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Had a weird Sherlock dream last night. It was fun, but of course had moments where now that I'm awake make no sense at all. Then randomly at some point I dreamed up a scene I REALLY wish had been in the new Trigun movie.

It started off I think were I was camping. I was talking to some people and mentioned that one person was brave, but he said that he wasn't brave. The real brave person was his father, who just shook his head sadly and said that he was not really brave. That he had gone to some country in war because his aunt was there sick and he wanted to get her out. The dream then shifted to him running around this room FILLED with luggage as he narrated that once he got there that he had been too scared to even leave the airport. That the aunt had died before he could get to her, so he fled back home instead of trying to take someone else out with him.

As he said this he ran around looking for his bag among all the bags, as all his flight paper work was in there and he couldn't fly without it. He finally found it, grabbed it and went bounding over other bags as people shouted and tried to dump more bags on top of him. Out the windows there were loud explosions going off every couple seconds. He finally made it in line to what he thought was to board the plane, only as he handed over his paperwork it turns out there was a small section that had ripped off. He needed the full ticket or he couldn't ride.

In a panic he started ripping through his pockets to find it. The guard who was taking the tickets looked at him threateningly as he dug through his pockets, pulling out random slips of paper, but none the one he needed. He was just calling over the other guards to come strip the man of his things and throw him out as the man pleaded that he DID have the paper he needed, when he finally fished it from his pocket. The ticket man scoffed, took the ticket and told the man to go find a set.

He hurriedly boarded what turned out to be a train that would then take them to the plane. He sat huddled close to his bag, terrified of someone taking it and rode the train for what seemed like a long time. Once the train stopped he followed the crowd who each were getting into a taxi to be taken yet again toward the plane. He followed suit, and tried to tell the driver he needed to go to the airport, but the driver didn't seem to speak English. The man was terrified to now be alone, not sure if he was headed the right way. Then the car was opened roofed so he was once again afraid someone would run up to the slow moving car to rob him.

Somehow the taxi driver knew where he wanted to go and dropped him off to the airport. The man looked up and saw the airtrain that he knew he had to ride to board the plane and felt INSTANTLY better. He hurried inside and saw other people he had seen on the first train in line to buy a five dollar ticket to ride the air train. He didn't care how much it cost, he was happy to be so close to the end.

Then some reason the dream shifted and the man was suddenly Sherlock who was going on vacation. John had apparently insisted on it as he complained to someone in line. He thought it was drab and boring. He let a young girl go ahead of him to buy her ticket. She had to press a lot of numbers on the keypad for some reason and I remember waking up briefly at that point. I saw it was only about 6am so I went back to sleep and managed to go back to the same dream, only now Sherlock was trying to enter his debit card, but for some reason it wasn't working.

Then he remembered that the girl had inserted her card, but it hadn't worked, then decided to use cash and had never taken her card out. So he pulled the girl's card out and saw it didn't work because she had put it in upside down. He went ahead and started his transaction as he flipped the card over to find out the girl's name so he could return it. Turns out it was a Macy's credit card and it wasn't a girl's name on it, but HIS! He laughed at the identity thief's bad luck as he went to go report it. After all, he had promised John no crime solving on vacation.

He was very smooth as he reported the thief of identity, taking FOREVER to get to the point. Saying something like: A very funny thing just happened, you see I was kind and let this small girl go ahead of me in line to buy her ticket. The funny thing is that she didn't have the name you'd think of a little girl as having. Oh no, she used this card. Then I went ahead and used my card and I'd hope you would have seen what's funny by now is that these two names match.

Only he then went on to say how her mistake was to take a name like his, since it's so unique. Which when he gave his last name it wasn't Homes. It was something weird like Eulmgemaea I just remembered it had a lot of Es and Ms in it. Then there was the aspect of his middle initial which in the dream was L and he said his middle name was something weird.... like Lilly. And that because his name was so odd and so well known that there was no mistaking this as anything other than identity theft!

The airport agreed with him and removed the girl from the flight. As she was taken off there was another girl running beside her trying to tell her that maybe if she had explained to Sherlock why she stole his identity that he'd drop the charges and she could be let go. At first she was stubborn and didn't want to say, then as she was almost out the door she screamed because someone had her father and now that she told and couldn't get to him he was dead.

As the doors shut behind her the dream zoomed in on Sherlock's face as he smiled. Usually a case like this wouldn't excite him so, but his name had been used! How could he ignore it! So off he went after the girl who was being taken away in a taxi cab. I don't know where he found a car or how he suddenly knew how to drive or why I was in the passenger seat all of a sudden, but it was my job to keep an eye on that cab as he called John and drove. (Although it turned into a police car at one point when I mentioned how weird it was she was being driven away in a taxi and not a police car.)

