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Had a couple dreams lately I'd like to jot down, but I've been so busy I just haven't had time! I've also been having a little trouble with sleeping in that I've been over sleeping. Need to fix that.

But last night's dream! Dream one!

It had something to do with Reno 911 and Trigun, but I've sadly forgotten what Trigun had to do with it. I woke up this morning and started to get up and was thinking of what to title this journal post and was trying to think of something to do with Reno 911 and Trigun, but that too much sleep thing kicked in and I fell asleep again and I've forgotten the Trigun bit.

But to start I remember I was walking through a building. Half of it was under construction as I walked around trying to figure out how I got so lost in here. I was looking for someone, but then the dream shifted into a super hero dream and there was heroes flying around everywhere. Then a super villain suddenly appeared on a huge screen that was projected on this building FULL of windows. He had kidnapped four people and he was going to blow them up in four hours if the heroes couldn't find them in time. He gave one hint to find the first person, but he wouldn't give anymore hints until they found her.

So off they went, trying so hard to find that first person. They did find her and in a fairly timely manner as they rushed back for the next clue. The next person to find was apparently me! Only I wasn't so lucky. Suddenly those heroes had turned into the sucky cops from Reno 911. They spent so much time trying to find me and couldn't seem to figure it out. So they decided to skip me and work on the next person. They did manage to find that person, but they also took a very long time to find them too. Time ran out and suddenly two buildings EXPLODED in a blast of glass and lights. And they didn't seem to care! Were just all: Whelp, at least we got two of them!

Then suddenly the dream backtracked to where I was hiding. Apparently I was stuck in their police station and there I was tapping my foot. Wondering why they couldn't find me when they suddenly all came in. I was so happy thinking they finally found me, but no, apparently looking for the kidnapped people was too much work. So they were giving up. I balked and yelled at them for awhile, but that didn't seem to work. I was right THERE and they weren't going to save me?! So I decided to write my Will and they were going to offer to help, but I told them I was a notoriety and I didn't need them. Really, I just wanted them to leave me alone.

I couldn't find any paper, so I ended up writing on a paper plate. I sat down and suddenly their station turned into my parent's kitchen, the way it looked when I was really little with our old table and everything. I tried to write, but I'd try to write one word, but I'd spell a completely different world and it drove me nuts. I ended up giving all my money to my mom, dad was to get nothing, my sister could have her first pick of my stuff, and Autumn could get all my games and anime. The cops kept asking me if they could have my music and I told them no.

Then when it was finally finished I slipped out of the handcuffs I was suddenly wearing that had the bomb in it. I set that and my will down on the table and walked out of the station. They came running over to change the will to add them into it. The bomb was about to go off when I woke up. I thought about getting up, but ended up falling back to sleep.
This time I dreamed that I was at my parent's home, but I was suppose to be in class. I was trying to figure out why and where I was suppose to be for class when Autumn was suddenly there. I decided since I didn't know where I was suppose to be I'd tell her about my Reno 911/Trigun dream. As I was telling her about it suddenly Doug from That Guy With the Glasses came out and asked me something about my dream. I answered and he asked me to tell him the rest.

I ended up telling them the ENTIRE dream just how I just typed it out (Only with more detail as I remembered more of it within the second dream). I was a little worried that I was actually boring Doug and he just wasn't saying I was. Then I realized he was writing points of my dream on a calk board that was suddenly in my parent's living room. Then we went through these points together where I could have come up with these ideas. The Trigun part because I was answering tags before bed. The countdown part from watching Sherlock recently. The Reno 911 was that I did like that show, even though I haven't seen it in awhile. The police station turning into my parent's kitchen because it felt more homey to me.

Then I realized that HE was suppose to be my teacher for the class I was suppose to be at. He had come to me for some reason. He then handed me a VHS and asked me to play it for the class and that we should have more classes in a living room because it was so much more relaxing. I went over to the old entertainment center my family use to have and put the VHS in. He asked me to play the child friendly version for some reason and I didn't know at first how to set it that way, until I looked at the remote. There on it was a "child friendly" button so I clicked it and watched as the video flickered and started to play. It had a few white lines in it and I told the group that was suddenly there that my VCR had auto tracking so give it a moment and it would fix itself.

I was about to sit down to watch the video together, but I saw my mom standing at the front door looking out at something. I went up to her to ask if she was watching the birds or something else. It was the birds, but as I was walking over the hawk that sometimes shows up at our house flew over and we got excited. Even more excited as he landed in a tree that was close to the house. The tree he landed in isn't really there in real life, but our big front tree where we have the bird feeders was there too. We were surprised that the small birds were still all over the tree eating. Usually when the hawk is around they've taken off.

We peered together at the hawk sitting in the tree. I was just commenting about how I was surprised mom wasn't running for her camera to take pictures, when I saw that just below the hawk was a HUGE owl! Mom agreed that it WAS an owl! Then we looked further down the tree and saw it was FILLED with owls. Not as big as the first one, but the same type. As we were counting I saw one of the owls lean over towards the other tree and pluck one of the little birds and ate it in one bite. The little bird didn't even try to struggle. I asked mom if she saw that and she did as more owls started to lean over.

I wasn't sure how I felt about this picking off of the little birds. Of course I know the big birds have to eat, but this seemed too easy. Why weren't the little birds flying away? I felt like we were in part responsible of this bird murder because we were the ones who hung those bird feeders that were distracted them from the danger. So I made a noise that somehow scared all the birds away! Mom made a disappointed noise at me. Asking why I has scared the birds away just when she started taking pictures. I made up a lie saying a bird had flown by the window and scared me, but maybe the birds were at the back feeders so she could still take pictures!

