of the restaurants from the show I helped make, with some people from work. However, due to the snow that got canceled. Oh well, it gave me more time to do some cleaning around the apartment.

Then I went to church before grabbing my stuff and running off to Autumn's place. Mo, Sam, and I dressed ourselves up in costume, but poor Autumn. She tried so very hard to stay awake, but she kept passing out no matter what she did so she eventually went off to bed. Mo, Sam, and I stayed up until about 2am watching scary movies and enjoying our costumes.

In the morning we had some serious talks about life and stuff. It was nice to just chat. Then Sam and I played some Magic. He says I'm getting a whole lot better! I even beat his mulling deck that has so far been next to impossible to beat. Granted I still need some coaching as I play, but it's getting more towards - I am following the rules, right then THIS is the better move, right? I think I'm really growing found of the red and black decks. @_@ The blues seem like too much work. Then again, I'm always borrowing pre-made decks as I have no cards of my own. Maybe I wouldn't be such a quick learner at it if I had to make my own. XD

I then talked with Autumn about life and stuff for a long time before leaving around 5pm to head home. I had to stop at Target to pick up a couple things which was fun, as I was wearing my bloody T-shirt and tiny hat. People like my tiny hat. I've gotten so many compliments for it.

Then yesterday I wore it to work just for fun. Everyone at work loved it too. The best part of the day though? Was when my back payments from unemployment finally came in. I was so happy I nearly cried because I was starting to think I didn't qualify for the extension like the woman on the phone said I did. I was getting really nervous about how I was going to make it through Dec. In celebration I bought some kettle corn and soda for the movie night I was planning to have.

And movie night was a lot of fun. I put on my cloak just for the fun of wearing my cloak. I light a couple pumpkin smelling candles, made the popcorn, poured myself a soda and popped in New Nightmare. I watched Nightmare on Elm Street movies with the cat until 3am when I finally fell into bed. I was a little bummed that I couldn't watch horror movies with my dad, but it was still a lot of fun!

The costumes!
Halloween fun )
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New dream I had last night. I'm not sure I really like it because it turned me into a canon Mary Sue, but it has some fun Vash vs Knives moment so I'll try to forgive it.
The beginning )
The Trigun part )
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And then there were aliens )
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Ugh! Been so busy and I've kept wanting to update this, but just haven't had the chance - but it's been a good busy. Well, mostly. Two of those days I worked for Macy's and they failed to pay me AGAIN, but other than that it's been good.

Coney Island - Night of Horrors )

Money woes )
Sarah Visits! )
Mission Menu Permire night )
And then tomorrow I have a Halloween party to go to at Autumn's. I also might be going to one of the restaurants from the show with some of my coworkers just to see the place and meet the people because they seem so nice! I hope this week keeps being AWESOME.


Oct. 12th, 2011 02:11 pm
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My boss has finally let me in on something and it's so good I almost don't want to hope for it in fear that it won't be true. They've gotten a new show to produce and Post Production work is to start sometime in January, and this show has a bigger budget. Bigger budget means they could POSSIBLY hire more people. If that possibility happens and if I can prove myself worthy she wants to tell Bray - the owner of our company - to choose me.

...I could be getting paid for editing... come January.

8D I could be getting paid... for what I went for school for.


If this really happens it's going to make every bad thing that's happen this year okay I think. It's going to make those months of my life I wasted with Wendy okay because it got me to come to NYC where this new job is. It's going to make it okay that I wasn't around when Egor and Buttons passed away because I was down here working for nothing. It's going to make it okay all the stress and tears Macy's has been making me shed for a part time seasonal job right now because it just needs to keep me afloat for a couple more months.

It's all going to be okay, because each of those things has just led me to finding a job I can actually be happy doing. It's going to lead me to making me more creditable when I send out my resumes to companies in Australia. All those bad things were just tiny steps to this point and my god... I really hope I get this thing, because if I don't, I'm afraid it might just finally break me.
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Sometimes I wish it didn't make the world go around as much as it did. These past couple weeks it's just been hitting more than normal. @_@ Been a big spender recently. I bought chicken. CHICKEN! Joking aside I'm really shocked by how much I'll be spending/have spent these past two weeks. Probably (not counting Christmas) will be the most I've spent all year.
Lots of whinning under the cut )

But yes, just a lot of stress right now. Maybe I should start playing the lotto.