Sherlock called John and let him know about the identity theft as we drove around like maniacs. John said good, so the airline was taking care of that and Sherlock would be on the plane soon? He was not so happy to hear that no, we were chasing down the police car with her in it to break her out of custody. We pulled upside the car and was yelling out the window to the girl that we wanted to help her case, she just kept saying we were crazy and to leave her alone.

For some reason they took the girl home to this farm she lived on to collect her things before she went to jail. Her sister was out in the barn with her telling her to run when Sherlock and I pulled up again. Sherlock decided the best thing to do would then be to steal a police car to prove that we really did want to help her. For some reason telling her this and that Sherlock was a world renowned detective did the trick and she hopped into the cop car with us. This lead into a very fun chase scene with cops that we somehow lost.

So, driving around in a stolen cop car was giving us too much attention. We ditched it on a bridge and started to walk as Sherlock made mention that not enough people paid enough attention to the world around them. Like that big ship that was sailing by. The girl was amazed having never seen a freight ship so big before as I wondered how I had missed that, being I grew up in the 1000 Islands and knew to always look for ships that big. They went through all the time. That's when we got the great idea that we should swim in the river so dogs couldn't find our trail.

I was mad at first because I didn't want to get my watch from Australia wet, but Sherlock wasn't listening and jumped right in. The girl just laughed, asking if he was always like that before hopping in herself. Not wanting to get left behind I followed suit, keeping my arm with my watch on it above water as I realized, I probably should have held my cell phone up with it too. Oh well, I can easily get a new cell phone. We rested on some rocks that were covered in crayfish. I mentioned that they made me want to go fishing as the girl was afraid they'd pinch her. I explained they rarely pinched, and if they did it didn't hurt much before we swam the rest of the way to a sheer rock wall that was pretty much a 90 degree sloop that we had to climb up to get out.

Sherlock went first, finding the handholds for us and kept trying to tell us how easy it was. I was nervous as I kept having trouble finding the handholds. That and those stupid crayfish were making me eat my own words and kept pinching me and they DID hurt! Bastards. But my watch still worked!

We somehow managed to climb the rock wall as we wondered if we should call John, but all of our cell phones were wet. As we climbed over the edge of the rock wall we somehow climbed INTO a plane, somehow this all making sense to us. Only we discovered it was the wrong flight. We needed flight number 989, which had been written on the man's ticket before this turned into a Sherlock dream. So we went back through the floor and popped up into several more flights before we found the right one and sat down next to John. He wasn't too happy that Sherlock took a case, or that we were all wet, or that we had tried to leave him behind apparently, but at least we were all there now.

As the plane took off my mom was suddenly there asking me why someone's cell phone wasn't working. It happened to be the same model as mine and they had gotten theirs wet. I was surprised to find mine still working as I told mom I just wasn't a cell phone expert and if turning it on and off didn't work, I didn't know what to do. All of this happening as Sherlock and John argued over if gummy bears were good or smelled bad and the girl yelling when was Sherlock going to listen to her story. While I was just excited I could actually put my phone on airplane mode for good reason.

And sadly that's when I woke up.

At some point in the night I also had a dream about Vash that I wish had been in the new movie as it was so bright, colorful, and in the style the movie was. I don't remember how it got to this point, but Vash was surrounded by a whole bunch of weird looking men, all pointing guns just inches from his head. Vash just having that stupid: I know I should be in trouble, but I'm going to act dumb grin on his face. Two men, one being a GIANT, were in a box car of an old fashion train arguing over which side could consider themselves as catching Vash the Stampede.

The giant was wearing this really big hunk of metal with a huge curve in it on him for some reason. (Hey, it's Gunsmoke.) And Vash did something with his weapon that caused the barrel to break away and the bullets to go everywhere. The bounty hunters freaked, thinking someone else on the other side did it and started shooting at each other, which somehow got someone to shoot at Vash's stray bullet and made the giant metal thing with the curve fall perfectly around Vash.

Everyone finally realized that it was Vash that had made his own gun fall apart and turned to shoot at him just as the metal piece fell over him so the bullets ricocheted off of it and hit themselves instead. The bosses freaked out and had the train take off with them in it as every bandit but one fell over in pain.

Vash in a fluid motion put a loaded barrel back on his gun, came out from under the metal piece, and pointed it at the last standing bandit. He smiled kindly and said: "Would you please put your gun down? I'd really hate for my gun to go off again!" The bandit dropped his gun and ran off screaming.

I wish I could have explained this mini dream in better words or draw. Because the set looked so amazing, the bandits perfect for Gunsmoke, and the action happened so smoothly and fast that it's hard to put into words.

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