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Feb. 25th, 2012 10:15 pm
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The last week or so I've been a busy little bee. I went home on the 10th for a doc apointment I had on the 13th to talk about how my depression medicine has been working for me. Doctor thinks it's all good for now and she even gave me a hug for losing two pounds since I was three weeks ago. Then mom and I caught a bus back t NYC on the 15th as she wanted to visit and have a mini vacation for a few days. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure how that trip was going to go the way it started.

First off, I got confused on how long it takes to get from home to the bus stop. I was thinking an hour- an hour ten minutes, but it really was more like an hour and a half. So because of this we last actually last minute instead of about 30mins early. Too bad I didn't realize mom also needed to stop for gas. So there we were rushing off to the gas station when mom suddenly realizes she's not sure she packed her money. Dad has been having more issues with his gambling problem lately so she had to hide it from him. He had been asking her for extra money while I had been loading the car when he had just blown through 2,500 already in under two weeks. So she was extra stressed and couldn't remember where she would have even hidden it as we raced back home.

Instead of going right home we stopped at the post office right down the road so she could check her backpack while I got the mail for her. She really had to have it because there was no more in the bank, but luckily she found it in her pack by the time I was coming back out of the post office. We started off again and mom had a good cry. I felt so bad that there was really nothing I could do to cheer her up. Then she got thinking she'd use a gift card to fill up with gas, then she remembered we had to go in to use it and she wanted to pay at the pump. So she decided she'd just charge it instead and sent me inside to buy a bottle of ginger ale in case one of us got bus sick we could sip at it.

I went in and got the bottle, happy there was no line, but I realized something was horribly wrong as I got back into the van and realized the pump was still at zero and mom's purse was open and dumped all over the seat. She hopped back in with more tears in her eyes, saying how she forgot that most gas stations now charged more if you use a credit card, so she had tried the gift card instead, and now the gas pump was stuck saying we had to go inside.

She was too stressed to try another card so we took off for Syracuse. She decided she had enough gas we could just go for it. We pulled in with only a minute before our bus was suppose to leave. We ran into the station to find that the bus was already gone. We had missed it by a bare minute, which got mom crying once again. Usually Greyhound leave close to on time, but I've never seen them leave a couple minutes early like that before. There were two other girls who ended up missing it too.

I calmed mom down, letting her know that we can get on the next bus with our tickets, to not cry. She went to use the restroom and gather herself up as we had an almost two hour wait until the next bus got in. She ended up taking some pictures around the station and calmed down. Feeling better again and when the next bus came we were one of the firsts on board. So we got close to the front (sitting near the bathroom makes mom sick) and we each even got our own seats. Mom sat on the passenger side of the bus because it's easier to read the signs on that side. I told her if anyone asked to sit with her tell them I could move over and sit with her. Only at the next stop instead of asking to sit the guy just plopped down in the seat next to her as she had it open with nothing there.

Mom looked at me with this horrible look on her face as I know how shy and badly she can handle talking to new people at times. So I quickly asked they guy if she could move over with me as she had less stuff at that moment to move than I did. Just figured it would be easier. Only once we switched and she got settled in she started to tear up again, saying how she was on the wrong side and she should have had something on the seat. That she had ruined EVERYTHING.

Yeah, I think mom may be menopauseing just a little bit. Our next stop was a brief rest stop at a Burger King so I ran inside to use the bathroom and surprised mom by bringing her a brownie sundae and that cheered her up a bit. While she was cheering up she said she was sorry for crying so much, she knew that it didn't matter that much about what side of the bus she was on. She was just thinking of her problems with dad and being trapped on the bus she had little to distract her. She was just going stir crazy. So I gave her a hug and told her it was alright. I understood, our plans had just changed a lot since the beginning and buses would do that to you. The trip went a little better from there.

Once we got off the bus we walked to a restaurant I knew nearby and always wanted to visit. It's called the Tick Tock and we ordered some sandwiches and a strawberry milk shake to split. It was pretty good, but we were disappointed by the size of the milk shake. Still yummy. Once we ate and had the leftover packed up, mom went to pay the bill. Only they tried to short her a dollar so that took a bit, but once we got that sorted out we headed to my place where we blew up the air mattress and got to bed.