Sep. 26th, 2011 10:41 pm
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I'M FINALLY GOING TO WORK AT MACY'S! It's about damn time. I was getting ready to call Better Business Bureu or SOMEONE. Because I had to go in a SECOND time to re-do paperwork they had lost. I basically refused to leave until I had hours or at least knew who my manager was.

And what am I doing? Putting together christmas trees. Joy...

Dream Time

Sep. 18th, 2011 10:15 am
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So the dream started that I was lost in the subway. Trying to get home. I decided I'd just sit down and wait for the 4 train no matter how long I had to wait instead of trying to train hop to find the fastest way home. Then there were reports of people seeing things in the subway and the dream shifted to this cop who kept getting people running up to him saying they've seen ghost of missing people. At first they were bums and the cop thought they were just drunk, but more and more reports were coming in.

Then suddenly and earthquake happened and the subways flooded and the cop was leading people out. He then found a man wandering back into the wreakage. The man claimed to be following the ghost of a woman who had gone missing a few hours ago. The cop was about the scream how there was no such thing as ghosts at the man, when he saw something out of the corner of his eye.

The grey world )
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Today was a bit of a disapointment. Autumn and I talked yesterday about meeting up before her class to go to Ihop then to see my place as she's never been to it. She's also finally get to see my cat. I really wasn't surprised when that didn't happen, she said last night she probably wouldn't be motivated to get up, but that still meant I spent most of the day hungry - just in case. It wasn't very nice out today anyway.

The major disapointment was that yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning my room and working on a project of a homemade display stand so I could finally get out the Trigun figures I bought for myself for my birthday way back in May. I haven't opened them because I haven't found a good safe spot for them to stay, but now I finally did. The Vash one went pretty well, although was disapointed that his hair isn't blond so much of a light brown. He also doesn't have many points to turn him so his pose-a-bility is pretty low. But I'm still happy to have him. After all! I even got him for five bucks!

Then I opened the Wolfwood one.
And took silly pictures of course! )
When I was done being silly I thought I'd see how I could pose him with the cross. Took the hand out he came with and oh so carefully tired to push the hand that was needed for him to hold the cross ever so carefully into the socket. It wasn't moving so I tried to twist it ever so carefully. And I really was trying to be very careful as I've heard how easily these things could break. I guess I wasn't being careful enough as the hand wouldn't go in, but it was still sticking out awkwardly, so I thought I'd try to take it out and put a differnet one it.

Only as I tried to carefully wiggle it back out the hand snapped off in my hand. I couldn't believe it. To try to cheer myself up I smashed the confessional on Vash's head. It cheered me up a bit as I waited for the superglue to harden.

This handy confessional! )
I had hoped that with the glue I could maybe have enough to grab onto that I could pull the peg out. Nope. Well! At least I had the hand that held the punisher. Only the way I glued it back on it was a bit akward looking how he was holding it. But with a little tweaking I got it to work! I felt so much better.

Go me! )
That was until a few hours later he fell and is broken again. :( Even the cat batting around his head that exploded off when he fell couldn't cheer me up. I guess maybe I'll just fold his arm so it KINDA looks like his hand is in his pocket. Still totally bummed that I had kept him in his package for so long to avoid breaking him that it was all wasted within the five minutes I had him open.

Today has just been a day of horrible disapointment. No yummy breakfast food I didn't have to cook. No seeing Autumn. Broken figure I waited so long to mess with. LJ not registering the reszing and color correcting I did on photoshop. And now AOL won't upload the icon I'm telling it to. :( Just a day of fail.

The one not fail today. Vash without the church on his head )

Crazy week

Sep. 4th, 2011 12:06 am
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Man, I've been wanting to update this thing for over a week now, but it's been crazy and busy. First off last week I started by doing a MAJOR overhaul of my old resume. I was feeling pretty proud of it! Just as I was signing off AVG let me know that it found a virus. I told it to delete it and went to bed, deciding I would do a system restore first thing in the morning just to be safe.

Yeah. That didn't work out. Tried the system restore and it just made everything worse and soon I was getting blue screen of death. And this was AFTER spending 12 hours to let Mallyware Bites scan for 12 hours and found nothing and AVG running another scan for 4 and also finding nothing.

So I took my computer up to geek squad. They couldn't get rid of the virus, but for a 100 bucks they would try to save all my files. I left it with them and they said they'd call me in two or three days when it was done.