I went out to the kitchen to look out the back window where our other bird feeders hang off of our clothes line. Sure enough, it was covered with little birds and the hawk was sitting there, mingling with them. I told mom that the owls were gone, but the hawk was still here if she wanted pictures! But she wanted pictures of the owls, not the hawk.

Watching the birds I didn't feel so guilty this time if the hawk picked off the birds. It was in the wide open, if they didn't see him coming because they were too busy pushing each other away from the food that was their fault. Then I saw a bird I've never seen before. I tried to ask mom to come see it, but she wouldn't come. Then the hawk made it's move and scared all but that one bird away. It was too busy eating as the hawk slowly stalked towards it. At the last second it saw the hawk and tried to fly away, but the hawk grabbed it's long tail. It was kind of brutal to watch as the hawk swung it's head to try to slam the bird to the ground and break one of it's bones. Then suddenly the bird was free and flew off. Mom was just coming to see what was going on as I woke up.
My dream yesterday was almost just as fun.

It started off that I was back working of Wendy Diamond. I remember freaking out at first, wondering why I was there. I HATED this job because of how nasty she treated me. Why would I ever be back there. Then she was yelling at me about a room we were in and how it was light. That the white light was too bright, how do we fix this?! I told her she needed a filter to help lower the brightness when there was suddenly another intern there and she was snapping at them why they hadn't thought of that yet. The intern started to look really upset so I took her hand and told Wendy that we were going to go buy blue filters like she wanted.

As we walked to the store I gave the intern tips about how to handle Wendy if she was serious about staying. If she was smart I told her she'd leave and that I wasn't sticking around until this project was over. I was also only staying because I felt bad for this new intern and didn't want to leave her on her own. In fact I wasn't sure if I'd stay even past this store run.

We took our time getting there because we did not want to rush back to Wendy. Enjoying being free of her. Once we got to the store we asked a worker where to find the filters, but they pointed us in the wrong direction so we had to look all over the place for them. Meanwhile Wendy was calling me every five second asking where we were. Not listening when I told her we were having problems locating the filters in the store and just hearing whatever she wanted to hear.

We finally found the filters and took them back to her. I held up the intern so she could reach the light and put the filters in. Wendy was just started to shout about something else that was wrong when I started to get a bad feeling. The bad feeling had actually started in the store, but it was worse now. I looked out the window and saw zombies outside! I shut all the doors and locked it, instructing the intern to do the same. Wendy was complaining that we were ruining her shoot and I just told her to shut up and be quiet so the zombies wouldn't hear us. It was our only chance.

Huddled together we sat under the blue lights and watched the zombies amble by. I remember I was sitting there with them thinking: out of everyone I could save, why did it have to be Wendy? The stuck up jerk who only thought of herself. Why not one of my friends or someone I cared about instead? Once the zombies were past I hustled them out the door to get us to a safe house I suddenly magically knew of. I woke up briefly as we made our terrified run and when I fell back to sleep we were there.

In the safe house I had lost Wendy and the intern and instead had found my sister Casey. We walked around getting the feel for the area when the gates opened to let more survivors in. They came running and screaming and we saw that velociraptors were actually chasing them. Everyone started screaming that it wasn't just zombies anymore and some people were rushing forward to try to stop the dinosaurs from coming in. I joined them, grabbing a bow and arrow and aiming for the eyes. I hit a couple and they backed off as the survivors ran in and the gates were slammed shut.

A panic went through the crowd as we wondered where the HELL the zombies and dinosaurs were coming from!? Then we heard screaming coming from another gate. We opened it to let more survivors in and these were being chased by a T-Rex. I grabbed my bow and arrow again, but was having trouble hitting the eye this time, most of my arrows just bouncing off his hard skin. While I was aiming I saw he had a baby in his jaws just as I finally hit one of his eyes.

The rex roared as most of the group got into the safe house, only a man and woman stopped just before crossing the threshold. People begged them to keep going, but as I looked at the two I realized they were the parents of the baby and didn't want to live in the safe house having failed their son. Just as I thought that the rex roared and the baby went flying out of his mouth. I rushed forward and managed to catch the boy before he hit land. Seeing their son was safe the parents tried to rush forward now, only it was too late. The T-Rex bent down and began to bite them in half. I turned myself and the baby away from the gruesome scene, but I could still hear the screaming.

Casey came up to me as the screams died and we looked over the baby in my arms. We were shocked to see that he was perfectly healthy. Not a scratch on him. As we looked him over Casey asked me what I was going to do with him. His parents were dead now as I realized he needed someone to take care of him and I so wasn't ready for a baby. I felt it wasn't fair to ask me to have to take care of him just because I caught him and saved his life. I just happened to be in the best position to save him. Casey suggested that we  go to the group that had been traveling with the parents. Maybe one of the members there was related to the boy. We tracked the group down and sure enough, they were so happy to see the boy and take him off my hands.

My sister and I were going to go around and find a good spot to make our home in the safe house as we figured we'd be there for while now. I woke up at some point as we were exploring the place and ended up falling asleep. When I fell back to sleep I was with at this point and we were climbing up an old supermarket that was falling apart. We had been out exploring and it was turning dark. We needed a place that had no openings to sleep in to keep the zombies out. We couldn't find anyplace that was completely shut, but we found a place that was up high enough and with only one opening we felt we could defend in the night.

As we waited for full night fall we climbed up to the roof to watch the sunset. As we watched we realized we didn't see as many dinosaurs or zombies starting to come out in the night. That maybe they were slowly going back to wherever they came from. If they did maybe life could eventually go back to normal. We were just about heading back down to our hiding spot when I woke up.

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