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I really do kick myself when I don't update this thing. Hi anyone still around I really want to get better at it. Sadly I have been having trouble keeping track of my dreams lately so I'm writing them down no matter how small/stupid they are so I might as well get into the habit of using this again and updating it with my dreams!

Last night I dreamed of work which is currently going door to door to raise money for charity. I was at a unit and saw people upstairs. I admit that I sometimes skip upstairs units if it seems like no one is home because ugh, stairs. This time I went up though because there was clearly people up there. Only once I got up there the room changed from being a bunch of units to one big room with a bunch of people playing cards in it. I tried to give my speech anyway, but they weren't listening and just wanted to ask me questions about New York (as I've moved to Australia now).

So I left, meeting up with a coworker who has managed to get five sales and I was feeling a little jealous as I had none. So I was asking him for pointers and walking down the street to meet up with the rest of our group when the dream somehow morphed and I was Aang in some sort of alternate world where he was receiving some sort of training by weird alien like things and was giving some sort of speech that was suppose to be motivating. I think they worked with the fire nation or something?

They started being touched by Aang saying they were going to leave this world and train anyone they felt were worthy instead of just who their boss said was worthy. That got people realizing that Aang was the Avatar and we had to quickly wake up to our true bodies and run before we were found out. I grabbed a few things that looked like ipods that would somehow help us in our journey.

We were walking down the road trying to figure how to work the thing I stole when we saw a guy coming up the road. We turned our back hoping he wouldn't really notice us, but he did smile friendly like at us before moving off. We kept going when we heard a huge group of people walking towards us and we ducked under a random table to try to hide.

The people coming up ended up half sitting at the table, the other half waiting on them, they suddenly started fighting as we realized this was actually the filming for a movie. The guy who smiled at us came running up to stop the fight and saw us under the table. He said he didn't realize we weren't suppose to be in the scene and was sorry for scaring us. They were asking if we wanted to join in when my alarm went off and had to get up!

Before - or during? I'm not sure, there was a part where I was also just getting off of work and my housemate Nu picked me up in a car. We were driving to visit our friend Webby when we heard meowing coming from somewhere in the car and we realized her cat Berna had somehow hidden herself in the car. We stopped looking around trying to coax her out of hiding. Eventually got her out but then she jumped out the window and once more had to coax her back into the car before she ran away. For some reason I couldn't leave the car to do this? I think the idea was that opening the door would make her run.

A few grabs later we finally caught her and brought her into the car when I was suddenly driving. Rolling up the windows Nu told me to get us home so we could take her home. I was trying to drive, but Berna suddenly ran and put her head between the floor and break peddle and I just heard this awful meowing as I couldn't stop my foot from breaking to slow for a curve. We were both screaming and hollering, but then I told us to relax. That we just had to focus our minds and move time back.

Which actually did draw us back in time. This time Nu held onto Berna as I drove us home so she couldn't get in my feet's way!


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