The next morning after some sleep we got cleaned up and headed to the Museum of Natural history. That was pretty cool, I've been there before, but I think it was my first time hitting all the rooms in one go. We spent close to five hours there, but mom enjoyed it and so did I. From there we caught a subway and bus to one of the restaurants that was featured on Mission Menu. I was a little nervous taking the bus, but we didn't have any real problems and mom enjoyed the ride.

Grand Rancho Jubliee was awesome. We ordered to appetizers and a main course to split. Some of the food I most wanted to try from editing the show. We also got a huge pineapple drink that tasted almost pure vodka with a hint of pineapple in it. The fun part was the drink was in a hollowed out pineapple and we got just a little tippys on it. We split that too as the drink alone was 20 bucks, but it made us laugh more at the tiny little ocupi we found in our seafood dish. All together the meal came to about 91 dollars with tip. It was the most expensive meal mom and I have ever had - but OMG it was so good and we had enough leftover that we made two meals out of it.

After eating we did have a little trouble finding the bus stop, so we gave up and just rode it around Lagardia airport. We made our way back to Times Square where mom insisted on buying me a couple new under shirts as my white one isn't looking overly white anymore. We also walked down to the Manhattan mall, but it was closed by the time we got there so we headed home.

The next day went to Coney Island. Mom loved getting on the board walk and seeing the ocean. She took lots of pictures. The aquarium was down there so we swung in and looked at all the fish for a few hours. Just as we were leaving we caught the otter and penguin feedings. The sea lions also started to bark and get really playful too.

We meant to go to the United Nations from there, but I went out the wrong exit after showing mom Grand Central and went the wrong way. So instead we hit the mall like we had tried to do last night. From there we tried to hit B&H, but they were closed so we got my mail before heading down to catch the ferry to Staten Island as it's a free ride and you go right by the Statue of Liberty. Mom really enjoyed that trip and the shots of the skyline she got.

Once we got off the boat we headed back to my place and got some sleep. For her final day we went to the Brooklyn Botanical garden. We were able to get in free on Saturday which was good as we were getting worn out and felt like we didn't have to look at EVERYTHING. Still spent a few hours in the gardens, they were beautiful, can't wait to see it in the summer.

From the gardens we hit Canal Street. I started to get just a little annoyed with mom then, as she was having trouble hearing me. I had to keep shouting over and over again. Then she wouldn't make a decision about anything either. For a dollar we got a bag of mini cakes before we went into one of my favorite China Town stores were she bought me a couple new pair of cute chopsticks and some chocolate that we didn't know what it was, but it sure was tasty!

After a quick drink break where we got to sit and people watch for a bit we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. I think that was one of mom's favorite parts of the trip. The weather was just almost perfect, a little chilly, but at least we weren't sweating. As we got closer to the end of the bridge we saw what looked like storm clouds rolling in, but we were lucky and it didn't start raining. At the end of the bridge there was this little dinner that said they had the best sandwiches in the city. We laughed about claiming something like that in NYC, but we could believe it once we sat down and sampled some of the food. It was beyond amazing and the service was super friendly. It may be one of my favorite places in the city now.

We decided to call it an early night after that. We took the subway home and since we were early stopped in where mom treated me to a shopping spree of any food I wanted as thanks for showing her around to all these places. SO MUCH FOOD! Not only did I not have to worry so much about money (oh, I was somewhat worried, I wasn't going to make mom go broke!) but I also had an extra hand to help me with all of it!

Once we had all the food back home we sat around the apartment and enjoyed each other's company. Making sure mom was all packed up before we went to bed a bit early. As we had to get up early the next day to get mom on the bus on time. Good thing to, because it was hard getting going in the morning, but even with a quick stop to McDonalds for a coffee we still got to the bus stop 40mins early. It was kinda sad giving mom her hug goodbye and put her on the bus. It's been too quiet in my room without her!

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