You're hired! Just sit around all day first )Tamest but most fun bachelorette I've ever been too... also only one I've been too )
Hanging out with Autumn )
Bad morning at Macy's turns into an awesome night )
Today the attack of the Macy's waiting game again )
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Yeah, decided I'm really just not going to be getting any apps done today. Shocked myself into sleeping past 12:30pm today and today just feels like a wasted day. SO besides cleaning the bathroom and kitchen let's do something I've been wanting to do lately! UPDATED THIS SUCKER!

So went home last weekend and it was fun. It was the start of Pirate's Week in A-Bay. Where the town hires actors to come to the town to walk around acting like priates. There's Jolly Rogers all over the place and many people dress like pirates. There's games and activities for the kids and mostly for adults? |D It's an excuse to get drunk pretty much every night. Autumn and I went out to browse the shops and just enjoy the atompshere. It was a lot of fun.

I went looking for fun pirate gear because you never know what you might want to dress up for for Halloween! My goal was to buy a cheat pirate hat if I could find one for under ten dollars. We ended up finding this place that had a huge selection of funny and silly hats. I was tempted to buy one of a McCaw because it was so stupid looking and kept making me giggle, but settled for a tiny top hat. Autumn and I both got one. OH! Maybe if I get a suit and an aphfro I could be Brook for Halloween *starts peeling skin off*

Shopping trip! )

That was about the extent of my trip home last week. I spent a lot of time just hanging out with people, laying in the sun, and walking around. It was nice and peaceful. :) Perfect summer day!
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Ever get the feeling (If you're a girl that is) that this is going to be a really rough period?

Holy mood swings. )
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Huh, never thought I'd be the type of girl who can't stop thinking about a guy. Granted if I'm honest with myself it's more how the chance meeting went than anything else. Here I thought today was going to be any other day - except really, really hot outside. So I was annoyed when I missed the earlier train by a minute and had to stand around in the sweltering subway for and extra ten minutes waiting for the next one.

When Mikel came down I didn't really give him a second look. He was just another guy waiting for the train with me. Then he asked if I lived in the city. I told him that I haven't lived here too long, but where was he going? I could try to help. He was going to a DMV at Atlantic Ave, no clue where it was. I told him I was sorry, but didn't know anything about the DMV in this area.

Then we got talking about where I was from orginally if I hadn't lived here long and if I liked it much. It took a little time to explain what the 1000 Island region is like. Then next thing I know he was asking me what I did on the weekends and if I had a cell phone. At first I was ready to give him a fake number. We had talked so little about him. He knew what train stop I take. Knew I haven't been in the city for more than a year.

And then I remember that he's cute, I'm kinda lonely down here, and if he turns out to be too big of a stalker I'll just block him from my number. So we swapped phone numbers and he said that he'd call later and maybe we could hang out on the weekend. This is how friendships started before the internet, right? Chance encounters.

If you would have told me this time last night that I'd be spending the next day at work wondering if some guy would call me back, I would have laughed. That I would have spent hours thinking about public places I could suggest we meet up at if he did? I would have rolled my eyes.

It's not that I'm against the idea of having a boyfriend. It's just I never expected one to really pop up. I'm not ugly, but I'm not exactly pretty. I'm just plain and I'm too lazy to doll myself up more to be pretty. I'm overweight, so I always figured if I was going to get a man I'd have to be rather active to get one. Right now, my life is so up in the air that I'm happy with my "me" time and knowing I can move without crying over moving away from THE ONE at any moment's notice. That's why as we sat together on the subway chit-chatting it didn't even dawn on me til he was asking me what I did on the weekends that he could possibly be interested in seeing me past this little talk. I've had these talks before. Either I'm able to give the directions or not. We talk about where we're from until one of our stops come up, and then we say goodbye.

So I am a bit weary in that I really can't imagine too many people being smitten by someone like me. I'll only meet him in a public place and he won't find out where I live anytime soon. But I still really hopes he calls. If he doesn't ah, well. Part of me has thought about calling him, because I was so not expecting a number swap that I let him do most of the question asking. I'm worried that maybe I didn't seem interested enough, but at the same time, I'm pretty sure I'm too shy to do that.

So we'll just see how it goes tomorrow. If he calls me after 6:30 which is when I told him that I get out of work.


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